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Monday, July 14, 2008


Left to pursue Colorado reliever Brian Fuentes, along with about 7-8 other teams. He won't be as cheap as we'd have hoped.

Right, and Colorado isn't exactly out of the race.

How about Damaso Marte in Pgh?

And Ron Mahay in KC

I'd like them to go after Ron Mahay, who is pitching great and should be a whole lot cheaper to acquire than Fuentes.

"Right, and Colorado isn't exactly out of the race."

Well at least the Mets just swept Colorado to help push them out of the race. That helps the Phils, right????!?!?!?

Moving Outman and Castro was the right move for both the big league club and both of these guys long-term. If either is going to stick in the majors, it is as a reliever.

Only thing about it was that this decision was not made in spring training instead of waiting until mid-May and causing havok at Reading. Typical Phils although I will give them credit for the moves.

Would love to see Marte here but Pirates seem to be dead set on trying to finish .500 for some dumb reason and think he will be more expensive than people think. Mahay would be a very solid pickup.

Phils are going to need another quality arm in the pen though almost as much as a starter. I just don't count on the Phils getting more than 20 innings from Gordon the rest of the way (and who knows what kind of quality they will be).

MG: I think that Huntington and the ownership group want to finish at .500 as a statement to the Pittsburgh fans. This may seem to be irrational to us here, but you can only sell a town on "we're rebuilding" for so long.

from FoxSports:

Give the Mets credit for their nine-game winning streak, but let's be real: Their last six victories were at home against the Giants and Rockies. Playing against the NL West during inter-league play also helped revive the Twins and Tigers, but the Mets' schedule after the break will be more of a challenge. After playing four games in Cincinnati against the Reds, another relative softie, they come home for six against the Phillies and Cardinals, followed by three in Florida . . .

I think its true about the Mets cream puff schedule going into the break, but winning 9 in a row is still impressive regardless of who it was against. The Mets won the games they should win and got back in the race.

I could see the Phils making a play for Reds lefty reliever Jeremy Affeldt, who doesn't seem to have much of a role for a team going nowhere.

Plus, Gillick likes to make trades with people he has done business with before. Yes, the GM has changed with Cincy, but Cincy seems like a good partner for Patty G.

I could also see Gillick trying to move Taguchi back to St. Louis, where he is still beloved and where LaRussa loves him.

I think Gillick will go out and get another bench bat (to replace Taguchi), a lefty in the pen, and he WILL get either Burnett or Bedard. The Phils are going to go for this as they owe it to their fans, who have filled their ballpark in HUGE numbers this year, and because its a really weak National League.

I preface that this is a very easy statement to make, but the phillies really need to get creative in looking for a starter. Greinke is the only real blue chipper that might possibly be avaiable, but we could probably offer them our entire farm system plus vic and myers and they'd still decline. Realistically, if I'm PattyG perhaps I offer a Carrasco, Cardenas, Happ, Taylor, and one of Bastardo/Castro/Outman (hard throwing lefties with poor command and ideally a future in the bullpen- they are essentially the same pitcher). I think KC still would reject it, and that is a ton to give up anyway. A rotation with Myers and Happ and without Eaton might get us to the playoffs, but who starts the second game; Myers? Moyer? Yikes!

Re: Swindle. I was thinking about this yesterday... While Swindle was used in the absolute wrong position (mop-up/inning eater) than he was designed to. And while his numbers in the second game suggest he doesn't have the ability to get any right handed major leaguers out nor certain LH. I wonder if it's possible it will work out to his advantage.

I was impressed by his maturity and his poise. His command was okay, but I thought it might have had something to do with arm slot. When I saw his debut in person, I couldn't tell how low his arm slot position was, I thought it was more 3 quarters. But then watching on TV it was seemed at the him and almost submarine at times... Was I seeing that correctly?

The other thing, is the eephus/curve ball. Its such a sweet pitch. However, unless it's a Tim Wakefield like knuckler I'd prefer he wouldn't show it all to right handers (or only on 2 strikes). The problem is his other 5 or 6 pitches aren't good enough. I say 5 or 6 because of his ability to mix speeds. If he can paint the black better he might be have some success at the MLB level.

Moving Outman to the Pen was a mistake. He should have been left to be a starter. Everything pointed to him being a #4 starter in the Majors.

On getting advice to you is to start drinking heavily.

How come everyone forgot that the first three wins out of the 9 were against the Phillies

If I'm not mistaken the Mets have Handled the Reds, Cardinals, Phillies and Marlins pretty well so far....

