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Monday, July 21, 2008


One caveat. The Phillies would need to trade for a Triple-A backup if they decide to carry three catchers. Sal Fasano II.

This is a totally sensible suggestion--so there's no way they'll do it.

Agreed. One reason Rollins isn't producing offensively is the fact that he's hitting .270 and Victorino refuses to move Jimmy along when he's on base.

That said, with Feliz, Ruiz, and pitcher hitting the way they are, J-Roll has no RBI opportunities (opportunities where he might just try to get a man home instead of trying to crush the ball and grounding out weakly).

J-Roll, with men on:


with RISP:


with bases empty:


That means his OPS is a whopping 379 points lower with the bases empty than with men on. (He has 127 PA with men on and 211 PA with the bases empty). Seems like Ben may be on to something.

J-Roll has caught the Ryan Howard curse of the first three months of the season? No matter how you read the numbers, it sure seems like J-Roll should be a run producer and not a table setter.

(And therefore, J-Roll should be moved down the batting order.)

Sorry for splitting up my thoughts over three posts, but when I compared J-Roll's seeming struggles to Ryno, I mean that he's producing way better with men on than without, much like Howard earlier this season. It has nothing to do with the way the defense is situated, as was alleged in Howard's case.

We've been talking about his for weeks on end now. God alone knows what it would take for them to finally give up on Ruiz.

RSB- God, Jesus, and Moses are all throwing their hands up to the heavens wondering why Carlos Ruiz still has a substancial MLB gig.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are all throwing their hands up IN the heavens wondering why Ruiz has any role on a MLB team.

I'm not defending Ruiz this year. He has been beyond horrible.

However, i take exception when you say "give up" on him, prior to this season his OPS+ was 85 or so. which is comparable to other catchers.

His last 3 years in the minors, he posted OPS of:
2004 .810
2005 .812
2006 .894

I can't explain the incredible dropoff. Last year he proved he could hit major league pitching. I just wonder if the coaching staff is getting through to him. Because we don't have many latin coaches in our system, i wonder if they can really reach them? I'm not sure if Cholly's homespun charm gets through???

Should we see if a shake up like JW suggests helps out? Yes. Should we GIVE UP on him? uh... no.

Look at the Phillies batting averages in the playoffs last year. Ruiz was the only starter to hit over .250 (.333).

Something needs to be done... but giving up sounds like typical phrustrated phandom.

Clout: Yeah, Feliz is 10th out of 13 3rd basemen. He's also probably the best defender at the position, but as I recall, you don't think defense counts as part of the game. That said, if they had the opportunity to upgrade significantly at 3rd, I would support it whole-heartedly. We are not getting very much offensive production out of the position.

Side note: Where would Helms/Dobbs rank among 3rd basemen?

Dobbs OPS: .784
Feliz OPS: .745
Helms OPS: .659

Is there still anyone out there who believes a Dobbs/Helms platoon would be better for the team overall than Feliz starting and Dobbs spelling him?

Ruiz did hit well in the minors, which is why I'm puzzled by his offensive ineptitude this year. Not that he was good last year; he wasn't. But he hit better as the season went on, and then he followed it up with a great spring training. I was expecting good things from him this year -- maybe a .275 average with 13 or 14 homers. I have no answer for why he has been so terrible, and I especially have no answer for his woeful lack of power at the major league level. There are some players who just don't carry their power over from the minors to the majors. Marlon Byrd is another recent Phillies example.

Jack: I agree with you. But I'm a bit confused. You seem to have laid out your argument reasonably (citing the limitations of each player, etc.) I was under the impression that you unequivocally worshipped Feliz as some kind of demigod, instead of seeing him as a moderate and defensively consistent upgrade over what we currently had.

Feliz is an upgrade over what we had - there might be players who would've been bigger upgrades, but it's all pretty debatable. Cantu, for instance, is obviously having a great offensive year, but he's a defensive nightmare.

I feel for Gillick a lot regarding the catching situation. Gillick *was* worried about this, so he signed Barajas last year. Gillick then got dumped on by the fans for the entire '07 season, on the ground that it was obvious that the Ruiz/Coste combo was good enough. If it is so obvious that Ruiz shouldn't be playing major league ball, then why weren't people praising Gillick for signing Barajas last year? Also, people just haven't noticed how bad the catching is throughout the league.

