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Friday, August 29, 2008


For those of you who have Comcast SportsNet, you can enjoy the rebroadcast of today's game right now.

Me, I'm watching a Family Guy episode I've seen 5 times.

BTW, Sarge totally screwed us today by wearing a Cubbies jersey while singing that damn song. Good job, Gary, you wanker!

Yeah, the season is over because the Phils are a 1.5 half back with a month to play and they paly the Mets head-to-head 3 times yet. Please stop with the ridiculous talk.

Middle relief is so shaky of late it's almost Adam Eaton time?

they're both CUBS.

Did he really wear a cubs jersey?

What a jerkoff. Let's trade him for Ivan DeJesus . . . Wait, we already got him for [nothing]. Who'd we get for Sarge? Maybe we could get him again.

I enjoyed listeneing to Harry Kalas in yesterdays game on the mlb feed. He is much better to listen to than carpenter and wheels. Mets bullpen was worn out last September, now it looks like the same is happening to the Phils. Cubbies will be tough in the playoffs no matter who wins the east. West is a joke.

Pretty agonizing loss today. The worst part was Howard beating out the throw (by a mile) in the 7th to score the Phils' 3rd run... only to have the ump call him out. Terrible call, and just a frustrating turn of events for a team that really needs to catch a break right now.

Whatever the case, that's 3 bullpen-driven losses in a row, which is pretty tough to swallow. Hopefully the Marlins hold on to beat Ollie and the Mets tonight -- we need all the help we can get right now.

3 games in a row that we SHOULD have won but didn't. Its these little mini-slumps that have killed this team all season. They can never seem to get up a real head of steam.

The most the Phils have won in a row is 5 games, right? And after those 5 games, they usually go on a 3 game losing streak. Hope it ends tomorrow.

Carrasco's having another great start in Lehigh: 5.2 IP so far, 2 H, 0 R, 8 K...7 groundouts to 2 flyouts...

That gives him 45 K in 35.2 IP at AAA. Not too shabby.

doubleh: Nah, this is the first three game losing streak after a 5 game winning streak.

Phils lost 1 after the first one, then won 3 in a row. Lost 1 after the second one, then won 2 in a row.

Wright once again looking like the other 3B in new york in a big spot....

Final line on Carrasco:

6 2/3 IP, 3 hits, 0 runs, 3 BB's, 9 K's.

Has a 1.72 ERA at AAA.

He and Happ will be joining the big club come early next week in Washington. And, with the pen running on fumes right now, don't be surprised if Carrasco is eased into a bullpen role, in the 6th or 7th inning.

Two outs, runner on, Wright up, Gregg trying to save it for Marlins who are up 2-1 in 9th.

Base hit! Runners on 1st and 2nd.

They're talking over what to do with Delgado

It wouldn't shock me if Gregg blew it here--he's not that good.

HBP, sacks full for Beltran.

Fish blow the 2-1 lead

What did I tell you?

doubleh: Good call. Beltran hits a Grand Slam, Mets win, Phils now down 2 full games.

I haven't checked but if I had to guess I'd say Gregg leads the league in blown saves.

Carrasco could be ready next year, to begin the year and that's about all that I've got positive to say right now.

Wow... Beltran crushed that

Wow...we fall deeper into despair.

Believe me, I'm not happy that I was right there at all.

The wheels came off of gregg fast there... he got 2 quick outs and when reyes smoked one and got thrown out i figured it wasnt our game... the after wright got a single he threw 2 more pitches. beaned delgado then 1 pitch slammer

Thanks for the help, you useless Fish.

Season = over! By the end of the holiday weekend mets will be up 4 games and maybe 5.

Still not over. 2 on for jacobs who is all or nothing....

alright 5-3 mostly because reyes tried to throw out hanley ramirez when he had hermida dead at 2nd....

I still can't believe all the calls the went the Cubs way. DeRosa was out on his "stole base", and he ended up scoring. Eyre's 3-2 pitch to Fukodome was a strike that ended up walking a run it, and Howard was safe which took a run off the board for the Phils. Phils should have won 3-1. Bullshit!!!

Holy crap. Cantu is crushing the ball. Would be nice if he hit something fair.

OK, that's not bad. Mets bullpen as good as usual.

I feel so weird rooting for the Marlins right now.

This is bad

Go figure Wes Helms ended the rally...always hated him.

Helms hurting the Phillies again this year.

In regards to our bullpen lately- why are they still throwing from the mound? At this point, they should just move up to the front of the mound, set up an L screen, grab an entire bucket of balls, wheel a cage over home plate and just throw some BP. As a matter of fact, why even throw at all? I say add a Jugs machine to the forty man roster, throw a jersey on it, and let it pitch the eighth inning.

Meh...Mets barely escaped. Good thing it was Helms and not someone who can actually put the bat on the ball.

Oh Helms puts the bat on the ball, just weakly and ineffectively.

My bad; I meant could put the bat on the ball and hit it any place where there's no fielder.

The Marlins have really hit the skid, huh?

The Phils blow leads even when they're not playing. Unbelievable.