The 9 games after the All Star Break (3 vs. Marlins away, 3 vs. Mets @ Shea and 3 vv. Barves @ CBP) will make or break the Phillies this year. If they flame out ( say 2-7), the Phils will probably be 4-5 back and they don't look to have the pitching or the consistent offense to make that up. If tyhey step up, the last month to 6 weeks will be but an unpleasant memory.

Swindle illustrates the underlying issue with any LOOGY: No matter what they're gonna have to face rightys on occasion and if they can't even attempt to get them out, there is no point to have them on the roster.

On Swindle...

Don't get too worked up over his first cup of coffee in the bigs. Did he get hit hard? Yes. Did he looked overwhelmed, pitching in garbage time, throwing multiple innings? Yes. Is it the end of his major league dreams? No.

But, this is par for the course for new pitchers coming up. Most get hit hard, no matter whether they are #1 draft picks or independent league grads.

Hopefully, he goes back down to AAA, keeps putting up good numbers, and comes back up in September. I think he can be a good situational lefty in the bigs, eventually. And, as we have seen with several teams this year, there aren't many solid "LOOGY"s in baseball right now. Heck, there aren't many solid lefthanded relievers PERIOD right now. And, Pedro Feliciano does not count as a solid lefty reliever.

Two of the bigs hits that Swindle gave up this weekend ( a tie breaking single to Drew on Froday and a base loaded hit to Tracy on Saturday) were to lefties.

The problem is, they Mutts did catch up with us, they're tied in the loss column.

The fact is they played bad for half the season and the Phils weren't able to put them away. This is what concerns me.

I didn't really understand moving Outman to the pen. If a guy has upside as a starter, why would you pigeonhole him as a LOOGY so early in his career? There was nothing to prevent the Phillies from letting Outman continue to start in Reading, but still calling him up to serve as a short-term LOOGY for the big-league club. Major league teams regularly start off their big league pitching prospects in bullpen roles, even though they have been starting in the minors.

Since the Atl series at the beginning of June, the Mets have made up significant ground on the Phillies. Tossing out teams both teams played, and each other, here are the teams NY and Philly played over that time (we played Stl twice, they played them once, so I left the second series on the list):

NYM: SF, SD, Col, Sea, NYY, SF, Col
PHI: Cin, Atl, Fla, Bos, Oak, Atl, Stl

NYM opp win %: .423
PHI opp win %: .579

This isn't a perfect way to compare... but the Mets got to feast on 6 series with teams that have 50 or more losses (only the Yankees have a winnign record in that group) while the Phils had three series with teams that had exactly 50 losses (Reds and Braves twice).

Of course, the question unanswered (since I haven't looked) is whether the last month and a half is a correction from the start or the season or whether the schedule will turn in our favor.

Either way, it's a race. And we have to win our head-to-head matchups!

So we can't demote Eaton without his permission...perhaps we can take him off the roster but as he's under contract we can switch his job from starting pitcher to personal massuise for Cole Hamels and Jamie Moyer or better yet, official designated hitter for Carlos Ruiz. Yeah, we'd have to petition the commish on that last one, but hell, couldn't we make a convincing argument that Ruiz hitting is bad for the game and serves as a terrible example for kids to follow.

By the way, did anyone see the picture of the kid wearing a Pedro Feliz #7 tshirt? Who do you think was more surprised, the kid at realizing that they actually make a Feliz shirt, or the cashier that someone actually bought it. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a Jenkins, Taguchi, or Eaton jersey. I think that there should be some kind of prize (tickets to Adam Eaton's next GCL start) to anyone who can post an undoctored photo of a person wearing any of the afore-mentioned jerseys, and i'm not talking t-shirts, i mean a real majestic official jersey. Is it appropriate to boo someone in an Eaton jersey?

To see how crazy it can be for left-handed pitchers...

Cliff Lee is starting the All-Star game for the AL. Cliff Lee was so terrible last year, he pitched much of the 2nd half of last year in AAA. In fact, I can remember him and Happ squaring off in a game in Ottawa last summer. Lee was no lock to even make the Indians staff coming out of ST.

Now, he is in New York, ready for the All Star game, and a top candidate for the AL Cy Young, at mid-season.

Again, don't get too down on Swindle. If he hasn't lost his confidence, he can bounce back and be a nice lefty specialist down the line. And, yes, I still think it can happen.

