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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Why in the world do they have Hamels pitching a day game when they could have set the rotation whichever way they wanted? I would have started Hamels on Tuesday, giving him a nice long break to recharge after so many IP thus far.

lets go phillies, lets go!

Yesterday's news, but get better Harry!

I think I am just realizing how much worse the bullpen got when Condrey moved up in the food chain, and Adam Eaton entered his spot. Now there are two crappy pitchers in the bullpen. Actually 3 if you count Saenez. It's debatable as to whether or not Saenez is still actually on the team, but the runs he gave up last night provides good evidence that, contrary to commonly held belief, he is on the roster.

I'm going out on a limb here and predicting that Carlos Ruiz doubles his hit total for the last month and a half by getting two hits today. I know, that sounds crazy, but I think he will actually get a hit today. He has to meet his one hit per three week quota, and two hits would give him a little more leeway in meeting it for the next three weeks.

Condrey's not bad for what he is, which is a middle man in garbage games like yesterday. Every team has a Clay Condrey, and most of them are not as good as he is. He's fine. He actually hasn't let up a run since Texas.

Wow, Parker. I think you take the cake today for the Negadelphia reputation.

A pitcher has one bad outing and you're ready to throw him under the bus. I wonder what you'll do if Hamels ever gets rocked to the point where he's pulled in the first three innings.

Kendrick's Eatonesque performance yesterday is NOT a good sign! At 4-4 and the game still on he implodes like a house made of tissue paper! His ERA approaching we have another growing problem? Cole to the rescue and Myers better be ready to go when we get to NY!

For the record, I was addressing your comments about Seanez.

get on, get em over, get em in.

Should've gotten more there. Someone tell me why I'm supposed to be scared of Josh Johnson again? He had a great year in 2006, but I'll believe he'll make a difference this year when I see it. Guys coming off major injuries usually tend to struggle coming back.

Pat Burrell seems to be heating up again. (Please, baseball gods, no BL reverse jinx.)


This is pure and premature speculation, but
with Manny Ramirez starting to tick off the front office in Boston by possibly striking out on purpose (after being fined for physically abusing the team's traveling secretary), and angering the front office with his comments during the All Star break, would the Red Sox prefer to take a look at Burrell at say $15MM per year instead of exercising Manny's option at $20MM?

Burrell's lack of outfield speed would certainly not be as much of a liability in the short porch in LF at Fenway.

He's not the hitter Manny is, but he's certainly no worse defensively (better arm). Does he represent better value?

AWH: Wouldn't surprise me at all. A lack of speed in left field at Fenway doesn't matter all that much, because there is not much room there with the Monster, and Jacoby Ellsbury covers miles of range in center field (as does Coco Crisp, but he'll probably be gone next year).

Cole toping out at about 86 MPH on the gun, but it seems like he has been doing that in the first inning lately. He did it his last two starts only to get up to 94 later in the game. I think he is probably doing it to conserve energy and to throw the hitters off later down the line.

Wow, I flip it over to see what is happening in the British Open, flip it back to the Phillies and Feliz and Ruiz are already out. Did that inning even happen? It lasted like 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Dear lord, Ruiz owes at least a HR after that play.

Parker: I can tell you I didn't want to be under that!

Jobbers: Yeah, I think my reaction any non-great defensive play is biased because of his lack of production offensively for about a month.

AWH: I was mostly kidding about Saenez, but as JW has pointed out, Saenez hasn't pitched much lately. When he has, it hasn't been anything to write home about.

JW: Condrey is fine, but I liked him better as the garbage time/injury fill in pitcher. I guess I'm frustrated that Eaton is still on the roster. When the Pirates figured out that Matt Morris couldn't pitch anymore they didn't put him in the pen, they cut him, even though they owed him a bunch of money. I think they should do the same with Eaton.


someone tell brett to take a pitch

I think Sarge was talking about Milt Thompson working with Jenkins on his swing. I hope the other day was indicative of how the tweaks will work out.

