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Thursday, July 17, 2008


I like and whats important is hes signed through 2010

Despite all the pissing and moaning that is sure to carry over into the comments of this report, this was a smart deal for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Acquiring a guy who can realistically give you over 200 innings and rest your bullpen from the hellish month of June while, at the same time, pushing Eaton out of the rotation is MORE than worth the loss of three guys who have suddenly been mistaken around here as "can't-miss" prospects.

It's an upgrade. We have to look past his record. We can move Eaton to the pen now. Have a recharged Meyers. Should be a fun second final 66.

Usually a pitcher leaving the AL to go to the Senior Circuit enjoys much greater success, but I'm afraid this may not be the case with Blanton.
Going from a pitcher's paradise like the Coliseum in Oakland to a bandbox like CBP is somewhat concerning..

Also a little concerning is the fact that the Reds are about to blow a 2-run 9th inning lead against the Mets and they will have won 10 in a row in any minute

Iceman: I summed up my view on the last thread: Blanton gives us a safety net that the pitching staff hs lacked all year. He can step in right now for Eaton, an upgrade, and that allows Happ to step in for Myers if they choose to shift him to the pen or if he fails again as SP.

Although the always-cluless len39 ranks Golson as a top 3 prospect, the fact is no scout or independent analyst would do so. However, all agree that Cardenas was the Phillies best prospect by a wide margin. His glove will never be good enough for him to play middle infield, but he might work out in CF or 3B. About his bat, there is no doubt: He is going to be a very good major league hitter.

Outman is a decent middle-rotation prospect who will go as far as his command carries him. Spencer is a mediocre lefty power outfield prospect who is working on getting a reasonable K/BB ratio.

Bottom line for me: Not a bad deal if Blanton is healthy. The only player we gave up who has a good chance of being a star is Cardenas and he doesn't have a position yet. The Phillies window is closing and they needed to add a SP to make a serious post-season run. If they do so, this is a pretty good deal regardless of how Cardenas turns out. If, however, Blanton's badly deteriorated K/BB ratio is the product of a hidden injury, this trade could be a major disaster.

The fat Kyle Kendrick.

I think the Cubs gave up less for Harden, then the Phils gave up for Blanton.

He's a nice #3 starter. This team needs a #2 starter though and a hard thrower. Blanton is not a hard thrower.

It sucks for Happ too. No spots now available in the rotation. I guess its time to waste some more bullets in AAA, until somebody gets hurt. Nice to have that kind of depth, waiting in the wings. But, the kid needs to be pitching in the big leagues, not against the Norfolk Tides.

Mets are still hot--but when a team gets white hot like this it usually means cold spell is coming at some point. I just hope we can keep up so we aren't too far behind when that slump occurs.


Who's on the outs in the Phil's rotation?

I think it should be Eaton... but some industry sources think that Brett Myers may find himself as Bred Lidge's caddy in the near future. What about you all? Myers... or Eaton...

Len: you're wrong. Go check the archives from the Lidge trade and see the ratio.

clout: all agree that Cardenas was the Phillies best prospect by a wide margin

That's certainly news to the rest of the world.

Cardenas is #3 at best. If anyone will make a serious impact in years to come, it will be Outman. Then again, whoever the Phillies would have dealt in this deal would suddenly be tagged by internet fans as the next Ryne Sandberg.

14 earned runs in his last two starts, and a season ERA of 5.71 would make it seem like Adam Eaton looks like he's on his way out.

Also, I would assume Myers gets one more start at Lehigh Valley and Happ gets one more shot with the Phils. But when Myers comes back to the bigs, that will be the interesting part. I would think it's feasible that Happ and Myers both stay up here (recent call-up Bisenius would seem the likely casualty in that case) while one of them moves to the 'pen..


I guess things will carry over here from the last thread. In sum, I like this trade. Blanton isn't the ace quality #2 starter that would have put us over the top, but he will eat up some innings and give us some good outings. Right now we need a guy that we can depend on to give us some innings and that is Blanton. The bullpen is getting tired and besides Hamels we have no one we can really depend on for innings. Don't forget that Moyer and Kendrick got tired last year and no team will win a division with Eaton in the rotation.

