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Thursday, August 14, 2008


In his defense, Bruntlett has 3 more hits this month than I've had for the Phillies all season.

Shot in the dark...Kuroda has his 3rd "brilliant" start tonight.

Why is Dobbs sitting?

And Dobbs did make that crucial error last night that impacted nothing. I guess the thought is to have at least one quality bat on the bench, reserved for that key moment when they're down 1-0 in the ninth with their first runner in scoring position of the night.

Well, Mets are going to win tonight. Don't even think Heilman could blow a 6 run lead with 2 outs.

This has been the most exhausting season to follow...

bedrosian's beard:
philly phan livin' in seattle currently...
haven't found a good phils bar, and mlb bars are few... Big Time Brewery is recommended, in the U-district. i guess there are a few real sports bars down by Safeco, but i prefer breweries.

clout - when Feliz first went down, I thought it actually would help the lineup since Dobbs would start against all RHP, who the Phils face the majority of the time, and his bat would more than make up for the losses against LHP. Well, IIRC Bruntlett has gotten most of the starts vs RHP. I look forward to the return of Feliz.

NEPP: I don't know. I thought last season was pretty exhausting, too--but it sure had a nice upside to it. This one just feels like it's going to have a different ending.

I posted this in an earlier thread but it got buried.

I was at the game for Kuroda's last start against the Giants. He really wasn't as terrific as his numbers would suggest. From the 6th inning on, he was getting absolutely hammered but, through sheer luck, 5 or 6 line drives ended up in the outfielders' mitt. It was very puzzling that Torre let him pitch 8 innings.

That's not to say he won't look terrific tonight. He very likely will.

Why the hell isnt Dobbs starting against RHP?

Its not like he's THAT bad in the field...seriously. How many balls really get hit to 3B in a given game anyway? 3 maybe 4?

Ugly lineup for the visiting team.

What kind of Myers do we see tonight? This is the biggest game of the year starting from scratch with our opening day pitcher.

Will Myers give Manny a shave?

I had alot higher expectations going into this year (I was one of the few thinking it could be a 95 win team)...last year I didn't expect as much and got pleasantly surprised...this year's hot start made it even worse. I figured we'd be 5-6 games up at this point.

Could the Washington Nationals be any worse without employing replacement players?

I wish they would move back to Canada. At least the sorry excuse for baseball that they play would be attributable to another country. Worse yet the name "Nationals" implies some connection to this country. Fortunately, the rest of baseball presents a better representation of the caliber of baseball that the originator of this great game has to offer. What a joke.

I thought we would win the division last year--I know, I was in the minority--but I saw the holes in the Mets in June. I just had a feeling. My feelings this year aren't as positive. I hope I'm wrong.

Anyone notice that the Sox had their SS prospect Jed Lowrie playing at 3B in the midst of a pennant race? Imagine that...using a SS prospect at 3B...

Cholly said Dobbs tweaked a quad and that's why he's not in the lineup. That was on the pre-game interview with Wheels.

NEPP: I think they are only doing that out of complete necessity. Although, I have noticed Lowrie getting a lot of playing time prior to Lowell's DL stint.

A good argument could be made that the Phillies are in the same situation. OTOH, it could be argued that even with Feliz back, they would still be better served by using someone else at 3B.

Wow...2 pitches JHole.

Trying to think of something good to say about that first AB...

If they don't try to convert Donald to 3B this fall...they are morons.

Kuroda is dealing tonight.

Ah...the ever popular rope a dope...they're letting Kuroda think he's a good pitcher and then they're gonna prove him wrong come the 6th inning...way to not let Kuroda warm up fully guys...that'll help come the later innings...

In fact, he's on pace to throw a 63-pitch shut-out.

Key lineup difference (8-hole)

Phillies: .218 Avg
Dodgers: .287 Avg

Vin Scully just said that Cholly is "really loved in Philadelphia." Evidently, Vin doesn't read Beerleaguer.

Good start by Myers, anytime you get Manny out w/ runners on it's real good.

What IS Vin reading?

I liked Vin's name for our pitcher: "Big Myers."

Turns out the guy we teed off on last night has a bad shoulder.

Rollins: "When Carlos Ruiz comes up to the plate, don’t boo him because you want (Chris) Coste in the game. This man has a job to do today. Encourage him to do his job to the best of his abilities.”