Man the whining on here is getting really old. Phils didn't get any breaks today and the Mets did in rallying for 4 in the 9th. Still, it is 2 freaking games and a MONTH left to play.

People moaning about the bullpen today but the real culprit was the offense. Left 10 guys on bases including a bunch again in scoring position. One thing I frustrated to see was Cholly go with the same damn lineup that largely hadn't done anything the past 2 months.

It is so hard for him to go:

SS JRoll
2B Utley
LF Burrell
1b Howard
RF Werth
CF Victorino
3B Dobbs
SS Ruiz/Coste

Granted the Phils have struggled to find a lineup that works but it was frustrating to see Cholly go with one that hasn't largely worked for the past 2 months.

Guys - we just got to face it, this is not the same Mets team as last year. That being said the Phillies are very capable of over taking them in the last month of the season again, yes the Mets have better starters and probably a better lineup overall but our bullpen kills theres and our lineup is not too shabby! keep the faith the season is not over b/c we've lost 3 games in August!!!!!!

I think the season's over for the Phils. Pack it up boys. Don't make us suffer any longer.

Maybe I'm getting aahead of myself.

Or not.

The two guys that need to step it up down the stretch are Howard and JRoll. Howard hasn't had a multi-hit game in over 3 weeks (Aug. 6) and besides a couple of HRs in August he has done next to nothing offensively. JRoll finally had a few decent games but he too has been a been nonfactor offensively in August too.

If the Phils are going to make the playoffs, they need their two former MVPs to start playing more like they are capable of.

MG -

I don't understand at all why you think Rollins should play better ... he's playing *exactly* at his career averages give or take 5% ... he's an AVERAGE BASEBALL PLAYER.

The moment we all accept that the better we'll be.

Mets rotation is better?

Only true if Maine comes back soon and pitches well, and if Pedro suddenly stops pitching to a 5.22 ERA and reverts to his younger, healthier self.

My mother always told me if I had nothing nice to say, then I should say nothing at all. Well, here's what I have to say about the Phils...

txphilly: If you think Rollins is "average," I'd be curious to know what your definition of average is. Posters who don't engage their brains before posting look silly.

man i hate this, i feel like im invading property or something, but i, unlike most mets fan, i dont see why they hate rollins so much. anyway, to all phillies fans, i doubt your season is over simply cuz 2 games out with 27 games to go, not that im rooting, just putting down the facts. putting aside jayson stark, i think the phils bullpen in the last few days has been overtaxed cuz of the 13 inning game and will probably be like this until they have an offday.

clout: here is a definition of numbers = .276/330/440, OPS+ of 98...he had an incredible year last year, but it wasn't in line with his career numbers, although he did progress to that point. that said, he fell back off this year, so it's not unlikely that he's an average player who had one great year.

and just a thought...i'd much rather have the mets rotation in the postseason than the phils.

unwatchable thats what this terrible, underachieving and horrible team is. absolutely unwatchable.

Good Morning.

Weird and amazing- Fox is actually showing the Phillies game here today.

Usually, when they have several games as they do today, they choose one for us based on the precept that Fargo is a core component of RedSox nation or we're especially interested in what's going on in Texas.

I'm appreciative of this change in policy, but I can't quite bring myself to praise Fox. Plus we eat junk food every time we watch the Phils and that bikini is about to start looking less hot!

Oh, I am worried, but I still say-

Go Phils!

And hang in there, Carson.

yessir: Those numbers are meaningless devoid of position context. Not to mention they do not take into account Rollins' speed or defense, which are both well above average. But let's for a moment forget defense at the most important defensive position on the field and just look at offense, as you did.

If shortstop #1 (.276/.330/.440) is just average as you contend, then so is #2 (.288/.337/.437) whose numbers are virtually identical. And if you want a tiebreaker, Rollins has more steals and a better SB/CS ratio.

As a Mets fan you've probably guessed who #2 is. But I bet you don't think he's an average SS, do you?

I am in Chicago for the game today and I was hoping someone would know of a couple good places to go.

Have fun, Rev.

It's a beautiful day in the Midwest...

Has anyone noticed that the Model Dictator was the player-to-be-named in the Stairs deal? Farewell, Fabio. Talk about giving up nothing for something (albeit 40-year-old something).

Castro will now go on to flourish in Toronto...


I assume the SS you are referring to is Jose Reyes, but his stats are .306/.365/.488 which is a great deal better than Rollins whose stats are actually .266/.334/.430. In addition, Reyes has 96 runs compared to Rollins' 61. Granted Rollins has had a better % stealing bases, but it hardly compensate for those other stats.

On the other hand, there is little doubt that Rollins is a premium SS, but he needs to prove it more often

clout: i said nothing about jose reyes. not sure why you even brought him up. all i'm saying is don't be surprised if jimmy rollins doesn't put up numbers like last year again anytime soon. would you be surprised if that was by far the best year of his career? it's kinda sad that you have to quantify everything he does by what the mets do.

and bvdahl, he was referring to career stats.

Yo, new thread.

Will someone throw ice on the sleeping Phillies offense. Better yet, snuff, some strong expletive-deleted snuff!! 3 straight blown leads due to an offense which can't apply a knock out and then hybernates.

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