Interesting note: Cubs charged with draft violations by MLB, and more punishment may be forthcoming, pending further investigation.

Cubs took some chances all around I guess. This is one thing that the Phillies will never be accused of with their choir boy attitude of status quo.

Mark Cuban, screw the Cubs, buy the Phillies. Phil Knight, anybody.

Ruiz can't hit mediocre fastballs let alone a good pitcher. I shuddered when he came up to bat in extra innings yesterday against crappy Marlins relievers. Cut bait with him and go with Jaramillo...things can't get any worse than they are now...the Fish announcers put it best "A hit by a .100 hitter" was their comment on Ruiz...they weren't even trying to be funny.

Also, Giles, though he'd be a great add, is off the market. Nady's having a career year and would be a big upgrade. MLBTradeRumors says the asking price is two non-elite prospects. Hacker or not, he's hitting .342 with a .986 OPS on the road.

Bad catching around the league does not excuse Ruiz's play.

Whatever the Phillies stats are at this point, they are padded by Coste's hot start. Those days are long gone. Comparing the Phillies stats against other teams is largely irrelevant at this point, unless you are completely confident that Coste is a bona fide hitting star. I think we have all seen that he can't keep that up for a significant amount of time when he has to catch. I'm was not convinced that Coste wasn't a fluke, and I'm still not convinced of it. I refuse to believe that a 35 year old catcher stayed in the minors or independent baseball his whole career without some flaws in his game. He is a great story and I hope he succeeds, but at 35, it is hard to not believe that his flash was not a supernova, and his fire is now extinguished.

Remember when Kip Wells used to dominate the Phillies??

Here was his line tonight for the Rockies against LA at Coors...

K. Wells - 1/3 IP, 7 H, 8 R, 7 ER, 1 BB, 1 K

Dodgers lead 9-0 in the second inning...

Parker. I agree that the catching situation is a big problem. I just don't believe that there's a quick fix.

Its not even that Ruiz is batting for such low average...its his extreme number of weak ground balls that turn into DPs. He's not even moving the runners or getting good outs. He almost always weakly grounds out to the right side of the diamond. He looks like a AA catcher out there...well a AA catcher not named Marson.

Brian G, Jack: Was Feliz the best alternative in the offseason? Frankly, I have no problem with him starting vs. LHP. But he's a net negative vs. RHP. Despite your undying love for Feliz, I wish we'd signed Cantu. Oh wait, thirdbase is the most important defensive position on the field!

Hi I am Clair Betz one of the very silent owners of your phillies. In case you didn't know who we are, let me tell you:

I am 87-years-old and took my seat at the ownership table when my husband, head of Betz Laboratories, died; THere is also the Buck brothers — Jim, 82, Bill, 78, and Whip, 75 — founders of TDH Capital, the Delaware Valley’s first venture-capital interest; and John Middleton, 53, whose cigar company, John Middleton Inc., sold for $2.9 billion last year. We are the owners of the Phillies.

Thank you for coming to the Park and selling out almost every home game between May and July. That was great because it allowed me and Buck Bros to go out and get our new dentures put in. The Bucks wanted new knee caps and hip replacements but we dont have the $ for that yet. We're hoping you sell out that Braves series later this week to pay for a new deck of cards so we can play Pinochle at the old age home.

OUr buddy and good old Monty gave us a new ownershhip budget to play with a few weeks ago when he said that you lousy bums were coming out in record numbers this year. He said it looks like we could draw 3million fans this year. GOOSH thats like a million more than we are used to drawing. We told him to keep the teams payroll consistent with previous years but allow us to save some more $ for ourselves. You know we all need to take vacations and at our very old ages we need to go to Florida alot because this philly weather is for the birds.

Next year's payroll will stay the same because uncle Bud said that MLB's salaries are getting too high. He suggests that we tell our scouts to only look at projectible HS kids that we can low ball and never draft an experienced college pitcher. Hey That Tyler Green ruined it for the drafting of College pitchers. Uncle Bud says that we can raise our tickets during the summer months too because you fools really like to come out to games during the summer...hahaha...uncle bud is so smart his daughter's brewers are really pissing us off though making trades and looking as if they really care up there in Antartica, Wisconsin. Bud is aLmost as smart as our old butt buddy Uncle Billy Giles. Uncle Billy always reminds Mr. Middleton to not step on anyones toes because we are a small market team. He told us to hit Middleton with our walkers and canes if he tries to get us to sign a buyout contract. Middleton actually wants to spend $...whats up with that? on the team but we all have to shut him up real quick when we go down to the Bunker down in CLearwater every few months. You guys probably hope we sell but I'd hate to tell that between me, the Bucks and Middletown we have like 25 grandchildren that will inherit the ownership title.