Sure, we might be cursing this trade in five years if Cardenas realizes his potential, but it is a move needed to win now and whether you like giving up the prospects or not it has improved the team and made us more competitive. You have to give something to get something.

Plus, Blanton is only 27 and we have him for two years so this is far from a rental.

Thumbs up Phillies management. Congrats on the deal and thank you.

Andrew Miller, who was supposed to start on Sunday, is going to the DL.

As bad as he has been lately, I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

And, Pelfrey will now pitch on Sunday for the Mets, with the Mets scratching Pedro. So, the Phils will miss Pelfrey again in this upcoming series.

So for the Mets series, we will likely see Santana on Tuesday, Maine on Wednesday and Ollie Perez now on Thursday. The Phils will counter with TBA, TBA and Moyer (actually, it will likely be Blanton on Tuesday and Myers on Wednesday).

Kendrick, Hamels and Blanton will pitch against the Bravos next weekend at CBP.

I love the way all of the minor leaguers moved by Phils instantly become can't miss stars-in-the-making. Look around the ML and tell me how many guys developed by the Phils are playing key roles for other teams.

We haven't lost too many keepers, because we haven't had too many keepers.

Iceman: I'm sorry but I remember enough negative posts about the Lidge trade that I had to make some positive posts to counter them.

Also the Feliz move was met with overwhelming negative reaction (except for me who realized what to expect and liked it) and I think that has turned out to be a good signing. Anyone who says otherwise is just hanging on to the negatives so they don't have to contradict what they said when he was signed.

Bottom line is that this board is mostly negative and any prospect the Phillies trade is suddenly a can't miss stud and anyone we don't trade for (like Burnett) now would have a 2.00 ERA for the rest of the year and shut down every team.

I think this team made the best possible move it could make without completely depleting the already weak farm system. Maybe it even leaves us with enough to make another big move?

denny b: There seems to some sudden revision here on what the Cubs gave up for Harden. Perhaps a review is in order. In exchange for a fragile pitcher (Harden) who has one year left on his contract and a spot starter/middle reliever (Gaudin), the A's got 3 major league-ready players and 1 top prospect:

Sean Gallagher, a classic, 4-OK pitches, back-of-rotation innings eater who at age 22 has a chance to be better than that in a few years.

Matt Murton, 26, career .294 hitter and solid fielder in the corners who can play CF in a pinch, but is limited by 15-20 HR power.

Eric Patterson, 25, the better of the two Patterson brothers, plays 2B and OF, projects as a 15 HR, 30-steal guy. At least a solid 4th OF, Ryan Freel type.

Josh Donaldson, 22, a decent catching prospect, 2nd rounder out of Auburn who can hit (although not much so far this season) but is unlikely to field the position well enough to be an everyday player. If his glove improves he could be the surprise of the bunch.

Not a bad haul for a rebuilding team.

Len39:I think this team made the best possible move it could make without completely depleting the already weak farm system. Maybe it even leaves us with enough to make another big move?

I agree with this completely.

Take off the rose colored glasses and put down your revisionist history books and tell me what deal the Phillies could have realistically made that would have been smarter than this trade. Please. I'm interested to see what any of you would come up with.

Willie: Every scouting report I've seen has either Cardenas or Carrasco number one. Please cite a single report that had Cardenas at #3. Thanks.

I don't think the minor leaguers were all that awesome, however they were our best prospects and trading chips.

Blanton ERA+ 77
Eaton ERA+ 77
Meyers ERA+ 76

AL->NL nets about nets about a half point of ERA, however Oaklan->CBP will nullify that. Its a wash. This guy is going to be another adam Eaton. Maybe it helps the pen a little, but now we have nothing left to get an impact player.

This was dumb. It was very very dumb. If we want to throw spitballs we might as well let Meyers or Eaton do it. Hell or give Happ a shot.

Lens: This did completely deplete the farm system. We have nearly nothing left. In a month you will see this for the horror story it is.

clout: "Every scouting report I've seen has either Cardenas or Carrasco number one:

Let's see them.

There's no one in the entire system that I would hestitate to trade for bona fide major leaguers. I might shed a tear for Marson, only because we're so desperate for a catcher.

