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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Why not try Benson? Oh, they probably didn't want to pay him by putting him on the roster...

I'm sure he would have loved to stick it to his former team.

I guess that's the last nail in Kris Benson's coffin for this season.

Another forgotten highlight from last night: Myers lunging his body as if the pitch was inside, even though it was on the outside corner.

I guess this means they no longer consider Carpenter a prospect

When are going to rid ourselves of Taguchi ? Why does he keep escaping the chopping block ? I have no problem with adding Carpenter for a quick stint but couldnt we have kept Tracey and rid ourselves of you know who ?


I went back today and watched that myers' at-bat...probably one of the highlights of the season so far, doubly so knowing that the game was won by the next batter.

I also really am amazed by Charlie "The Gut" Manuel in this game. I remember a lot of his crazy moves in the beginning of the season had a knack of working out, and telling myers to shoulder the bat to prevent a double play ended up working out because beltran had to continue playing a shallow center field since there was just 1 out...although it might have been fun to watch myers hack away...

@dick allen:
The Phils can't get rid of Taguchi because his interpreter is such a good clubhouse guy..
I mean did you see him celebrating in the dugout and on the field after the game?? They can't afford to lose him!

I didn't see this one coming, I thought they would have Benson or make a real Phillies move like bringing back Les Walrond or even worse... Adam Eaton.

Carpenter got rocked when he was at AA. but after coming back from Clearwater to AA he has been much better, going 7 innings and 2 ER or less in each of 4 of his 5 starts. He gets a good amount of Ks and not a while lot of BBs.

Many people here predicted Carpenter to be this year's Kendrick. Obviously it didn't work out that way, but it will be interesting to see what he can do.

Not Fabio Castro, not Kris Benson, not Adam Eaton, not JA Happ, but Andrew!

It's not benson, because with his service time, he would have no options to send back down.

Why isn't this Happ's spot? Do they really think that low of him, or did he just pitch last night or something?


Thanks for the levity. Some of their moves boggles the mind. My hope is that when Golson comes up in September I wont have to see Taguchi except when he is bowing in the dugout.

And guess who the Mets bring up to help their bullpen?

Nelson Figueroa! The former Phillie!

Really, the only two options for someone to eat innings were Carpenter and Benson. Everyone else Carson mentioned was on too short a rest. I don't know if contract was the main impetus, but Carpenter has been performing best lately out of the two. I like the move.

Happ started last night.

From's Jerry Crashnick-

Jimmy Rollins, Phillies (.293/.345/.500 career in Sept./Oct.)
Rollins has clashed with his manager and ticked off Philadelphia fans with his "front-runners" comment, and they've been letting him have it on a nightly basis. On a positive note, the Phillies are finished on the West Coast, so J-Roll is done with "Best Damn Sports Show" for this season.

Former Phillies GM Ed Wade calls Rollins a "red-light player" -- a guy who's at his best when he's the center of attention -- and that's never more evident than in September. Rollins stands 5-foot-8 and weighs 174 pounds and has played an average of 157 games per season since 2001, yet his numbers are higher across the board in the final month.

In 2005, Rollins finished the season with a 36-game hitting streak. Last year he cranked it up with six homers, 18 RBIs and 14 stolen bases in 14 attempts in September to wrest the MVP award from Matt Holliday and lead the Phillies past the fading Mets in the NL East.

Rollins has a .254 on base percentage leading off an inning this season, so he has some lost ground to recover. But with eight hits in 10 at-bats against the Dodgers and Mets the past two nights, he's gotten the Philly crowds back on his side and built some momentum for the final push.

"He can be the guy to get us going," said Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino. "It's obvious what he does when he gets on base. He changes the whole dynamic for this team."

"He can be the guy to get us going," said Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino. "It's obvious what he does when he gets on base. He changes the whole dynamic for this team."

Oh, no questions asked.

The Benson/options component is probably correct, joe. Carpenter is sure to be sent right back down, while the Phils wouldn't have that luxury with Benson. Once they're ready to bring up KB, it better be for good.

JRoll getting on track is the key to any "Leadership" questions with the guy. Put yourself in his shoes - just won the MVP, is presumed to be the "leader" with Rowand's departure, then comes out of the gate struggling and spends a bunch of time on the DL. It doesn't change his teammates' opinions of him, but to Jimmy it has to be tough to think of himself as a "leader" while not even playing, or playing poorly (think about how great you feel after a crappy week at work). Now that he's found a bit of a groove, he'll feel much more content to pick guys up, pump his fists and do all of this supposed "leading" that everyone assumes this team needs.

Amusing J-Roll article on ESPN's Page 2.

A baffler for sure. Carpenter? I'd like to see Walrond come back. Maybe Carpenter is a good hitting pitcher. The "Gut" seems to like that trait of late.

Figueroa started a few games earlier this year for the Mets. I saw one of them...he was pitifully bad.

The Phils surely were just calling someone up for today. Beyond the contract stuff, perhaps the Phils just wanted to get someone the Mets haven't seen. If Kendrick hits trouble, perhaps Carpenter just gets through some innings because of how unfamiliar the Mets are with him.

There's a book on Benson.

I'm all for suprises, after 10 weeks of lame "waiting around to be caught" baseball, shake it up. Let's keep it rolling.

So did they just pull a name out of a hat?

Brian G and Willard Preacher together you have explained it perfectly!

Yo, game thread.

First pitch. Nice.

Take that you Mutt!

Anybody know where I can find video of the myers at bat? I didn't get to see the game.

Only C Manuel looks like Connie Mack one night and J Felske the next. Seanez pitches the 8th inning and there goes the W..You have to have someone other than Seanez available for the 8th inning. Too pissed off to discuss it any further

Hopefully, the Phils can show well against Chicago and that the Marlins can take some starch out of the Mets prior to next weekend's climatic 3 games with the Division on the line. The Phils MUST at least split with the Cubs.

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