****If a guy has upside as a starter, why would you pigeonhole him as a LOOGY so early in his career?****

Must win now...MUST WIN NOW!!! Gillick is in his last year and needs to win now...hence making a minor league starter a reliever in hopes that he'll help out the club in the second half. He has pretty much settled down into the relief role at this point and has been posting very good numbers in the past month or so. Leftys are batting .198 against him so far this season.

On Feliz, he's actually having a very good year for the Phillies. Better than anyone probably would have predicted so far.

****Is it appropriate to boo someone in an Eaton jersey?****


Missed all the chat over the weekend... but I hope there was more talk about getting AJ Burnett. On short rest, he dominated the Yankees.

Still a question mark to some of you?

Speaking of jerseys... my Howard replica jersey and my wife's Rollins replica jersey arrived. Can't wait for Aug. 1st in St. Louis!!!

"I didn't really understand moving Outman to the pen."

I guess the thinking, was that Outman is basically a 2 pitch pitcher (fastball and slider) and that would maybe point him in the bullpen direction in the future.

Outman has a good arm and has good stuff.....when he can get it over. Of course, being wild is not something that will lead to a long major league career as a reliever.

I have no idea if Outman projects as a starter or a reliever down the line. I guess, for me, he seems more like a reliever to me, but I can see the argument both ways. He does have some tools to be a good reliever and hasn't pitched too badly in AA this year out of the pen. He just needs to harness his control (which seems like a broken record with most Phil prospects).

Supposedly Burnett may have a no-trade clause against the Phillies and the Bluejays were apparently underwhelmed by the Phillies initial offer...i.e. they want either Carrasco or Marson and Donald.

The Rockies opening price for Fuentes: Carrasco or Marson plus another prospect. Odd eh?

Ironically, Baseball Prospectus pegged Outman as the Phillie most likely to be in the rotation in the 2nd half ala Kyle Kendrick last year. He supposedly does have a 3rd just sucks.

Guess who's idea it was to move these guys to the pen? Ruben Amaro Jr.
Now he wants to be the next GM? Can you say 'Titanic'?

NEPP: Must-win-now is fine with me (with some caveats, of course). But I see no inconsistency between a must-win-now philosophy and leaving Outman be as a starter. Just because a guy is starting in Double A does not mean he can't be called up to the big leagues in a relief capacity. See, i.e., Joba Chamberlain and countless others.

The killer for us was going 1 for the last 12 Brett Myers starts? If the Phillies were just .500 in those starts, we're 5 games up.

We've also lost 5 out of the last 6 Adam Eaton outings. (8-11 on the year).

While the offense can be derided for making the difference in some of those outings, it comes down those guys didn't put the team in position to win games.

I don't care what the Mets or the Marlins do in the second half. If Hamels, Kendrick and Moyer can pitch about the same. And the Phillies can play about .500 in the Eaton/Myers spots. We'll win the division by 5 games.

BAP: If Outman comes up and helps the Phillies in the 2nd half, It will be called a success. If he stays at Reading, people will always question if they hamstrung him developmentally. I personally have no issue with Must win now...I was just explaining the mindset of the FO towards the switch.

take a look at the mets record against winning teams this year.

up until recently, the mets had trouble with the bad teams.

beating the good teams wasn't their problem.

Outman definitely didn't look ready for the majors when he pitched in spring training. I believe he got bombed every time out. Of course, so did Hamels & Kendrick, but they weren't needing to prove their major league worthiness. If the Phillies are looking at Outman as a LOOGY solution for the second half of this season, I would suggest they look elsewhere.

I can see if the Phillies believe that Outman's future is a reliever. He was pretty dominant in single-A but since he's been moved up to Reading not as much, although he's still been solid. He's walked too much at AA, and I think the best way to work that out would be to give him as many innings as possible, to keep him a starter. If he's walking 5 per 9 at AA, there's no way he can make it in the majors, reliever or not.

Swindled: I was just about to make that point. Of course, do the Giants count as a good team or a bad team? Behind Lincecum and Sanchez they have a WP% of .550 or something. Those were 2 of the 3 starters the Muts faced.

As for Burnett- I did read that the Phillies were on his no-trade list which really sucks. AJ would be an ace that we could get for pennies on the dollar.

Gillick will do something. Bet on that. The team claims they won't give up their top 3 propects, Carrasco, Golson or Marson, getting who and what they want could be difficult. But Gillick knows what he has to do, so let's hope he can.

On the Mets, I agree that not putting this team away can and may come back to haunt the Phils, but on the other hand, the 9 game streak could be the only run at the Phils the Mets had left. Let's face it, the Mets are a good team. I don't think they're better than the Phils, but the Phils don't play good situational baseball, and leave too many guys on base. When they get good pitching they don't hit. They'll score a ton on runs one game, and then go in the tank for a while.

