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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


What's the upside of Blanton vs. Happ?

I think we will see Happ again before much more time elapses. I just hope we don't see him as part of a trade!

What's the upside of Blanton vs. Happ?

I think we will see Happ again before much more time elapses. I just hope we don't see him as part of a trade!


I'd love to have a pitcher, not named Hamels, who strikes batters out.

Blanton, Lieber, Millwood, Eaton...what is this team's obsession with white, fat, mediocre righthanded pitchers?

I think Blanton will be decent for the Phils. The walks killed him, but I'm sure he was feeling some extra pressure knowing the Phils weren't likely to get much off Santana. All in all I thought he looked ok. Hopefully we get two and a half seasons of Blanton pitching like Lieber that one year he was good for us.

K/9 -- sampling of the leaders

(1) Billingsley: 9.81
(3) Lincecum: 9.49
(4) Volquez: 9.46
(7) Burnett: 8.87
(10) Cain: 8.57
(17) Hamels: 7.94
(18) Harang & Wolf: 7.90
(20) Maine: 7.81
(22) Myers: 7.79
(22) Santana: 7.79

Blanton's first start at CBP scares the hell out of me. He doesn't have the expansive foul territory of McAfee Coliseum to work with anymore, and I couldn't help but think last night that some of those flyball outs would've been dingers at the Bank.

Blanton has a decent 1.29-to-1 GB-to-FB ratio, but boasts a disconcerting career 35.1 fly-ball percent rate. He's got fight in him, that's for sure. Hopefully he could return to his career norms soon. His June numbers (1-4, with a 7.16 ERA) are worrisome.

Thanks for that stat, Sophist.

Blanton is as advertised. A contact pitcher that when he keeps the ball down gives you 7 innings of 3-4 run ball. Which is not bad for a White, fat, mediocre pitcher.

"The Mets announced the start of their greatest moments at Shea Stadium promotion Tuesday. Fans can go online to select their 10 favorite moments at the stadium, which is closing after 45 seasons."

I dunno last night ranks up there for me, although Dobbs granny last year would probably win out.

BAP- What trade would have been sufficient for you? Bedard? Burnett? The Phillies tried on Sabathia according to everyone from Rosenthal to Gammons. I like Harden as a pitcher but I'd feel more uneasy about giving up what the Cubs did for a guy who could breakdown at any moment.

Let's not fool ourselves with our farm system. The Phillies gave up very litle for Blanton. They gave up a guy who is two years away from helping- provided he doesn't have any hiccups along the way moving up. An outfielder who will most likely not see the bigs, and a pitcher who they were trying to convert to a reliever. Blanton came relatively cheap and we have him for 2 more years. This was a trade that helps now and for the future.

As far as Adam Eaton goes: Of course no one said he looked bewildered or lost when he was pitching well. Why would he? Those times were rare though. He looked good through May this year. In June and July he has looked awful and is a detriment to the team right now. Maybe Haap could've done just as well or better than Blanton but that isn't a given. Besides I still think Haap is moved before the trade deadline as his starts were showcase starts.

The main difference with Eaton and Blanton is this. When things started spiraling out of control for Eaton he had no way to get out of it and you could see that in his body language. Blanton never lost control last night. His location was off last night- that can be fixed. Bruised confidence is harder to fix.

Looks like we have a pitcher, other than Hamels, who strikes batters out! Myers. Good stat Sophist.

I assume that stat doesn't include Single A batters.

The problem is Myers is way too prone to the HR ball.

"what is this team's obsession with white, fat, mediocre righthanded pitchers?"

I would take out the words "white" and "righthanded." Remember Alfonseca & Freddy Garcia? Or how about Zagurski?

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Phillies are going after Xavier Nady. The Pirates are asking top prospects in return.

"Blanton, Lieber, Millwood, Eaton...what is this team's obsession with white, fat, mediocre righthanded pitchers?"

Wait, I thought Donut-Eater Lieber was glazed not white.

Truth: Blanton did NOT come cheaply. We gave up the best hitting prospect in our system, plus a solid pitching prospect.

