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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I was hoping we would see Happ. That would truly light a fire under his rear end, more so than just talking about replacing him.

I'd put my money on Happ starting for the Phils early next week.

Not that I pretend to even know anything about the inner workings of an MLB team, but I imagine this is an extremely sensitive matter and can't be handled lightly. Demoting Myers, once/if it happens, will have to most likely be permanent, given his mentality/loss of confidence. They have to be absolutely certain or have a surefire plan in place before they take such a course of action, because afterward, there's really no going back.

Myers frustrates me as much as the next person, but the worst part is that he's got such good stuff and either he can't/won't adjust or is hurt; it's a tough call to send down your opening day starter. It's not like he's Adam Eaton and was signed to be a #5.

It's really too bad that this isn't all unraveling closer to the trade deadline so they could be looking outside the organization. Teams just aren't ready to trade yet; it's too far off and most still think they are in it.

Way to motivate Pat G.
I'm sure that Happ is just overflowing with pride in being called "Decent. Acceptable" by the GM.

doubleh: very well said. The situation with Myers isn't just another roster move.

I'm just glad Hamels is still pitching against the Mets. Not that it guarantees anything, but going 1-3 or 0-4 against them would be brutal.

Myers has been optioned to AAA and has accepted domotion.

Will be pitching tomorrow night against Scranton.

You're kidding right Bedrock?

I'd also like to see Happ get a chance. Myers might be better suited to the bullpen at this stage of his career.

Nope - It's on

No-Happ expected to be called up.

BedBeard: I would quickly become a betting man if I could get some action on Feliz batting above .300 if he was traded. I think I would take that bet if the average was as low as .260.

Brian G: I'm shocked that Clout had no idea what the source of the conversation was in the Howard discussion.

Flipper: I'm shocked that Clout wrongly attributed statements to you.

Clout/Willy: I'm not privy to the inner-workings of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. All I know is that LaMar was the GM when those transactions were made and those players were acquired. If LaMar was a strawman, fine, but I haven't seen anything that lists anyone other than him as the GM from the years 2001-2005. Perhaps one of you could point me to a source that lists Hunsicker as the GM, and not LaMar. Otherwise, I'm sticking with Baseball Reference.

BAP: I agree with (or at least understand what you are saying) with regard to Howard's increased K's. It does not seem like a novel concept that a guy who spends much of his time flailing at garbage, would have an increase in both K's and groundouts. Why some people refuse to recognize this non-earth shattering concept is boggles the mind.

Can't believe he accepted a trip to L.V.

Bedbeard: I mean Ruiz. Damn the "iz's."

Bubba: That's because Happ doesn't throw 95 mph. Finesse lefties get no respect.

Wow, I really didn't expect Myers to be demoted. I thought a phantom DL trip would be the route.

the Inq's website just announced that Myers is being sent to Lehigh.

It's really pretty stunning that a veteran player would get demoted to AAA -- and accept the demotion.

...that's what I get for not re-loading before posting...

I know when we were talking about Ruiz the other day and whether he could be "optioned" to AAA. The residing opinion was that he was out of options. Actually, I guess the rule is he is out of Options that he can't refuse. But once you get to a certain service level and you still have "options" left, you can be optioned but you must accept. In either case, you wouldn't need to clear "waivers". Does that sound right?

If you refuse to accept the option, what happens? Does that force the Phillies to keep him or release him? And I wonder why Myers didn't go that rout? I imagine he knows that this will help him get his head on straight and that he still wants to be a Phillie. If that means anything to anyone here.

It's not like the Phillies to be so forthcoming about a situation like this; I'm actually kind of shocked.

Wow, I'm trying to think of an analogous fall from grace on the level of Myers. Maybe Jose Rijo?

Why is Carrasco not even in the discussion? Nothing against Happ, but shouldn't they at least contemplate letting the guy with the most natural talent have a shot.

Parker: Dontrelle Willis just earlier this year? (although we all knew there was something wrong with him)

Tomorrow's a good night for my first trip to Coca Cola Field in A-town.

Tommy T: No, they need 3 LH in the starting rotation. Well, it makes sense because most of the hitters in MLB are LH.

Oh, wait? Doh!!

Dontrelle Willis maybe??? Although he was "injured"... but I suggest it was more of a Myers situation than injury

Carraco/Happ have been discussed ad nauseum.

Okay, those of you bemoaning the fact that the Phils hadn't made a move should apologize to the front office now ;-)

Not only did they make a move, but they made the right one. It, frankly, was one I hadn't even considered but absolutely makes the most sense. Maybe Myers works his way out of his funk and in the meantime, we get to see what Happ can do. Bravo to the Phils front office on this one.

Now commence bashing the FO for all the other reasons they deserve to be bashed for...

Parker: Well if 8 years of .400 ball is your idea of a good GM, LaMar is your man. But then you're pretty well known for your patience when a team is losing. LOL!

Clout: Correction, I'm pretty patient when a team is losing, but playing good or decent. When the source of the losing is channeling the Bad News Bears, I am less patient.

