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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Those numbers don't really blow me away, at all.

Wouldn't it be a sellers market if there are more teams that want a lefty than inventory available?

Or do you mean they are not getting their asking price?

Arm fatigue? Keep him away from Charlie.

Please not Arthur Rhodes!
How about Blanton for Grabow...

Cy: I think it's more of a buyer's market. Seems like a lot of available relief pitching this season, for once, none of it is outstanding, however.

Grabow is under contract through next year as well I believe.

It's not even August yet and Grabow has logged 52.6 IP? That's a ton. He's been a league-average reliever up to this point in his career, so I wouldn't get into a bidding war for him.

I groaned when I saw Arthur Rhodes' name on that list, but checking up on his stats, he's holding lefties to .184/.289/.237. Could be the situational lefthander we've been looking for, although I have no idea what his physical condition is.

I don't know about Grabow. He's having his best season in years, but his BABIP is at a career low, 60 points lower than last year and his career average.

I was thinking, hypothetically, would the Orioles do a deal like Donald and Golson for Sherrill, and should we do it if we can?

Go after Alan Embree. We should be able to get him cheaply enough.

I don't think either team would do that deal. The Phils overrate Golson and the Orioles probably think he won't be any good.

arthur rhodes? have we lost our minds?

get will ohman, even if it's just for his harry caray impression.

i'll repost this question since it was last in the last thread. is there a way to configure beerleaguer to go back to having all of the comments on one page?

Taschner looks like he has Phillies written all over him, too. Cheap, non-rental. Good season following several mediocre ones.

I would save Donald for when the Jays are willing to part with Burnett in a few weeks.

"AWH: That article suggests Cashman swindled Gillick like a city slicker conning a rube who just fell off the turnip truck. That can't be true can it?

Posted by:clout | Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 09:19 AM"

clout, hmmmmm, let me think about that for a minute.

Nahhhh, the great Seattle Stew doesn't get swindled. Does he?

Let's just hope if the Phils do make a move for a reliever in the next couple of days, that the same type of deal doesn't happen.

Hey, maybe Matt Smith will make it back, have a Dan Plesac type career out of the pen, and the Abreu trade will be judged a success!!!!!!!!!

So the Rockies think they can win the division all of the sudden? Talk about trumps football by a mile.

B-Mac, I've read that the Orioles have been looking for Donald for Sherrill, and that we haven't bit. I'd consider doing it, he's an above-average lefty reliever, but he'll be in arbitration after this year, and he'll get A LOT of money based on his save numbers, which means we'll be paying him closer money to be a set-up man.

Are the Phils still looking for a lefty reliever with the likely move of Happ to the pen? Or is a trade for a righty setup man just as likely?

"The Phils overrate Golson and the Orioles probably think he won't be any good."

Alex, it would be really interesting to see what other teams' scouting departments really do think of Golson.

I would pay money to be a fly on the wall of a bar where a group of non-Phillie scouts who had just watched him play a few games offered their honest, alcohol-induced opinions.

I suspect your guess would be accurate, as opposed to Marty Wolever's unbiased assessment.

I'm not extremely excited about the prospects of getting any of those guys. Ohman probably sounds the best if you are talking LOOGY pitchers. I've seen Grabow a couple of times, and he has looked impressive, but the IP also worries me.

If they get Guardado or Rhodes (Tex and Sea are old trade mates), I will be ticked. Those guys have been washed up for years, only to occasionally pitch well enough to get traded to a wanna-be contender.

Embree is interesting, but from what I have heard, the Phillies could have had him if they included another prospect in the Blanton deal. My guess is that Oak would still want the same prospect, and the Phillies are still unwilling to part with that guy.

I don't know much about Taschner or Sherrill. I know Sherrill has a bunch of saves for Baltimore, but his ERA is in the 5.00 range, and I think his WHIP is high. I had heard that Detroit was interested in Taschner, but with their bullpen, they would probably be interested in Antonio Alfonseca.

Has Ron Mayhay completely dropped off the market? I haven't heard anything about him since he has been on this 23+ IP without a run allowed streak. As a LOOGY, he might be the best bet.

My main thought is that the Orioles are going hard after a shortstop prospect and haven't been able to get Aybar, Brignac, or Alcides Escobar, so by coupling a second tier prospect Donald with another prospect like Golson, the deal could make sense. I personally would do it, especially because Sherrill wouldn't be a rental.