What trade would have been sufficient for me? First of all, there is no rule which says you have to make a trade. Doing nothing is better than acquiring someone who sucks. If the sole goal was to improve upon Adam Eaton, then there wasn't a scintilla of evidence in Happ's first 2 starts to suggest that he couldn't have performed that function -- and considerably better than Joe Blanton.

If you read my posts from before the trade, I was not a big advocate of giving up a huge bounty of prospects to get a "project" like Burnett or Bedard -- let alone a back of the rotation starter like Blanton. However, at the right price, I would have been happy to get Burnett or Bedard, as they at least have upside. Blanton doesn't.

I wouldn't think so, Beard.

Here's how Myers compares in other areas to some of those guys

(17) Hamels -- BB/9: 2.15 -- HR/9: 1.19 -- GB/FB: .92
(20) Maine -- BB/9: 4.30 -- HR/9: .88 -- GB/FB: 1.00
(22) Myers -- BB/9: 3.90 -- HR/9: 2.12 (1.36 career) -- GB/FB: 1.18
(22) Santana -- BB/9: 2.47 -- HR/9: 1.10 -- GB/FB: 1.29

Here's Blanton, for fun: 4.26 K/9 -- 2.57 BB/9 -- .95 HR/9 -- 1.34 GB/FB.

His career numbers are a bit better than that across the board, except for GB/FB, which is slightly lower.

Joe Blanton: different sh*t, same stink.

So the Philles are going after Xavier Nady, and made earlier efforts to get Matt Holliday. Interpretation: prepare yourself to hear that we have traded Jason Donald and J.A. Happ for Marlon Byrd.

BAP: my thoughts exactly. We're serious about Nady like we were about Bedard.

If we going after Nady solely to increase offensive production vs. righthanded pitching (Nady is currently boasting .331/.366/.528 against righties), then are we to assume that Geoff Jenkins would be a pinch hitter/spot starter? And what about Werth? He's been solid against lefties -- around, more or less the same production as Nady against lefties.

With Nady on the roster, Jenkins would no longer serve a purpose. Where is the accountability for this ridiculous off-season move?

PB - It's possible Vic would be involved in a trade. Werth would be full-time in CF, and Nady would be needed in RF. Hey, maybe we'll get McClouth too, right?

I doubt the Phils get Nady.

Although I don't want to see him continue to swing for the fences every time he's up at bat, Victorino now has homered off of Santana and Randy Johnson (twice) in the past two weeks. He also had a homer in last year's playoffs (and was one of the only Phils to do so). Interesting.

BAP- I'm not going to argue the best or anything like that becasue it dwindles into semantics territory. I would say I don't think there is a huge gap from Cardenas to Donald, or even down to like Marson or Dominic Brown. In fact, numbers wise you could argue Donald is a better hitter.

Again I'll say this. We traded a guy who was AT LEAST 2 years away from helping this team in any fashion. And that is if he doesn't have any regression when he gets moved to Double A and then Triple A. Outman I think we will end up missing more in the long run but we didn't give up a top of the roation guy. He is at most a middle rotation guy- same as Blanton- and Blanton helps now.

I know you say people are trying to stick up for Balnton with lame excuses, but you're going the same way in the opposite direction.

We don't need another outfielder, we go SO!

Blanton needs to use his fastball more period. He really is only a two-trick pony with two pitches are above average. Besides his curve, he can neither locate or fool hitters with his other offspeed stuff on any kind of consistent basis.

Blanton relied way too much on his offspeed stuff last night including giving into Delgado when he should have challenged him up with a fastball. Some of the blame has to go on Ruiz (who called a poor game and didn't seem prepared) but Blanton has to come to the ball park better prepard than that or he isn't much of an upgrade at all.

Gillick said in the Inky this morning we are more likely to get a reliever (preferably left-handed) than a bat, although he would like both.

Sophist -

I agree that this is probably as likely to happen as a deal involving CC, Bedard, Harden, etc., but that would give us three righthanded hitting outfielders (Burrell, Werth, Nady) with the anemic lefthanded hitting Jenkins on the bench.

