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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Let's go Phils!

Can it please, please, please just be 7:05 so I can watch some Phillies? I'm more excited about this game than any other I can remember.

So on Carpenter: Did they just pull a name out of a hat? I guess the silver lining as mentioned in the other thread is that there is unlikely to be any advance scouting on Carpenter and he has been pitching well. He's also now eligible for the PS roster

NEPP: He and Benson were the only two options at AA and AAA for guys who could pitch multiple innings. Everyone else has pitched too recently. If they brought up Benson, they wouldn't have been able to option him down after today. They can do that with Carpenter.

Okay...that makes sense.

You gotta feel for Benson though...this pretty much says that he may never pitch in the majors least not this year. Shoulder injuries suck.

NEPP: Certainly not out of a hat. He and Benson were seemingly the only two options because other candidates (like Happ) had recently pitched. This was both Carpenter's and Benson's day to start. Benson, however, would have needed to stay on the active roster because he has no options while Carpenter can be sent down.

NEPP: I have a feeling Benson will be up with the team after Sept. 1st.

Well, I kinda hope they don't have to use him as that means we're likely being blown out. Either way...IIRC from Spring Training he does have decent stuff when he's on and he's been pitching alright lately. Surprised they didn't go with Walrond again ~shudders~

They should have the CBP scoreboard have the Mets leading 5-0 at the start of the game so that the Phils will think it's time to begin their "comeback". Maybe they can actually take an early lead on the Mets for once.

Anybody know where I can find video of Myers' at bat last night?

Good God that's a lefty-heavy lineup. Uh oh.

strange: I missed it too and would also love to see it. If somebody can post a link that would be great!

I can't find Myers' AB video anywhere. I'm dying to see that again.

Reyes reminds me of Jimmy '07 --seemingly starts every game with a hit.

Whatever. Reyes always scores in the first inning.

Hmmm... trailing the Mets... imagine that. Guess they needed to be behind to come back.

Big test for KK tonight since he faces only one righty (David Wright) in the entire lineup. There are also three switch hitters.

That's a shame though - if they shift Delgado (like most other teams do) then Utley makes that play easily and the run doesn't score.
Maybe I'm nit-picking and I know Reyes was on 2nd and could have stolen third in that situation, but I just would have hoped that Utley would have been a little deeper in the hole where Delgado consistently hits it..

If there's any upside in this stacked lineup it's that Easley & Tatis are sitting.

curt-JRoll agrees with you


Comment by huge_mets_fan11
2008-08-27 19:03:35
Here’s a story us Mets fans will like:
My teacher is the agent for a pitcher with Phils. There was one game this year where this pitcher was making his debut and it was against the Mets. The guy is a lefty who was facing Delgado and they was a meeting on the mound to decide how to pitch to Delgado. Utley came in saying “Pitch him inside! He tips pitches! Pitch him inside!” Then the pitching coach says to the pitcher “Eh, don’t listen to him, he always says that because (Utley) tips pitches all the time.” So there is another thing to hate about Chase Utley.

(You get -6 guesses where it's from)

No way Burrell should be at #3

JMS: RJ Swindle? But really, does it make a difference because the poster is probably full of sh*t...

I didn't even think about the pitcher-I just find it appalling that other team's fans are always accusing the Phils of stealing pitches.

The bandbox strikes again!!

Great AB by Ryno!

8 pitch AB for Howard, wow.

beautiful at bat for howard capped off with a big oppo 2 run blast!

STELLAR At-bat from Howard. Has to be his best of the year.



Rollins and Howard - two guys recently called to task as needing to contribute more. And here they are.

Just to let everyone know I made that HR possible by benching Howard on my fantasy team ('The Team to Beat') for the first time this year. The Reverse-TTB jinx.

Booyah!...and against a tough lefty.

I am so sick of the pathetic bandbox comments...

Take that you Mutt!

With lefties at .330 against KK, every 3rd hitter in this lineup should reach. Not good.

NEPP: Well then, guess I should have put a tongue-in-cheek icon after what I wrote. I'm clearly poking fun at the Mets' announcers who in the face of statistical evidence and last night's 8 scoreless innings by the Mets offense continue to perpetrate their mindless yammering about how CBP is a "bandbox"

Kendrick is getting behind a lot early, he's gotta get ahead or the Mets will be on base all game longb

The Mets announcers are smarter than that. I don't know why they bring up the "bandbox" nonsense all the time.

Sure would be nice if Kendrick would throw some strikes.

Totally out of nowhere, Werth! Nice one!


Well this is 3 more runs than I thought we'd get tonight.

