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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Let's go Phils!

MLBTradeRumors has an article about how Mike Lamb was just DFA'ed and how he'd be a good fit for the Phillies...Though what we would need with another utility IF who can't hit is beyond me. He's signed through next season for $3 million.

So honestly how many expected the above ERA's to be like that? If you would have polled us all before the season and given both names and the ERAs and asked us to match them...what percentage would have picked correctly?

NEPP: Only those that were *hoping* to be right! Moyer's season is really one of the most amazing things I've seen this year in baseball.

NEPP, you just posted the reasons Lamb won't be acquired:

He can't hit and he's owed $3mil next season. As you infer, he's basically a Bruntlett clone at 6 times the cost.

NEPP: If we signed Lamb, I don't think we'd be on the hook for any of that contract. The Twins have basically eaten it.

I don't think the Phils will give this much of a look. He's Greg Dobbs-lite.

AWH: I'm unfamiliar with the rules. Would the Phils be required to pay the contract next year if they signed him?

I think its if they're outright released we dont have to pay...if he's traded within the 10 days of the DFA then we negotiate with the Twins how much we pay...Though I am not sure.

NEPP, I think it's something along those lines. I believe he can also refuse the assignment.

Im already stressed....

NEPP: Correct... although the Twins have apparently made it clear that he's being released and that they'll eat the $3.8M more he's owed through next year. I doubt anyone would deal for him thinking they'd owe him $3M+ next year. He'll be available for the pro-rated minimum.

The Mets score an incredible amount of first inning runs, and it seems like they always take the lead--especially against the Phils. The Phils will improve their chances greatly if they put an end to this pattern. As good as the Mets are at scoring early, is how bad they are at scoring late. Put early pressure on the Mets and they will wilt.

brother -- so send out lidge to pitch the first inning? j/k

Charlie Manuel sticks with the new lineup!


The Mets are going with...


That's probably their best offensive lineup vs. a lefty (Castillo out at 2nd, Church and Tatis in the OF and Castro in place of Schneider).

A note on that lineup... Werth-Feliz-Ruiz-Moyer could be pretty rough against a tough RHP like Pedro.

Check this out:

Innings 1/2/3:
Mets - 265 runs
Opponents - 149 runs

Innings 7/8/9:
Mets - 147 runs
Opponents - 196 runs

The +116 run differential in the first 3 innings is hard to believe.

Instead of watching the game while multi-tasking, I am stuck in the exciting world of learning a new web analytics product. Ugh.

MG - that sounds absolutely thrilling.

Yeah it sure does.

Seriously though I wonder if we get either Kotsay or Lamb. I'll be disappointed if they don't do something to strengthen the bench. I'm not that confident of using Tracy in a pennant race...nothing personal to him as he's had a great season in AAA.

The Mets and their stupid little sissy dances.

Well, not a good start for Moyer.

dang, i really thought vic would have that

So much for keeping them off the board in the first inning.

stupid little sissy dances?...really?....Damion Easley just tapped knuckles at first...that too much for you non-celebrating Phils-Phans?

I guess that's one of those balls Feliz would have gotten that Dobbs missed. Oh... wait a sec...


Damn we gotta gift there... shoulda been strike 3 on easley.

Don't feed the trolls.

here comes the hit parade

This is mets baseball right here... we have 3 straight hits... i bet we wont score another run this inning.... DP for beltran here then pop out by delgado....

Don't pheed the humor attempts, there's baseball happening.

come on moyer, how bout an out?

Beltran BB...warning track sac for Delgot-it

This isn't that much of a surprise. Opponents have their most success off of Moyer in the first inning (of the first 6 innings... he tends to fall off big in the 7th).

Ditto for Pedro, CJ...could be a long 1st.

Should we send Myers to the mound to help Moyer regain his composure?

if you're gonna get hit.....

Definitely....Myers can freak out for him.

Oh brother.

Actually, the 5th is Pedro's worst inning... the 1st is his 2nd worst. The 5th is actually Moyer's best inning, by far!

if youre gonna hit em, make him feel it in the morning at least.

2 gifts now... we gotta score atleast one more run....

Sure could use one of those double plays here...

A trip to the mound by Dubee is next to useless. No good ever comes of it.

Show us your Tatis

I guess I just never understood what Mets fans to be so obnoxious and arrogant about. If they were the Yankees or another team that actually won world series, it would be understandable.. Of course the Phils fans have nothing to brag about, but watching Jose celebrate, the Mets fans scream and shout at the ballpark, and hearing the trolls on beerleaguer, you'd think the Mets were the yankees instead of the pathetic secondary team from Queens that they are...