All of these things need to be corrected. If not, well everyone knows how the year will turn out.

What do we do behind the plate, though? I mean, how long can we stick with Ruiz back there. Defensively, he rocks but the stick is no good.

If the Mets starting pitching doesn't change for the worse significant or if the Phillies don't add a premium arm, then its hard to be too optimistic.

Northern- Most teams don't have offense at Catcher. I would say you need a good defensive catcher first, if he has a stick thats a bonus.

Swindled makes a good point. The Mets went out to Petco and swept in 4 games.

I did what CJ did for the Phils and Mets schedules prior to the CIN-ATL series (prior to ~June 2nd)

I removed the teams they played the same number of series against (but not the same number of games, e.g. I removed the Cubs even though the Mets only had two games against them), and here are the differences:

PHI: HOU (2X), TOR, SF (2X), SD, COL --- 291-375 (.437%)
NYM: LAD (2X), NYY, ATL (2X), WAS --- 268-303 (.469%)

Combining this with CJ's post CIN numbers

PHI opposing WP: .478%
NYM opposing WP: 550-688: .444%

I have the distinct feeling I made a mistake somewhere, but those last 4-5 weeks were an over-correction, it seems, from earlier.

PhillR, I buy that. But at some point, .200 with no peripherals in a hitter's park just isn't going to cut it. There's gotta be someone available on the cheap that could provide just as much defensive and a more justifiable level of offense.

If the price for help (rotation or bullpen) is Carrasco or Marson, the Phils will not be making a deal. Period. I just don't see it happening (and I'm not sure I want to).

Marson is a catcher of the future. It's a position that's VERY hard to develop.

Carrasco is young, cheap and good. He could be a strong compliment to Cole Hamels for years to come.

These are commodities that shouldn't be tossed away in a playoff chase.

Mets Fan- I don't think anyone say the pitching they faced was bad. However the hitting on the Giants is TERRIBLE and the hitting on the Rockies is largely injured or AFK. Yes, the Mets pitching shut down BAD hitting. Awesome.

Of course good hitting averaged 4.25RS in the series prior to the Giants so I wouldn't get too comfortable with the strength of your bullpen yet.

Metsfan: You said "We won because we shut out the opposition 4 out of 6 times and held them to 3 or less hits in 5 of the 6 games (first time since 1900 anyone has done that"

That is exactly correct. good luck keeping that up, it is impossible.

Sophist: Thanks for that! I didn't have a chance to do it yet, and you saved me the trouble!

Nothing like a win streak to drag the Mets trolls out from under the bridge!

Met's fan: who's "we?"

We'll see if the Mets pitching keeps up their pace when the opponents get a little tougher. Oliver Perez gave up 6 runs in 5 IP to the Mariners only 3 starts ago and 4 runs, 9 hits, and 3 BB in 6 IP to the Angels the start before that.

We'll also see if Tatis continues to hit .414/.452/.828, which is what he's batting in July. In June he hit .236/.263/.255.

I expect this to be a race til the end. But that doesn't mean I expect the Mets to continue to play at their current rate. The Phils had a stretch where they seemed unbeatable this year as well (coming at the expense of HOU, COL, FL, CIN, and ATL.) They outscored COL 33-10.

you showed him, BobbyD

Maybe JW should start giving out memberships to a pet adoption agency when people first log onto the site? There are a lot of BLers that need a dog.

The Phils scored more and allowed fewer runs than the Mutts in the first half of the season. As I recall, the Mutts' pitching started the season out very strong, then had a long stretch of mediocrity, and now recently has had an incredible string of well-pitched games. Two short good stretches, one long mediocre stretch. I'm guessing that the long stretch is more indicative of their likely performance over the second half.

If the Phils management decides to show some conviction and finds even mediocre pitching to replace Eaton and Myers in the rotation, there's no reason, based on the first 1/2 season, to think that they won't be division champs.

Of course, unless the Phils management gets a top of the rotation starter, they will go nowhere in the playoffs. Nowhere, I say.

Philsphan- I don't think they need to keep that up to have a dominant rotation. Pelfrey is turning into an ace. Maine is a legitimate number 2 and Perez will occassionally flash ace stuff. That means there will be frequent stretches where the Mets are throwing out 3 ACES and a legit number 2 in a row. Folllowed by Pedro Martinez in the number 5 spot. This is why PECOTA was calling 95+ games for the Mets, and they are showing that they may turn into that kind of team yet.