The Phils have not announced Happ's call up(as far as I can tell), I hope they aren't packaging him in some Gillick silly trade

What would be considered a silly trade? If they are packaging Happ I would think it's for someone who can help the team more than Joe Blanton.

Well I assume that in case something happens in a trade for a reliever, then they don't want to send him right back down and waste one of his options?

I would assume they will not trade him at this point.

Truth Injection:

You missed the point on the Eaton contract. Yes they paid Eaton less than some of the other guys on the market at that point, and they essentially got what they paid for. It is like going to the supermarket and in an effort to pinch pennies, you select the dollar brand garbage bags over a Hefty or such. You have little room to complain when you are taking an overstuffed bag of trash out and the entire bottom caves on you.

The only problem with that analogy is that Eaton (dollar brand pitcher) came at a price that should otherwise be reserved for something much better. If the Phillies had instead shelled out a few more dollars for Gil Meche, they would have had two seasons of well above average (at least average) pitching. Meche might have been overpaid, but if you have to overpay anyway, why not get something that has a chance to not collapse on you. Eaton had "buyer beware" written all over him, yet the Phillies still bumbled out with a smile on their face. Now that all of the trash is lying at Gillick's feet, he probably has second thoughts, and he is probably cursing the FO for making him compromise on Adam Eaton.

I am hoping that if there is anyone on the A's current 40 man roster (which fluctuates daily) whom the Phillies are interested in, that they make an offer.

Billy seems to be hosting an 'end of the season - two months early' fire sale.

Need a second baseman...Mark Ellis is your guy.

Looking for a reliever...Alan Embree is available.

How about a closer...Huston Street might be a nice fit.

A starter, you say? Ahhhh, how about Justin Duchscherer?

Everyone must go by Thursday.

Make Billy an offer...

Interesting item at the end of Ken Mandel's latest Q&A:

"Gillick recently allowed for the possibility that he (Kris Benson)might not pitch for the Phillies this season."

All that assumes that Meche would have even signed with the Phillies. I'm not sure that he would have unless the Phillies had paid him way above his value.

My point is that Eaton is horrible, but even Eaton comes at a high price to the Phillies. A good pitcher would have to be blown away by a deal in order to pitch in Philly.

A lot of people wanted Barry Zito when he was available. Hindsight says that would have been a monumental failure. However, lets go back to when he was available, and nobody knew that he would fall off the face of the earth. The Giants paid him an outrageous amount of money. I would suggest that whatever it took to get Zito to go to San Fran, it would have taken more (a lot more) to get him to come to Philly. That assumes that he would have even signed with Philly for $150 mill. Considering that he got what? $126 mill., I'm not sure that he would have.

Marson, Golson, Happ and Donald for Halladay and Zaun

I think Eskin reported it yesterday and heard it elsewhere

What do you bros think we need to give up for Teixera? His AVG and OBP are better as a 3B than as a 1B.

We could send some minor league dudes for him and then have a switch-hitter at 3B instead of Pedro Puhlease hitting -.500 against righties.

Maybe even Puhlease + some dudes for Teixera.

Jersey: Ricchardi has unequivocally stated that he is not trading Halladay. Howard Eskin is a rumor mongerer, and not even good at that.

Marson, Golson, Happ and Donald for Halladay and Zaun

I think Eskin reported it yesterday and heard it elsewhere

i heard that but i heard it was just for Halladay. Eskin is seriously out of his mind if he think s that will happen.

JerseyFish: is that BS speculation? heard it on the radio yesterday?

No way the Jays would even consider that deal. The Phils don't have enough in their system to give up.

JerseyFresh, you kidding?

As much as I hate Eskin, I don't think he's the biggest rumor monger out there. I don't see the deal happening, however.

There's been back and forth about Halladay. I've heard they WOULD trade him, but aren't actively shopping him. Ricciardi did say Burnett isn't going anywhere, now .

No Carassco in that "rumor"?

Alex: That's not how options work. Options refer to a year in which a player is moved up and down- since Happ has already been called up and sent back down this year, he can be recalled and sent back down as many times as the team wants this year, without it affecting his options status. He now has one less option year available, no matter how many times they send him back and forth this year.

For a team that needs a LOOGY, Grabow would be an odd target, since, for his career, he has yielded a higher average against left-handers than right-handers.

Burnett's last 4 starts he has allowed 5 ER. In that time he has struck out about 40 batters. Sounds like he is making that big free agent push. It would have been really nice to have obtained him. About the only guy that has pitched better out of the All Star break gate is C.C. Sabathia, and that is debatable.

