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Saturday, August 16, 2008


I like this lineup...I'd like it better if they switched Vic and Rollins though.

Rudy looks like he's taking no prisoners. At least he'll keep Condrey off the mound in the ninth inning.

Thanks for the gift run, O'Nora.

Gift runs indeed. That inning goes nowhere if Werth doesn't get ball 4 on strike 3. Then Utley gets a hit because Gonzalez is holding Werth. Then Werth gets the call at home. Wow.

This guy is cannon fodder. Two runs is a little disappointing.

This feels like it will be a shootout.

I think we're gonna see the Good Kyle Kendrick today...

I would welcome a shootout. I need the change of pace.

They just showed a shot of Ronald Reagan in the stands, only they said it was actually Steve Garvey.

Good Kendrick, 6 IP, 8 H, 3 BB, 4 ER, 2 K?

TMAC, repeat after me...would you like fries with that? Wow, Kendrick Sr. looks like Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers.

More like 6 IP, 3 ER, 8 H, 3 K...Its not like he's been horrible...he had one really bad start last time out and has been a 4/5 guy every other time...5 QS in his last 8.

That called third strike was almost Madduxlike. Cool.

Factor Petco and a below average SD lineup into the good Kendrick prediction though. I'd say 2 ER or less is a good start under the circumstances.

Kendrick'd probably have a 3.50 ERA if he played for the Padres...

We didn't just pitch around the 8 hole hitter in the second inning did we?

Kendrick is what kendrick is.

I see the KK haters like baxter and NEPP are out in force tonight. Statements like "if Kendrick continues to suck." LOL As much as you wish and dream differently, KK has had 1 bad game out of every 5 this season and his ERA hasn't been above 5.00 since June 18. He's an above-average 4th or 5th starter.

meant baxter and parker, sorry NEPP.

Uh...clout: Try reading the earlier thread where I'm defending Kendrick. I've also mentioned several times on this one that he hasn't been dreadful (the whole 5 QS in his last 8, etc etc). I'm the one that always says that if and when he develops a good changeup, he could be a #3 guy.

Oh oops...sorry to jump on you clout.

I just realized what Howard's problem is. He switched from Under Armor Batting gloves and other apparel to Addidas. This explains everything.

There's less PEDs in the addidas apparel apparently.

Does anyone outside of San Diego ever refer to this team as the "Friars"?

Wow, Burrell crushed that...foul.

I agree, he's an above-average 5th starter - though good luck may (or may not) contribute to his above-averageness.

I'm seeing a return to Burrell's bad habit of not protecting the outside corner.

Geez Harry, time for a new prescription. Fair ball?

Burrell is killing his chances of a long term contract right now. He keeps this up we might be able to resign him...

Are we seriously gonna let this piece of slop off the hook? This guy is a AAA pitcher at best.

It is also worthy of note that Howard on my background has wristbands that have the initials "RH." His wristband now says # 6. Coincidence? I don't think so. The background has been there since his ROY season. Clearly the shift from Under Armor to Addidas only works in tennis, badminton and table-tennis.

Brian Giles is the only person I have ever seen with about 5 % body fat and a double chin.

Even someone like Gerut would make a nice little acquisition. Solid hitter against righties his whole career.

Wonder if the Phillies even realize that Iguchi getting the run over is the reason that run scored. God I wish he could've played third base.

That's gutless. I know the guy is dangerous. Pitch to him. Now if KK give up a long ball it's a serious problem.

One hit and they score a run. I'm jealous.

Kendrick continues to gut his way through.

the gut just burped in delight

Every time Kendrick pitches Cholly consumes 5 cheeseburgers in order to proportionately increase the mass (and consequently the capacity for knowledge) to offset Kendrick's pitching skills.

Phelps just got #8...amazing.

Ugh, Rollins looks horrible.

For one night no black hole. Except at leadoff.

Jrole really struggling since his comments, eh?

What kind of a moron has his most consistent & probably fastest hitter batting 6th.

This is uncomfortable. We can't even put these weaklings away. The pitcher's a nobody.

This is a pitcher that we should have 10 runs on...he's horrible. I just don't know if the offense is gonna snap out of this season long slumpt they've been in.

At this point, Kendrick has more balls than strikes. Not encouraging.

strange: No, it is all part of the plan. He throws the pitches he needs to throw, when he needs to throw them. Its just like Rollins playing well when he needs to play well. These things are thought out well in advance.

For instance going full count to the pitcher, and giving up an RBI single, all part of the plan.

How emmasculating.

Okay...that was pathetic you just let a AAA pitcher hit the runner in.

Really sloppy pitching by Kendrick to the nine hole hitter.

See, Kendrick was trying to pitch around Reineke because he hit .400 and 20 HR in Jr. High. He was also MVP of his coach pitch and T-ball league. These things are considered thoroughly in the Dubee sessions.

This looks like one of those shady prize fights in the 50's. The Phillies look like they're holding the Padres up to keep the paying crowd from leaving.

Minor League Report:

SP JA Happ: 5 IP, 4 R, 4 ER, 4 H, 6 SO, 2 HR

SP Joe Savery: 7 IP, 1 R, 1 ER, 3 H, 5 SO, 1 the win.

Kendrick's hit a real pothole here. Zero command, two games in a row.

