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Thursday, July 24, 2008


All I know is, Utley better not get MVP talk this year. All the MVP award does is kill our players.

@ loctastic

The way he's been playing the past month or two, I don't think he has to worry about that.

Tony D: No I don't. I now know he is not the type of teammate that rides on the TEAM BUS with the rest of the TEAM. Whatever that means about the guy.

I know he has been benched twice this season by an extremely laid back manager for insubordination.

J-Roll admitted Cholly has only two rules, and he has violated both of them in the same season. Twice in two months.

No, I have no idea what kind of a teammate he is.

Wow, does this team need an enema. Gillick needs to get back to wheeling and dealing. 1 game out is not insurmountable, and I don't care what anyone else says, the Mets aren't unbeatable. They are hotter and playing better baseball right now; at the end of the day the teams are pretty evenly matched in terms of talent and capacity for boneheaded plays/questionable mgmt.

J-Roll's comments after the game were pretty telling. He basically admitted that he drives/rides himself to most games. What?????

Why is this allowed to go on? And I have a logistical question - was he in a cab or does he have a rental car when he goes on the road?

As the leader of the team, he should be the first in the lobby waiting for the bus. Period. End of discussion.

Thank God I was working and forgot the game was on. This is pathetic.

Can anyone honestly say they're surprised at this?

Management is cutting off their nose despite their face when it comes to Brett Myers.

Adam Eaton is pitching like Adam Eaton.

Cole Hamels gets no run support whatsoever.

Ryan Howard, though "turning the corner" for the 11'th time this season, continues on pace to break his own single season strikeout record.

Jimmy Rollins hustles only when he feels like it.

Our shallow pockets allowed 12-2 Kyle Loche and the real 2007 team leader, Aaron Rowand, to walk away, leaving us with an outfield of backups + Pat Burrell in a contract year.

Our bullpen is overworked because we only have one starter who can realistically be counted on to pitch into the 7th inning on a regular basis.

It is inappropriate to use the word "collapse" because, frankly, we weren't having that good of a season to begin with. We took advantage of a Mets team that slumped through the first two months of the year to limp into the All Star break in first place. Now, with a young, hungry Marlins team scrapping out wins and an experienced Mets playing to their full potential, we will enjoy yet another mediocre season after our 2007 fluke division title that came as a result of arguably the biggest collapse in NL history.

The 2008 Phillies, as the roster is today, are good enough for 3rd place in the NL East, and unless the front office decides to reach into their pockets (5th highest attendance in all of baseball) and pick up some talent, instead of the hopeful "diamonds in the rough" that have continued to screw us time and time again, the 2009 season doesn't appear to be our time either.

Analyze it all you like. Philadelphia is not committed to winning. Not the team. Not the management. Not the owners, and not the fans.

I apologize to THe Dude for defending any of J-Roll's comments about "We'll pick it up when it counts." "This is just inter-league play."

I defended J-Roll and said THe Dude was misconstruing these comments as negative and apathetic. The Dude, you were right. J-Roll is all about himself. I was wrong. I'll never think of him the same again after seeing this mess.

Fire Milt Thompson

This team's MO is offense. Silly.

Last year's offense with this year's pitching equates to a team 15 games over .500 imo. I called for Dubee's head last year and they turned it around. Hopefully, Milt can turn it around.

Just like '07, this season turns to Kyle Kendrick to thwart the skid. He may get a break with Chipper being hobbled. Either way, not only win the 1st game this series, win the last one and one in between! A sweep would be a helpful ingredient to Jason's and our collapse pie into a Chase Utley sponsored Tasty Cake.

Willie: Speak for yourself. I'm committed to winning. I can't control what this stupid office/mgmt/ownership does.

Great synopsis JW and a nice graphic to boot. Basically, Phils should have been swept this series and lost 2 of 3 against the Fish. I think the Phils should wait until this series against the Braves but more and more this team reminds me of the 2005 Red Sox.

