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Monday, August 25, 2008


Lineups are posted:
No real changes for the Dodgers tonight (except taking out Nomar and replacing him at short with the anemic Angel Berroa).
Phils go with virtually the same lineup they have had over the last few games:

I like the lineup, but Billingsley is very nasty - they need a real solid start from Myers if they are going to be able to compete with Billingsley tonight..

Here's the statistic of the night:

Between Rafael Furcal, Andruw Jones, Jason Schmidt, and Brad Penny who are currently on the DL, the Dodgers are paying these players a WHOPPING 54.9 million dollars JUST THIS YEAR (!)

If you factor in Juan Pierre's 8 million that has essentially gone to waste as he continues to atrophy on the bench and the Dodgers have flushed down over 60 million dollars with zero return!

I liked "from ass to asset" myself.

I thought it a bit too harsh in reviewing it.

MSM wants to know how those terrible Philly fans can give an Arizona Fall League Hall of Famer so much grief.

diggity - Yet another reason why Colletti should be buried and not praised. I don't understand how he has largely got a free pass from the LA media/fans so far.

When they don't make the playoffs this year and the appeal of the "ManRam deal" fades, I wonder if the knives will start to come out.

I wonder if we'll eventually see Rollins benched or not in the lead-off. It took Howard months to earn a few solid benchings, so I'm guessing no. As has been said before though, Victorino really adds a nice dimension to the second half of the line-up. It seems that the phillies have gotten more production from the bottom half of the line-up than the first half.

Can anyone tell me the point of the AFL? It might have years ago when top players didn't train year round but now it just seems like overkill.

Jason: Of course it's your call. It was very humorous, nonetheless. I laughed out loud, which is something I don't think I've ever done other than on here when reading about the Phils.

Hey Jason... something small... but the Phils are 4-2 in Myers 6 starts, not 4-1.

diggity: That's not the same lineup. Cholly has been starting Dobbs vs. RHP. Be intersting to see how Feliz fares against Billingsley.

Guess it's hard to sit Feliz after last night.

clout: I don't expect much from Feliz... but then again, I never do! Go Pete Happy!

Yeah that's why I said "virtually the same lineup." Like you said it'll be interesting to see if Pedro can continue his hot hitting from last night against Billingsley tonight...

Ty Wiggington has an OPS+ of 135 this year!?!?!? Who knew?

Good to still see second half Myers out there in the first. Fighting and not losing his head.

Nice job, Brett. Lead off double and he keeps his head on straight... and smartly pitches around Man-Ram... and then finishes the inning with a K.

Sam: When contemplating a Rollins benching, particularly in relation to Howard..
1. Any evidence that getting days off has helped Howard or Utley?
2. Rollins is still playing a phenomenal defensive SS lately, whereas Howard was playing a crappy 1B.

Technical problems? Mets game? I'll give you some Philly booing to complain about ESPN! ::shakes fist at TV::

Technical difficulties so they're showing the Mets game? Ug. They better get this fixed ASAP!

The last couple of days have been great but when are we going to add a new bat? They can't be holding out until Golson gets here in Sept. could they? If Marson and Donald are out, does this mean more So and Gnome? All I keep thinking about is that tv commercial from last year " where's Kenny Loften headed next."

What circle of hell is this?

Double Ugh.. Mets up 3-0.

So on off days...Howard hasn't had a day off all season...he's on pace to appear in all 162 games.

NEPP: Howard appeared in a few games this year as a pinch hitter.

That's my point...he hasnt had a pure off day all season. Even when he hasn't started he's still been in the game at some point.

NEPP: For the record, he pinch hit in the 8th inning three times this year including back to back on 4/24 and 4/25.

NEPP: Well, Howard has had lots of off days this year when the team didn't play, including lots of days during the All Star break.

LOL...that's a very good point. He had a nice long weekend that week.

Wow, first and third with Burrell and Howard back to back? Ugh.

Billingsley missed badly with that 0-2 pitch to Howard too.. What a joke #6 looks like up there

Anyone see the play where Rollins couldn't tag going home but Utley did going to second? Was it just a smart play by Utley or should Rollins have scored?

Ugh.. nothing out that inning?

Brian G: Smart play by Utley and Rollins shouldn't have tried. He would have ended up being safe because the catch was booted, but Ramirez was shallow enough that he shouldn't have tried with Howard coming up.

burrell and howard leaving jimmy on 3rd with 0 and 1 out! they should have to give money back for that crap.

CJ: Everything you said made sense until this.. "he shouldn't have tried with Howard coming up"

That Victorino is a bum...

Wow, did you guys see that 3-run homer that Howard crushed into the upper deck? Oh, wait...never mind, just another K.

Could they give us any other game but the Mets...this is just cruel.

tmac should never be allowed to speak when harry is in the booth. harry doesnt chime in on his time, why should tmac get to?

steady at 92 on his fastball...that's the Brett I like...I'd prefer 93/94 but this will do.

Hmm...Steve Phillips or Joe Morgan.

Which is more painful?

Myers' pitch count is pretty high already--need to have some quick 1-2-3 innings or he won't be able to go deep into this game.

He would be at 93/94, but he threw 120 pitches 5 days ago. And his wife was mouthy this week, so his arm got a little more overtime.

Trolls are so pathetic...I wonder if spenn's mom makes him pay rent for the basement?

