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Friday, August 29, 2008


This could get ugly fast

Losing the past 2 games when we had the win in our hands is going to haunt us the next 3 as we're simply overmatched by the Cubs in both offense and pitching.

I love how the bullpen meltdown last night was worked into a dig at Kendrick in the prior thread.

Also, pitcher's many times know their pitch counts. Sometimes you actually see the charts the pitching coach is keeping. Sometimes you just feel it in your body.

We need Cole down the stretch. Our bullpen has been very good this year. If he doesn't turn it over last night and hurts himself it costs us more than one game most likely. Last night cost us one game. I'm ok with that.

The grand slam landed two rows behind me in the bleachers last night. I felt so sick.

I agree that we need Cole down the stretch but we can not afford to keep blowing these games. Instead of landing a broken down 40 year old hitter, how about getting some bullpen help?

Right now, we need the offense to step up and start pounding.

I know we have tough times with guys like harden... but we really need to turn it on now.

That means JROLL, UTS, Burrell and Howard. We've seen where just ONE of those guys can carry this team.

What happens if all four turn it on? Unstoppable.

If they want to win this thing.

It has to be on their shoulders.

Today is the day.

If we can win one of Harden/Zambrano and take the game against Lilly for a split, I'll be okay with this series. That's one hell of a stretch of SP's to face, including Dempster.

both Harden and Sabathia have era's under 2.00 with their new teams.

Thank goodness for us Mutts fans that it wasn't Carlos Delgado who stayed in the batter's box with his bat pointed at the Phillies dugout as he admired his big homerun. We'd never hear the end of that one. Nope. No siree.


@mike c: "What happens if all four turn it on?"

Once I see it happen, I'll let you know. 134 games and couting this year.........

I think that hitting a go-ahead grand-slam at home in the bottom of the 8th allows a player to strut a little.

@Truth Injection: I agree we need him down the stretch and I'm fine with the fact that Cole thought he was done. The BP has to do their job. My only point was that him mentioning his PC in the interview just sounded like Reuben Gillbuckle scripted kind of Philsspeak to me. Just say you were gassed. It just makes it sound like that's what the FO told you to say.

OK, let's forget last night. Hope the BP has amnesia. Go Phils!

Amen to that, Mike. Two of these guys going on a tear (Chase has been known to get hot in Sept.)at the same time would be absolutely huge. J-Roll has joined the party, and it seems like a couple others are due.

good job jimmy! make him work!

So much for splitting up the lefties...back to teh same old lineup.

Wonder why Charlie changed the lineup that was working.

maybe that's why

Nice at bat by Ruiz (finally)

Yeah, Pats been pretty cool in the fourth spot. It makes a bit of sense, and it worked out there.

Harden: 2 IP, 48 pitches!! Great job by the Phils lineup

DanTheMan: That is a big deal... he doesn't have great stamina as it is so it looks like he should be out by the 5th inning.

man, some GREAT at bats by the Phils today.

Hmmm... it looks like Haren averages about 100 pitches per appearance... and almost always gets through at least 7 innings. But the Phils are certainly pushing that if they can keep up the long innings.

except for Burrell's there, of course.

TK: Yeah, like I said, Harden is a terrible matchup for him. I'm surprised we got the first inning hit out of him!

Oh that nimble Joe Blanton...

Hey all, this is off-topic but I was reading the post-game comment thread from 2 nights ago, and saw a lot of discussion about Delgado as a potential MVP candidate, and a lot of people talking about his overall numbers not being worthy, but I just wanted to throw this out there:

Since Willie Randolph was fired on June 17, the Mets are 45-20, and Delgado has hit .290/.380/.613/.993 OPS, with a league-leading 21 HR and 61 RBI over that stretch. So I do think his candidacy has some merit, as he really has been one of the best players in baseball over the second half of the season.

That said, if I were in the BBWAA, I'd vote for Pujols hands down. It's almost criminal that he's only won 1 MVP Award, and he certainly deserves it this year. Sorry for being off topic, but since that thread died over 24 hours ago, I figured nobody would see it over there.

I am at my sisters house so i cant watch the game... is Blanton cruisin?

Metsfan, he definitely has merit to be in the voting, but no merit to actually win it. See you next week.

Gomets -- we are 40-25 since willie got fired...

Sarge is scheduled to sing TMOTTBG this afternoon. This could be amusing.

On the one hand: Chollie goes back to his normal line-up and they get 2 hits in 5 innings.

On the other hand, they're averaging about 4.2 P/PA. (How un-Phillie-like.)

nice AB by the hawaiin spark plug. good to get harden over 100 this inning


Of course, as soon as I say that there is another hit and a one pitch AB by one of the most patient guys.

I swear I am going to stop watching games.

What did Fukudome do out on in right field? How did Utley score from 1st on a single?

Incidentally, someone needs to go smack Blanton for walking the lead-off batter.

Fukudome isn't much better than Jenkins. His overall numbers aren't any good and his numbers away from Wrigley are brutal.

Jesus Ruiz, DeRosa was out by 5 feet and you can't get him? The replay shows he was out but what a horrific throw.

oh boy here we go again


Season = Over

Prediction - Harden will bunt, the Phils will try and fail to get the out at third and the bases will be loaded for Soriano.

Am I a pessimist or what?

So glad I was wrong.

its not fair that we have riuz on our team it makes the mets 10-15% more likly to win the nl east

Nice job Jimmy. Jeez.

hey finally after 2 weeks i've been removed from Spam pergatory on here. Still haven't gotten an answer why i've been blacklisted as a spammer. I've been posting on here for 3 years now.