They were a talented team too but underachieved through July including a key series against the Yanks where they faltered. Epstein took a huge gamble and arguably traded the face of the franchise at the time (Nomar) to shake up the team. It paid huge dividends and paid a huge role in the Sox going on to win the Series that year.

Granted this year's Phils team just doesn't have the caliber of pitching of the '05 Sox but in many ways it seems like they are in very similiar circumstances right now.

Phils basically haven't lived up to expectations and or played well for over a month. If they continue to flounder and don't make a critical upgrade, then it is quite likely that this team will be at home again in Oct.

Way I see it, next couple of weeks will probably determine how Gillick's tenure is largely remembered in Philly. If it is another lateral move like Blanton and the Phils don't make the playoffs, he will be remembered as a failure and rightly so.

Parker: You're a very emotional guy and it sometimes leads you to ridiculous thoughts. The idea that the Phillies would be a better team with Eckstein playing short instead of Rollins is beyond ridiculous even if they got Burnett. Shortstop is the most important position on the field. Eckstein at age 33 is now a below average fielder and while he can still get on base, his OPS of .715 is also below average. The Jays are trying to dump him for good reason

Clout: Please defend J-Roll's actions, disregarding any trade talk.

Willie: How exactly are the fans not committed to winning? What does that even mean?

doubleh: I'm speaking for a group of fans that are regarded by the rest of the nation as obnoxious and arrogant without having any reason or justification to be arrogant, and a group of fans that has more energy in booing our own players than in booing the opposition. I'm talking about Philadelphia. The reputation didn't come from thin air. It was earned.

If I said it once, I said it a thousand times: I love the Phillies, but I hate Phillies fans.

Listening to WFAN and you would think from the retarded Mets' fans calling in that they just won the division or that there team is some kind of juggernaut.

One thing that gives me solstice is that there is no way the Mets are going to run away with this thing or likely top 90 wins. Basically will keep the Phils in it unless they completely self-destruct (below .500) and that isn't going to happen.

...and the worst part of all of this is the fact that we've been relatively injury-free thus far. If anything were to happen to Burrell, Howard or Hamels, a sub-.500 team would not surprise me for a minute.

I give the Phils a pass on Lohse. They made him a great offer and he rejected it.

When is Cholly going to sit Utley for non-production. It's obvious the guy's gassed right now. It seemed to help Burrell last year.

Bruntlett can take the next few games at second, unless he's busy as Rollin's substitute.

Just read that they're considering bringing up Happ as a bullpen guy if they can't get anything done via trade...

LOL @ killing mets fans for being excited about taking first place and bouncing back from a BAD loss on tuesday

you're grasping at straws, dude

i'm also glad you've found "solstice" in something...

Utley, Rollins, and Myers all have to turn themselves around in a big way, or this team is doomed.

There will be no big blockbuster trades (thats what Blanton was, ha!), and maybe a guy like Milt Thompson should get the boot just to shake things up.

But something is really wrong with this team and those three guys are gonna have to figure it out and fix it.

"I give the Phils a pass on Lohse. They made him a great offer and he rejected it."

..and rather than negotiate with a man that saved our ass, we sign an injured Kris Benson instead who, even at 100%, is an overrated, average starter.

Yet another brilliant decision. Ranks right up there with trading Garcia without requiring a physical. Floyd for Garcia

(before anyone feels the need to go on a diatribe)

I personally feel this organization has the most dedicated fans of any team in baseball. One world championship since 1883, and still we support and live and die with this organization. We stick with them through the good, and mostly bad times. We are dedicated enough to put up with lackluster front office moves by a GM on his way out of town and subpar preformances by players that are supposed to be in line. The problem with the Phillies is in no way the Phans. In my opinion, this team is playing with no heart, it seems like it doesn't really bother them to lose, that is the problem. The talent level on this team is fine, its the effort and execution that is lacking.

F Lohse, they offered him 3/21 and he turned it down. He's having a great year. The Cards will re-sign him and he'll go back to being an average pitcher. He hated CBP. Whatev

From MLBTR-The Phillies are focused on a left-handed reliever, with Fuentes, Damaso Marte, George Sherrill, and Jack Taschner in the mix.
The Phillies were scared off by the asking prices on Holliday and Xavier Nady, and never even made an offer. They still could acquire a lesser hitter.

