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Thursday, July 24, 2008


The all important battle to see who's alone on first place on July 24th!!!

JW's moving things along steadily, this morning.

Weather in Manhattan was clearing up about 1/2 hour ago, sounds like the same in Queens.


1. J Rollins, SS
2. C Utley, 2B
3. P Burrell, LF
4. R Howard, 1B
5. J Werth, RF
6. S Victorino, CF
7. P Feliz, 3B
8. C Coste, C
9. J Moyer, P

1. J Reyes, SS
2. N Evans, LF
3. D Wright, 3B
4. C Delgado, 1B
5. C Beltran, CF
6. F Tatis, RF
7. D Easley, 2B
8. R Castro, C
9. O Perez, P

They seem to do better when I can't watch the game- so that bodes well for today.

Big game today...need to get the bats going early and often.

Third time this season this pitching matchup has occurred, each team having won one of the previous games. As we know, the Phillies can't hit Perez; their best bet is to hope he shows up throwing pitches to the backstop. I'm calling for a fairly taut game. Mets will score a few off Moyer, Phils will mount a feeble comeback off the Met bullpen. 3-2 New York.

I don't like Werth hitting fifth.

"The all important battle to see who's alone on first place on July 24th!!!"

Love this comment.

BAP, once someone says, "Myers isn't even an upgrade over Eaton" in response to his performance last night -- as they did with Blanton -- I'll start defending Myers by that standard -- as I did with Eaton.

I still think it's more likely that Myers returns to his previous form than Blanton does.

How many declining veterans is this team's success relying on? How many of them will be taking salary that the FO could have used in the off-season to pay Burrell?

In Grandpop I trust.

The better question is why did they send Happ back down he was dominant in his last performance in the minors...not to mention his two starts looked very similar to Kendrick's first two starts when he came up

It looks like they are sitting Phillie killer Chavez. Now I just have to focus my hatred of endless fidgeting at Reyes.

NY media telling us how impressive last night's win was.

Standing there, letting Myers walk the lineup was soooo clutch.

RSB - Werth has a .992 OPS against lefties.

Here's this lineup's numbers against LHP.

Rollins -- .263/.314/.432
Utley -- .287/.370/.593
Burrell -- .282/.419/.553
Howard -- .184/.240/.348
Werth -- .309/.374/.619
Vic -- .248/.317/.468
Feliz -- .302/.351/.575
Coste -- .298/.358/.574

How many men will Howard LOB today? If anything, I hate having Howard 4th against LHP. Werth has the highest SLG on the team.

Newsday guy says it was OK for Reyes to hold up his #1 finger last night cause he didn't do it around ALL of the bases...

Newsday guy also says Shane Victorino was just as bad because he clapped his hands near Reyes' face on Tuesday...

Anyone else think Chase not playing well has to do with his wife?

I wish we hadn't traded for Blanton, and instead could pull of a deal for Burnett. This rotation looks much better:




In this rotation, I have no clue how you order the 2-5 pitchers. It's a tossup on any given night, except that Moyer has been consistently very good this year. Let's hope that continues today.

Odds on Moyer hitting Reyes after the trot last night?

If it were Myers, I could see it. Moyer doesn't strike me as the type.

It's about time the Phils hit Perez like the average pitcher that he is. His domination of this team stops today!

Ummm...wasn't Chase married to that same wife the first couple months of the season when he was hitting like an MVP candidate?

I think they got married during the season can't be sure, just know when I started hearing her name and what she has him do in the way of activities he started not playing as well and looks miserable all the time; though the looking miserable part you can never really tell with him.

I'd be shocked if Moyer of all people beaned someone.

ERA+ FWIW (Career ERA+)

Hamels: 144 (131)
Moyer: 114 (105)
Kendrick: 92 (105)
Myers: 77 (97)
Blanton: 77 (99)

Eaton: 78 (86)

Now Bruntlett is listed as the leadoff hitter...

The bottom line for this team is that Chase Utley needs to start hitting like he did before the New York Times told everyone how good he is.

Sophist: Howard has been competent against lefties lately (and dominant against righties). He'll have his Ks, but he's also doing a better job of recognizing pitches from lefties and putting them in play. He seems to have figured something out, now Utley needs to pick it up and make this offense elite again.

Anyone have a video of the infamous home run trot?

JRoll out, Bruntlett in, says SNY.

Perez 5-0 vs teams over .500.

Chase was married in January to a woman he'd known since college, according to this report:

No way Moyer plunks Reyes. Nor should he. The game is way too important. If the game gets out of hand in either direction, bring in Eaton to put one in his ear. Hell he could do that without even trying.