Before people start to throw out skepticism on Pelfrey, check out his WHIP Since June 1: 1.06. His corresponding 1.94ERA for that time period is legit.

"But that doesn't mean I expect the Mets to continue to play at their current rate."

well, yea, that would be impossible. i don't think the mets are banking on that.

neither are they banking on tatis. it's a foregone conclusion that they will acquire an OF.

"Oliver Perez gave up 6 runs in 5 IP to the Mariners only 3 starts ago and 4 runs, 9 hits, and 3 BB in 6 IP to the Angels the start before that."

well, 4 starts ago, but whatever. he's had 3 good ones in a row.

To the MetBlog trolls...

The Mets will go on a 7-13 slide soon. The current 9 game winning streak brought them back into the division race, but they still have the same flaws in their lineup, starting pitching and bullpen. This nice winning streak started for them when the pressure was off but they won't sustain it. The All Star break came at a bad time for you. By the way, you all quit on your 'Amazings about a month ago. All of your foul comments on your blogs was ridiculous.

Bye now...

I agree that Marson and Carrasco are untouchable, but that's it. I've heard that the Blue Jays are very thin at short stop, so it seems like a package of Donald and Golson would be a good place to start for Burnett. It seems Toronto isn't sure whether they're sellers yet, so let's hope for a Rays sweep coming out of the break.

Sindler: Not to mention that those 3 food starts included 1 against the Phillies (0ER) and 1 against the Yankees (1ER). Perez is WAY more valuable to his team then his 92ERA+ would indicate. Of his 19 starts, he has given up 1 run or less in 8 of them.

If we didn't have Jenkins I would love for us to go after Brian Giles. He could probably be had for a lot less than he's worth due to people not realizing how bad Petco has dragged down his stats the last few years.

Also, just looked at the attendance at CBP this year. They're basically selling out every game minus a few. No excuse not to re-up Burrell for the next 3 years like they did with Lidge.

"Oliver Perez gave up 6 runs in 5 IP to the Mariners only 3 starts ago and 4 runs, 9 hits, and 3 BB in 6 IP to the Angels the start before that."

well, 4 starts ago, but whatever. he's had 3 good ones in a row

Oliver Perez is a timebomb. He can't be consisantly good. And, his last start wasn't good. He walked 6 in 6 innings, and threw almost half his pitches for balls. It was a miracle that he only gave up 1 run. And, it helped he was going against a AAA lineup in Colorado.

"..I agree that Marson and Carrasco are untouchable," Seems to me that sacrificing a legitimate shot at a deep run into the playoffs for a catching prospect based on his offensive skills doesn't make that much sense. What percentage of catchers make their bread and butter from their offensive skills over the long haul? Relatively few. A team can put together a pretty good playoff team with a weak-hitting/solid defensive catcher.

I don't know as much about minor leaguers as many BLers, but again, I don't see many claiming Carrasco has the potential to be a star pitcher. If that were the case, then yeah, it might make sense to forgo making a shot at a someone who may or may not be able to shut down teams in the playoffs. But that's not the case.

I doubt it's going to happen, but I hope the FO goes all out to get Burnett or someone roughly equivalent. The Phillies have the nucleus to make a run this year. I'd hate to see them not take a shot for the sake of someone who may be a pretty good pitcher in the next one or two years.

"He walked 6 in 6 innings, and threw almost half his pitches for balls"

how many hits, denny? what was his WHIP for the game? be fair.

Also 1 of those walks was intentional.

Mets: I stopped checking PECOTA percentages a little over a year ago. I found them to be of little use in predicting the NL East.

Well, sheeeeee-it. (Wire reference, anyone?)

Now that PECOTA is counting us out, we might as well pack up and go home. The season is O-V-U-R.

I wonder what PECOTA said about the Mets chances on Sept. 1, 2007?


best show of all time, CJ

Not only that, Mets, Espn stats have the percentages farther in the other direction (division: Phils 51% to Mets 34%; playoffs: Phils 64, Mets 47).

So, what does that tell you?

"This is why PECOTA was calling 95+ games for the Mets"

See this is what scares me about the Mutts. It seemed their situation got the better of them in the 1st half and they were really going to fail to meet expectations.

But it appears we're seeing a real regression to the mean folks, if we're to believe PECOTA (which has always been fairly accurate.)

If it IS a regression to the mean, which appears to be the case, the Phils will not be able to keep pace.

are you saying you trust ESPN about anything baseball-related, flipper?

not that i care about PECOTA.

