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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


They certainly do seem to be doing well right now as far as starters go. Now if they could just get some offense. Wait, the Phillies are OK on pitching and short on offense? Where am I?

Just saw that the Tigers signed Freddy Garcia to a minor league contract and waived Gary Sheffield. Sheffield's 39 & his stats are terrible & have been in decline since last year. It looks like he's at the end of the line. Even so, it wouldn't offend me if the Phillies signed him to provide an extra bat off the bench. Our bench is really horrendous, and even a washed up Sheffield has got to have more upside than Taguchi.

I would replace Taguchi with Sheffield if it was possible. thanks on Sheffield.

Actually Sheffield is owed 14 million next year.

bap: If Shef was pissed about being just a DH, what makes you think he'll be satisfied with being a bench bat?

Sheff was placed on waivers...not DFA'ed. There's a huge difference.

Isn't Sheff owed lots of money? With the continued struggles of Howard, Utley and Rollins and now Burrell. We need another bat! I for one am not happy whith Coste/Ruiz, Taguchi, Bruntlett and Cervanek as your guys coming off the bench. I really don't see much in the farm. Snelling is 2 for 24 since July 29... Will we get someone? Who could we get?

Bonds keeps coming to mind but what about Gullien from KC?

Go after Bonds instead.

When it rains it pours. It's raining pitchers in the Phillies system. Waldrond (last night) was a suprise out of nowhere off the radar screen. The dry desert area on the Phillies cupboard is hitting. That So Taguchi is still on the 25 man roster shows the paucity of hitting available. This new guy Cervanek is not cutting it for me, plus his name is hard to spell.

Sheff wasn't cut...he was placed on waivers with several other clear waivers to free him up for a trade.

JW - Yeah it looks like the Phils got a serviceable lefty reliever at a decent price. Wouldn't it be nice to have ownership like the Yanks or Red Sox (other several other clubs) for that matter that actually goes out and try to fill as many holes as possible.

I figured the Phils would be in for Blake because he was just the kind of guy that Gillick loves to acquire. Veteran who is flexible and can comes at a reasonable price.

Frankly, with Feliz's questionable health status and the horrendous production the Phils have gotten from Bruntlett, seeing Blake hitting 6th in this lineup playing 3B or the occasional start in 1B/RF would have been a nice thing the final two months.

The deal that would have put the Phils over the top is Nady/Marte. Still hard to believe the Phils couldn't have offered something as attractive as the Yanks. Marte has struggled with the Yanks but Nady has been on fire.

I am still pissed the Phils didn't go out and pick up Hawkins off the scrap heap instead of the Astros. Figured that he would have had a fresh arm after a very light workload in June/July. Turns out he has been very effective since joining the Astros including have a slight uptip in velocity and better location.

I did not make a study of his salary situation. I was just throwing out the idea. Obviously, if it requires a substantial salary commitment, or a commitment beyond this year, we should pass. And if he's not interested in being a bench player, we should also pass. But it's not like a 40-year old .220 hitter is in position to be too picky.

The Phils may options in the rotation but they zero depth in the bullpen right now. If one of their guys tires (Madson, Durbin) or blows a tire (Lidge), they are going to be in trouble.

We already have Eyre and Walrond...why would we need another borderline washed up reliever?

Though I really think the Eyre move was a smart one and that he will work out.

Lake Fred - Hitting may be a bit scarce but Taguchi is here too because the Phils made it pretty clear they aren't going to spend much either. Frankly, I was kind of surprised that the Phils picked up the money owed to Eyre but ownership realizes they are passing up a ton of good will (and cash in terms of this year and ticket price increases) if they don't make the playoffs.

I agree about Eyre, I think he will help out immensely. The more guys we have before we need to use Madson the better.

Can Donald play third? Or why not give Coste #2 (cervanek) a start at 3rd?

Marson or Jaramillo should be up here instead of Cervanek. If Bruntlett gets the 3B starts most days and Dobbs gets some, there's no need for Cervanek, is there? Instead, a third catcher would allow Coste to pinch hit a little more.