Good luck Peasants - you will always have that USFL championship the Stars won, the Phantoms AHL championship and next week's Arena Bowl championship to look fondly back at during these past 25 years..

I thought SS was the most important defensive position on the field...and then probably catcher.

BENTZ: On paper the Dodgers looked like a playoff team to me before the season started. Losing Furcal hurt them but the Braves have been destroyed by injuries and are hanging fairly tough. The Dodgers have probably underperformed worse than any team in the NL.

More importantly...losing Furcal has killed my fantasy team. This is especially true as Troy Tulowitzki is my backup SS.

Clout, you wish we signed Cantu because he's having a great year. You never mentioned Cantu once in the offseason. Back then, you were actually arguing that a Helms/Dobbs platoon was the way to go and that Helms was way too young to be washed up.

NEPhan: Anyone with any knowledge of baseball would rank SS first and then 2B, C and CF (not necessarily in that order). I'd put 1B and RF next then 3B and LF last. That's why teams don't start a good-field, no-hit thirdbaseman.

clout - I picked the Dodgers to win the wild card this year - definitely saw them as a playoff team. They are still right there and have a better offense than Arizona. Of course that doesn't look nearly as bad for me as my divisional picks of the Braves, Indians and Mariners. I really thought the West would be the best division in the NL and would provide the wild card winner. I can't pinpoint LA's problem since they are the only NL team I haven't seen in depth (since the Phils haven't played them yet)...

Tray: Correction: I was arguing for Lowell. I stated early on that of all the thirdbasemen available (and we've repeated that list endlessly) Feliz was the worst, in my opinion. At no time did I say the Phillies should keep Helms/Dobbs. I wanted an upgrade. I DID say I thought a Helms/Dobbs platoon would be better offensively than Feliz. Just as a Feliz/Dobbs platoon would be better than Feliz playing everyday.

Arizona has the better pitching, but I do like LA's lineup better...but the Dodgers' mix of young and old players STILL hasn't meshed completely

Hasn't been mentioned on here yet tonight I don't think...Fish back to a game back...Braves won 4-0

BENTZ: They've never found an adequate replacement for Furcal and that's killed them, along with problems at thirdbase.

Clair Betz impostor: you almost had me fooled, but no 87 year-old woman would say "what's up with that".

Rotoworld is out with their mid-season Top 150 Prospects list. Six Phillies and recent Phillies are on it: Carrasco #18, Cardenas #32, Marson #63, Donald #111, Bastardo #128 and Savery #148.

Not mentioned: Jaramillo, Happ (because of mlb time), D'Arnaud, Galvis, Outman and, understandably, Golson.

The only problem with not starting Feliz, clout, is that you'd then have to start Dobbs.

In addition to losing Dobbs' bat off the bench, how's that been working out when Dobbs starts, clout?

clout - I voted for Furcal for the All-Star team because of his hot start (tells you how early I voted)...I completely agree with you, Nomar can't hack it there anymore. LA's been in on every possible decent to mediocre to below average SS in the league in trade talks. Blake DeWitt has been adequate, but not great at 3B. Is LaRoche still hurt? I still expect more out of the Martin/Loney/Ethier/Kemp group. And their pitching should be better (outside of the ATL series).

flipper: I think a wizard puts a hex on Dobbs when he starts and the dark magic prevents him from getting hits. But when he pinch hits, the Good Witch of the East waves a magic wand and he becomes a much better hitter. If that sounds logical to you, it's fine with me.

BENTZ: Nomar is horrendous on defense at SS. Just brutal. LaRoche is now healthy but they refuse to give him any playing time. I'd start him 20 days straight. I guarantee he'd win the job. His skill set is far superior to DeWitt.

You did argue for Lowell, and all parties would prefer Lowell to Feliz. As for Feliz vs. Cantu, though, I think it's a close question, and Feliz vs. Dobbs/Helms isn't even a real debate anymore. