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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Wrong game.. but it's getting close up here in Boston, 12-10.

It's a good reminder to many BLers...The games are 9 innings (at least).

Scouting reporton Kershaw: 95 mph fastball with late movement; 75 mph 11-to-6 curveball that he'll pitch anywhere in the count; a changeup in its infancy. Command: Not great, but the kid is only 20 years old. The Hardball Times gushed over him earlier this year. If he has command tonite he will be filthy. Phillies need to be patient and make him throw strikes.

Yes, I've heard that he can have real control problems. I hope the Phils give him a chance to throw some balls.

Taking pitches -- a big IF for this lineup, guys.

clout: Something tells me Kershaw will be dealing tonight.

Santana coughs it up, 3-3 in the bottom of the 7th.

Johan Santana allows a HR to Langerhans to tie the game at 3 in the 7th in DC.

Santana at 87 pitches...hopefully his last inning and the gNats can get at the pen.

I really hope Werth is in the lineup as he likes lefties and takes alot of pitches (something that will kill a guy with control issues like Kershaw).

Tied up two touchdowns a piece in Boston. 9 innings long indeed.

Looks like the Nats BP decided to blow it first before the Mets even get the chance...

Nats limit the damage, 4-3 Mets going into the bottom of the 8th. Does the Mets bullpen have another blown save in them?

It kind of pains me to have to turn off this Rangers-RedSox game in a few minutes.

A combined 20 runs allowed by the starters...ouch.

You think the Rangers would give us Byrd back?

Dang, Marlon Byrd 5-5.

16-14 Rangers now...this is crazy to watch.

I'll probably throw NESN on mute and fireup the gameday audio.

Phelps is going for another gold in a little bit too. Lots of stuff on tonight.

Wasn't that men's relay finish unreal the other night?

Anyone notice the odd-ball Phillies lineup tonight? Vic leading off, Utley second, Rollins third, Howard cleanup. I have to say, I like this lineup better than the traditional one.

I can honestly say it was the best swimming match I've ever watched...

Seriously though it was crazy.

I hate Rollins 3rd...he should bat 6th with Werth 3rd.

Rollins third is preferable to lead-off.

So is the Marlins game official yet?

The Phillies have GOT to make this guy throw strikes. That's the key to the game

That's a very good point Sophist.

Well so much for that idea. He swung at ball 4. Twice.

Why the hell is Howard still batting clean-up vs. a lefty if Charlie decided he wanted to get cute? Jesus.

Vic swung at 2 ball 4s. C'mon, Vic.

I'd rather see Rollins ground out on the second pitch than watch Victorino hack at ball 4 and 5. Learn how to hit ahead in the count.

Wow, Chase tagged that one. Very nice.

Chase is back!

The really annoying part is that leadoff walks can kill a team and Vic gave that one away.

Is anyone else not getting this game on extra innings???

nice, too bad vic struck himself out

Ice - It took how long for Cholly to mix up the lineup... let's not rush things by moving Howard out of the cleanup spot against a lefty.

I wish we had a good 2B sometimes...instead of this average one.

Rollins is nice in the third spot for another reason: he breaks up the lefties.

Nice shot by Chase. Hard to play the counter-factual game, but Vic should really have worked that walk.

If Howard is on the team next year, he needs to be platooned. That's just a fact.

kershaws pic on gameday looks silly. like he gave mlb a little league pic to use instead of a current one.

Nice, Hamels is getting the Pierre lineup.

Imagine for a moment if Howard was even average against many more RBIs would he have and how many more wins would the team have.

Manchine isn't programmed for error. What happened?

Phelps just got his 10th Gold world record pace again.

Huge strikeout against Kent

I'll bet Cole is pissed walking Manny. I'm ok with it though.

Did Wheeler just call Casey Blake a special hitter? Jesus the man has no shame. I'll bet he could make a case for Terry Harmon in the hall of fame.

Someone needs to remind Cole that, even though the time zone is different, this is technically a **night game.***

And, hey, it must be the night for pitching duels (see Fenway for details).

Ok so the channel the Phils are supposed to be on for extra innings has the rain delayed Marlins Cards game, which explains why it's not on. But does anyone know if it's supposed to be on another channel?

Damnit Cole.

Tmac is a regular Carlie Lau isn't he?

I'll bet jumping for that ball puts Nomar back on the DL.