Nady, no doubt, would be a boost to the lineup, but I guess I could understand a trade rumor involving a lefthanded hitting every day outfielder a little more.

Sadly I still believe that the motivation for acquiring Blanton was as much an economical one by the Phils for this season and next as a talent upgrade.

Trading Vic is a bad idea.
If offensive help could be had for a package of Happ and Jenkins or something, I'd be for it. But how likely is that?

Did you see that energy last night when Vic beat out Reyes' tag? They really don't have many (any?) other high-motor guys like that who get so fired up. I really believe thats an asset over a long season.

A reliever is a critical need since I think the Phils are finally acknowledging that Gordon is completely fried (only took them about a year or to acknowledge what any fan who follows the team already knew). Blanton helps reduce the strain maybe on the pen a bit but they still are a man short in the back-end of the pen.

Is it possible that the Phillies are showing interest in all of these OFs because they know the Mets are desperate to upgrade Tatis/Chavez/Anderson/Evans/whoever in their corner OF spots?

I mean, is the Phillies front office capable of this kind of sneakiness? Artificially keeping the price of any OF high to make it harder for the Mets to get Holliday or Nady, etc.?

Bah... probably not. But at least it's a good side effect.

Put me down in the column for not liking this trade and not liking Blanton. To say we got Blanton for basically nothing doesn't make sense to me. Cardenas was our best or second best position prospect next to Marson.

It seems to me the bigger problem is that our FO doesn't have any faith in our system to bring up people to start. Happ and Outman, they have no faith in. This, in spite of the fact that you can find workable solutions in your system if you try; see Kendrick.

Neither Happ nor Outman are going to be barnstormers but they have an upside that Blanton doesn't. We can fairly predict Blanton's ceiling. The one K is very telling. I believe Happ has quite a few K's in AAA. I don't get this. I agree with BAP, there's not law that says you have to make a trade, especially for such a marginal asset like Blanton.

All I can say is I hope Blanton does better next time. He's on this team for better or worse.

BAP: my thoughts exactly. We're serious about Nady like we were about Bedard.

I agree that Blanton was a money saving move. They could've had better pitchers for the same package, but those guys would've cost twice as much.

Truth - It's a given at this site that any minor leaguer traded away is the Next Coming. Surely you've noticed how the other 29 teams are populated with stars from the Phillie system.

BAP: my thoughts exactly. We're serious about Nady like we were about Bedard.

CJ -

good point. I still think there was some collusion with Kyle Lohse

Love this line from

...with the game on the line, our SS will trump their all-the-talent-in-the world, no-head-for-the-game SS every single time.

I love how Blanton tries to hide the double chin with the weedy goatee.

If he's an 'upgrade', it's the same kind of upgrade Pedro Feliz was: from terrible to below average. Look out world.

Sorry, but that's a sensationalist line if I've ever heard it. Even the best players had brainfarts every now and then.

That "no head for the game SS" is currently sporting a 123 OPS+, which is 5 points higher than Jimmy's MVP season.

OPS Against RHP 2008 (OPS against LHP)

Burrell: 1.021 (.967)
Nady: .896 (.956)
Vic: .744 (.792)
Jenkins: .718 (.248)
Werth: .699 (.992)

An OF of Burrell-Werth-Nady would be powerful against LHP. Burrell-Vic-Nady would be good against RHP. Sticking Nady in RF and making CF a platoon would be an upgrade. Jenkins would be become redundant (Dobbs.)

I'm guessing a deal would involve either Werth or Vic, which would be too bad. Looking at the above, I'd almost rather trade Vic.

I have no interest in Nady. He's a slightly above average player having a career year, which means we'll probably give up more than he's worth. Aside from this year, there's not much evidence that he's a huge upgrade over Werth.

Sophist - There's a reason every team wants Vic included in any package, and it has nothing to do with his OPS. In fact his biggest problem is that he tries to be a slugger rather than what he should be.

MG: I agree... the bullpen is a BIG need for this team.

