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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm not even sure that this rises to the level of a rumor, but at least it gives us a straw-man to rant about as we kill time waiting for the game to start.

Fail. Do not even like this rumor. I'd rather promote an unknown from the minors than go with this redux.

eeww......I pray that this rumor doesn't come true....

This guy takes the oo out of loogy.

which leaves us with a left handed guy . . . let's try to retain some standards here people.

Seriously it's embarrasing to even read that they're interested in this stiff. The Brewers get C.C. and Cubs get Harden and now I read this.

I feel like the dude in college who is looking for some broad to hook up with at the end of the night and all the good looking girls are taken so you're stuck with the hot girls roomate who's given new meaning to the term "freshman 15". Yes, I know from experience. That's the Phillies at the trade deadline in a nutshell.

While we're at it let's trade Carrasco and Marson for Jole Pinero.

Of all the players to take off the Mariners hands. ::shakes head::

tony d -

the only problem with that analogy (and as an 07 grad it gives me pangs of nostalgia) is that in college your headache and the fatty are usually gone by noon or so. This is a hangover that would last for months.

Had I known that this was an option, I wouldn't have been so critical of Swindle

ftd, hahaha good point!

Has anyone been listening to WFAN today? They're all fired up and ready to go. It should crazy up there tonight.

"Why can’t GMs let go of the past?"

Good question.

"Buster Olney reports, the Astros are interested in Randy Wolf."

Actually I think Gillick is trying to shed as many bad contracts/players from the Mariners as possible so that when he takes over as president next year he'll be in a great spot.

Ridiculous acquisition IMO. We might as well send our secret fighting squad of Carlos Ruiz, Tomas Perez and Randall Simon down to Venezuela to bust out Ugueth Urbina. Maybe the thought of bringing of bringing a crazy machete wielding criminal to the team would inspire the offense. Who knows what's going on in PG's mind.

So who's ready to start planning the "Get the Hell out of here already" party for Pat Gillick?

As long as that's not followed by the "Someone shoot me, Ruben Amaro Jr. is our GM" party.

Arthur Rhodes is the BEST option? Highly doubt it. I'm convinced this team doesn't care about winning. We damn well know that the Phillies could have had Harden if they wanted to. Organizations committing to getting a championship find ways to make deals work. This FO is clueless.

"According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, rival executives speculate that Phillies GM Pat Gillick could make a move to add"

For crissakes, that's speculation times 10. Chill the f out and let's see what happens.

While we are at it, lets bring back Mesa and Alfonseca... It's a dosgrace to even consider Arthur Rhodes!! What a freakin' bum!!

Howards a lefty. Throw him on the mound before you bring back that ass clown.


When is the last time Buster Olney got one right?

Last week when the Phillies signed Blanton.

Maybe it's part of Gillick's plan to send Seattle an under the radar prospect who blossoms in Seattle during his presidential reign...

Getting this guy is like paying your dealer for Rez hits.

I would rather the Phillies get Jimmy Gobble than Arthur Rhodes, hopefully this Rhodes rumor is not true. Alfonseca or Mesa can probably get lefties out better than Rhodes can at this point!

That's a roster spot could be used for Happ not Rhoades. Waste of space on a roster filled with wasted spaces.


"When is the last time Buster Olney got one right?

Posted by:UD Hens | Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 04:11 PM

Last week when the Phillies signed Blanton.

Posted by:Ribbies | Tuesday, July 22, 2008 at 04:14 PM"

That was a funny interchange. :-)

And Olney probably isn't wrong. I'm sure rival executives are speculating about Pat Gillick. I just don't suspect they have any idea what they're talking about.

Once again, the Phillies look to solve their pitching woes at a scratched and dented sale.

Granted, I'd rather see them acquire Rhodes (providing they don't have to give up anything of value) rather than trading a top prospect for a half season rental of Fuentes.

I'd still like to see a deal go down for Holliday, as long as Happ isn't a part of it. Perhaps they could ship Myers, Carassco, Victorino and Bastardo for Holliday and Fuentes. Then again, perhaps I'll hit powerball tomorrow.

Brian G: "Buster Olney reports, the Astros are interested in Randy Wolf."

done deal it seems

I can't imagine this will happen. Its just too bad, even for this FO. Who in our current bullpen is Rhodes even perceived to be an upgrade over?

Great and meanwhile D-backs get Rauch for a #6 minor leaguer. I'm still praying for the blockbuster trade with Co.

There is no way we have the chips for Holliday. Even if we did, why empty the farm on a guy whose lifetime OPS out of Coors is .790?

why empty the farm on a guy whose lifetime OPS out of Coors is .790?

Take a look at the Phillies individual OPS this season and ask that question again.

Willie: I didn't say "A .790 OPS wont help us", I asked why empty the farm on such a guy? CO wants to be paid for the 1.0 OPS Holliday, not the .790 lifetime road version.

Know who else can give us a .790OPS? Raul Ibanez.

The reason is simple...because we might not have as good of a shot to win the World Series for quite some time after this and next season.

I wouldn't give up Happ because he can help us to win this year and next, but I don't think anyone in our minor league system could give us the opportunity to win a 2008 and 2009 World Series more than Matt Holliday hitting in between Utley and Howard.

Good one, Jason. I missed that one, despite surfing the web all day due to a lack of customers at my store. I also agree with your disgust about how clubs just can't let go of people who once played for them. Mesa wouldn't head my list of Phormer Phillies they disgustedly signed, though. How about "Syrup of Ipecac" Eaton? Nobody would pay Eaton what he is being payed, except the worthless saps who drafted him in the first place--in the first round, nonetheless, 11th overall, for Christ's sake.

Anyway, is anyone watching the game or following it on Gameday? Not a bad opening, but I would have hoped for more than 1 run.

Not a typical Blanton outing either, as people have described one. 19 pitches, 12 strikes, 7 balls so far. With a hit batsman. I thought this guy put the ball over the plate and just guys hit the damn ball?

Blanton not looking terrible thus far

I don't know, I'm following it on Gameday. So far he is throwing 2/3 of his pitches for strikes. which is what you want. But I was kind of expecting a guy who threw more like 3/4 of his pitches for strikes.

OK, there you go. 31 pitches, 22 for strikes. That's the (good and bad) we've heard about when it comes to Blanton.

Then 4 balls to walk Reyes. He should be on second sometime before the end of this AB.

Home run, Delgato. 59 pitches, 36 for strikes. You expect 40 strikes at that point, from an average pitcher. Based on reports about Blanton, "he allows too many hits," meaning he puts the ball over the plate and lets people hit them, that's a poor outing. I was expecting 44 strikes at this point, in the fourth inning. Oh, well...

Manuel ejected? Oh, boy. Mr. Manuel is upset, isn't he. What happenned?

One of my worst memories of the 06 seasons was the game agains the Yankees when Howard hit three homers and had 9 or 10 ribbies and the lost. I blame that loss squarely on Rhodes, who came in and threw nothing but balls. They guy just overthrew every pitch in tense situations. He really was the difference between the Phils not making the post season that year.

So yeah...a 7.50 ERA out of Blanton...great.

Kyle Lohse: 12-2, 3.20 ERA is working on his 13th win right now.

I went to a few games when Rhodes was with the Phillies and he blew every single one. Please keep this bum away from Philadelphia at all costs.

PS Great win by the Phils tonight.

Anyone here anything about the Phils interest in Matt Kemp? Kids gonna be a stud. Go get him Pat!!

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