Not on the comments to this post there Virgl; everyone seems resigned to the notion of Happ getting the start.

Parker: And how did the Rays play during LaMar's 10-year tenure as GM?

Eight months ago, Brett Myers was on the mound as the Phillies clinched their first division title in 15 years. Today he's in the minor leagues. What's that they say about the game of baseball??

Tommy T: I am of the opinion that they need a power RH, whether that is Carrasco/Burnett or someone else. I'm not particularly high on having 3 LH in the rotation.

Bobby: It tells me Myers must have lost all confidence in his ability to pitch if he's accepted a demotion to AAA.

Inside/Outside - I know Andrew Friedman is the Tampa Bay GM, but he came along with the new ownership that bought the team. They are all Wall Streeters and sharp businessman. Friedman is young, maybe 30 or so, so I doubt very much he could come in and be an effective GM with no experience and no track record. Right after he was hired, Hunsicker came aboard and was listed as an advisor to the GM. All those good moves made under that new ownership is coming from somewhere.
When Ed Wade was canned October 10, 2005, Theo Epstein also became available later that month as did Hunsicker. Gillick was hired November 5. There was a window of opportunity open to change direction of this franchise for the better, IMO. But as I mentioned before, you can't fire anyone who has a lifetime job in the Phillies organization.

Finally, Meatball gets demoted...Its about bloody time.

Clout: Indeed, how well has any expansion franchise done in the initial decade of existence in any professional sport? The Marlins, sure. Perhaps you can name a few others.

I'm not saying LaMar is a godsend, only that at least 6 or 7 of the players on the current 1st place team were obtained during his tenure. Make of that what you will.

BTW: I have a feeling Ed Wade would still be with the Phils if Pat Burrell (and others) had their career years a couple of year earlier.

I am surprised to hear Myers is going to AAA.

I see the news is out. Whatever you want to say about Myers, lets acknowledge that he didn't have to do this. In fact, it is so unusual I never even heard any speculation about the possibility.

Is Happ definitely starting Thursday?

Any speculation how long Brett is going to be down there? Is this more of a "go down there until the All Star Break and get your head cleared" trip where he gets a few starts, 4.50 ERA and gets recalled or do you think he has to really prove himself before getting the call back up?

If Happ maxes out his potential, he is a back of the rotaton guy. Wouldn't you want to see the hard throwing righty who has top of the rotation stuff, especially when you currently have a stff of 4 rather finesse starters.

Maybe this demotion will allow Brett to get his head in straight. Or maybe, there is something physically wrong and maybe this is the opportunity to work it out. Anyway, give the Phils credit for doing it and Myers credit for accepting it. But then again, he's making 8 million and pitching like a minor-leaguer anyway. The bigger news will be what comes oout of this. Chad Durbin is not the answer as a permanent starter. We need another LH reliever too and "So what Taghuchi's gotta go.

But really, this tells you the sad state of the pharm system as there is no help down there. We had a perfect opportunity to run away with the division simply by winning a few games recently and then running amok in the NL. Now if we don't win it, we'll point to another failed inter-league stretch. It's up to bing in the necessary pieces.

At the end of the day (assuming this is the only move)... this only helps us Thursday, maybe.

There are still issues in the line up... JROLL asked for pitching help. It's a little bit of help.. .now it's time for him and the rest to respond.

IMO: The fact that Myers did take the assignment is a good sign that there is something bad wrong, something more than just a lack of confidence. I just can't imagine someone of Myers talents to not go somewhere unless he just has nothing left. I'm not saying steroids, but I can't say that the thought hasn't crossed my mind, particularly when you lose 9-10 MPH on your max fastball.

Yeah, I guess you've got spread some credit around to:
a) the FO, for making a tough move that also happens to be the right call, and
b) Myers, for swallowing his pride and trying to work his problems out.

Also, though, as I think someone here already said, Myers must be as completely confused about his pitching as we are right now, if he recognizes this as an opportunity to straighten up.

Wow. This is seriously big news.

BTW... if I were the Iron Pigs... I'd ask for a Physical on Myers.

He doesn't have a choice as to whether he can accept it or not does he?

wow... I guess myers is not as bone-headed as I thought? I am sure the phils couched it to him as a very temporary arrangement, i.e. "go down there, get your stuff together, and you'll be back after the all-star break".

Gotta give myers some credit for having the humility to accept the assignment, and for having the self-awareness to realize that he has been pitching like crap and hurting the team.

Never mind. My understanding of the rule was faulty

Could the demotion have been a punnishment for not taking the advice of the coaching staff regarding his mechanics? Or does his accepting the demotion mean that he is finally ready to address those issues?

I wouldn't mind seeing a couple other guys joining Myers on his rehab assignment -- Ruiz & Jenkins for a start.

Parker: "Indeed, how well has any expansion franchise done in the initial decade of existence in any professional sport?"

Well, the sport we're talking about is baseball. And your man LaMar finishes well behind nearly every other expansion team in terms of on-field success. Go to the Rays fan site and tell them you think LaMar was a good GM and see what reaction you get.

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