I'd love to see Marson's bat up here but he needs work behind the plate and I wouldn't want to retard his defensive growth.

Aren't Donald and Marson at the Olympics? The problem is who wants Bruntlett starting everyday. It is bad enough having auto-GIDP Ruiz and our pitchers (except Cole), but Bruntlett too - yikes.

MG: You want Donald to make his professional debut at 3B in the majors in August of a pennant race?

Yes they are both in Beijing right now. Donald needs to go play in the AFL and learn how to be a 3B. Unless the Phillies plan on trading him shortly that's the only way he's ever gonna play for them. For the record: Donald has NEVER played 3B before so he would need a bunch of reps to learn the position.

I'm glad Jason Donald isn't a Royal either, but the Phils were free to outbid KC for Mahay's services last off-season. Middle relievers are still relatively cheap and have a big impact on the win-loss column. Just ask the Mets.

We signed Romero and Durbin instead...who would you rather have.

If I was Cholly my lineup tonight would be Rollins/Vic/Utley/Werth/Burrell/Howard/Coste/Bruntlett.

Jim - ? I didn't say I wanted Donald to start but it really looks like 3B is going to be the biggest hole for the rest of the season. Just don't know how a guy with a bad disc like Feliz is going to play and a combo of Bruntlett/Dobbs is among the weakest in the NL.

MG: You make it sound like someone who has never played third base in his professional career can slide right into a reserve third base role. It's just not that simple.

Jason Donald is not an option at third base this year... in any form or fashion.

When Eaton was sent down to LV, wasn't there some sort of agreement, because of MLB service reasons, that he would be recalled within a certain timeframe? Does anyone know if this is true? And if so, when Eaton would return to Phila?

Brian: Why would you start Coste, who has been horrendous lately, instead of Ruiz, who has finally started to show some signs of life?

Season = over

Just because you have a bunch of average pitchers (Happ, Benson, etc) does not mean that the phils pitching staff has quality depth. It just has AVERAGE Depth.

The past two years they should have drafted college position players who could have been fast tracked up here to fill the positional holes in this lineup. Oh well, didn't happen

Bonehead: That was the speculation although I never saw it reported anywhere. I think people assumed that was the case since that's how it worked with Myers.

Bonehead: Besides, the rosters expand in just a few weeks and it will be easy to call up Eaton and stash him in the bullpen.

Bonehead: The Phillies had that kind of agreement with Myers, and even then, it was a very flimsy, non-binding "agreement" in which the Phillies merely agreed to "consider" calling him up again if he shaped up his act. With Eaton, I don't even think they had that kind of agreement. I specifically heard Gillick say that Eaton was very likely not in their plans for the rest of the season. At this point, he's no higher than the 9th starting pitcher in the Phillies' pecking order -- behind the starting 5, plus Happ, Benson, and Carrasco (and maybe even Walrond and Fabio Castro).

I'm sure melvin Mora is available at third. Ahhhh!!! Seriously, is Beltre's contract up this year. He might be worth picking up for the remainder of the year if Feliz is gonna be hurt.

CJ - thanks

CJ: Yeah, once rosters expand, I imagine Eaton will be back on the team. But he'll be buried so far down the depth chart that there's little chance we'd ever see him in a meaningful situation. If the lead is anything less than 10 runs, he won't pitch.

The Red Sox picking up Paul Byrd, who few here wanted to touch before the trading deadline, kinda puts our pitching situation in perspective.

If that great organization is forced into the Paul Byrd pool then having those starters stocking up looks good.

"If the lead is anything less than 10 runs, he won't pitch."

bap, actually I was thinking more like 15-20/

Mets manager Jerry Manual says he may move one of the starters to help their beleaguered bullpen. Apparently Pelfrey, Perez and Maine have all been informed of the possibility and would all be "OK" with the move, or so says the New York Post.