It's like their epic pitiful collapse of last year never happened

that didn't take

for originality...a zero

big to get out of that inning only down two. Moyer always keeps a level head, doesn't he.

I understand your frustration diggitydave... what a wasted opportunity there... church a 1 pitch pop to the freaking pitcher and castro a roller to howard.... 1 run with bases loaded and one out...

Well, that could have been a hell of a lot worse! Bases loaded one out with a 2-0 lead... I guess I'll take it. Jamie will settle down from here. Time to get some runs!

Could have been worse..

"2 gifts now... we gotta score atleast one more run...."

whats this we stuff... you forget where you are?

Well that was relatively could have been worse though.

Which Petey is on the mound tonight?

That could have been a lot worse, and if playing the Mets has taught us anything its not how your start, but how you finish.

@I'm a met fan:
Are you sure you're a met fan? Because you're pretty rational, you speak (or at least write in) coherent english, and you're not more arrogant than New England Patriots fans.. Strange...

diggity - Yeah I never understood it either considering that the last 25 years so it is not like the Phils or the Mets have tons to brag about.

over/under combined runs in the 1st=5

Right back at you, Jose! Now let's get him in!

nice smack, jimmy.

Good start Jimmy

I will say this about Mets' fans - Phils have their share of their jacka$$es but no franchise in baseball has more per capita than the Mets.

Franske reports Pedro's fastball clocked at 81 mph. Smoke it Chase!

live baseball....grab hold...or we can continue fabricated Phan-Censuses

Jimmy's back.

Diggity -- Im a die hard irrational emotional met fan... im just of the pessimistic sort... so i dont get ahead of myself... 2 runs is nothing in this rivalry. and to redbeard. i consider this board my home. Metsblog is a buncha fan boys, and a good amount of the regular posters here know me. i am sorry for the "we" comment, but i always refer to my teams (Knicks mets 49ers.... yeah Tecmo Bowl) as if i am on the roster haha

Pedro seems to not want to pitch tonight.

Don't Mets fans have their own blog to pollute?

81's about right...I recall him touching 90 a handful of times this year...

I think Pedro has topped out at about 88 this year. I doubt he's touched 90. But maybe.

MG - I think Mets fans have the highest per capital mustache sportage. All fans longing for the days of Keith Hernandez?

figured a few more Philly Phans might actually want to talk baseball

Mets fans are so obnoxious their fans have to come here to get away from them.

It's like smokers who want to stay in non-smoking rooms.

I guess practicing stand-up trumps baseball?

Cj -- I am pretty sure he actually hit 92-93 earlier in the year... i think it was before his pops died... not saying that has anything to do with his velocity...

Dear Pedro:

Talking with your catcher will not make your pitches faster, or on location.


Im a Met Fan, i know you post here alot, just giving you a lil ribbing

Pedro's such a little beyotch I still remember when he faceslammed Don Zimmer.

Damn Pat really struggles against Pedro..
Chase might not get a pitch to hit all night as long as Pedro is still pitching

Burrell's been getting way under the ball in almost every AB when he hits it lately.

I actually liked Pedro for that, that was hilarious.

Dear Pedro:

Forgot to mention that Ryan Howard, though, will make you look very good.


Howard struck out on three pitches. I may never get over the shock.

I can't believe Ryan Howard was just behind on 2 straight 84 mph fastballs..
That is pathetic!

I'm sure tons of people say the same thing when their sluggers SO against Moyer.

Redbeard -- i am already stressing like crazy... please dont mess with me haha... under no circumstances do i like playing you guys or the bravos... yankees i dont mind though.... I cant believe pedro Kd both of them...

antacid for all

And Gary Cohen gives the Victorino K the "The Giants Win the Pennant"-like call.

Anyone else notice how in the past week or so, pitchers aren't even trying to make Howard chase on strike 3? They just throw it right down the middle.

What a killer changeup. That was some impressive pitching.

howard should definitely start looking at the ball when he swings

Wasted opportunity there. . . although it sounds like Pedro has nothing tonight.

BA RISP, not a predictor of future success. Howards is just a statistical aberration, that is normalizing. RBIs are a direct result of opportunity. He's not having a good year.

Pedro has about as much as he's had the past month, whatever that's worth...

where is this on tv? i cant find it

I kind of can't believe Victorino didn't hit a grand slam. Even though there were only 2 guys on base, I just assume that he'll do something devastating every time he's up.

hustled around the on-field or dugout celebrating...just sayin'

Well, this game's over.

Burrell is one of my favorite players, but he's starting to piss me off. His at bat was the beginning of the end in the first inning.

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