"For a team that needs a LOOGY, Grabow would be an odd target, since, for his career, he has yielded a higher average against left-handers than right-hander"

That means, he'll be their man!

If the Jays aren't trading Burnett, why in the world would they consider trading Halladay?

Dudes, take it with a grain of salt. And I am not a fan of Eskin but he is on point with a lot of his stuff.

Regardless, isnt this time of the year about the possibilities and a rotation with Roy and Cole at the top would be unreal. Not only would our chances to win the division improve but we could match up well with the Brewers, D-Backs, Cubs to get to the WS. Also, considering the "cloud" over this team, this move could jump start the team into their annual August push.

It may be nothing, but I did hear it.

BB: Surely Gillick knows how to hit the "Split Stat" key when he calls up someone's stats on Yahoo. It's not like he has ever traded for a player with alarming splits.

"If the Jays aren't trading Burnett, why in the world would they consider trading Halladay?"

B/c they'd trade Halladay? Don't burst our bubble, King Myno. j/k.

With the D'Back rumored to be landing Texiera to help their offense, my feelings about the Phils being a playoff team are dwindling with each passing moment. The NL East runner up will likely not be the Wild Card winner.

"About the only guy that has pitched better out of the All Star break gate is C.C. Sabathia, and that is debatable."

Burnett has a lower ERA (by .004), 3 more SO, 3 more BB, but his OPS against is .200 higher. The line against CC is .184/.220/.264 which is hard to beat. CC's also thrown 2 CG.

That there's any similarity at all is the story though. People were surprised that the Phils would make a trade for Burnett and his 5+ ERA. That's no better than Eaton!

Off-topic, but the latest results in the voting about whether Utley has a hip injury are in. Gillick and Amaro aye, Utley nay. Polls close August 10.

Halladay is the type of guy you give up Marson, Donald, and Carrasco for (and probably more, since I doubt the Jays would accept just that). You even throw in Cardenas.. oh wait. I do find it hard to believe someone else wouldn't offer a lot more than we can, but Halladay is certainly the type of guy you bet the farm on to go fot it in our 2-3 year window.

Brewers are getting their money's worth with CC. Leaving him in games as long as possible.

This endless search for a bullpen lefty, the so-called LOOGY, is silly and I'm scared whenever it's rumored that a trade of a top prospect is on the table. You'll sooner end up with an overcooked arm like a Dennis Cook than someone who will make a difference. The fallacy is that a lot of lefties are in fact better against righties: think Tug McGraw, Rheal Cormier. And some righties are greate against lefties, think Gene Garber. Finally, the lefty v. lefty average is skewed because what often happens is the LOOGY walks the one guy he is brought into face and the next reliever cleans up his mess.

On the Donald for Sherrill rumor. Sherrill would be a great guy to grab, but what is everyone's feeling on Donald? I REALLY like him. He's got to be our most advanced positional prospect (just ahead of Marson), and he has a .900 OPS at AA, which he's not exactly way too old for as a 23 year old former college guy. He probably doesn't have the range for SS in the bigs but he does have a strong arm. Is this our 3bmen of the future? Can he be an .830-.850 OPS guy for us there for the next 6 years? Is that something we want to give up for a relief pitcher, especially considering we've resorted for the last 6 years to paying guys like Feliz 4 million to be below average for us?

Brian G,

I tend to be with you on Donald. I really like this kid. If it had/could be done, i'd be content to ship Golson, instead of Donald.

Donald is the kind of guy this team/org needs and I think they're not sure what they have with him. He flat out hits. Keep him (unless he's part of a major deal to get a really good player).

Something needs to get done for Halladay. I don't care what the price is (within reason) as long as it doesn't involve Utley, Howard, Hamels, or Lidge. Would Toronto bite on a Vic+Myers+Carrasco+Golson deal? Zaun doesn't do much for me. He is actually 2 years older than Coste. No thanks. And would Toronto be willing to throw in an Adam Lind to give us an outfielder back? Would you do that deal if you were the Phils? Would you do it if you were Toronto?

Brian, what are your thoughts on Sherrill? I don't watch a lot of Os/Ms games, but from his stat sheet he clearly had a great 2007 (.985 WHIP, 183 ERA+, lefties hit .156/.240/.289 off him), and he looked great in the AS game -- I thought he should have been MVP.

