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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Time to try Burrell out at his College position... hahha

Does anyone else realize that Rich Harden is the best pure pitcher in baseball?

Obviously you don't want a good defense who hits that well off LHP missing time, but the Phils have over twice as many total PA this season off RHP, off whom Feliz is hitting .239/.287/.361.

His replacements are hitting off RHP

Bruntlett: .223/.292/.282
Dobbs: .308/.345/.438

Bruntlett is .250/.354/.393 off LHP.

Off RHP he won't be missed.

Wow. What a difference an hour makes. Out goes the Manny chat. In comes Ronnie Belliard.

So Taguchi will likely stay the duration of the season now that Pedro is hurt. SoTag isn't even the last man on the bench anymore with Mike Cervenak taking that distinction. I could see Patty G making a play for old buddy Willie Bloomquist up in Seattle. He plays all over the diamond with great speed, just no power to speak of.

"Stabbing in the dark" - both a way to guess at potential free agents, and the extent to which some commenters would go to remove Feliz from the lineup against right-handers

and by "free agents", I mean waiver-wire pickups.

"and the extent to which some commenters would go to remove Feliz from the lineup against right-handers"

Yes. Just looking at OBP, his loss isn't horrible even against LHP.

Feliz loss weakens the team's SLG and the team's bench. OBP goes up.

Gillick: I think its best we do nothing here.
Monty: Great I'll call Claire.
Monty: Miss Betts, I saved us a lot of money today
Claire: Good Boy, Monty.

Walrond is probably worth a look, but hopefully he's a little more than flavor-of-the-week-RJ-Swindle ilk.

Let's just hope Manny doesn't suddenly get traded to the Dodgers. Phils face them 8 times in the next 3 weeks.

is charlie hayes too old to come back and play third?

actually, thats a horrible idea. he wouldn't be able to get his patented one-hop throw to first on CBPs grass field.

Mike, dont say RJ swindle, I am making a snack with a sharp knife in my hand.

BB: I was ducking tomatoes as I hit "Post".

Manny to LA, says SI.

First it was Rolen, then Bell, now Feliz. What's with the 3rd basemen and their backs? Only Rolen suffered on the Vet's turf. Maybe Adrian Beltre can slip through the waiver wire.

Manny to the Dodgers confirmed by NESN and

I saw Walrond pitch a shutout but it was against the Reds' ML system, so take that for what it's worth. He was pretty good.

This whole 3rd base stuff started because they didn't want to pay Texiera so they let the Rangers draft him.

I've also seen a Bay to the Dodgers rumor, since it seems the Rays deal is off.

I'm suspect of this though since the wording is hazy and it may just be that Bay was pulled from the Rays and reinserted into a Manny deal.

On another note, there is a game tonight, no?

Isn't the starting pitcher for the Nats one John Lannan? Wasn't he the guy who broke Chase Utley's hand last season?

Kendrick's line for his last 3 starts vs. the Nats:

0-1 17.1 IP, 18 H, 8 R, 7 ER, 4 BB, 9 K, 1 HR, 3.63 ERA.

Lannan vs. Phils:

0-0, 4.1 IP, 6 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 2 BB, 1 K, 1 HR, 8.31 ERA.

As Hawaiian Punch Pat rubs the sleep out of his eyes at the passing trade deadline, he quickly changes his ugly floral shirt and goes up to Billy and Monty's office to collect his end of the month paycheck, the whole time he is surely contemplating retirement from his GM position here:

PG: "Well guys, just like you asked, I took another fall for you at the trade deadline. I sure had 'em all talking about us trading for Manny, Holiday and Halliday didn't I?"

Monty: "You sure did Pat. Boy, I can't thank you enough. At least now the fans think we tried but just couldn't pull it off. Be sure to feed them the old 'Asking too much' line tonight on the 6:00 news."

PG: "I will Monty. That's the least I could do after you allowed me to steal another 3 years worth of salary instead of getting out of the game like I planned. Boy, Ruben has his work cut out for him next year. Wait till he dumps Burrell, gives Eaton another shot in the rotation at ST and trades for a few washed up stiffs at a low cost salary, the fans are gonna have him hung out to dry. He will be more hated than Jay Snider once was for the Flyers."

Billy: "Well Pat, Ruben can lie with the best of them. He'll be just fine. Besides, I'm thinking up some new Bobblehead ideas for next year, along with some Hawaiian night give-a-ways, in honor of you and Vic. I think we should throw in a few more dollar dog nights too, towards the end of the season, when we are 15 games out. With a little luck we'll draw 3.5 million."

PG: "Well guys, thanks for the chat. Let me go face the reporters. Nah, on second thought, let me find the kid...Hey Ruben!"

Sounds like Manny to the Dodgers, Bay to the Sox, and the Pirates get two prospects from each team. Living in the LA area I go to Dodger games relatively frequently (for my MLB fix), so maybe their games will actually be somewhat exciting now.

From The Pirates will be announcing a trade shortly, as they are a part of a three-team trade that involves the Pirates, Dodgers and Red Sox. According to an industry source, Manny Ramirez has been dealt to the Dodgers. The Pirates are believed to have gotten Brandon Moss and Craig Hansen from Boston and Bryan Morris and Andy LaRoche, the brother of Pirates' Adam LaRoche, from Los Angeles. Boston is believed to have received Bay.

I don't want to turn this into fantasy baseball zone but I've been proposed a deal that could shake the foundation of the 6 year keeper league I'm in.

Currently I'm in 1st place by three points. The guy in 5th place is offering me this deal. I should also mention he and I are tied in saves. I'm behind a little in RBI's and HR's to teams in front of me

He desperately wants Josh Hamilton off me (11th round pick).

He offered me Alfonso Soriano, Mike Jacobs, and Mike Gonzalez for Hamilton.

Then he said- if I was willing to throw in Cliff Lee (FA pick-up, would be a 13th round keeper) he would add Corey Hart to the deal (5th round pick)

So basically we're looking at Hamilton, Lee, & PTBNL for Soriano, Jacobs, Hart, & Gonzalez.

Now I don't think Hamilton and Lee come close to these numbers next year so I need to cash out high on these guys right? Does that seem like fair value to everyone? It does to me but I'm also too close to the situation.

>>Isn't the starting pitcher for the Nats one John Lannan? Wasn't he the guy who broke Chase Utley's hand last season?<<

Nah, he was the guy who played with Paul McCartney.

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