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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Welcome back to the bigs, Fabio.
We need arms- some of our pitchers have a lot of innings. Hope you can contribute.

Too many threads in one day...can't handle

Hopefully he does better this time around.

Castro is a departure from what they've had all season in bullpen, that is, guys who can get the ball over consistently for strikes. Castro isn't a big-league caliber pitcher.

The best thing that can happen is for Cole to pitch a deep game tonight and give the pen more time to recover.

Question - was last night the first night that Lidge a) pitched in the 8th inning and b) entered a game with men on base?

The Phillies could have gotten by without a left-hander on the roster for a day or two -- especially with Hamels on the mound tonight. Personally, I'd rather have a guy on our roster who has pitched very well lately and can throw strikes (Carpenter) than a guy who has pitched mediocre in the minors all year long and couldn't throw the ball over the plate if it were only 20 feet away (Castro). Carpenter pitched fine last night. That doesn't prove he can pitch in the major leagues, but he certainly didn't do anything to justify losing his spot on the roster to a proven mediocrity like Castro.

BENTZ- a) i think so. b) no.

The return of the Model Dictator. Viva la Fabio Castro!

oh, i meant to say a) i don't think so.

Parrot Head Carson- good link!

Mitch Williams' salsa.

Mitch Williams will be ringing NASDAQ opening bell.

Let's try those links again-
Mitch Williams' salsa.

Mitch Williams will be ringing NASDAQ opening bell.

I think it's in everyone's best interests if Fabio is only up for a "cup of coffee" and doesn't even get into a game.

Perhaps that fantastic win against the Mets the other night did more harm than good, from a bullpen perspective? There was speculation by the SNY announcers that JC wasn't even available for THAT game (before he eventually came in).

JW - Exactly. The bullpen was plagued by the likes of Castro all last year (decent stuff, highly erratic control) and stiffs like Mesa (below average stuff and below average control).

There is only thing if guy like Castro pitching any kind of meaningful number of innings down the stretch - the Phils are playing a bunch of games where their starters are getting knocked out early.

Brad Lidge had entered the game at the beginning of the 10th inning twice this year. Every other appearance had been at the beginning of the 9th prior to last night.

If castro is coming in as a LOOGY I have no problem with it.

How lucky are the Mets. They miss josh johnson in the marlins series and then they miss CC in the Milwaukee series. Then they have Santana against Sheets.

Why not bring Happ up and keep him there. Maybe even let him pitch once or twice, he certainly deserves it and can be trusted more than Castro.

Would be nice to have him ready for the post-season if needed instead of someone like Seanez.

I'd rather them just stick with Carpenter or bring up Jason Donald to take Andy Tracy's spot.

Looks like no "Kris Benson to the rescue" in 2008. Luckily, this starting staff has held together so as not to need him to swoop down in his cape.

Matt Stairs bitches!! WS is so ours!

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