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Friday, August 15, 2008


Three with bottom-dwelling San Diego. Then three more with last-place Washington before closing the month with the Dodgers, Mets, and Cubs.

If we are looking for this team to jump start themselves, game one tonight would be a good time and place to start.

Richie Sexson is now officially available for those clamoring for a 1B Platoon...the Yanks just released him.

Can't even muster gloom... GO PHILS!

4 wins minimum is acceptable over the next 6

No thanks on Sexson. Getting cut by two teams in the same season is not exactly a strong recommendation. He does have a good average against left-handers but that smells like a statistical fluke, since his career numbers against left-handers aren't that much better than his career average against right-handers.

These next 6 games are thankless ones for the Phillies. If they win 5 or more games, their front-runner fans will say that the Phillies are only able to beat up on the dregs of the league (I know that's what I will say). If they win 4 out of 6, the fans will say these are the 2 worst teams in the league and we didn't even take great advantage. If they split or do worse, they're all the more pathetic for not even being able to beat good teams.

Given what just happened in L.A., I think anything less than 5 out of the next 6 is a failure. Far more likely is that they'll win 4 of 6, then turn right around and lose 2 of 3 to the Dodgers and Mets. That's pretty much what your 2008 Phillies are about.

We really must win 5 out of 6 from the Padres and Nats to stay in this thing. If so, we can go into the Dodgers, Mets and Cubs with some momentum. Out Bats have to break out sometime why not now!

Your talk of Millar for the Phillies was mentioned by name on MLBTradeRumors...thought that was funny.

Hey last year when the team was in third or fourth place, we booed, we gave them negative energy and they won the division.

Now their in second place, so I guess we can boo tonight and maybe they can win the division again.

Here's the link to the last time we lost 4 straight on the west coast. Lots of disgust with how the season was over and what we should do for next year. Some 'see ya in April's and 'football starts soon'.

Gloom and Doom

BAP: Sexson has a .992 OPS this year against LHP. Platooning him with Ryan Howard would be a major upgrade to this offense.

No way are we going to platoon a 10 million dollar player, let alone a game changer like howard

PhillR: You're the numbers guy. Considering Sexson is 34 years old, with horribly diminishing numbers in general, and career OPS splits which suggests he has never hit left-handers that much better than he has hit right-handers, just how statistically significant do you think that .992 OPS is, when it is based on only 97 PAs?

I look at Richie Sexson and I see a right-handed version of Geoff Jenkins -- a one-dimensional power hitter with a terrible uppercut swing who, because of his limited skill set, is now completely washed up before his time. Having said all of that, I wouldn't be terribly offended if the Phillies signed him and platooned him with Howard. At least it would show some outside-the-box thinking and some recognition that, even if he's Ryan Howard, we're still allowed to take notice that he's a huge detriment to the team when he faces left-handed pitching. But I'd sure hate to see all the angst it would generate on Beerleaguer if the Phillies decided to make Howard a platoon player.

mvp: Except that he's NOT a game changer against left-handed pitching. Actually, I take that back. He IS a game changer. Having a cleanup hitter who is an automatic out dramatically changes the game in favor of the opposing team.

BAP: True, I wouldn't mind it against lefties however I said THEY as in the phillies wouldn't be open for it.

mvp: Yes, on that we agree 100%. Platooning Howard would require some semblance of original thinking. That is not the Phillies' strong suit.

Clap, clap, go Phils, go Phils!

I'm cheering everything from now on. Single up the middle- yeah!

Error on a pickoff attempt- yeah!

Homerun to the opposite field- yeah!

Popup with the bases loaded- yeah!

You want support, you got it.

I agree that it is a small sample size, but so what? Given the woes of the past month, he would not be a downgrade, and there is the chance that he is still good against LHP.

Lets say that he isn't a .992 OPS against LHP the rest of the way out. Say he is only .750. Thats still better the Howard.

What would it cost to sign him the rest of the season? $500k? And if he proves to be worthless, so what? Release him.

There is no downside.

@ Carson

You forget to cheer for every strikeout, you silly front runner.

a 10 game win streak would hit the spot right about now

So would blonde twins with their curious brunette cousin. I am honestly not sure which is less likely this month.

1st pitch swinging, 1st pitch out- hell yeah, go Phils!

Mets and Marlins currently winning their games.