*A lesser hitter? Hope that doesn't mean Marlon Byrd Part Deux

It's never as bad as it looks. What we need is a couple series vs. Pittsburgh and Washington.

Willie: What have the Mets won lately that allows them to act the exact same way? I don't care about Philly's reputation, which is generalized and supported by the likes of lazy reporters that work for ESPN--fact is, much of the nation has caught up to Philly with regard to boorish behaviour. Every fan base has their a-holes. I'm a rational, but die-hard fan. You seem to be as well. Don't lump everyone in together.

As with WFAN and WIP it's the vocal minority you hear from most of the time. We get a bad idea of Met fans from trolls and what we hear on radio, but I know many nice, rational, thoughtful Met fans personally. I have a family full of wonderful Phillies fans. Yes, some people live up to the stereotype, but it's unfair to lump everyone in together.

in my post i meant players that are supposed to be in their prime.


Not sure if it's been discussed, but where was Dobbs to pinch hit for Werth in the 8th?

Morty: Cholly went with his gut. His gut was wrong.

The comments that truly irk me are those where J-Roll notes that "We are not going to agree on this one." (note: I don't even know if that was the actual quote ha). If he actually said this or something along those lines, it makes zero sense to me. The matter of agreement is completely insignificant. Take the medicine, and admit that regardless of the reason, you were late to a ballgame.

I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for Charlie to pull Rollins from a line-up in perhaps the largest game of the year to this point. The rift between these two must be growing at epic proportions. Jimmy has likely taken over Vic's spot at the top of the Manuel's S-list.

I don't ride the bus because I hate my teammates. I'm an MVP, we don't ride buses. I plan on loafing into second place with the rest of my underachieving offense because I don't care about the season, the manager and I especially don't give a crap about the worst sports phans in the world.

Plus who wants to spend time getting swept in the playoffs? I need to get back to the clubs in NYC.

Swindled - Grasping at straws? The Mets are 4-3 since the break and didn't exactly blow away the Phils this series. Not exactly lighting the world on fire.

You have to love how ridiculous most Mets' fan are. Their team has a ton of offensive questions (2B, both corner OF positions, C, 1B if Delgado)doesn't continue his production), bullpen issues, and still has plenty of questions about their rotation but they are acting like there team is clicking on all cylinders. Only in NY and particularly with Mets' fans.

The only Mets fans I have a problem with are the ones who have never so much as set foot in New York (same issue I have with Cowboys fans and Bulls/Lakers fans, depending on the decade).

Granted, DoubleH, I'm frustrated and included the fans in my rant because over the past 20 + years, they've annoyed me as much or more than the Phillies front office.

Still, I agree with UofL: this team has no heart. They play like they're entitled to the division. I'm calling a close 3rd place right now, behind Florida and New York (assuming the Braves don't catch fire). At this point, I'd prefer a 3rd place finish. Perhaps it would wake everybody the hell up for the 2009 season. It beats limping into the playoffs and getting KO'ed in the first round again.

Parker: I absolutely do not defend Rollins actions. He should be disciplined.

Ach. Live by the gut, die by the gut.

Carson: The actual article by Jayson Stark quotes the Phillies as saying a "Casey Blake- tpye hitter." I guess that'd be ok. Also he'd give you some positional flexibility and make Taguchi a prime candidate for the old DFA. Or as a possible guy to throw on waivers in August.

Lack of heart is responsible for the Phils not winning? More likely it is largely the generally inept pitching staffs the Phils have had during the tenure of their franchise.

Willie: I hear you, but if you think Phillies' fans are bad, you've apparently never been to an Eagles or Giants game. lol

Getting a "Casey Blake" type would be fine. Taguchi should have been DFA at least 2 weeks ago and the Phils could really use another legit bat off the bench right now.