After hearing nothing but Carrasco, Carrasco for several years now, it's almost guaranteed that he will never help this team.

You want a better move? There are about a half dozen FA pitchers out there who would be only marginally worse performers but would have been free.

Christ, Shawn Chacon was released right? ERA+ of 83.

Instead of letting Beane extort us, just sign scrap pile FA.

PhillR: The farm system seemed like a horror story to begin with, but you gotta give something to get something. If Cadernas and Outman were really that great we would have gotten Sabathia for them.

Willie: Don't even waste your time with Clout. He is an airbag that thinks he knows everything. I really don't understand why people respond to his posts. I guess he gets a lot of replies cause his posts are so ass backwards and full of hot air that they garner responses of people arguing with his insanity and know-it-all nature.

Clout, for the record BP's top 100 had Carrasco as the Phillies #1 and Savery as #2. No other Phillies made the top 100.

Willie: OK, I'll name 3 that have Carrasco or Cardenas as #1. Then you name 3 that have Cardenas as #3.

1. Baseball America
2. John Sickels
3. Phuture Phillies

Your turn

"Let's see them."

1. Carlos Carrasco, rhp
2. Adrian Cardenas, 2b

Baseball America.

Lens: You don't have to give something to get something. There are free agents out there. Generally I am not a fan of that sort of bottom feeding, but Blanton has been so bad this year that I'm not sure it an FA would be any worse.

Shawn Chacon is actually not an FA I just read, however I imagine the Astros would have passed him to us for some of Jimmy Rollin's toe nail shavings.

Len39: I'm far from a know-it-all. But I'm not so stupid that I embarrass myself by saying such obviously false things as Golson is a top 3 prospect and that this board hated the Lidge trade.

Can someone tell me the point of an "innings eater" when he does it at an ERA close to 5??? Am I missing something? This is a horrible.

Look, Clout is not always right, however he is very well informed; and unlike most his opinions generally contain a kernel of logic instead of the baseless conjecture that is so common here.

I do like that he is an innings-eater-upper (is that even a legit phrase?). I was wondering if anyone has posted the type of pitcher he might be known to be. Does he throw more ground ball or fly ball outs? That is obviously important, especially at CBP. I'm hoping they see something we don't, other than the fact that his price tag fits into their payroll.

Phantastic: When the alternative is burning the pen on a loss, its preferable to have an innings eater. I get that. It makes some sense. However you don't trade away the farm for one.

Len: I did your work for you:

You didn't post in this thread, at least under that name. Take a look at home many "I like this deal"'s there are in the comment section. I would say the reaction was about 80% positive.

The guys on SNY said that the Phils would be sending "Mark Eaton" to the bullpen.

Excellent point, Phantastic. Livan Hernandez "eats innings" too and he sucks. But he pitches a lot of innings while sucking. So I guess that's better than sucking and pitching few innings?

Mack: About half his balls in play are ground balls, half are line drives/fly balls.

So far he has given up 7HR this season.

Mack: I think his FO/GO is pretty even, but the fact he's gotten 12 DPs in 20 starts is a positive sign.

"However you don't trade away the farm for one."

The "farm" is now a Wal-Mart parking lot.

Iceman: Len39 was posting under one of his other names that day.

The rotation should be:


w/ Eaton in the minors and Myers to the bullpen. But that will almost certainly not happen.

Not a great trade but hey, regardless of what they gave up, in the immediate future Blanton IS an upgrade over Eaton.

Is there any chance we might demote Myers and Eaton? Blanton's better than Eaton, and Happ's looked better in his two starts than Myers has looked all year, with the exception of one game. With Gordon out/undependable we could really use another setup man... maybe Myers could be that guy.

timr: If they do that, I have no problem with this move. But like you said (and we all know) they won't go with that rotation.

Joe Blanton's fly ball percentage: .344

Joe Blantons ground ball percentage: .461

Jamie Moyer's GB %: .466

Kendrick's: .459

Hamels: .384

Myers: .441

So I guess Blanton is a ground ball pitcher?

Ok you got me on that Lidge one. I just remember a lot of negative and fear that he would be Garcia. I guess I remember the negative.