Get some Phils!! Beat Santana up! He threw his career high 121 pitches his last outing, maybe he's got a little fatigue in the golden left arm


Werth!!! (damn bandbox ;-)

Who is Feliz kidding if he thinks hes getting a deadred fastball from Santana?

Could it be hittin' season in the Bandbox?

i laugh at the bandbox comments. opposing teams hitters in cbp have the same advantage as anyone, same goes for the pitchers. the mets and their fans are the worst at it. they honestly act like they dont hit in cbp, and the phils pitchers arent affected by the parks size.

kk not enough strikes. at this rate he'll only go 5. trust your d

If this is what playing in a bandbox is like, I'll take it!

Werth earlier this year?

Kendrick needs to throw some low strikes, now. Get the groundballs. You cannot afford to let them get baserunners on here and get back into this game right away.

the phils should make tshirts

pitchers beware: bring your really good stuff.
attn: hitters - 329, 401, 330 ft.

i say blanton is your long man tonight and bring up someone to start against cubs

KK's nibbling himself to an early shower.

Kendrick is staked to a lead, in a game in which we have half a bullpen because of last night. THROW STRIKES.

Reyes looked like he was having fun getting doubled off right there! Nice enthusiasm for the game.

wow... needed that.

Reyes: speed kills

Jose rhymes with DOUBLE PLAY.

nice play vic

reyes got way too greedy with that. very dumb.

this is ridiculous, got to throw strikes forf'sake.

KK's living right. And Vic's a stud CF.

this is ridiculous, got to throw strikes forf'sake.

this is ridiculous, got to throw strikes forf'sake.

Vic has been filling Rowand's shoes nicely as of late.

kk doing what he does best, lucking is way to a W haha. He gives up hits all day and falls behind regularly but finds ways to get away with the W - most of the time.

Seems like KK spotted every hitter that inning with a 3-0 count...and got away with it.

slocs-No way should we mess with our starting rotation right now. Blanton's been decent enough and we're too close to winning this thing to trust someone from AAA against the Cubs.

The point is moot because they brought up Carpenter assuredly for that specific situation that you, Slocs and JMS, are referring to

thephaithful: Yep, all luck. No pitcher in history has won while giving up lots of hits. You're pretty sharp to catch that.

Kendrick should probably buy Vic dinner after this is all over.

Man, Kyle Kendrick is really not very good. Would he even make an AL contender's bullpen?

Good thing the bullpen's nice andfresh...75 pitches in 3.2 IP so far

wow very nice game for ryan so far

I have to say .. that commentary by Sarge about a CF using where the pitch was to gauge whether or not to come in on a popup hit right at you: It was really good info! More of that kind of stuff, Sarge! He's on a roll.

Howard, really playing some defense recently. Team is starting to look pretty good again...

Dude is leading a charmed life.

wally: Wow, another genius joins the board.

Hope this Carpenter kid has what it takes to fool hitters for 2+ innings.

No RBI for you (Schneider!)

In Kyle's defense...its not his fault he's matched up against another team's #1. He's our 5th pitcher and as 5th pitchers go he's a good one.

So far so good with him...though the bullpen will be beat by the end of the night.

were going to need some great starting pitching against the cubs

At least on this night, Kendrick is a lot more lucky than good.

Jack: It's been very noticable of late, Howard making some excellent defensive plays. Strange considering how awful he's been most of the year.

Clout, please explain to me, using statistics, how Kendrick is a good pitcher. He's getting away with a ton, because of Victorino's stellar play, and the general lack of baseball know-how displayed pretty much every second by the Mets.

Yeah, TMac, they've been talking about the 100th anniversary of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" all season.

Oh, and I'm reading about the Dead-ball Era, and am convinced they need to bring back the Baltimore Chop.

Hope Kendrick can get you into the 6th if possible but I would also have the bullpen up and ready to go in the 6th at the first sign of trouble (Are you listening Cholly?).

Kyle Kendrick must be a magician. The dude puts runners on base every inning yet he manages to keep his era somewhat respectable.

Lets Go Phils!

Wow. I was totally expecting Howard to be overmatched all night.

RSB: Yep, luck explains it. Been lucky for nearly 2 seasons now. Can't get anything past you.

Um, does W-L count as a "statistic" wally?

Pitching around Howard...Hmmm.

So you would say that Mike Pelfrey is better than Johan Santana?

what is santana's pitch count at now?

MAN T-mac and Sarge are especially painful tonight! Almost Miller and Morgan-esque...

Victorino is actively hurting this team...they should just outright that bum.

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