Gordon... on DL, may be done.
Seanez... should be dumped because he seems done.
Eaton... unreliable.
Condrey... unreliable.

That leaves Lidge, Romero, Madson and Durbin. Those four have ERAs of 1.29, 2.09, 2.66 and 1.78 respectively. They're 11-4 with 23 saves. They have WHIPs of 1.10, 1.34, 1.14 and 1.15 respectively. They have each made at least 39 appearances (Durbin) and up to 48 (Romero). We wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the division without these four.

But these four alone can't do it. I don't mind keeping Condrey or Eaton (not both) around as some blowout mop up guy, but that still leaves two more spots in the bullpen that are unsettled.

curt - I'm a big Vic defender. I was just throwing the numbers out there. Even by OPS, Vic is very valuable. I posted the list of CF with higher OPS and RC than him this year. There were about 13 of them. 7 have represented the position in the AS game, and the ones that hadn't were names like BJ Upton.

And then there's his value on the paths (speeding bases, and his play in the 9th last night, etc.) and his arm and range.

I'd rather they didn't get Nady because the opportunity cost would likely to be high. They should be getting pitching. But I think if they do get Nady, without giving up Werth or Vic, our OF would be more productive against LHP and RHP.

The Pirates apparently want a King's ransom for Nady. Hearing that the Phils are even in the discussion would normally make me angry, but I'm still amped up from last night's performance by SO TAGUCHI.

The bottom of the order really stepped up on a night when Utley and Howard went 0-10.

The Rosenthal rumor also lists Matt Kemp. That's more intriguing to me. Young, blue-chip hitter they could build around. Both would upgrade the offense - Kemp has more long-term benefit. This is a team that needs to start getting younger.

Utley and Rollins had the 0-fer (until Rollins hit in the 9th). Howard had a single in the first (after Burrell singled).

J.R. King: Ryan Howard was 1-5 last night with an RBI. Chase Utley did have an Ofer, however.

Jr- Not a coincidence that the bottom of the order stepped up when Chollie had Vic batting lower in the order. J-Roll had runners on base for him to drive in during that great 9th inning too.
That lineup worked out OK.

Yeah, I like Matt Kemp. He could be the Ryan Howard of our OF!

Joe Torre puts too little faith in his young guys (such as Kemp). Maybe Ned Colletti would be stupid enough to trade him away since Torre isn't a big Kemp fan?

By the fourth inning last night I was calling our new acquisition Adam Blanton. He was totally underwhelming. The one thing he reportedly doesn't do is walk people. Last night he did plenty of that along with an HBP. And a couple of those walks scored in front of homeruns. That's something a loser does. In his defense he was pitching in NY against Santana and the Phils weren't lighting it up, so there was definite pressure. I will try to keep an open mind, but he just looked like more of the same to me. Why do we constantly get "contact pitchers"? God how I hate that phrase. It sounds like yet another Chris Wheeler original (Gee Harry he just threw that slurve of his). We always seem to have a dearth of pitchers with live arms. I'm sick of crafty. Let's see some gas. Sorry. I just needed to vent. Could you imagine if Luis Aguayo wasn't the Mets third base coach. You'd probably find my coat on the bridge.

JW-I agree. Nady's alright and would help, but I like some seemingly "outside the box" thinking and going after a young guy and not someone who's just having a career year. No reason you can add a chip for a playoff push, who's also a part of your long term goals (Kemp).

So, with right hander John Maine on the mound tonight, what kind of lineup does Manuel trot out there tonight? Will Burrell still be in the 3-hole? Without Werth and with Feliz's inability to hit a righty, that would make the lineup rather barren after Howard:

? Jenkins
? Victorino
? Feliz
? Ruiz


You have to undertand who's available. I've said this before but NOBODY listens. CC? Couldn't be done. Besides you don't trade for a 2-month rental anyway. That's why Fuentes isn't coming in either. Beddard is in the DL. Can't trade for him until he comes off. Burnett? Sure, I'd like to have him but only if he gives up the opt-out clause. If he does, Then I'd trade Myers for him straight-up. It's contract for contract.