I wonder which issue you'd rather have, our struggling offense or their struggling bullpen?

bap: Right... Adam Eaton gets to pitch when the lead is 10+ runs or when we are in the 26th inning or later in extra innings and we've already given Vic a shot on the mound.

If the Mets move one of their starters to the bullpen, that leaves them with 2 1/2 starters at most. That would be a ludicrous move and effectively end their season.

Actually, having that kind of depth in the pitching rotation not only are multiple insurance policies for this season, bt it leaves some very interesting choices for the "oxymoron" in th eoffseason.

Who do you bring back?

Better yet, who can you AFFORD to bring back?

Of course you try to move Eaton, but who would take him in a salary dump? Likely no one.

If Benson contnues to prove healthy, will he command a MLB deal from some pitching-starved team next season? I think so.

Will Moyer be back at the price he's likely to command?

Does it make sense to move Myers in an effort to save money and use the dough to land a RH power bat?

Lotsa, lotsa choices and decisions in th offseason.

For me, I'm going to enjoy this one, because with this kind of pitching depth, if the bullpen doesn't break down and the bats show up just a little bit, they will be in th emix until the very end.

Hopefully they win the East and the bats get hot in the payoffs.

Well I guess sometimes to make your bullpen dominant. You have to move one of your DOMINANT starters to the bullpen.

TK: Yeah, I found it strange. They already brought someone up as a stopgap for Maine being injured. Pedro is, um... fragile? Pelfrey is approaching his career high in innings and there is worry the workload is going to affect him (in his last three starts, he has a 7.63 ERA).

Santana is a rock... about the best there is. Perez has been suprisingly effective (1.71 ERA in his last 8 starts). But it's scary behind that.

The plan would be to bring up yet another untested rookie (Jon Niese) to fill out the rotation as they move one of their starters to the bullpen.

I gotta believe it's just talk... some strange motivation technique.

On the same note, Hank Steinbrenner announced the Yankees plan to pursue Jamie Moyer in the offseason:

"Regardless of how this season ends, Steinbrenner thinks the 2009 Yankees will be the team to beat in the AL East.

"We're going to win it next year," he said. "If we need to add a top veteran pitcher, we'll do that. We'll do whatever we need to do. Next year we'll be extremely dangerous."

Here at Foxsports:

mike: Not sure if you're alluding to the Phils situation last year or not. It's an interesting comparison, although the Phils supposedly had a surplus of starters at that point before Eaton started sucking horribly and Leiter blew out his tire.

I guess it's easy to move a starter when you think you have a legitimate replacement. That may be the thinking of the Mets at this time.

CJ, I would think so, too. But I really hope the Mets do it. What a difference a month makes. Their rotation was red-hot on July they're a glaring problem.

Makes you appreciate the DEPTH we have right now at SP, regardless of if it's 'mediocre' or not, It's definitely a decent insurance policy. Let's remember that J.D. Durbin had to pitch out of his mind this time last year for us to be in the position we were in at the end of the year.

BAP: Coste has beat up on lefties this season. Ruiz not so much. And Ruiz played last night. That's all.

AWH: I'm assuming you were joking there. Hank says he'll go after a "top veteran pitcher" if they need to... but he certainly doesn't mention Moyer and I can't imagine that 1) they'll go after him or 2) that he'd go there. Here's the article if anyone wants to read it.

CJ, yes... it was tongue in cheek.

CJ. assume that by using the term "top veteran pitcher", Hank Steinbrenner is sending a non-tampering message to none other than CC Sabathia.

There really isn't anyone else who fits the description.

AWH: Well... it could be Ben Sheets, too. But you're right, there aren't many choices.

The Mets need a closer badly (istead of one who pitches badly). We could trade Myers for David Wright. I like that deal.

It's either that or Slocs grandma.

CJ: For some reason, I always imagined Eric Bruntlett being an emergency pitching candidate. Put him on the depth chart ahead of Eaton, also.

bap: I just figured Vic had the arm...

Mets up 2-0... cue the bullpen blow up in about 2 hours.