I would have shown up to the game on time if I played for a team with better fans. When the Mets play in our back yard, the ball park is almost 50% Mets fans. Bottom line: I'll hustle when I feel like it, and I don't feel like hustling for the rest of the season.

Also, I hate the fact that Philadelphia is such a shitty city. If I wasn't an inferior SS to the one they have now I would demand a trade to the New York Mets.

"From MLBTR-The Phillies are focused on a left-handed reliever..."

Can the left-handed reliever hit?

This team needs a HITTER. Preferably, a right-handed hitter. That HAS to be priority #1, #2 and #3. This offense is not near good enough to win this thing. Look at the stats since the 20 run game in St. Louis. They have done nothing.

Do they need a 2nd lefty in the pen? Of course. They have needed one all year, and now are paying the price for using Romero too much. But, this team is about its offense.

For the past month and a half, the only way this team scores is on home runs. They are a all-or-nothing team, that teams seemingly have figured out. They can hit crap pitchers like Jorge Campillo and Scott Olsen, but can't hit anyone with decent stuff. And, any lefty-reliever looks like Cy Young, against Utley and Howard, making the end of the game, easy for the opposing manager. For some reason it took Cholly close to 100 games to put the right batting order together, but its still not enough.

Is Alex Rios available? If he is, go get him. If there is another righty, center-field-type, with some speed and someone who can get on base, go get him. If you can find a catcher who can actually hit, get him.

GET A HITTER. Its that simple. And, hope that Rollins and Utley figure out what the hell is wrong soon. The pitching is fine. Much better than last year. Madson and Romero got hit around this week, but they will be fine.

This team is good enough, pitching-wise to win the East. Its not good enough, hitting-wise. Cholly knows it too. That's why a deal has to get done. The Mets aren't anything special. Let them celebrate in July. They are good at that. This thing, like last year, will be won in September. Make the right deal for a hitter and get this team jump-started, start beating up on some scrub teams you play in the next few weeks, and everything will be fine.

Ah, there's one of those witty Met trolls now disguised as our own SS. Fact is, he hates your fan base and has said so on many occasions, so guess you're not that much better.

Has any one-game deficit in July ever felt so insurmountable? You can put all the positive spins you want on it, but the Phillies' season has been spiraling out of control for 6 weeks. And, next year there will be no Pat Burrell, no Jamie Moyer & no Chad Durbin. On the other hand, we'll still have Pedro Feliz, Geoff Jenkins, Carlos Ruiz, Chris Coste, Joe Blanton, Brett Myers, Adam Eaton, and Clay Condrey. The only race the Phillies will be in next year will be the race with the Nationals for last place.

Too early to talk about next year. Let's stick with how miserably this year is going to end.

Let's deal with this year. But, that's why I think this "2 year window talk is silly" It's THIS year.

Dei Lynam on DNL right now saying clubhouse has a general malaise feeling to it right now, like the team is coasting (floating is the word she used)--and doesn't seem to have any sense of urgency to it.

Not used to being in first...used to chasing.

Isn't that what we've been saying all along?

should read: "2 year window" talk is silly.

You have to wonder if the front office has the stones to package up J-Roll and Myers to restock Lehigh Valley. It's pretty clear that we're not going to get the job done with what we have. Why not start preparing for 2009-2010?

I disagree that we'll be battling for last place in 2009, but if we keep the team as-is (possibly minus Pat Burrell), we should even entertain the notion of being a contender for quite some time.

HA, 1 game back, screw u phillies.

Nice job by JROLL! he really cares!

"Dei Lynam on DNL right now saying clubhouse has a general malaise feeling to it right now, like the team is coasting (floating is the word she used)--and doesn't seem to have any sense of urgency to it"

That's emblematic of the manager and leadership of this team.

metsfan1: Wow, 1 whole game up. That's insurmountable. Gimme a break.

BAP - C'mon man. You aren't usually one of the ridiculous nuts who gets all fanatical about stuff.

"On the other hand, we'll still have Pedro Feliz, Geoff Jenkins, Carlos Ruiz, Chris Coste, Joe Blanton, Brett Myers, Adam Eaton, and Clay Condrey."