You can't just say we want this guy or that guy. It's gotta match up. Holliday and Fuentes for Vic and 3 of our best prosects WAS on the table. But would you make that deal? I would have to think about that one. And if that would have happened, many phans would agree with it and many would say we gave up too much.

Blanton was a good option (because he's under control for 2 more years) and they got him. He's an upgrade over Eaton. As I said when it happened, we got SOME value and gave up SOME value. Cardenas was not going to play here soon.

Happ will pitch in the Majors soon. Guaranteed. But that doesn't means he'll be an upgrade over Blanton as yet. Blanton only gives up 3 runs last night IF the umpire would have called Delgado out as he should have. Give the guy a chance. I'm all for ripping a guy if he stinks, but let's give it more than 1 start

"Even the best players have brainfarts now and then."

I'm just glad the Mets, whether it's their SS, their managers, their 3rd base coaches, etc, like to have them so often when playing us.

Mets fans love to tell us how inferior JRoll is, yet he kills them time and time again.

Like JRoll, said last night, it's wasn't the quantity but the quality.

Does OPS+ account for outs on the basepaths? I know Reyes makes more of those than JRoll, part of Reyes' big league in BFs (BrainFarts).

Another key play of last night's game which I haven't seen mentioned: Burrell's 2-out double in the 8th. If Santana gets burrell out there, there is little doubt Johan comes back out to start the 9th and the rally likely doesnt occur.

I like Kemp's age, but his production against RHP is not much of a significant upgrade from Werth.

If anything, putting out an offer on Nady may have more to do with upping the price for the mets to acquire him than that too far fetched?

Hell yeah I'd take Matt Kemp, dude is one helluva athlete with the power/speed combo. Not sure who we'd trade to the Dodgers for him though...Brett Myers?


Nope... OPS+ doesn't account for outs on the basepaths. However, it doesn't account for SB either. Take that for what it's worth.

Sorry, that's not actually the lineup. Just my response to CJ.

Good Luck to Myers tonight!

Man what a shot in the arm to the Phils if he could be that solid 2 starter that everybody knows he's capable of being!!

Nor CS either Mets Fan in Peace.

Reyes: 33 SB, 10 CS
Rollins: 25 SB, 0 CS

mb: You're right, and Jerry Manuel said so in his postgame that if Santana had gotten Burrell out he might have brought him out for the 9th. He thought Santana was starting to tire--and no one knows for certain that Santana wouldn't have given up a bunch of hits in the 9th to allow the Phils to tie it--although I highly doubt it would have taken him as long as the Mets BP to get one out.

Kemp would be good to trade for, but I would guess that he would cost a lot more than Nady would. I know some things say the Pirates are asking for a lot, but that has to be a bluff, right?

Trading for Nady wouldn't be the end of the world, but to expect him to continue his numbers from so far this season would be asking a lot and chances are he regresses to more of his normal levels.

Kemp, on the other hand, while striking out a ton, is as good as Nady now and has a ton of upside.

The Dodgers aren't trading Kemp in-season. Certainly not to us, for a package of prospects. But if we really were to deal Ryan Howard this winter, he's the guy I'd want as the centerpiece coming back. Re-sign Burrell to play first base, stick Kemp in an OF corner, and the offense might not lose all that much. Kemp is going to be a star.

As for Blanton, I wrote on TGP that he's the XXXL Kendrick: good repertoire, "knows how to pitch," painfully lacking that one plus offering which would make him a true horse.

In his defense, he was working last night on 13 days' rest. That's a lot of rust to shake off against a hot lineup in a big game. He should be at least a little better going forward, and he's a major upgrade on Eaton.

The Dodgers aren't trading Kemp in-season. Certainly not to us, for a package of prospects. But if we really were to deal Ryan Howard this winter, he's the guy I'd want as the centerpiece coming back. Re-sign Burrell to play first base, stick Kemp in an OF corner, and the offense might not lose all that much. Kemp is going to be a star.

As for Blanton, I wrote on TGP that he's the XXXL Kendrick: good repertoire, "knows how to pitch," painfully lacking that one plus offering which would make him a true horse.