Don't worry though, I'm sure the Phils will come out on fire tonight and blow up Petco for 2 runs or so.

Oops, forgot to cheer...yippie!!!

Maddux vs. Moyer: A matchup of Civil War veterans. I wonder if they are allowed to use the Spitter and the Out Shoot.

I probably won't watch the whole game, but I'll be going on Gameday and looking up how many first pitch outs there were. There better be less than 3.

KofP: you mean in the top of the 1st, of course.

Talk about a super black hole.


I'm taking that back. I don't want any. There were only two in last night's game (maybe three if I counted wrong). If you're making contact on the first pitch, it better be because you're the best offense in the majors and you're gonna score some runs. If not, take a freakin pitch for once.

Mets only have a 1 run lead in the 8th. The odds of them holding onto a 1 run lead cant be better then 1 in 2.

vs the Succos? I don't see a loss.

PhillR: I spent a whole morning earlier this week, arguing (against great opposition) that, if the Phillies had any half-way decent right-handed hitter on their bench, the proper move would be to platoon Howard. So I agree with you in concept. I'm just not sure Sexson is the guy because, if both Sexson and Howard start reverting to recent norms, Howard might still be the better bet against left-handers. But I agree with you that there's no harm in trying it.

Unfortunately, we have a GM who seems to think that there's nothing wrong with our offense. When even Bruntlett and Taguchi still have spots on the roster, you can definitely say that Gillick is really living up to his "Stand Pat" moniker this year.

Folks, we had Pete LaForest coming off the bench last September. The last man on the bench is not going to turn the team around.

I normally despise Jenkins' bat in the lineup. But I'm gonna give him a Fightin' chance against Maddux tonight. He's batting .421 (24/57) lifetime against him with a homer and 7 RBI.

However, with the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised to see him K twice and pop out with that monster uppercut.

Adam Eaton got lit up at Reading again tonight. 4 earned runs and 2 homeruns allowed in 5 IP.

Jenkins is an extreme back-legger. Hip-hip-hooray!

BAP, we have a GM that is mentioned more in Mariner rumors. He is too busy lobbying for his "retirement" gig.

C'mon B_A_P, that's nearly a QS by our 8 million dollar minor league arm. Show him some support with a "go get 'em boy" or "we still love ya Eaton".

GM-Carson rules severely right now.


I can't wait for the game tonight. I'm going to cheer so loud that I hope J-Roll feels my positive energy from here in Harrsiburg all the way over in San Diego. MVP! MVP! MVP!!!

Oh my. I fear Carson has cracked under the pressure. Hang in there Carson. It's almost football season.

Darlye Ward with a 3-run bomb

I find myself having the most heinous thoughts. I almost don't care if the Phillies win. Just don't boar me to death. Again. Jesus, it's a coast game for cryin out loud. I'll be out by the third inning.

Football? Screw football, I only care about baseball. Sure I'll watch a Eagle, Sixers, or Flyers game, but my passion is Phillies. Go Phillies, you're an awesome #2!

The photos of Moyer and Maddux in the ESPN game preview are priceless. It's like, "What? A prostate exam? Today?"

I love both of these cats. Maddux and Moyer are why baseball rules.

Carson: I know, me too. Baseball is life. I just don't know how much more of this garbage we can take. They are either boring or irritating but always infuriating. Where are my happy pills, damnit?

That's it. Someone needs to bring a giant "#2" foam finger so we can cheer on Jimmy.

It's the loser's lineup tonight: Jenkins, Bruntlett, Ruiz.

Really, when you look at this, it is not difficult to figure out why we can't score a run to save our lives.

God this is going to be miserable. Wheeler will be waxing poetic about Greg Maddux for his entire outing. Thank god he only pitches 4 innings these days.

should we not boo that, i mean, jimmy didnt even swing (try)

Does Maddux actually have 17 gold gloves?? Are you kidding me? How is that possible?

So tonight Rollins decides to be selective? Tonight. Against Greg Maddux? Really?

Man I'm sick of this lineup. The first few aint producing, and the last 4 can't produce. Get us a new name, any name, even Richie Sexson.

Before the game, Vegas had installed an over-under of 8 innings on Carson's ability to maintain a positive attitude about this team. After the top of the first, the over-under dropped to 5 innings.