Mets Fan in Peace: Unlike the headhunter fans over at Metsblog, I doubt you'll find many people here calling for Reyes to get hit. He's an immature hothead showboat. Everyone knows it. The Phils are more worried about winning the game than sending Reyes a message.

Yeah, Brian G, I was wondering if he'd been better lately but I couldn't find a more recent split.

Bedrock's has audio of it with LA saying hit him in the neck. Photos too.

Bed Beard: It wasn't that infamous. As he rounded first, he raised his right arm and put up a #1. He kept it up until he almost reached third. It was no big deal.

ESPN and MLB have Bruntlett leading off and playing SS. Hopefully that is an error.

Bruntlett's gonna lead off? Um, OK, gut.

Was Jimmy scratched or was Bruntlett starting all along?

CJ/East Fallowfield: thanks.

Was starting to seem like he threatened to kill the first born of every Phillie fan.

MLBgameday has Bruntlett playing SS and leading off... misprint or a change from the lineup that was released earlier? Hope JRoll's okay.

So Bruntlett starts and bats leadoff?

CJ, except you don't usually see that kind of #1 salute on a non-walkoff HR in July...

@ CJ

I recall MULTIPLE people here suggesting they wanted to see Myers hit someone last night and start a brawl.

But hey, you're all high society, and the Metsblog group is all scum, right?

Give me a break.

With a left-hander on the mound, we get the benefit of Jayson Werth & a half-way decent Pedro Feliz, but at the cost of our cleanup hitter, our No. 6 hitter, and our entire bench (such that it is). If we were facing a right-hander, we'd get Howard and Vic back, but at the cost of a 4-man black hole at the end of our lineup. Hence, the problem with this lineup.

I said in the off-season that I don't like platoons, and the 2008 Phillies are demonstrating why. In effect, they have 2 platoons -- one in RF and a de facto one at third base, since Feliz is useless against right-handed pitching. It's doubtful if any team can get away with this, and the Phillies sure can't, since their everyday lineup already has 2 automatic outs plus 2 more guys who are useless against left-handed pitching.

Jimmy scratched with the proverbial flu-like symptoms.

a side effect of "flu like symptoms" is to swing at the first pitch you see, apparently.

Maybe Jimmy was traded haha...jk.

Why give so many AB to Bruntlett? Ok, Rollins isn't playing, so put Vic lead-off.

MFIP: Remember the 'peace' part of your name.

Metsbloggers ask for beanballs every time I look at it, including from the guys who run the site.

Anyone think J Roll hit up the town last night?

I have "flu-like symptoms" thinking about Perez shutting down Utley and Howard and the Phillies being in second place after today.


You know how that flu just runs rampant in late July!

Damn it! Come on, Chase! Stop swinging at sh*t!

Definitely a late scratch. The broadcast showed his name was literally scratched off the lineup card.

I hate Oliver Perez.

That's pretty much guarenteed outcome for Howard today until the bullpen comes in.

@ East

I just call it like I see it. People on both sites wanted to see people get hit. I'm still here in peace, not to troll.

And I don't recall Cerrone ever advocating hitting anyone? Have a certain post in mind? I'd be curious to see it.

This has 7 shutout innings written all over it.

Why is there anything wrong with saying you want to see a batter get hit? It's a part of the game. Stop trying to act like one team or blog is better than another. This is one of the more pointless debates on this site, as it isn't even really about the Phillies and Mets, but about their respective blog fanbases. Really?

MFIP - not sure if this question has even been asked, but why are you even here?

Utley should have gotten a day off, not Rollins.

Anyone aware of any trade rumors out there that could actually help this team?

Blame Chase's wife for his slump? Give me a break.

Myers didn't throw his fastball over the plate because he didn't want to. He looked like a beaten dog, and the Mets were raising their hand at him. He wasn't competing. He wanted the Mets to "swing" at his fastballs because he wasn't throwing them anywhere near the plate. When he did, it was hammered.

He's done. Nothing left. That was the worst I've seen anyone lose it since Eric Gagne. It is sad really.

Sit down punk.

Man, it took me forever to catch up my reading through last night's game thread to this on. In the game thread I really enjoyed Mr. Mack's comments. He was right on with this one.

"I think the Myers back to the rotation experiment can be officially put to bed. That's what they get for screwing around last year with him and not having a plan B in place before the season started. Typical Phillies FO abortion. Sickening."

When Myers took a bite of the reliever's apple in the Garden of Eaton, he was doomed never to be able to return to be a good starter. As Myers was cast out of the Garden of Eaton to the bullpen last year, the baseball gods posted sentries at the gate barring his entry. Myers founs a way back in by climbing over a wall in the back of the Garden of Eaton, but he fell off the wall, banging his head on a rock and injuring his pitching arm.