Is it just me (and maybe this ties into his recent resurgence) Ryno looks like he has packed on some extra lbs. He was looking extra jiggley on that rbi double.

Did Blue Cross just run a commercial on the radio where the man tells his "hon, I'm gonna be a dad." Something seems backwards in this bluey-crossed world?

Sean: Howard is just trying to help Joe Blanton fit in with the team. You know, like Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi swapping the thong underwear during the cold streaks. If Howard didn't gain a few pounds, nobody would have any clothes that would fit him.

through 3 today its Howard and Hamels Headlines. Lets lock these guys up already.

Sean, I am one who has turned the page on Ryan Howard. I used to be an advocate of signing him long-term - but no longer.

The weight is the issue. Packing the extra pounds increases the injury risk, and IMO, he's one knee injury from turning into the next Mo Vaughn.

That's not to say I don't get goosebumps every time he's at the plate, but the weight is definitely a concern.

I see that the Brewers just acquired Ray Durham, who is still a pretty good offensive player and knows how to get on base. He will almost certainly replace the horrible Richie Weeks as their starting second baseman.

Like it or not, the NL East race is a toss-up, & the WC is our fall-back option. The Brewers are making it very tough on us, by making aggressive, smart moves to improve their team.

hey if fat wins then so be it

cody ross reminds me of the generic guy in a cheesy 80's movie that was the side-kick of the badboy.

i bet his laugh is very weasel-ish

Feliz looks like he's wasting little time with his 2nd half reversion to the mean. Rather than adding an average to below average starting pitcher, what this team needed to do was to add a bat. You can't expect to win games with 4 automatic outs at the back of your lineup.

BAP: I think the Phils should follow the Brewers lead and try to work a deal for either Molina or Randy Winn. Neither one of those guys would be extremely expensive, and they would both dramatically improve the team.

Also, the Giants are pretty bare in their Minor League system, especially in the OF. Then again, the Phils are as well, and they seem to think Golson is the next Carl Crawford.

Parker: Molina wouldn't really fix the black hole. At the plate, he's like an even slower version of Pedro Feliz. Plus, with Marson at AA, I see little sense in trading for a catcher who is under contract through next year. Winn would be ok. I'm not a huge fan, but he'll hit .280, draw some walks, steal a base or two, and play good defense. Against right-handers, he would clearly be an upgrade over Jenkins. In a perfect world, I'd like to aim a little higher, though.

Redbeard: He's the grown-up version of Farkus' sidekick in A Christmas Story.

That Jenkins injury looks like one for Ripley's Believe It or Not.

"and they seem to think Golson is the next Carl Crawford. "

Parker, it's amazing to me, but I agree with you on that point. I think the Phillies really think he's going to be something special.

Nothing in Golson's minor league track record at the plate indictes that, though. (Sorry, Greg and family).

what happened to Jenkins?

Very low pitch count for Hamels thus far. Under 11 per inning. What a pleasure.

His bat cracked near the handle and came apart on his follow-through; the meat of the bat head hit him on the shoulder. The way he went down in a heap, I'm worried he broke the collarbone.

wow... that pretty unusual. hope it isnt serious.

Nice grab by Burrel. I've noticed that Pat's defense has improved this year, maybe a product of a contract year.

I wonder if Jenkins uses a maple bat?

Report just in, shoulder contusion for Jenkins. Sounds like nothing serious.

BAP: It doesn't matter how fast you are if you never get on base. Molina is on another planet compared to Ruiz in terms of hitting. You can't say he doesn't know how to handle pitchers, unless you think that somehow Hamels and co. are more reliant on the catcher calling a game more than Tim Lincecum.

Could be. TV showed an equipment guy taping the remnants together, maybe to send to the commissioner's office.

vegas, all indications are Burrell's foot is finally healthy.

Can this offense just give Cole some support? Good grief, he would easily win 20 games if not for the run support.