But his 2008 numbers don't look right. His WHIP is 1.397, and while his ERA is a respectable 3.71 (115 ERA+) he's allowed 9 of 21 inherited runners score (a pretty awful 43%.) However, lefties are only hitting .163/.259/.245 off him this year, which means he's been much less effective against RHB this year. 21 of his 27 runs allowed have come at the hands of RHB.

He'd be an expensive LOOGY.

Well at least we know if we stand pat until the waiver wire,it should be ok because no one wants any of the mets 2 average prospects or their old broken down players

I am not a Sherrill guy. I don't think Grabow is anything special either. I really don't want to see Rhodes in a Phillie uniform again. I wouldn't mind a gamble on an Ohman or Embree though, depending on what we had to give up to get one of them.

Who would be more expensive: Ohman or Sherrill? Ohman's having a solid year (146 ERA+, 1.128 WHIP, only 2 of 17 IR scored on him), and is just as effective against LHB. Plus, he'd be off the Braves' roster.

Donald for Mahay possibility....

just reported by Stark on ESPN.

Sophist: My only impressions of him are yours.. his stats(high WHIP concerns me too. Lot of walks) and the all star game. I don't believe in the necessity of another LOOGY as much as others on here(we don't have to face Utley/Howard). But Sherrill seems more like the Romero of last year. That is, a guy who shuts down lefties but can also get righties out at a decent clip. So he still has value outside the LOOGY role.

Phillies prospect J.A. Happ wasn't necessarily pulled from his start last weekend because of a big league promotion. Phillies assistant GM Mike Arbuckle admitted that a trade is another option...

Trading Donald for a LOOGY would be madness. I don't see why the vital need for a LOOGY. Isn't that what Happ is supposed to do? We ought to be targeting a starting pitcher or a bat.

Ok...I see a lot of you are high on Jason Donald. And he looks like a good prospect.

Let me know if you would do this:

Ron Mahay for Jason Donald??

Left-handed RP to take the burden off of JC

Getting Mahay is really good, he is signed for next year at an affordable price and has been great this year. Him for Donald seems pretty fair.

The Blanton trade didn't really bother me becasue I have a hunch that one will turn out ok.

Trading Jason Donald for Ron Mahay would bother me though. As BAP said, if Haap is coming up to the majors why do we need to expend Donald for a role Haap can fill easily?

I think with the rest of the year Donald could be a pretty decnet bargaining chip. Wasting him on Mahay would be silly.

Mahay is better than just a LOOGY, but... gosh, if this is the case why didn't we just sign him in the offseason?

A LOOGY trade should be a "some dude" trade.

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this: Grabow was on the DL in April 07 and was diagnosed with bone chips in his left elbow. He elected against surgery in the offseason so he's one of those guys who could theoretically be one pitch away from going down long term. He pitched through the pain all last season...I.E. Buyer Beware.

At JA Happ is currently listed as being on the 25 man roster. Adam Eaton is off the 25 man roster, so this must be current. It appears that Happ is taking Eaton's roster spot after all, despite Amaro's comments that suggested Happ was involved in a trade. Maybe there is a trade, but Happ isn't the one being traded? It should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

I suspect that if Happ if coming up to the Phils (and not being traded) then his role will be as a starter and not a lefty out of the pen, so Mahay could still make sense. I would that in a heartbeat if I was the Royals. I would understand it as a Phillies fan, but would be kinda sorry to see Donald go. It does sound like a plausible trade.


No chance the Jays take that deal. It could, and would, be topped by every team in the league.

I imagine it would take something like Carrasco, Marson, Donald, Happ, and another guy. They have no use for Victorino with Wells/Rios.


Mahay going to Phillies?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 | Print Entry

Posted by Jayson Stark
Left-handed reliever Ron Mahay could be on the verge of heading to the Phillies.

According to clubs that have been speaking with the Royals, they've been having extensive conversations with the Phillies about a trade that would send Mahay to Philadelphia for shortstop prospect Jason Donald, a member of the U.S. Olympic baseball team.

It's believed that as many as 10 teams have contacted the Royals about Mahay, who is signed for next year at $4 million. Most of them have come away with the impression that the Royals aren't motivated to trade him. But in Donald, the Phillies have a commodity for which Kansas City has been searching aggressively. So the fit appears better with the Phillies than with any of the other teams on the Royals' list.

I like that Mahay is under contract next season. Maybe they should've signed him last offseason and kept/keep Donald!