In his defense, he was working last night on 13 days' rest. That's a lot of rust to shake off against a hot lineup in a big game. He should be at least a little better going forward, and he's a major upgrade on Eaton.

@ Sophist

Wow. I never would have guessed Jimmy would have 25 SB right now. Especially without being caught one time.


Looks like tonight has rain-out written all over it..

Didn't Happ pitch last night? Does anyone know how he did?

BAP: I hate to continue to be the devils advocate here but I just want to point out a few inconsistencies in your story.

1.) That BL posters are accepting that Blanton is a # 2 starter: I have never read any post that suggests that. In fact, I think most were disappointed by the move, in the sense that other pitchers may have been better.
2.) That the BL standard of judgment has become "Better than Eaton": The only reason that anyone is defending him as better than Eaton is because a few posters said that he was the same or no better than Eaton. It is not like anyone unilaterally determined that "better than Eaton" should be the standard to review the trade. Any post, at least from me, was responsive to what I thought was a ridiculous comparison to Eaton. I didn't create the standard, I only said the comparison was ridiculous.
3.) That any excuse for Blanton's performance is inherently lame: I'm guessing that any excuse would not be acceptable from your perspective (at least that is how it seems). I'm just wondering what is not a "lame" excuse if the following are "lame" (12 days off which Cole said was a big deal, 1st game for a new team, Lack of control in a particular game). It is worth noting that lack of control is not necessarily an excuse as much as it is a reality of the situation. Sometimes pitchers don't have it, and it happens to even Greg Maddux. Blanton usually has very good control, as evidenced by the game where he gave up 1 run to the Phillies only 2 weeks ago.

I'm not trying to be an A-hole, I just think you are being a bit unreasonable after one start. I realize his numbers this season are not good, but that is not the end all of anything. Remember Lohse last season. Most bashed that move because of Lohse's numbers with the Reds last season, only to have to retract those statements when he pitched much better with the Phillies.

DPatrone: Ok I'm going to drop the subject after this, because this is just empty, pointless venting. But it is just wrong to say that I am judging Blanton on one bad outing. I think my posts on Blanton have been very consistent, going all the way back to the off-season, when people wanted us to acquire him & I was pointing to his road stats and saying that he stinks. Also, I AM mindful of the options and, as I said in past posts, I believe it would have been risky -- and probably stupid -- to give up top prospects for an injured Erik Bedard or an ineffective AJ Burnett. When people defend the Blanton trade on the ground that he was the best starter available (a dubious premise, but I'll overlook that for now), it's like when people used to defend the Abreu trade, by asking, "What more could we have realistically expected to get for him, given his refusal to be traded to anyone but the Yankees or RedSox?"

The problem with these arguments is that they assume that a deal HAD to be made. In fact, we had 3 weeks until the trading deadline & a young pitcher in Happ who had looked good in both his appearances. At the very least, the Phillies should have given him a few more chances before hitting the panic button and trading for a below average starter on the grounds that he's better than our No. 6 starter.

Happ struck out 8 in 6 IP en route to W

Do those CS stats on Reyes include times getting picked off at a base?

pick offs are included in CS stats.

@ East

I don't think so. This is from

"The official scorer shall charge a runner as "caught stealing" if such runner is put out, or would have been put out by errorless play, when such runner
(1) tries to steal;
(2) is picked off a base and tries to advance (any move toward the next base shall be considered an attempt to advance); or
(3) overslides while stealing."

Seems stupid to me. It's only a CS if he gets caught in a pickle, but not if he's picked off? Lame. Why not lump them together to get a more accurate view of one's baserunning?

umm, if the Astros were able to get Randy Wolf for close to nothing (a pitcher who is 5-9 with a 4.50 ERA in Triple A), why did the Phils not get him???

Wolf > Blanton > Eaton

And we gave up 3 good prospects for Blanton. Doesn't make sense...we could've gotten a better pitcher for half the price.