Wow, that is one scary sentence!

Just a quick news item to the poster of this blog - please get your stats right. 12 K's is by no means a career high for Oliver Perez. It is his season high, but not career high:

7/7/02 - 13 vs. COL
8/3/03 - 13 vs. PHI
6/10/04 - 12 vs Tex
6/26/04 - 13 vs. Cin
9/9/04 - 14 vs. Hou

With many games of 10 and 11 in 07, 06, and before.

Please get your facts straight. One of the games was even against your beloved Phillies.

But he leaves out Utley, Howard, Hamels and Lidge. But I guess that was by design.

I'd like to see Durbin signed soon.

@ Beard

Hmmm is she talking about the 08 Phillies or the 07 Mets...

38 hours... that's how much time it has been since the elation we felt after the 9th inning comeback on Tuesday night and the complete disarray this team seems to be in right now! Since the win on Tuesday night, we have seen Brett Myers pitch like Joe Cowley, Ryan Madson give up a 3-run home run to Jose Reyes, J-Roll blow off today's game, Moyer give up only 2 hits but get no run support, Chase go 0 or 11. What's next!

Clearly, they need to close the area bridges to any BLers.

With some stones from the FO (i.e., releasing Eaton, putting Myers in the pen, bringing up Happ, and trading to acquire a decent RH stick and a LH reliever), this team is still odds on to win the East.

Keep in mind, at some point you're not going to be allowed back on the bandwagon.

No bold or daring moves will occur, and nothing will change. Unfortunately, the team is led by a GM who's a lame duck, and is managed by a guy who's just lame.

"cutting off their nose despite their face"

its cutting off your nose TO SPITE your face.

MFiP: I think it's emblematic of a lot of young teams that have older vets on it that are less vocal.

A game out with 60 to play has us trading our shortstop for David Eckstein.

Trading Myers and Rollins to re-stock Lehigh Valley.

Basically throwing in the towel on the season?

Absurd is the word for it.

Note to James Calvin Rollins - you owe your teammates and Phillies fans an apology, asap. Anything less, expect to be booed tomorrow night. Prediction - JRoll will be the next Philadelphia sports star to be forced out of town if he does not turn this around quickly.

It's amazing to see the rise and hopefully short-term fall of our MVP. I hope Moyer blasted these guys - he was unbelievale today and he had a fighting edge to him all game. I'm sure there is a team that may be interested in our craft, veteran leader. hmmm.

Ownership should be happy though...a weekend series at home in that joke of a ballpark. Still, about 140,000 phrustrated phans will still show. Everyone practice your hometown "boo"s.

Rollins comments suggest he's not the first player to miss the bus, but he is the first player to have his name scratched off the line-up card. That's why he is not in agreement with Manuel.

For whatever reason he was late, and he wasn't overly concerned about it, since other guys have gotten there an hour prior to game previously and were not nationally embarassed by it.

He should have kept his mouth shut about it (and digressing further obviously he shouldn't have missed the bus) but Manuel has to shoulder some of the blame for this environment he has allowed to exist.

I don't care about baseball. I care about baseball statistics, namely my statistics. Is there a stat for hustling? No I don't think so. What does a win mean for me? Absolutely nothing. Why do I care if we win or lose, as long as I get a couple of hits.

Mostly, I care about performance clauses (that MVP award HOOKED ME UP) in my contract.

My life is perfect, with the exception of the obligation to live in Philadelphia for 1/2 the year.

Come on people, there's still 60 games to play. There's a lot of talent on this team. Even I have some faith and I'm a total pessimist about most things.

It would seem Met fans have forgotten their "the world is going to end; we're done" ranting after the loss Tues night. Amazing how quickly they recovered.

I think for the most part, what happens between the Mets and the Phillies turns a lot on how Carlos Delgado plays. The Mets recent run has turned in large part on their getting some decent production out of Delgado. If he goes back into the toilet for most of the season, the Mets will scuffle offensively and the Phillies will be able to stay in it. If his improvement is lasting, I think the Mets could pull away -- especially if they can get Ryan Church back for any significant period.