I like Mayhay, but he is 37. If they trade Donald for him, it shows that they don't have very strong opinions about his future prospects on the team. I guess that could be something of an endorsement of Rollins for the future (makes sense) or they think that someone else in the organization would be better.

Assuming that the FO is content with Rollins (even in his ever-present state of discontent), I wouldn't have a huge problem with the move.

Besides, they could always move Rollins later as long as he doesn't tarnish too much of that MVP goodwill.

Two things...

When was the last time the Phils carried a pitcher they used as a LOOGY? It seems like we're making a much bigger deal out of that moniker than should be.

J.C. Romero would be an ideal LOOGY. He's holding lefties to an .085 average this season.

Ron Mahay is NOT a LOOGY. Lefties are hitting .213 against him and righties are hitting just .228. This guy can be a legit set up man or fill just about any role we need.

That said... Donald? Really??

It's gotten to the point that I actually hope the Phillies DON'T make any trades. I mean:

--Abreu for 4 garbage prospects
--Padilla for a guy who didn't even make the team
--2 good prospects for Freddy Garcia
--2 good prospects for Joe Blanton

And I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a few.

Gillick has done his best work in what I call garbage time trades -- trades made after the deadline, in which the other team is just giving the player away, & Gillick, due to his long-term relations with other GMs, is there to take advantage. When he has actually had to evaluate the talent given and the talent received, he has fared terribly. The Lidge trade is the only one that has worked out. Maybe Gillick should only deal with Ed Wade. He's the only GM out there who's dumb enough for Gillick to get over on. If we can't deal with Wade, I'd just as soon we wait til the non-waivers deadline passes. There are still plenty of useful players available after July 31, and the price is usually cheap.

Mets need: Corner OF
Phils need: LH Reliever

Phils trade Geoff Jenkins to Mets for Scott Schoeneweis.

Now i don't have the stats or even the knowledge that half of you have in here, when it comes to baseball. I'm kinda playing devils advocate here just to see the opinions. Would Halladay's curve work in CBP? I for the first time in my life hope Eskin is right on this one. Also great blog Weitzel ....

And anyone who thinks we should grab manny should read Gammons blog on ESPN... I've never heard Gammons blast a player the way he did Manny in that blog, makes you think twice about going after Manny, I for one think its a mistake say what you will about Pat the bat but he's always been a team leader and player... I hope they bring him back next year

Donald for Mahay? I understand Mahay is a known commodity (unlike Blanton, who we spent more for), but Gillick would be overpaying (again).

I am ok with this trade. We def. need another lefty out of the pen. Donald could be a good SS in the future but arent the Phils high on the Galvis kid too?? Isnt he in Lakewood, cant hit much but major league ready on defense. And he is very young.

I dont know - the team has to worry about this year b/c the NL is still open for us to take so this move clearly does just that.

It shouldn't be a Rollins or Donald scenario. Keep both.

This Rollins "discontent" thing is being blown out of proportion.

Mahay for Donald would pretty much confirm that there is no "blockbuster" deal out there for the Phils-especially for Burnett, since the Jays were looking SS.

Mahay would help this team, but color me underwhelmed.

Donald for Mahay is a steep price but one you make if you think it will really help the team make the playoffs. Honestly though, how much is Mahay really worth to the team? 1 win? He'd be a second LOOGY...not exactly a huge commodity for most teams. I blame LaRussa for inventing the concept of a LOOGY and then convincing every team that its necessary.

I'd miss Donald personally as he could probably slide into the 3B hole in 2010 when Feliz is gone. He seems to be a ballplayer despite not having the best athletic ability.

Ron Mahay hasn't allowed a run in like 23 innings. That said, he is likely to instantly become Tom Gordon upon acquisition. It doesn't surprise me that the Royals would want to deal a 37 year old that is under contract for another season. They might as well get some good value out of him after while he is in the midst of a career season.

That said, if he continues doing what he is doing now for the Phillies, then he significantly boosts what has otherwise been a very serviceable bullpen.

Galvis is 18(?) and as of now, can't hit-but can field VERY well.

****Phils high on the Galvis kid too?? Isnt he in Lakewood, cant hit much but major league ready on defense. And he is very young.****

Freddy Galvis is just turned 19 and a long long ways off from ever contributing at the Major League level...if ever. I wouldn't base any trade off his presence in Lakewood.