I haven't been able to attend a Phillies game this season, but I can assure Rollins that if I booed Ruiz, it would not be because I wanted to see Chris Coste in the game. It would be because the best of his abilities are AAA level, he is starting on a first place MLB team, and has made a substantial contribution to the consistent inconsistency of the offense this season. If anything, I would be booing his presence, not him individually. It is the FO's fault he is with the Phillies, he certainly didn't do anything that would warrant playing in MLB.

jenkins is just awful. hamels has better atbats than him

Why am I doing this to myself? I was having a perfectly good day until I turned this game on. Does it make even a bit of sense to sit here and waste an evening watching something that is only going to put me in a rage? The fair weather fans are the only ones who are thinking rationally.

Thanks Geoff.

Interesting decision by Jenkins.

yeah that's a great play with no outs. a free run.

Dobbs is hurt.

If it weren't the opposing team, it would be fun to watch the Dodgers hit. Such a balanced lineup.

I get so mad that the Phils can't get any offense going, but look at the stinkin' lineup. As much as we want Werth over Jenkins, Coste over Ruiz etc., the bottom line is the Phils have 3 bench players and a pitcher in their lineup tonight (and most nights.) Werth is a bench player on a good team. Coste the same. And obviously Bruntlett. Dobbs is also a bench player when healthy on a good team. And besides all that, you have Rollins, Utley, Howard, and now Burrell and the bullpen all strugling for the most part. I don't see how they make the playoffs.

Jenkins just gives up a gift run. Unbelievable. He is ACTIVELY hurting the team.

Maybe we can convince Howard, Rollins, Jenkins, Ruiz, and Bruntlett all to take a paid 2 week vacation to Lehigh Valley.

Myers is steamed. He keeps staring down Jenkins. Myers might try to fight him. Then again, he might think he is Brett Favre and ask for his autograph. He might also think he is Randy Wolf, and then he would try to start a fight with Cholly for starting Wolf in RF.

How is Brett looking, those of you watching? Is he keeping cool regardless of the triple/score?

Ah, nevermind, thanks for the insight Parker

Didn't Kuroda have a no hitter going into the 8th about a month ago?

Myers looks sharp and didn't lose his cool, though he looked pissed. Kuroda, on the other hand, looks like Nomo in his rookie year.

So about the only 2 guys getting it done at the plate - Vic and Dobbs - are down with injuries. The baseball gods frown down upon the Phillies.

The bats are red hot again tonight.

Last 9 innings played against LA.....1 hit, 0 runs and a whole bunch of K's.

Carrasco finally gave up an earned run at LV tonight. 6 IP, 2 runs (1 ER) 8 K's. Got the loss, because LV has no offense. ERA at AAA, now .48

LOL @ Parker.

Myers is looking like the guy we were expecting this year.

Rollins will:

a) pop out to left
b) ground out to 2nd
c) fly out shy of warning track
d) walk

I wouldn't surprised if Dobbs has been injured all along. It would explain why Bruntlett has gotten so many starts.

phReed: Where is K looking?

@phReed: (a) it is.

"a" is vintage '08 Rollins

Good comments by Sarge on booing:

"The Phillies fans are informed fans. It is just like your kids; when they bring home D's and F's, they don't get congratulated. When they bring home A's, they get praised. It is the same for the players, and it should be."

There goes the perfect game.

Hoawrd will:
a) stike out looking
b) strike out swinging
c) hit into the shift
d) walk

Howard's swing looks good, it is his eyesight that I worry about.

"b" on a hanging meatball that should have been clocked

I want Milt Thompson's job security

Howard couldn't have been surprised by the pitch - he's seen the same pitch 11 times tonight.

I have the feeling that LA scored all they need already.

How does Milt Thompson still have a job?

I just noticed that Myers velocity is back up to 93-94.

Myers is filthy tonight

sportsline listing brett's fastball as 93/94 area... this true?

Brett is dealing. If he keeps this up, I owe him an apology.

Myers definitely has his fast ball back - saw 94

nevermind, afish answered my question preemptively

He definitely has much more life on his fastball. Funny how that happens. Funny how much of a difference that makes.

nasty brett. nasty.

Phils pitchers have to be disgusted with their offense.