@CJ -- I was referencing mets trolls opinions of their dominant staff...

seriously though, the myers situation is only comparable if you have a good fit. Myers was a good fit.

The Phillies had a luxury with the extra starter. but well... you know...

Is Slocs grandma a LOOGY?

Volstad off to a rocky start in Miami, already 3-0 Cardinals and he's yet to record an out.

Unfortunately the Mets are already up 2-0 in the top of the first. I don't think the Nats will even keep it close enough for the bullpen to blow.

Coste used to be a pitcher, too...I'd rather see him pitch than Eaton.

Watching the Sox annihilate the Rangers in the first inning. Remember when the Phils' offense could put up a 7 spot in one inning?

Big Papi hit 2 3-run homers in the 1st inning. Boston 10-0 bottom of the 1st.

Doesn't Volstadt pitch better on the road than at home? I thought I read that somewhere.

Holy Crap! Boston/Texas game bottom 1st, 10-0 already. Yikes.

Make it 10, geez.

Holy crap, the BoSox just put a 10 spot on the Rangers in the 1st inning. That's 3-4 games worth of runs for us.

That AAA Nats lineup just tied up the game by getting 4 hits off of Santana in the 1st. Have the Phils had 4 hits off of Santana all year? j/k

Santana coughs the lead back up, 2-2 going to the 2nd.

Nice for a rookie pitcher to be spotted 10 runs.

Boston scored so many runs in the 1st GameDay froze up...

FWIW, Lidge says he's ready:

From the same articel:

In other pitching news, Rudy Seanez worked a perfect ninth for Triple-A Lehigh Valley in the first game of a rehab assignment for an inflamed right shoulder. He struck out one in relief of Kris Benson, who allowed three earned runs on nine hits in seven innings.

Seanez said last week that he expects to be ready when he's eligible to be activated on Saturday.

Grandma's a righty. She built up her arm strength slapping me from the front seat while driving. She's got a really unothordox delivery with the walker and all.

Slocs, can she clear waivers?

Slocs, great! Can she get Manny and Loney out?

...and Lohse serves up a 3-run HR to Hanley Ramirez. Fish take the lead. Why wouldn't you walk him and pitch to Hermida w/2 outs?

Hanley Ramirez crushed a 3 run HR off Kyle Lohse to put Marlins up 4-3.

Jose Reyes doubled off first ala Shane Victorino on a nice catch in left field. In the 3rd however, not the 12th.

East Fallowfield: and he cost his team a run, as Wright just doubled.

But the important thing: he's having fun.

She doesn't need to clear waivers cause she has been out of baseball for a few years. Best news is that she works cheap, as long as the Phils eat all their vegetables at dinner she'll play ball with them after she does the dishes and bakes a couple loaves a bread. Problem is she tends to get sleepy around 9:00 these days.

As for Manny and Loney, my guess is she'll be calling Mrs. Ramirez about her son's hair so he'll likely be grounded for a game or two. Loney could be a problem though

Slocs, cool. She can fill in for Cole if he's scheduled to pitch a day game.

Yo, new thread.

Too bad Jason Donald has played so poorly in olympic exhibition play. He's 0-14, O RBI. And Marson didn't fare much better. I hope Donald didn't get himself benched!

Right on about Pat Gillick and the bullpen. He's done a tremendous job there. Got Lidge for not much (Bourn could be a force if he could get on base but now he's looking like this generation's Jeff Stone). Got Romero for nothing. Got Durbin for nothing. He also found some good filler pieces along the way.

No thanks to Sheffield. I don't see what he would add at this point unless Burrell was injured.

The starting rotation this year has been a refreshing change from all the problems of last year.

"Pat Gillick has assembled a formidable staff"


Kendrick? Blanton? Haap? Eaton!? BENSON!?

I think you mean Forgettable.

Hamels is the only threat and even he hasn't been lights out like he normally is.

Did you even watch the play Harris made doubling off Reyes? No way anyone thought Harris was going to catch that, it was a circus grab.

Can't fault Jose there.

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