Lol...Joe Blanton. Sweet pickup guys. Giving up a real nice prospect in Cardenas for a guy that can't even pitch well in a stadium that has a football field's worth of foul ground. Wait til he gets to CBP.

Please let my Mets at him right now. C'mon. We'll meet at your park in 20 minutes.

PS- You have company atop the NL East standings. Don't get too comfortable though. You won't be there for long.

Curt: "The "farm" is now a Wal-Mart parking lot."
Now, that's funny. Apropos of Eastern PA.

I'm ambivalent about this trade. Blanton is quality, but not a difference maker. I've never seen these minor leaguers play, but I discount all the hype based on phillie history. Still, I thought Cardenas was a bigger chip based on press reports. Plus, how do you give up a pitcher named Out-man?
Destined for greatness, no?

Blanton better mow them down his first couple times out or he's going to need a battery-proof vest! ha - sorry, I thought I was in Pittsburgh


For Harden (who is flat-out nasty, with #1 starters stuff) and Gaudin (a solid major league middle reliever, who can also spot-start), the Cubs only had to give up Murton (who has had numerous chances to stick in the big leagues with the Cubs, is 26, and doesn't project as a starter, Patterson, who is 25, and doesn't have a position, a young catcher who can't hit, and a future/present back of the rotation major league starter.

For Blanton, who is a career .500 pitcher, who has 12 losses this year (on a pretty decent team), the Phils had to give up their #2 and #4 prospects and a throw-in outfielder. That just seems a bit much to me. I could see either Cardenias or Outman, but not both. Not for Blanton.

Blanton, is basically this year's version of trading for Kyle Lohse. Lohse had a terrible record last year, and was a career middle-of-the-road starter in the majors. The Phils didn't have to trade two top 5 prospects to get Lohse though.

The positives of this trade are that he is signed for a couple more years, and he is just 27 years old. Its not the injury risk that Burnett would have been (and much cheaper) and not the head-case risk that Bedard would have been (and also much cheaper). And, after that, there aren't many other options out there, that are much different then Adam Eaton.

Is Blanton an upgrade to Eaton? Of course. That's not saying too much.

Could Blanton help this team win the division? Of course. Lohse did last year. And, Blanton has been better in his career then Lohse (except this year, of course).

Again, I can understand the trade. But, I think it was a big overpay, for a guy having a terrible year.

The two things I would be worried about with Blanton:

1. He threw 230 innings last year. That was 40 more then the year before. Is that playing a role in this year's stuggles?

2. His weight. Yes, he has always been "portly". But, this year he makes Myers look cut. He's a load. He might be a bit too heavy this year, which also may be playing a role in his struggles. You get out-of-shape, and you don't strike out as many, you wear out quicker and you start leaving balls in the middle of the plate. That's not something that can be taken care of in a couple of months.

One thing is for sure....first night Blanton gets hit hard, this board will be full of fat jokes. I can already picture the visual of Blanton and Cholly standing on the mound, and the comedy that will ensue here.

I'm really shocked that it took the stupid Mut trolls this long to show up and gloat.

It must be a record.

I probably should have "stayed Pat." Get it. It's my name, and a phrase. L.m.a.o.

Hey guys, just wanted you all to know that after tonight's game (I had 2 singles, a a homer, and a walk), I now have a better OPS+ than Ryan Howard.

Yeah, I'm the man.

Tim Kurkjian has lots of good things to say on about the deal and he got some positive words about Blanton from a scout.

The Phillies are trying to pitch this trade as a move that helps them in season and also in the post season. I don't know how many people remember this, but the A's didn't trust Blanton enough to have him start playoffs games. Though he led the team with 16 wins in 2006, he was relegated to the bullpen during the series against the Yankees.

The Blanton-B list type of deal binds our franchise to mediocrity. I feel this team as constructed before the trade was good enough to make the post-season. I thought the point of upgrading was to make the team sufficiently better to actually make an impact in the playoffs. Does anyone actually feel comfortable with any pitcher beyond Cole Hamels starting a game in October? I thought Burnett or Bedard at least gave that glimmer of real playoff impact potential upside. Getting another "innings eater" is fine and dandy if the franchise was simply looking to win 85 games, but the bar should be set higher. Debating the talent level of the minor leaguers given is not the point, because regardless of how they mature- they are current trading chips, and I was hoping those chips would be traded in for real impact potential rather than steady-as-she-goes type players. These moves continue to slowly bleed the farm system without bringing back anything really substantial. The risk averse nature of the dealmaking will never bring a big enough reward.