That's curious. I'd like to see how that number changed throughout the year.

Right now the Phils are ahead of the Mets in W1-L1 (based on Pythag) 56-40 to 51-44.

PHI: 53-43
NYM: 54-41

PHI: 52-44
NYM: 52-43

I don't know. They seemed to have played the first part of the season fairly evenly. Given the Phil's offensive under-production and their tougher schedule, I'd give them a slight advantage.

I'd imagine PECOTA predicts the Phils' pitcher to fall apart as well.

I find it very funny that PECOTA gives the Nats literally 0% probability to make the playoffs. Heck, even the Mariners have a 0.000230% chance. But the Nats? Zippy.

Btw, we play them 12 more times.

There's no way Nate Silver's original PECOTA had the Phils' with the fourth best team ERA in the NL after 96 games.

Exaclty Sophist, that's why they're going to regress to the mean.

"are you saying you trust ESPN about anything baseball-related, flipper?"

Nope. I'm saying that it's way too much of a crap shoot to put much stock in predictions about the odds of making the playoffs. All it takes is one injury or one trade to completely shift the metrics. How would those numbers shift if the Phils pick up Burnett or if Santana goes down?

Or, God help us, if Hamels goes down....

Regardless of final W/L totals I think that the central tenet of the PECOTA thesis regarding this season is starting to play out as accurate.

The Mets starting pitching will be a dominant difference maker and the Vaunted Phillies offense will be hard pressed to equalize this advantage.

This is why since the pre-season I have been hootin and hollering for the Phills to make a trade for a legit #2.

Bottom line: The offense isn't producing like it should and the pitching staff is vastly over-performing and bound to fall back to earth. This is not a winning combination no matter how you slice it.

PhillR, I'm with you there. I mean, if Hamels DID have an injury and, say, hit the 15 day DL, who suddenly becomes the main guy on the staff? I mean, I love Jamie but do you want him as your front man, even for a little while? Kendrick? Eaton?

It was one of the best things about the thought of having Myers be the #2 guy in the fact that we knew Hamels had a backup. But I don't think, no matter what minor league numbers say, we can count on Myers coming back to form. At the very least, not this season anyway.

Like two weeks ago the Mets only had a 15 percent chance at the playoffs, according to Pecota. Obviously, the 9 game winning streak has drastically altered that. But I don't think Pecota tells anyone much except which teams are competing relative to each other.

NorthernLibs: If the Phils lose Hamels for any amount of time, it's season over. Simple as that. Our pitching is just not good enough to sustain this pace over the whole season as constituted right now, without Cole, they're done.

Well then, here's the question: we're in an enviable position of being in first place. We're got an excellent core of position players in their prime plus a few older supporting players. Our bullpen is crazy insanely outperforming what anyone would expect of the individual members of it (looks good this year, I wouldn't bank on it two years in a row). Do we HAVE to consider this "Go for broke" time? By which I mean, empty the farm system. Get the #2 starter + lefty bullpen help + maybe a catcher that can hit and field at the same time. If it costs us Carrasco or whatnot.... do we just have to go for it in this window?

If "going for broke" means getting a legit #2 (Bedard or AJ or Greinke) then yes. If it is anything less, then no way.

NL - there isn't enough on the farm to get everything you are asking for. Priority #1 should be to get a starting pitcher, and then maybe an extra bat for the bench. After that, hope that we can bring someone up from the farm to help in the bullpen. As far as catcher, I think we will have to live with what we have for the rest of this season.

Alright, forget the catcher (I just really hate Ruiz so I obsess a little). But certain we have enough trading chips (if you take out untouchable tags) to get that pitcher and bullpen help.

"He walked 6 in 6 innings, and threw almost half his pitches for balls"

how many hits, denny? what was his WHIP for the game? be fair.

Colorado sucks. They are one of the worst teams in baseball.

When you walk 6 in 6 innings, and throw half your pitches out of the strikezone, a good lineup should hammer you. The Phils would hammer Perez, when he is that wild. He wasn't wild at CBP a week ago. But, he has been against them in the past. The Marlins hit the wild Perez at the end of 2007.

That is Perez's MO.

And, Pedro is just hanging on by a thread physically. If he lasts into September, it will be a miracle.

so you don't want to answer the question, denny? don't want to talk about the WHIP for that game?


also, would you take perez as your 4th starter? would take him over eaton?

so, denny, perez gave up two hits and 6 walks (1 intentional) in 6 innings. horrendous, i know.

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