Please tell me that Burrell is not going into one of his slumps for the rest of the season...

Think the Gnome gets better pitches to hit with Hamels protecting him?

Nevermind I just found Vin Scully. Just in time for him to tell me Bruntlett scored a 1460 on his SATs...nice.

Vin Scully sure has info at his fingertips. The gnome scored 1460 on his SAT. Not to shabby.

Nice piece of hitting by the Gnome.

hh, Burrell is NOT going into one of his slumps for the rest of the season...

Burrell has been struggling lately...or basically going back to his career norms. Oh well, the FO will use it as justification to not even attempt to sign him.

And now our third best hitter (BA wise) gets to bat with a RISP.

Cole Hamels makes the case for the pitcher batting eigth.

Maybe Hamels can teach Howard how to hit lefties.

Cole taking matters into his own hands.

Totally unexpected run, manufactured with 2 outs from the 7-8-9 hitters.

They're getting some good swings off Kershaw.

Hamels to 1B Coach - Hmmph. Punk ass kid!

Hamels pretty much just called out the offense by getting that RBI

What black hole?

NEPP: Hasn't he done that every time a pitcher was throwing a no-hitter against him and he broke it up?

Come on Vic!

Good sign though: 2 IP, 40 pitches.

Vin Scully is the best! I wanna know Shane's GPA.

Yep, Kershaw has thrown plenty of pitches. Burrell hit the ball well, I thought.

Good to respond to their 2-out RBI with one from Cole.

Scully is the master. Calls the game, tosses out interesting facts, and no annoying chitchat.

Take a look at the 6-7-8 hitters in the Dodgers lineup.

The #8 hitter, Loney, hits .290 and has 9 HR and 67 RBIs.

Well he's no Chris Wheeler.

Andruw Jones on the DL with a phantom injury.

If Bruntlett is so smart, why can't he learn how to hit a fastball?

I wish Scully would tell us what Myers SAT score was. I'll give 10:1 odds he didn't crack 4 digits.

nice hit james.

Sox put up 4, up 19-16.

Jimmy Rollins starting to earn his nickname back.

Jones is done...I'm stunned that its so but his career looks over unless he can whip himmself into great shape and learn how to hit again. Never would've thought that owuld happen so quickly. PED's anyone?

Doug Glanville was smart too, couldn't figure out that he couldn't hit the pitch that was over his head.

IMO, the idea of platooning Howard is not a great one. He may struggle against LH, but he also hits HR's off of them as well. The mere potential for instant offense makes him much more valuable than any alternative even against a LH pitcher. He has hit LH in the past, and he has been up and down against them this season. It seems overly reactionary to suggest a platoon. Unless they acquire Bill Hall to play 1B or some power hitter who is equally ineffective against RH.

I wish Scully would tell us what Myers SAT score was. I'll give 10:1 odds he didn't crack 4 digits.

Posted by: Steve Jeltz | Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 10:50 PM

Jeltz, I'll give 50;1 HE DIDN'T CRACK 2.

Brett may not be able to spell SAT.

I'll take the sac fly from Burrell there.

Werth crushed that out.

Good work from Burrell.

3 runs, this is the most run support Hamels has gotten in how long?

Nice job by the bat. I know we'd love a big inning, but how many times in the last 2 months would just one lousy fly ball have changed the outcome for the Phils?

Scully is the master of what, exactly? Circular breathing? I haven't heard him pause for a split-second.

I know, everyone's tired of my Scully bashing. But I just don't get it. To my ears, he's totally brutal.

I always feel like Scully is talking down to me. I'm watching a ballgame not auditing a postgrad course.

Hamels has exceptional command of all his pitches right now. Better than he's looked in a long while.

Cole looks to have found a groove.

Cole is totally hosing them with his change-up tonight.

Cole only has 6 less pitches than Kershaw.

Hopefully, he gets a little more efficient.

BTW, that was not meant as a negative, just a statement of fact.

Cole got 3 runs in the two starts before his last one. In St Louis he had already given up a bunch of runs and against Atlanta he went on to give up a bunch of runs.

I like Scully, because he researches the opposition, and there are no reports from TMac or bs interviews of police chiefs.

So somehow Boston hung on to win 19-17 on a late safety.

I learn more from Scully in 1 inning than from Wheels & Co. in a week. Moments ago, for instance, he's noticed that Kent has backed off the plate lately, and the Phils have been exploiting it.

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