Reed: No one will listen to Moyer. He's "old school," and a pitcher. They look at him like a relic from another era. The young guys look up to Rollins because he's young and hip. They want to be like him and most of all, they want to get paid.

I was born in the wrong decade. I wish I had been born in a time when players weren't so stat driven and it wasn't all about the money. (and young enough to enjoy the Ruly Carpenter Phillies)

"With some stones from the FO (i.e., releasing Eaton, putting Myers in the pen, bringing up Happ, and trading to acquire a decent RH stick and a LH reliever), this team is still odds on to win the East."

If I thought all of those things would happen I wouldn't be as worried. You really think they'll release Eaton? Or move Myers after all this insistence that he's a starter? I don't see it happening.


Actually, no, I don't think they'll make those moves. I wonder how bad the traffic is headed on to the Ben Franklin.

doubleh - Reality and Mets' fans often don't occupy the same space.

Until further notice: "J-Roll" is no longer a name to be used when referring to Jimmy Rollins. His play does not merit a nickname. Until further notice, Jimmy Rollins will be known as Jimmy Rollins, and nothing else.

Maybe The Gut has lost control by not doing anything at all. Sometimes managers who are considered "player's managers" who don't over react to slumps and such, hurt the team by their apparent lack of emotion. He is the type of manager to let the players patrol the clubhouse. The problem there is that the leadership of a Rowand, which has been debated here, is missed when nobody picks up the slack for him. There are leaders now, but not vocal one's. Who speaks up in that locker room? Utley? Burrell? Howard? None of the above. They are all quiet leaders. Rowand was the Pete Rose that lit the fire under this team last season, as Rose did in '80. They were not willing to pay him for all of the intangibles that he brought to the team, and now it is showing that it was not a very good move.

Phils are one win better than last year at same time, and Mets are excited to be a game ahead of them.

Last year the Mets fans would be annoyed to be only a game up at this point.

After adding the legendary Johan Santana and getting actual good starts from Pelfry, they're on cloud nine game up.

It's funny how the order of your wins and losses make such a difference.

What is the big deal with showing up later for a game at Shea? Oh wait, he wasn't even late for the game, he was late for pre-game warm-up. So are talking "warm-ups" I mean are we really talking missing "warm-ups"?

DAVID FRIGGIN ECKSTEIN?!?!?! It wasn't even in this thread, but I just got back and read that and am about to have a goddamn aneurysm.

They should trade Rollins to the Mets as sabotage

Not looking to cause trouble, just talk baseball.

a) Unbelievable how much of a fall from grace we're seeing out of Jimmy Rollins. As much as I would love to say "Good riddance," I am also surprised by this given his character.

b) Someone please indulge me as to why Gillick didn't consider giving Kris Benson a few starts before pulling the trigger on Blanton. After just thinking about it now, it would've sounded a lot smarter. What's up with that?

c) I'm glad that we all, Mets and Phils fans, can finally have a rivalry to legitimately call our own.

That's it from me. Peace out! LETS GO METS!

Does Rollins usually travel alone or was this an exception? Either way, there's no excuse. We are seeing a different J-Roll this season.

Has success ruined J Roll? It was reported a while back by someone here on BL about him not being happy with his contract. I'm assuming that he felt slighted possibly by the FO, similar to the way TO felt after going above and beyond. Today's pampered athlete wants all he can grab, recognizing that success can be fleeting in the pro sports world (especially thanks to their agents). He appears to have taken on the same disruptive personna that TO did, as if he wants to leave town too unless he is rewarded. Did the Phillies snub him contractually in any way? Showing up The Gut is not leader-like at all IMO. The MVP award has not turned him into the team leader, it has turned him into a Malcontented Vigilant Primadona.