Lohse actually pitched no better with the Phillies than with the Reds. In fact, he pitched worse. But, after watching the Phillies trot out guys like Eaton, Garcia, J.D. Durbin, Segovia, and an injured Happ, there is no question that Lohse was a considerable improvement. This year, we had a minor league option who was better than any of the lame options we had last year. That option was given all of 2 starts and he pitched reasonably well both times. So where's the evidence that an experienced back-end starter is going to be an upgrade?

Imagine if we had gone out after KK's first 2 starts last year, & traded for a back-end starter to replace him. We would never have made the playoffs.

So what does the official scorer call a pickoff? How do we find how many times Reyes has been picked off?

Dude, Randy Wolf stinks and his contract is up this year anyway. And 3 good prospects? Now the throw in was a good prospect too?? Please.

Randy Wolf, on the road, 2008

1-6, 6.63 ERA, batters hitting .296.

Joe: Where's the evidence that Wolf is better than Blanton? Wolf is terrible. We could have used his bat though.

No, Blanton > Wolf. Younger and better numbers with more upside.

Lots of talk about Blanton's away ERA. Outside of Petco, Wolf has a 6.63 ERA this year.

Wolf seems to be cheaper though. I'm not sure the BL reaction would be much better. Outman for Wolf?

hey fellas.
i am bringing the family down for friday nights game.
we are staying the night up at the Hampton on Race St.
Can you guys give me some ideas of best way to and from based on game traffic.
Broad or 95?

thanks !!

TK: I'm saying, we could've gotten Wolf for the prospect that you call a "throw in" and saved the other two prospects for getting a reliever or a bat. You telling me Blanton is that much better than Wolf to give up 3 minor leaguers?? give me a break

I'm also not impressed by all the arguments that suggest that Happ is a sure bet to be as good as Blanton. This is based on what, 2 starts?

I was impressed by Happ as well, but assuming that his first two starts are indicative of what he will do the rest of his career, or even his next couple of starts is outrageous. If that were true, I'd go ahead an proclaim him a first ballot Hall of Famer.

The bottom line is that Happ is essentially still an unknown quantity. He looked pretty good, but not like Cole Hamels when Hamels first came up. I saw a pitcher who seemed nervous (lame excuse I guess) and lacked control, probably because of his nerves. He also had some balls hit extremely hard, several of which were feet from being HR's. What I definitely didn't see from Happ was dominance of MLB hitters. I may not agree with all of the FO's decisions, but I do trust that they understand the difference in a pitcher who has pitched effectively in the AL for 2-3 years and a guy who has thrown 3 games in MLB, only two of which were decent. Happ is no world beater right now, but he is often described in analogous terms.

Bottom line...Blanton is the 2nd coming of Adam Eaton. Did you see what he did last night? Gave up two huge 2 run homers to guys that should have never hit them. This is against a team that he supposedly owned. 6 IP, 5 ER? Wolf could've given that performance...

Dimes will get you dollars the Nady and Kemp rumors are to drive up the asking price. Remember what the Red Sox and Yankees did this year with Santana? Gillick's probably trying to drive up the asking price so the Mets make a boneheaded move and unload the last of their prospects. That screws them over big time for the next few years, even if they get the division this year.

Wolf sucks, get over him. Are you a member of the "Wolf Pack" who was hoping for a reunion? If so, go to Houston.

Joe: I have to ask, have you watched Eaton pitch? Either you haven't or you have a very short memory. "The Second Coming of Adam Eaton" is Kip Wells/Matt Morris, not Joe Blanton.

Speaking of the Wolf Pack, what was the worst fan club ever? I'm voting for Padilla's Floatilla.

If nothing else, it seems as though Happ's limited major league time this year is building on his confidence. Perhaps a little more time cooking in the minors and he will really be ready to deal when we need him again this year.

"I'm saying, we could've gotten Wolf for the prospect that you call a "throw in" and saved the other two prospects for getting a reliever or a bat." - Taking on Wolf would have been an absolute disaster for this team. The Astros are now witnessing the brilliance that we were subject to for so long...

Donc: "Brito's Burritos" gets my vote.

I'm excited for Myers return but it does look like a rainout tonight.

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