"Season = Over

Posted by: THe Dude "


Would Terry Murray call this a...

Choking Situation?

Don't know but this team seems very tight lately. Almost as tight as some of those hot young chics dancing at some clubs on delaware ave

Wednesaday.. Phils have the lead when Santana exits; Phils lose.

Thursday.. Phils have the lead when Dempster exists; Phils lose

Friday.. Phils have the lead when Harden exits; ??????? Please not again!!!!

I think "Season = Over" has become somewhat like "Vic is actively hurting the team"...

Dude - Not just you. I've had a couple posts "spamified." Right before the first Mets game I posted a "dialogue" between Jimy Williams and Chollie that would have been prophetic. But it died in nitrite heaven.

Team Dysfunctional Offense will come up short once again. They will need 5 runs to keep it close with the pen in chaos and Blanton's belly ready to explode from his pregame meal

I like how THe DUde bitches about why he couldn't post for a while, and then instantly starts ranting about how much the team sucks and how the season is over. I know we all missed you and your stupid freaking statements, DUde.

The Ruiz special: pathetic throw that costs us a run + a DP in the following inning.

i think i got blacklisted for calling a certain someone eastfallow something or the other an idiot for posting comparable records of this team to phils teams of the past. It means absolutely nothing and I got ripped for saying so

oh btw standings as of 8/29
2008 73-61
2007 70-62
2006 66-65
2005 70-61
2004 65-65
2003 71-63
2002 62-62
2001 71-61

What does it all mean? I haven't got a clue but i'm sure Eastfallow guy will say that this team is right on pace to be a contender...YEA! I'm so excited that we have a team that is on pace for 86-87 wins again and can never seem to pull away from the other shmucks in this division.


take the lithium, man.

King go kiss my @$$. If you don't like the pessimistic side of things then you need to get a reality check. Do you realize this team has been a "contender" for almost 7 years now and how many playoff wins do they have? Sorry but i'm not going to settle for another 86 win season. Sorry for being real with you King Fool

Remember that thing I said about smacking Blanton last inning? Ditto.

here we go again. Blanton's belly is getting bigger with every pitch. I think the pregame burger is going to explode after he walks or grooves one to Lee

Well, I think we can all welcome the return of THe DUde with a, "Chill the f$%& out."

Blanton is finished, get him out.

WHat happend to "Strike THrower" Blanton as he was billed to us when Pat tHe idiot traded for him?

I thought he was a innings eater? Loooks like the guy struggles to get through 6 innings in every start in the NL. Maybe having to walk up the plate with that big fat a$s takes away from his stamina

Great strategy - walk the #2 & #3 hitter- way to go!

@ Andy and CJ: For Reals.

CJ - i'll chill out when we lose this one too, right here

Jason - if you could blacklist The Dude again, that would be fantastic. There are Mets fans with more tact than this guy.

Dude, I can't possibly tell why you were banned for spam before.

Now THAT was lucky.

Lets go!

what kind of reaction is Eyre getting?

wow wow wow

43 innings and 20 walks as a phil for THe Fat man. Yeah a real good "strike THrower" as Gillick called him. I'm so glad we traded a kid that the A's believe could be their starting 3rd baseman next year. Not like we have a good 3rd baseman here anyway.

What the hell? Where was that pitch? What a joke.

Bad call?

this ####### team stops palying after the damn 5th inning its very sad

Iceman: I guess you get neither the high strike nor the low strike in Wrigley.

yeah nothing i predicted here today has come to fruition. Offense will stall out, team is choking and Blanton is too damn fat to pitch in the NL. Call me a spammer for being negative.

I prefer "troll."

Sam: it was just the sixth inning. Calm down. That's one inning after the fifth; they haven't officially packed it in yet.

Blanton's been better than I expected, but he hasn't really lived up to his innings-eater billing. Last four starts, he's averaged just over five innings per.

I hate walks.

wheels shut up please

call me what you want but don't call me anything other than a diehard phils fan who wants his team to win a WS not a Bull$hit division title that was handed to them last year. Trust me I haven't missed too many games in my life.

Dude: Do us all a favor and please just stop posting, or stop watching this team.

Go cheer for the Nats or something.

That walk on Kosuke was ump aided

Eyre helping out his former club.

Utley- dammit, c'mon guys! Almost a DP. This offense is pathetic this season.

What is it that pisses you all off about my it because I'm honest or negative?


Bullfuckingshit! Howard was safe. I hate umps!


Sarge is Da Man! He keeps it real unlike WHeels who makes excuses for this team and its horrible management

It's because you're an annoying whiny bi@#h.

Yes we all get frustrated with this team. Most of use though can put together coherent thoughts about it without delving into a nonsensical rant.

8 guys LOB today. I know the Cubs pitching staff has been pretty good but we got to punch a run across.

That is total BS. The strike calls were going against us and now everything is going against us. What a joke.

finally some friggin life inside that dugout. Maybe Cholly can light a fire under their lazy asses before this season is wasted.

Seriously, Howard was obviously safe. That was a crucial run that would have scored. Now watch a damn Cub score and that be that. I hate getting dicked on calls, get my blood flowing.

What the hell happened to Steve Smith?

Just effing awesome.

This series has sweep written all over it. Feels just like the Dodgers series.

Like I said, watch a Cub score and that be that. Phils offense is dead as I speak, and yet the umps feel the need to screw us over and erase runs that we should have had. Score should be 3-3...dammit I haven't been this pissed in a long time. Feel the season slipping away right here.

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