I love the Phils, but I can't stand Myers.

What's that odd noise emanating from the crowd, Jimmy?

thank you jimmy rollins

How bad has this umpiring crew been these past few games, seriously?

I don't particularly care for Brett either but he's still a player on the team...

That's the Jroll I remember from last year.

I'm so sick of them bashing Philly fans...its getting real old. Stop lecturing an entire city.

Arg. Yet another round of commentators refuse to consider the fact that fans boo especially when a player makes little effort to correct his problem. Swinging at the first pitch, not hitting left handed pitchers, etc. FFS, why are they so THICK headed!

That was a nice easy swing from just keep it up JRoll.

Thank heavens I have the Comcast broadcast so I don't have to watch ESPN.

How about that Ja-Roll.

Steve Phillips is one of the dumbest guys I've ever heard talk about baseball...there's a reason he got fired.

I think the ultimate booth would be Steve Phillips and Joe Morgan...maybe get Wheels in there for some commentary too...That'd be great.

Hey, you could top that "All-Star" announcing team off with Tim McCarver.

Tough play--good effort by Vic.

We could get that really annoying weird looking female from Fox that's had way too much plastic surgery'd be awesome. I can't remember her name but she looks like a tranny.

Now Howard getting the boos. But when you continue to strike out on the same three pitches every time you might deserve it a little bit. Just sayin'.

Out of all those, who would be most annoying?

For me, Phillips, hands down. Can't stand him.

I'm kind of surprised by all the criticism of Phillips. Every time I hear him talk he rips the Mets. Maybe he holds grudges, but that is the kind of grudge that I don't mind people holding.

howard back to automatic out status. he is really just painful to watch.

i really want to know what's being done or discussed behind the scenes because he has absolutely no clue what to do up there. if you're a pitcher right now, you basically know you're getting him out.


Phillips is an arrogant ass who thinks he knows everything...Morgan is just annoying and he never talks about the game.

Jeannie Zelasko...she just looks so weird (quit getting work done) and she's a moron...

Wheels is brutal though too.

I'd have to say Phillips too...though Morgan/Zelasko are a close tie for 2nd.

Brett hasn't looked as sharp so far tonight but so far he has worked out of some jams.

My condolences to those of you who must watch this on the Deuce.

Philips is a yammering idiot. Take whatever he says with a grain of salt and if he really makes a point about a trend/issue (generally it means you should take the counterpoint).

Whoe would have thought Brett would have an ERA around 4.50 after the start he had this year...I give him credit for turning himself around.

Phils' down to 3rd best ERA now in the NL. No one on this blog predicted that. I figured at best they would finish middle of the pack.

Myers' is missing with his fastball more tonight.

If Mr. Rollins gets out of it... look out.

Rollins ate his Wheaties today.

Great to see Rollins & Utley with back to back rips like that.

Ok, i'm sorry but brett myers had to go to a hypnotist or something. Whatever he did in the journey through the seriously. game isnt over yet but still, so far..

He found zen or something

One thing about Feliz I forgot about feliz....

his utter lack of speed...

I hate not getting anything out of a bases loaded situation...

Werth has to be swinging at those fastballs, not working a walk.

Do the phillies know how to make in-game adjustments? Does the coaching staff notice some simple things and tell the hitters to look for it? Billingsley has been relying almost totally on his slider tonight, since it is the only pitch that he has been able to consistently throw for strikes, but he seems to hang at least one per at bat. Why wouldn't the hitters just sit on his slider?

Geez, don't jinx Lidge--dimming domination? Blue Cross Phillie of the Week.

Gosh, I sure love DP's when it's for our team.

3b defense is overrated.

@mike: I'm thinking Dobbs doesn't turn a few of these with the same accuracy/finesse as Feliz. But that's just me.

Feliz is earning his paycheck this year.

I don't know what was in the water in LV, but Myers obviously used its powers to go back in time a few years. He looks really, really good.

Feliz with the glove. Rollins has been on base three times, scored once (should be twice), and knocked the other two runs in.

And Utley is having a huge home stand so far. .348/.423/.522 going into tonight and he's 2-2 with a BB tonight. These two get turned around and the Phils could be back to scoring 5.5 a night.

Or maybe it's just wishful thinking because I just realized that Harden is scheduled to pitch for the Friday game I'm seeing at Wrigley.

run jroll run!

Natural Cycle?

Going for the cycle would sure as hell be one way of making a comeback!!

...waiting for boos.....

@doubleh -- Someone needs to invent a
sarcastic emoticon.

I totally agree. That was for the anti-feliz crowd.

Anyone check and see what Rollins needs to hit for the remainder to get to .286/.344/.462 for the season? That's his PECOTA line as well at virtually his average line since 04.

First pitch hanging slider to Ptb

A triple into the left field corner at Citizen's Bank Park? The title of ManRam's autobiography should be "Born to DH" ...

Rollins really waking up. Nice!

Its an interesting question, if Joe Morgan talked about baseball would he be wrong more the Steve Phillips? Its much like comparing infinities of differing sizes.

The Bat has left a small army on the bases tonight.

@mike: Oh, I know you were being sarcastic. I was agreeing with you.

Pat makes me unhappy tonight. We should have blown this open by now. Hope it doesn't come back to bite us in the ass the way it did the Avoiders last night.

Now, you gotta pull Brett. Condrey? Interesting.

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