Dck Allen:... We're talking about practice... not even the game... practice... we're talking about practice

Let's face it....the Phillies wouldn't be even the pennant race if they were in the American League. I have stopped going to games until the management shows me that this team is worth spending money on. The Mets lost the division last year, like the Phillies did in '64, we didn't win the division. This team hasn't played well in over a month, bye bye Charlie.....Time to shake things up and you can't fire 25 players.

1. Inexcusable by Jimmy. Especially by saying he doesn't agree with this one. What's to agree about? You were late. You even cited that as one of Charlie's rules. There's a time to be there. Were you there by then? No. Case closed.

2. Parker: Settle down. Maybe you should just stop talking for awhile there, champ.

3. It's pathetic how we were shutout for the first 6 innings and I wasn't even surprised. I expect it at this point. What the heck happened to this offense? If you put last year's offense with this year's pitching, we'd probably be on pace for that 100 win prediction, and the only big personnel difference is Rowand.

Hey "go phils go" there are 2 team buses, but most players have their own car take them.

hey are hearing me We're talking about practice!!!!

It might be a bad idea to shake up the offensive core of this team and trade someone to "send a message" if you will.

Team BA is down 20 points from last year, averaging one hit less per game. They have scored about 50 fewer runs than a year ago, averaging 1/2 run less per game.

With the pitching being ok this year...and better than last year...the Phillies should be about 7 or 8 up in the East if the offense were producing at a level even close to last year's production.

I don't think it's Milt who is the problem alone but I would be ok with him being fired if things continue or get worse offensively before the end of the year.

I really think trading either Howard or Rollins, in a package with Eaton, for a soild glove in the OF and/or a defensive ace/solid bat at second (to allow Utley to move to first full time) or SS would get the lead out of the offense and send a message to the team. Personally, I see too much dependence on the HR and an all-or-nothing style of play and no focus on situational hitting or simply getting on base. Small ball has lost its relevancy to an extent with this team...and in the NL you need to be able to move guys around and not play for the 3 run isn't going to work.

^ I meant to say it might NOT be a bad idea to make a trade.

Dick Allen, the point isn't whether it's practice, the game, or anything else. The Gut only has a few rules, and if that's one of them, then you deal with it. Also, although I don't think the Phils are out it by any stretch, this was an important game, so you would assume that the players would take it seriously. J-Roll should know better.

way to follow up your mvp season, james. you should be ashamed of yourself. benched twice in a season and its still july is ridiculous.

i hope the fans show him tomorrow what hes earned this season. boo.

Jimmy says It's me or Cholly!
Q Is Utley hurt or just tired out?

East Fallowfield:

Great point. I for one, am not ready to jump off the Ben Franklin just yet. The team has been in a horrible horrible funk for over a moth now. Does everyone think it will last for another 2 months?

I don't think Rollin's attitude has anything to do with his performance this year. He is playing just like his career line would predict.


Hahahahahahahaha. You are like the anti-clout.

Go Phils Go, good to see someone still believes, Tug would be proud of you. The practice comment is tongue in cheek (Allen Iverson), I think Charlie is losing this club. He is being 2nd guessed with his late game replacements and other moves. Use the inter-league play to illustrate just how far off this team really is.

I remember being 7 when I watched Joe Carter hit a homerun to win the WS over the Phils... that feeling in my stomach after watching it... I'm getting that feeling again....

Looks like our city's only hope is the Soul this Sunday...

PhillR, that was quite funny!

If I can't practice, I can't practice. It is as simple as that. It ain't about that at all. It's easy to sum it up if you're just talking about practice. We're sitting here, and I'm supposed to be the franchise player, and we're talking about practice. I mean listen, we're sitting here talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we're talking about practice. Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game last it's my last but we're talking about practice man. How silly is that?

Now I know that I'm supposed to lead by example and all that but I'm not shoving that aside like it don't mean anything. I know it's important, I honestly do but we're talking about practice. We're talking about practice man. We're talking about practice. We're talking about practice. We're not talking about the game. We're talking about practice. When you come to the "ballpark", and you see me play, you've seen me play right, you've seen me give everything I've got, but we're talking about practice right now.

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