Milt Thompson's job is to be the opposing team's pitching coach.

That is old Brett velocity. He was throwing 97 as a closer last season, and he was filthy. If he can keep it at 92-94, and locate it, he will be very good.

Pitching wins baseball games, except in Philadelphia, where the offense average .65 runs per game.

haha last year the offense is great, this year its worse. was he a bad hitting coach last year? we've isolated a constant and blamed it for change in production?

Great night so far for Myers, I guess this one will be our chance to come back and win one.

One the whole this series reminds me of that horrible series last August with Padres where we kept losing late ones. I remember thinking we were cooked after that one (or after we gave up big lead in Atlanta in early sept) and we were able to pull it out, so its not over yet. But I do agree with the general pessimism on BL.

Parker: Myers strike/ball ratio tonight is 40/18. When he was going bad it was close to 50/50. But we can pretend it's all about his fastball if you want.

Brett's back on the PED's!

Last year we had the hitting, no pitching. This year good pitching, no hitting. Same core players, what gives?

Kuroda looks like he can go the distance.

BTW, when Myers was going bad both Manuel and Dubee talked about his lack of command. The only mention of his fastball was that he wasn't locating it well.

clout: that is not what I said. I added "and locates." Obviously, if all you had to do was throw hard, then Kyle Farnsworth would be incredible. He is of course, not incredible. However, more velocity does help. If you don't believe that, then you are fooling yourself.

Batting averages of our starters this month:

.260, .194, .255, .196, .128, .240, .160, .120. Ruiz is actually having a better month, if you just look at average, than half of the lineup.

was Cholly's "httin season" comment the beginning of this team's offensive woes?

who will score first eagles or phillies? i vote flyers.

Starting to look like we have a #2 pitcher after all. Unfortunately, we also have the #11 NL offense.

Charlie should rub that magic gutt and start hittin season back up again.

What was Bruntlett swinging at?

Coste was swinging at similar pitches. Kuroda seems to be able to fool batters with that outside pitch.

Dobbs has a quad injury in case it wasn't mentioned. So no choice but Bruntlett.

or, Coste and Bruntlett are minor league-caliber hitters.

Counting today, Myers has a 2.05 ERA post-All-Star break.

phReed: The ark of the covenant has been opened. Davethom will now seep under your front door as a smoky apparition, and cause your skin to melt.

Parker, lol

Davthorn, for what it's worth, this whole offense is slow pitch softball caliber as well as minor league caliber.

If Myers gets Kent here, Manny is gettin plunked.

just kidding

Never thought I'd see the day where I said a solo home run making it 2-0 is the nail in the coffin.

How does Kemp have only 14 homers?

Tray: 14 HR is pretty good this season. HR's are way down overall. I'd say that is probably top 15 in the NL. I haven't checked it.

Hey Ryan, here's a hint: slider away.

46 players have nl players have 15+ hrs

Look! A run! Whoo!

I am such a frontrunner for staying up against my better judgment the last four nights to watch this stale fart of a ballclub lug its sorry lifeless self through the August desert.

J-roll's comments are so offensive to me. He knew exactly what he was saying and how it would be construed among the phans. I have been a huge fan of his for his entire career and I will never think of him the same way again. And Ryan Howard? A pathetic wannabe/groupie. Jimmy, Ryan and Scott Rolen should all get together in baseball heaven and bask in the glory of having their butts kissed for putting up mediocre numbers and acting like a bunch of entitled sourpusses.

Longtime BL reader, lifelong Philadelphian recently marooned in Rhode Island. BL is my essential Phillies-watching companion. I've never posted before but this J-Roll business just really has gotten to me.

And why does Vin Scully keep saying Chase Utley lives in "Wilmington." Wilmington where? He's said it like 20 times during this series. I thought he lives in a condo in Center City. I love Vin Scully, but sometimes it's just like he's reading from the media guide. Still not nearly as annoying as TMac and Wheels, of course.

Fully hoping to inspire some reverse BL jinx...

or maybe I could proofread my posts.

46 nl players have 15+ hr

Werth has 16 HR in 269 AB.

Rowand has 11 in 416.

Kemp is actually significantly lower than I thought, but is still near a bunch of guys that have previously hit a bunch of HR's, but are down this year.

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