So far, the Phillies are playing this series to form; the "Win one, lose two" form. Let's see what they do today. As clout writes, will they revert to form? If so, they lose again today.

Sit down punk.

MFIP: is the web address.

From the recap of last night's win:

Question: How many Mets need to be hit or nearly decapitated by the Phillies before they fight back?

This is pretty inane. Myers control was awful, he hit one guy in a situation that didn't seem the time to be 'sending a message'.

Parker: You don't get it. Please stop trying to provide analysis becasue you don't grasp simple concepts.

He's not done, and he wasn't that abd last night. It's not the byproduct of a lack of PED's as you try to claim, and he is nothing like Gagne.

Paps looking in vintage form today.

I know Hamels is obviously the better pitcher, but I have the most fun watching Moyer. He just chucks 70+ MPH garbage up there and the best hitters in the world can't figure out what to do with it. A sub-4 ERA for a guy like him is just phenomenal.

Sit down Wright.

Beautiful half inning right there!

Seems like Jamie's getting the calls today. Could be a good day for him.

What the hell is it with Bruntlett? Granted he's slightly better than Rollins at getting on base when leading off an inning, but come on. He's not better than Victorino. Shane leading off here is a no brainer. dang it charlie.

What's Moyer's career high for Ks? Looks like we're going to see him run out double digits.

Moyer K's two and gets a groundball, throws his glove in the air and runs and leaps into Coste's arms.

Moyer has twice as many Ks as Myers last night.

Check that twice as many Ks as Blanton the other night. Sorry

How much more knob-slobbering of Reyes can Wheels do? This is getting unbearable.

The Wheels slurping of Reyes is disgusting.

Iceman: Cry about it.

East: He wasn't referring to only last night. On Tuesday night Santana was nearly hit two or three times, and Easley was hit a couple times.

A 3-0 green light for Petey? Bad idea.

Can Wheels bend over anymore? Ugh...

Why did Pete Happy swing on 3-0?

Our manager is full of bad ideas.

MFIP: go back to your hole.

Ha, the Mets announcers were very surprised when Pedro swung at 3-0. Welcome to our world, guys.

I like Vic lower in the lineup.Kind of breaks up the black hole

Coste looks like he needs a vacation, i.e. "retirement."

MFIP: Didn't your team hit Utley three times in the same game? Didn't start a beanball war.

Easley's sleeve may have a beef with Blanton, I agree.

Why wasnt Victorino takin off on any of those two batters?

I'm a 3-0 green light fan. But only for certain hitters. Namely, ones with discipline. So basically only Burrell on this squad.

Maybe we could trade Chris Wheeler for Keith Hernandez. Reyass would hear nothing but love and admiration.

Iceman: You've made it clear as day that you don't want me here. Rest assured that will not make me leave any faster.

And if you had bothered to read, or even skim, my posts over the past few days, you would realize that I'm here as a compliment to Beerleaguer. I find the discussion here far more intelligent and fair than on Metsblog. So what if it's another team's fanbase? We can't talk baseball because I'm a Mets fan? Grow up.

I can already tell that Moyer has his stuff working!! SO does Perez

Maybe we could trade Chris Wheeler for Keith Hernandez. Reyass would hear nothing but love and admiration.

My typing sucks. Speaking of sucking...ESPN sucks. I turned it one just after Mad Dog gave up the dinger to lose the game. The last three innings, I would've swore that I was listening to Mets announcers. It was if they were anointing the Mets as the winner, that it was predestined by the baseball gods to make the Mets fans happy after losing the night before.

East: Doesn't Utley have a knack for crowding the plate and turning in to pitches? How about when he broke his hand last year? Instead of getting out of the way, or even just moving his hands, he stood there and took it.

Damn double posts haha!

Oh, I'm in the wrong time zone. The game's on already! Good!

L.A. Just repeated his comment about a bullseye on Reyes neck. He's not even at bat. Classic

Brett Myers take note- 23 pitches 17 for strikes.

I have seen many a hitter get plunked for doing much, much less than what Reyass did last night. The finger, then the extreme dancing with Delgado. They wanna act like that, put em on "Dancing with the Stars".
Thats not baseball.

I say, grow some coconuts and bean those punks. Its all part of the game.

I have no problem with Mets fans in general, but you've done enough poking and prodding and goading over the past 36 hours that I think most people are pretty much sick of it.

I'm not asking you to leave. I'm asking you A) Why you're here in the first place, and B) Realize who you're talking to when you say things like "I just can't imagine why you guys get on Reyes for holding a parade after every run he scores when just the other night Vic stood on home plate for three seconds and LOOKED in the Mets dugout!" Not only is it a stupid statement, but it's not going to be taken kindly here.

So to sum it, stop saying stupid sh*t.

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