That's baseball's version of a bigfoot sighting.

nice dp howard

Maddux has 17 GG because once you win one you have to PROVE that you are no longer good enough to keep winning...not PROVE that you are still an outstanding fielder. That is not bashing Maddux or his fielding but its a little BS to say he's been the best fielding pitcher in the NL in 17 seasons.

Well put NEPP Sexson comment was tongue-in-cheek about platooning Howard...I don't seriously support getting him. That said, I guarantee GillAmaro is sitting in his office seriously considering it as we speak...

nice hit, nice hustle big guy

A 3-6-3 DP followed by a 2B, Ryno is rolling.

Passive Pat is back.

Burrell swapped June with August this year...he looks lost right now.

God Bruntlett sucks.

Color me surprised.

Well, we can watch the Olympics every other inning tonight.

yay, get em next time fellas!

Pat Burrell is ACTIVELY hurting his batting average.

When I saw Howard get a bad break on Jenkins single, I knew that we would not score. The running joke around the league has to be our bottom 4.

Does Howard ever get good breaks? This is like having 4 pitchers in a lineup...its wonder we can't score runs with hitting long balls.

Jenkins single was almost caught by Mr. Gold Glove and the centerfielder got right on it. I can't blame Howard for that one.

i miss iguchi

Howard got a bad break off 2nd only because a gold glove pitcher would have caught Jenkins hit.

That's a goner at the Bank

Not blaming Howard for his break as it was a comebacker that Maddux could have caught, but Steve Smith has got to realize that Bruntlett and Ruiz are coming up. I would not have been mad if Smith sent him just to make something happen. The relay in was awful.

I'm not blaming HOward...I'm just pissed at how this season is going.

You can whale on Steve Smith all you want. The only time we seem to score any more is when somebody runs through one of his stop signs.

Sarge on Maddux: "He's just a proFESSOR when it comes to a STUDENT... of the game."

I love Sarge. He's like a sine wave of delight.

I also like that Harry sounds happy and, really, himself, when Sarge is in the booth. He sounds the same on the radio in the 4th inning.

yeah i'm sure steve smith would be praised for sending our 220lb first baseman from 2nd with one out.

In the 2nd inning.

in a 0-0 game.


They're doing it again. This time it's Greg Maddux that they are making look like a future hall of famer.

Is this the great Mike Maddux's younger brother??? If this young man keeps this up he may very well be a solid 3rd starter one day.

Here we have a pitching duel between 2 guys whose fastballs together don't add up to a Lindstrom fastball.

maybe if Shane Victorino could take more then 3 total pitches in 2 ab...

3rd starter? Let's not get carried away. A hell of a pitching coach though.

Well with his lack in velocity and 2 pitches (all this guy ever throws seems to be fastball/changeup...he's probalby a middle reliever. That's assuming he can hit his spots. Otherwise I dont see him lasting at the MLB level.

Jamie Moyers road era coming into this game was 3.05, he might be sub 3 by now.

Phelps got gold # 7 by 1-100 of a second.

Ever notice how the Phillies get all the lame siblings? We had Mike Maddux, Ken Brett, even Vince Dimaggio. How did we ever miss out on Tommy Aaron?

i hope before the season is over when im at a game i see tmac doing one of his reports, so i can boo him

Jeremy Giambi...

doubleh, that finish was insane

The little Howard twin...

mark leiter

Time for 20 minutes of beach volleyball.

Jake Blalock...

Good ones. Keep em coming.

4 innings of 2 hit shutout ball and yet the Phillies are so far having a better offensive game than last night...

"We had DiMaggio. Vince DiMaggio. Vince led the league in striking out. It figures we got Vince, not Joe or Dom. When brothers played in the majors, the Phillies wound up with the one who produced less. We had Harry Coveleski instead of Stan, Irish Meusel instead of Bob, Frank Torre instead of Joe, Ken Brett instead of George, Mike Maddux instead of Greg, Rick Surhoff instead of B.J., and Jeremy Giambi instead of Jason. If there had been a Zeppo Alou, the Phillies would've signed him."

- Harold Herman, from last year's Sports Illustrated

Mookie's brother?

Is it possible this game goes 9 innings without either team scoring? I do think it is very feasible that both starters go 7 tonight without any team scoring.

Every time someone cuts off Jeremy Giambi on the road he has vivid and painful Derek Jeter flashbacks.

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