If the Phillies can get Mahay without giving up too much, I would do it. Mahay would not be a rental, is a lefty reliever who can actually pitch very well against righties (unlike Romero who basically is a LOOGY) and could be our set-up man. Would the Royals take Myers, Golson, and Castro for Mahay? I don't want to give up Donald, Carrasco or Marson.

I know it was only 4 batters in AA but loogy Sergio Escalona blew me away last night in Harrisburg with great poise. He locked up a veteran Harrisburg lefthanded hitter setting him up with curve balls and froze him with a fast ball on the inside corner of the plate for a called third strike. All the Senator hitter could do was to scream at the ump before walking back to the dugout. Sergio also showed he is a good athlete getting an infield single by bolting from the right handed batter's box down the first base line to beat out a grounder between first and the mound in his first ever at bat.

CJ: You're right. LOOGY isn't really the right term for Mahay. He's a setup man who just happens to be left-handed. Still, the reason so many teams want him, and the reason his asking price is so high, is because he's left-handed. I regard Donald as a very good prospect who is a future everyday player. I've always believed that that's too much to give up for a reliever. At least Mahay is a decent pitcher, though. This wouldn't be nearly as bad as the Blanton trade.

Correction: Galvis will be 19 in November.

"I know it was only 4 batters in AA but loogy Sergio Escalona blew me away last night in Harrisburg"

RJ Swindle II.

I do know this, Ron Mahay owned Chase Utley and Ryan Howard last season. They looked more lost against him than even Will Ohman, and they wear his namesake on the back of their jersey's when they go up to face him.

3 St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguer's suspended 50 games after testing positive for steroids. Hmmm?

Strange the Cardinals have never had a problem with people using steroids in the past. Oh......wait, nevermind. Somewhere in the distance there is a little voice that whispers: "Fernando Tatis, 34 HR, St. Louis Cardinals."

Donald for Mahay would be a terrible trade.

The trade for Halladay sounds reasonable for both clubs. The Blue Jays won't get a better package. Zaun doesn't have much value-if he's thrown in, its because the Blue Jays are dumping his salary.

I hate Eskin, but for whatever reason, he's well connected. I'm sure he heard that rumor from a reliable source. When a trade doesn't happen, that doesn't mean it was never discussed.

We'd be overpaying for Mahay, with Donald, but he would instantly become our 2nd best pitcher in the bullpen, and our 8th inning setup guy. It would really strengthen the bullpen, and it would honestly be a better move than the Blanton deal.

Brian: I love Peter Gammons, but the guy is basically on the Red Sox payroll. I honestly don't find it a coincidence that the Red Sox are trying their best to make Manny look bad, in order to make their fans OK with them either trading him or letting him go after the season, and then Peter Gammons writes a scathing column about Manny. He's the best baseball writer ever, but he's also somewhat of a mouthpiece for the Sox front office.

That would support my theory that the Mets just started shooting up to get back in the race. Delgado and Tatis being exhibit A and B.

BAP: I was going to cut and paste part of what you said and then realized I completely agreed with everything you said. Great synopsis. If Donald is a future everyday player then that's too much to give up for a reliever, so I wouldn't do it. But at least, unlike Blanton, this would represent a clear upgrade for us... and you do have to give up something to get something.

Randy Miller is on WIP right now and he just mentioned he would like the Mahay deal for the Phils. He went on to mention that Galvis is their #1 SS prospect.


So far this season, righties have had 137 PAs against him and lefties have had just 87. A LOOGY is defined as a "Lefty One Out Only Guy." How could a LOOGY rack up more PAs vs. righties than lefties?

Ron Mahay is one of the top set up men in baseball. He gets lefties and righties out equally well (in fact, lefties have a higher OPS (.621) than righties (.560)). He misses bats, striking out 42 in 54 innings and he has a 2-to-1 K/BB ratio.

This guy is for real and would be the second best reliever in our bullpen the day he arrived.

That said... Donald? Hmmm...

Judging by the article in today Inquirer, don't hold your breath on anything happening. Gillick just doesn't want to pay the prices that are being asked. And sometimes who can blame him? Before today I was of the belief that somwething would happen, even with some calls I got yesterday. But today I'm not so sure. I fear all we'll get as phans is "well we tried, but"....

Don't be so hard on the Blanton trade as yet. It could still work out for us. More needs to be done though as currently constructed we're just not good enough IMO. But Gillick is having difficulty. Or is he playing possum?

Okay, sorry for shouting. Espeically since others made my point.

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