7 up with 17 to go. 7 up with 17 to go. 7 up with 17 to go.

helps us now and long-term. Gives us innings which rests the Pen. But please tell me this isn't all that we'll do. We still need a stud. The thing is we have money to spend having already surpassed 2 million in attendance. We know Burnett can be acquired for not much as long as we take salary. We know we can get Bedard if we send lots of bodies. We need a catcher and bench player.

If we get another starter, I still think Meyers could get traded to a team looking for late inning help which helps the payroll. Further, I think Eaton can be traded if we eat 70-80% of his salary or include a prospect or take salary back. Example, B-Jays need pitchers, especially if the deal Burnett

Iceman, keep repeating that to yourself. It'll make this season all the more easier for you.

Serious questions here...

Could the Phils trade Myers by the deadline? What if he comes back up, and still isn't effective as a starter? What if Bottalico is right, when he says Myers wants to be traded?

Take Eaton out of the equation. I think he is about option #7 now, for the rotation.

Now, you have 6 legit starters, for 5 spots. By all accounts, Happ impressed the folks he needed to (namely the manager), in his 2 starts. Guys like Lidge were complementing his stuff, with subtle comparisons to Hamels.

Hamels, Moyer and Kendrick are locks to start all year, health permitting. Add Blanton to that list now.

That leaves Myers and Happ, for one spot. Would Gillick be tempted, with many teams looking for a starter (and the pool very shallow), to dangle Myers and see what is out there? Could you gamble like that, in a pennent race? Could you maybe help replenish your minor league system, that just took a few hits in the Blanton trade, by trading Myers? Or, is his eventual spot this year, going to be in the set-up role in the bullpen, should he continue to not pitch well, as a starter?

Could the Phils be thinking, that they have Happ as a fallback plan, as their capable 5th starter and also have Carrasco, waiting in the wings in AA (although I don't happen to think he is ready), as a potential "extra starter" down the stretch, if needed. I think they are just waiting for him to put together 3 or 4 consecutive strong starts, and we may be seeing him move into consideration for a late season callup. Again, that would not be my thought, but there seems to be a faction in the organization, that is very pro-Carrasco and would like to get him up here soon.

Just some random thoughts...

I've been trying to think of a way to spin this into a positive:

Joe Blanton is not fat, he is "Husky."

Ok, that is all I have.

Damn. How nice is Lohse looking right now? 2.28ERA over last 11 starts. Wow.

Hey guys,

I googled "Phillies blog" and found this place because I want to see what the fan base is like. I'm still in Oakland but I'm flying out early in the morning to meet the team (Phillies, of course). I'm really excited and ready for the playoff race.

Just because it seems like you guys were wondering, I'll tell you what type of pitcher I am.

-I'm fat. Not like Dave Weathers fat, but just really, really fat.

-Pitching in a sever pitcher's park, I have never posted an ERA under 3.50. My ERA is close to 5 this year, and it was 4.82 two years ago. Solid.

-I eat innings. Literally. I'm really fat.

-I've struck out 62 guys in 127 innings. I9 make Kyle Kendrick look like Nolan Ryan.

-I am right-handed.

-I went to University of Kentucky, where I majored in Fried Chicken.

-At least I am 47-46 in my career. Because really, at the end of the day, isn't that all that counts. I win 50.5% of the time!

So I'm going to bring all that to your ballclub. Well, I can't guarantee that because I pitch in a stadium that is perfect for me, and I still sucked there. Now at Citizen's Bank Park, I'll look to just ask nicely for batters to get out.

Really nicely.

See you soon guys!


Joseph Blanton

Tim Kurkjian?? LOL

If Blanton is husky, what does that make Myers? Slender?

Clout: Nice try.

First of all, I never even mentioned Carrasco. You included him so you could piggy back Cardenas onto him in your "research" because you cannot defend your initial ridiculous statement that "all agree that Cardenas was the Phillies best prospect by a wide margin."