Dubee: What the heck are you doing Kyle?
Kendrick: I'm just pitching around their good hitters?
Dubee: They have one good hitter, you can't pitch around the entire lineup.
Kendrick: Oh.

When's the last time Kendrick has thrown this many innings in a season? Plus, with all the pitches he throws per game, there's a chance he's hitting a serious wall.


Boy a pitcher can't deserve a beating any more than Kendrick does tonight.

Take away the 2 gift runs, and this piece of organizational filler is winning 5-1, and is substantially outpitching KK.

anon: Except he always does this, but is usually the luckiest man alive. Last two games, no more luck.

The PADRES, you dolt. The uniform says PADRES.

Three days of the Condrey.

Bravo Mr. Bullpen killer, Bravo!!!

I trust the bullpen to hold em, but I don't trust our lineup to score.

Finally. A lineup shakeup. Now if only Cholly would flip-flop Howard and Burrell. I also wouldn't mind seeing Victorino in the leadoff spot either and JRoll hit 6th. A lineup like this maybe:

Dobbs (how should be starting against every RHP at this point considering that Bruntlett's OPS is now sub .500 since the All-Star break)

This went bad real fast.

Well the offense is going to have to finally step up and win a game tonight for this club.

Yea, I know KK usually does something like this (lots of base runners), but his command is just awful for the past two starts. For someone that needs to walk such a fine line,, that's a killer.

f u c k

Kendrick's outings feel like playing "mine-sweeper" on the hardest level, and having no idea how to play the game.

We're down by a series worht of runs. Time to do some of that pilot S@*t Mav.

He pitched over 200 innings last year between the minors and with the Phillies...he's only at 135 so far this year. That shouldn't be it. Maybe he's just sucking?

i guess it really is over for this team i would like just one world series before i die but i doubt ill live to 200

Great, getting rocked by the Pods.

If only we could score 5 runs in one inning.

Oh, whoever asked about Kendrick and a 5+ ERA at 1 Sept...well we're there now after this effort.

Group bitterness is so much better than the solitary kind.

Well good thing Seanez is back because I bet he gets an inning tonight.

It is not the 6 runs but the 3+ innings that kill your team because it screws up the bullpen usually for the next couple of games at least.

I agree with some of the earlier posts...the KK spot in the rotation is now a serious issue. With the offense showing the life of a ten year old corpse, that really could be the death knell to this team's chances.

Absolute deja vu from the the LA game. Hope KK gets it straightened out. In the meantime...

...paging JA Happ.

Call me crazy but with the scrubs on the bench tonight (Bruntlett, Ruiz, Jenkins) and with the Pads shaky relief all year, I actually like the Phils chances of coming back tonight.

KK - 3.2 innings, 85 pitches, 45 ball & 40 strikes.....

Carrasco is just a couple of good Spring training outings away from the rotation.

How many teams have a # 5 starter (Or # 3 according to some) with an ERA over 5.00?

We really need one of our hitters to go on a hot streak...any of them would be fine...once one does it the rest usually fall in line. Maybe if Utley could have one of those couple week periods where he bats .450 or something. Otherwise this lineup needs a jolt.

Come on guys, don't you remember the Kendrick Kommandment: Thou Shalt Not Criticize Kyle Kendrick.

Go back to criticizing everyone else.

Isn't the guy we're playing against a #5 with a 6+ ERA?

I wish I could share in your optimism

Kendrick doesn't deserve to lose his spot in the rotation just due to these 2 starts.

...not that the pitching is even among the top 5 problems with this team.

Ok, Tony Gwynn is talking about his lost luggage in Holland. This game obviously has all the entertainment value of a game of "Clue" with your mother-in law.

KK's command hasn't been very good since about the All Star Break. He has been "effectively wild" in some games, but his command has to be there, to be effective.

The last 2 games, he has really been all over the place. His velocity is fine (no different than usual), but there must be a mechanical flaw with him right now.

The one thing he did, from the first day he came up, was pitch without fear. He has looked scared the past 2 outings and has lost trust in his stuff. And, without the pin-point control, he hasn't been able to put the ball where he wants to; which leads to hitters counts and bad outings.

One thing for sure, Happ and Carrasco are knocking on the door for a spot. If they have to, KK could easily slide into that long-man role in the pen, if he doesn't get it figured out soon.

He has been a solid major league starter since he came up, but he needs to figure this command problem out soon, or he could lose his rotation spot at least on a temporary basis.

And, one more thing....

I am kinda getting tired of watching Condrey pitch in meaningful spots. The guy has done a serviceable job this year; but he is strictly a mop-up guy and a "AAA-type" pitcher. Enough with Condrey. There have to be better options than Condrey in close games. Have to be.

Yeah it is a little extreme to call for pulling a guy from the rotation after 2 starts.

What about calling for the pulling of a guy with a 5.00 ERA and WHIP above 1.50 for 3/4 of the season?

It will be interesting to see if Reineke ever wins another ML game.

I wonder if we would've traded kk and put happ in his spot assuming we got a decent rh bat in return how different things would be

denny b - If Kendrick has another weak 2-3 starts this month, then the Phils have to seriously consider taking him out of the rotation. Figure he gets at least that.

I think it's really quite thoughtful of this team to welcome a new kid to the major leagues with his first win. And isn't his stuff just amazing? I think we may be looking at the next Nolan Ryan...........NOT

dennyb: When your offense scores 6 runs a week every spot is meaningful.

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