Jimmy loafing on the basepaths again there. He thought that ball was foul off the bat.

That's two pretty good starts in a row from Johnson.

not many posts from you guys . .is there something going on today on your side of the Atlantic?

How many games this year has Hamels gone out and done his job only to get a bare minimum of support from his offense? I will have to look but must be at least the 4 or 5 game where they have scored 3 runs or less in his starts.

People might be at the beach, jobbers. It's 95 degrees and brutally humid in the Philly area.

8 men left on base compared to the Marlins 1. This feels like one of those games where Cole gives up 2 solo shots on 3 hits and gets a no decision. The bottom of this lineup is absolutely garbage most days.

Still waiting for summer in the UK. Bearly reached 80 yet this year

So many things they had to do wrong there to not get a run -- Hamels pops up the bunt, Rollins doesn't get a good jump on Victorino's bloop double. Not championship baseball.

Phils have scored 3 runs or less in 6 of Hamels 20 starts coming into today. Phils are just 1-5 in those games.

Alby - Yeah Phils have been sloppy this series. Offense need to score a run here to give the Phils some insurance.

Everyone was complaining abut JRoll's lack of production but the days when Ruiz and Jenkins start, the bottom of this lineup really is horrible. Phils didn't get amazing production from the bottom of their lineup last year (particularly when Nunez was hitting hitting out of the 8th hole) but they got solid production almost all year season out of the 6/7 holes. That is the big difference with the offense this year.

wow Parker. nice call.

Parker: Anyone is better than Ruiz, but Molina -- with his .307 OBP -- would not be a meaningful improvement, and we'd be stuck with his $6M salary for next year. I'd rather just call up Marson and give him his shot. An impact bat would almost have to be an outfielder.

Ugh. I was a bit concerned that Hamels might tire a bit this inning and make a mistake pitch.

those of you with a tv feed... should Cole still be in this game?

Just when I think Uncle Charlie can't get any dumber-he pulls Burrell in a 2-1 game in the 8th. Brilliant. Do the beat writers even bother to question his clueless decisions?

Hamels gives up 2 home runs both on good pitches that the hitter just guessed right, and the Phillies can't score enough to win a game for him. This is every Hamels start. I guess the only ones Hamels can win with this feast or famine lineup is when he pitches shutouts. They are scoring like 4 runs or less every game. It must make Hamels angry, he should be on pace for 20 wins..not 15

Has howard ever made that throw to 2nd successfully?

the radio guys just ran through Cole's starts and his lack of run support... it's disgusting really. also disgusting how Howard can't throw that ball from first to second... argh!

Still I don't fault Cholly for bringing out Hamels in the 8th. His pitch count was low enough and it made sense to try and get to Lidge.

kells: Agree whole-heartedly about cholly.

MG: Agree whole-heartedly about the bottom of the lineup. At some point, the FO needs to wake up and realize that our offense is inept. We needed a good bat a lot more than we needed a 4th No. 5 starter.

Prediction on top of the 9th, last chance most likely to get Hamels the win: either weak groundouts or strikeouts.

howard should be the first to go for defensive sub, not burrell

It's like they just go about every Hamels start like, oh well, we can just take today off because he will pitch good. And then proceed to get dominated by Josh Johnson and his 5.40 ERA.

BAP - More and more, I wouldn't mind seeing the Phils trade for a guy Winn - an outfield with some speed who is a good contact hitter.

This game is on the offense. They need to find a way to score a run here in the 9th.

if this team has the best bullpen in baseball, why leave your ace out on the mound for the 8th inning? why not use that bullpen? Cole didn't start on Friday (and therefore will not start during the Mets series) so he could benefit from the extra rest... well guess what Charlie, that extra inning you always throw him out there for adds up... jeez am i frustrated.

Ruiz, pinch-hitter & Rolllins. Not exactly murderer's row.