I started at the bottom of your list with Phuture Phillies that has Marson listed at #1.


Here's a larger pic:

Your next source (John Sickels) has Carrasco rated as the #1 Phillies prospect, not Cardenas (who, apparently, "all agree is the top prospect). Incidentally, this is the same John Sickels that had Welinson Baez ranked #4 and Shane Victorino at #11 just over two years ago.


Finally, as already pointed out by Ryn5, Baseball America also has Carrasco ranked at #1.

So, in reality (as opposed to your own personal opinion), your statement that "all agree that Cardenas was the Phillies best prospect by a wide margin" was found to be absolute nonsense by your very own research. Not only is he not #1 "by a wide margin," but he isn't listed as #1 on a single one of the sources you have cited.

Nice try though, son.

Whoever posted that link to the Lidge trade page: that is a big no-no. Entirely inappropriate. JW you need to dump the archives. The last thing anyone should have to do is read what they had to say 7 days ago, let alone 7 months ago. For example:

I guess my bottom line is this: Lidge has shown himself a great setup man. He has shown himself to be a mediocre to poor closer the past 2 seasons. Beerleaguers who think he'll revert to form from 3 years ago are fooling themselves.

Posted by:clout | Thursday, November 08, 2007 at 12:50 PM

7 up 17 to go. Biggest collapse in baseball history. Closer who chokes when it counts.

Not hard to repeat facts, "Jerry."

"7 up 17 to go. Biggest collapse in baseball history. Closer who chokes when it counts.

Not hard to repeat facts, "Jerry.""

That was last year This is 2008. Buy a calendar.

PS- I'm the real Iceman!

Same team of choke artists. And stop stealing my name.

Blanton. Someone you want starting the second game of the NLDS?

I say go out and get Bedard and trade Myers. Trade Eaton, a prospect and cash for a hitter. If we could get Bedard, the rotation looks great for 2009.

How about this Eaton-Kendrick/Happ-Donald-Ruiz-Castro-another prospect for Bedard and Jojhima.

Myers to Boston or Rays for a AA/AAA pitching prospect.

Sign Bonds, release Taguchi

BTW, A's plan on promoting Gio Gonzalez now that Blanton is traded.

Nice. Two posts in a row that have exposed Clout to be full of bologna.

Incidentally, Clout, my statement that Cardenas is the Phils #3 prospect was my own opinion, as opposed to claiming that "all agree that Cardenas was the Phillies best prospect by a wide margin" and proceeding to cite three sources, none of which have him ranked at #1 in the hopes that your false research would not be investigated.

Who needs credibility when you have clout, I suppose.

What team would take Eaton right now? You may be able to throw him in as an extra (which would be just hell with the salary) but what team would want to give up anything to take a chance on him at this point?

Joe Blanton. So this is what's going to put the Phillies over the top huh? LOL. Good Luck. Seriously, Good Luck. See you guys in a week. METS 2008 NL East Champions!

the mets were 5.5 GB from the phils on July 4....they have played only 10 games since then, and are now tied...7 in 17? 5.5 in 10? just sayin

Awful cocky considering the Mets have as many championships in the last 30 years as the Phillies do.

I would think after last year you would approach The Mets with no more than cautious optimism at this point in the season

Mr. Met: The Mets won 10 straight. Even though the Phils played decently over that stretch, getting beaten head to head 3 out of 4 made up more ground. That's not a collapse; the Mets are hot. Streaks happen. And then they end.

"Awful cocky considering the Mets have as many championships in the last 30 years as the Phillies do."

we have 2 since 1962, you have 1 since 1884

willie: Here's the baseball america top 10 prospects

Cardenas is listed at 2. For a guy who everyone agrees is the best by a "wide margin," I haven't seen a single report that puts him at nbr 1, let alone to speak so glowingly of him that he is head and shoulders above the rest.

Good thing our mediocre to poor closer is 20 for 20 with more strikeouts per 9 innings than any other closer in the game.

as for the mets troll, you're tied for first with a payroll that includes Santana and Pedro. I wouldn't cheer too loudly. The mets were in much better shape last year at this time, and we see how that turned out.

I said the last 30 years--not the entire history. Who cares about what happened before we were even born?

whats your point? the phillies were hot at the end of the season last year when they made up the 7 game deficit

The Phils didn't win 10 straight--the Mets were swept several times and dropped series they should have won. Yes, the Phils got hot at the right time, but you saw what happened when we got to the postseason. We got beaten by a hotter team.

All I'm saying is that it's a little early to declare the season over, especially when dealing with teams as streaky as these two.

Let's get real: the Mets expected to be ten games up right now. They win 10 in a row, still only manage to tie for the lead, and they're talking trash all over the place. This comes after their team folded like a cheap lawn chair in September last year.

Overconfidence, arrogance, or just stupidity?

Iceman: Overconfidence, arrogance, or just stupidity

This is New York we're talking about. Add an inferiority complex to being fans of the "B" team in their city and I think we can safely say that the answer is all four.

RE: Eaton you can trade him if you take another guy with a salary. We owe him 11-12 million, you can trade him to a team looking for a no chance prospect if you eat 8-10 million but if you take back the same or more salary from another struggling guy who fits better and include a prospect and/or a cheap major leaguer like Ruiz. Seattle's Johjima is struggling has a big salary and they want to start Clement more. My point is Eaton has got to go and if the Phils can get an upgrade for Ruiz or Taguchi, a high priced .235 hitter who plays good defense or is a strong clubhouse guy and may rebound and makes the same money, the team is improved.

relax, im just having some fun with you guys...i know the season is far from over, but its been what seems like forever since us met fans were able to gloat, and since i no longer live with my philly fan friends, beerleaguer is the only place where i can go to give phils fans a hard time

Beerleauger. Great for news from J but useless in the comments as usual. Retarded stats vs my stat is better. Random prospects years away vs established ML players. Once again you doombers hate a trade for a player that will help right now vs three random jerks with minor league numbers. Oh wait you might be the same guys that love those Myers numbers in the minors.

re Mets, happy to see El Duque left after 1 inning in his rehab start. Pelfrey is tough, let's hope Maines 2nd half mirrors last year. Pedro is this years Glavine but more injury prone. Still the Mets are winning because everyone is contributing Tatis, Easley, etc. That is scary. Worse Delgado has been hot ever since Swindle struck him out twice.

In my opinion and I bleed Philly Red - Wright and Reyes are far outperforming Rollins-Utley.

Enough!!! I'm done with the Husky jokes. It's over. I actually did most of that, in part because I thought it was funny, and because I think that most of the posters on here are overly concerned with the physique of Baseball Players.

Let it be heard here first: My favorite player of all time is John Kruk, and Kruker is in the fat guy baseball Player Hall of Fame. I have no problem with Blanton's weight, but I reserve the right to make jokes periodically as applicable. Denny B., your comment about Cholly and Blanton meeting on the mound was classic and caused substantial hilariousness in the Park abode.

Len: IN your defense, some were questioning Lidge, however not quite as substantial as you made it sound. It was actually rather minimal resistance.

Reality begins here: This innings eater talk hubbub is ridiculous unless Blanton pitches like a #2 starter. If not, then this move is not solid for this season regardless of how many innings he eats. I'm willing to give Blanton the benefit of the doubt until I have something to be mad at. From my perspective, Blanton's slate is clean as of right now. He creates his history as he goes. I'll write my book on his performance when it happens. Until then, he cannot perform or fail to perform prior to having pitched.

Blanton may suck, but he might be very good. He better be very good (#2 starter good), or else this team has no chance in the playoffs. Give him that chance.

Everyone that says Blanton is not as good as Kyle Kendrick, needs to wake up or get off the drugs. Joe Blanton as an idea of a pitcher is better than Kyle Kendrick as an idea of a pitcher. This does not mean that Kendrick will not outperform Blanton this season, but Blanton "should be" a better pitcher, even if he is not. If he is not, it only means that he did not pitch to his capabilities. Blanton's capabilities are better than Kendrick's, but those things don't always play out like a Disney Cartoon.

Whatever the Phillies got him for, he will be expected to be a #2 starter, regardless of their representations to the contrary. Blanton either performs or he doesn't, and that will play itself out.

If it can be said that Blanton is the son of two hypothetical fathers: Freddy Garcia or Aaron Harang, lets just hope he turns out to be more like Harang, as he is basically the only good pitcher that Billfredo Beane has lost. If Blanton is the next Harang, I'm thrilled, and this team could make and succeed in the playoffs. If he is the next Garcia, then this will be a monumental disaster which will result in a statue of Gillick being placed in Philly. The Statute will be a copper porta-potty that can be entered by pushing Gillick's bronze martinis closer to his mouth, and entering through his brinze unbuttoned, Hawaiian shirt. That will be the legacy of Fat Pat Gillick.

TJH: Not everyone hates the trade. I'm OK with it so long as it's not the only move we make. Blanton alone will not get it done.

"In my opinion and I bleed Philly Red - Wright and Reyes are far outperforming Rollins-Utley."

Depressing, but true, esp. in Rollins case.

TJH - IMO, Phils have to trade Myers, his $12 million next year is going to kill us. Spin him as a closer and get rid of his salary.

It took me this long to get my laptop working again after I smashed it into my wall.

My first reaction on hearing the news (after coming back from the Vermont LakeMonsters/Williamsport Crosscutters game: "F@CK!!!...then I saw Cardenas AND Outman and got even more pissed.

The fact that Beane took Outman shows that he probably is a legit prospect and Cardenas was hands down our best position prospect (In fact the only one with star potential).

Blanton better contribute damnit.

FWIW, I like the deal. If it moves Eaton out of the rotation, at worst, it's addition by subtraction.

I have a feeling Blanton will be like Lohse last year, a valuable contributor to a playoff bound team. As long as he doesn't come in with the bases loaded in the playoffs....

This isn't even the first time the Mets are in first this year. Both teams have many games against each other and many games against their NL East opponents. About 2/3 of the Phils' remaining games are against the East.

Last year at this time the Mets were 10 games over .500 and the Phils were .500. Lots of baseball left to be played.


So what does Blanton have to do this year, and in his tenure, to be worth what the Phils gave up? Bare minimum is better than Eaton, obviously. He should get, what, 14 or 15 starts?

I am Blanton's new bigest proponent. I'm calling for a slogan:

Joe Blanton has a Clean slate*

*Lets keep it that way (or at least low) in certain statistical categories. (R, ER)

GO Joe Blanton, our husky #2.

BTW: Notnalb is Blanton, backwards.

Blanton ISN'T Adam Eaton...that appears to be his greatest strength. Hopefully this means we won't have to deal with Eaton anymore. Not that I expect the FO to basically eat it on $10 million.

My most optimistic theory goes like this: Blanton is at least unfamiliar to NL hitters and they won't have too much time to scout him in the final 2.5 months of the season. He should at least give us quality starts and keep us in games. Right?...Right?

I'm with Parker...I guess. I'll give him 2 starts of a 'clean slate.' If he sucks and/or we make no more deals, forget it.

You have to figure that they are still gonna add a bat even if it isn't a huge name. They have to know that hte offense needs a little help.

Gillick has provided enough talent to win the NL Pennant - now the key is for the manager and players to produce and make it happen. The Cubs are the biggest obstacle, but thanks to the best GM we've had in 15 years, I think the Phils are in a better position to succeed. Eaton should be in long relief or released and I expect Blanton to be a marked improvement over him, especially while he enjoys the bump that usually accompanies a pitcher when they first switch leagues.

As happy as i am i hate to see the trolling of my fellow "fans". In turn i hate to see the talk of us choking (which we did) because in you guys also got smoked and only played 3 more games than us. Just in my opinion every season as a Mets fan is world series or bust. That also goes as a knicks fan and you all know how futile that has been for me. Young teams with rookies are different somewhat like the Mets circa 2005. Either way i didnt know any of the guys you traded but i would figure if youre giving up your number 2 prospect you shoulda gotten more. Then again he could flip a switch and start mowing through national league batters so who really knows? either way i am hoping omar sees this trade as what it is... an innnings eater pickup.. and he doesnt jump on the first deal there is and trades our ONLY 3 prospects above 16 that are worth anything for holliday.

Oh and one more thing... we are tied for 2nd highest payroll and the number 1 still has about 60 million more than us

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