I have been ready to defend Jenkins signing the whole time but I give up on him now. His swing is so ugly there is no chance he hits the damn ball. I don't know how he ever hit anything with that swing. It's like he is swinging a golf club.

Neither Burrell nor Howard should be lifted for a defensive sub in a game like this in the 8th inning. Particularly with the lineup due to turnover in the 9th.

Cube: I have no problem with leaving our ace in to pitch the 8th, when he's under 100 pitches. Frankly, I'd have no problem with letting Cole hit for himself and bringing him out to pitch the 9th. It's not like we have a better bat on our bench.

Oh yeah. We have Dobbs. I forgot.

Awesome hit Ruiz. Your a bum. Hamels deserved to pitch that 8th inning, when you have only given up 1 run on 3 hits through 7 and your not even close to 100 pitches yet, you pitch the 8th. He's an ace, and he is entitled to that inning. Besides giving up a solo home run on a pitch off the outside corner is not a mistake.

sanz3:Howards looks petrified when he needs to make that throw. Even hamels seemed pissed. The part of this game that angered me was Rollins jogging w/ 2 outs on Vic's bloop hit.

Yeah, Cole hadn't thrown many pitches and was more or less cruising into the 8th. Not a bad decision to bring him back out, just didn't work out this time.

there was absolutely no reason to pull Hamels going into the 8th. he was around 80 pitches and facing the bottom of the lineup.


Hamels has looked strong all the way through and had a low pitch count. No fault in leaving him out there in my opinion.
Potential fault is Burrell being taken out again (as posted above by Kells)

kells: ya that woudl be the 3rd run and they would be lined up for a Hamels W, and a Lidge save.. Rollins has been lazy on more than one occasion this year... I don't care if its a foul hard anyway with 2 outs. He probably assumed it was foul so just wanted to jog... If I made millions to play a game I think i would run hard.

johnnysanz: "And then proceed to get dominated by Josh Johnson and his 5.40 ERA."

Um, Johnson's 5.40 ERA was the product of 1 game. This is his second start of the season. I suggest you look at his 2006 stats (before he was hurt) to get a sense of Josh Johnson.

A quick summary of today's game:

Top 5 hitters in our order: 7 for 18.

Everyone else: 0 for 16.

Of course, without Howard's 2 RBIs, this game is even uglier.

Sweet, no win for Hamels, pitch 8 innings, give up 2 runs on 4 hits, and you can't get the win. And this is regular for him as well. It makes me really angry.

I'd bring Lidge out here. He's our best chance to get to Utley and Howard.

Madson in a tight game. Can there be any doubt what's about to happen?

Cole had only thrown 82 pitches coming into the 8th. I don't fault Cholly for that. He only gave up 4 hits the entire game. This is once again on the offense.

BTW: Howard is responsible for all the offense, again. When will the FO realize that you can't rely completely on 4 guys to carry an offense. The other team will just go around those guys to the extent they can. Some days those 4 guys just aren't going to hit. When you have a regular in the lineup that has had about 3 hits in a month and a half, you lose offensive production any way you want to slice it.

Less annoyed with the falloff in JRoll's production than this last of hustle on plays at times this year. That is just unacceptable.


Ahh he was the one on the disabled list all season wasn't he. Ya in my rage of Hamels getting screwed again I forgot he was the one they were waiting for to come back. I don't keep track of other teams all that much.

Eaton in the bullpen is a beautiful thing...I just laughed when they showed him.

I'd go Lidge, not Madson. This is the game.

Still hard to believe that Helms was hitting cleanup today with all of the pop in the Marlins lineup. Just foolish.

Ruiz seems like a good guy, but how far do you let his batting average drop before you think well maybe his confidence hitting is too far eroded, maybe we need to try something else other than just playing him less.

I'm pretty excited that if one of the first 3 gets on next inning we'll have Eric Bruntlett trying to knock in the winning run.

Madson looked pretty solid.

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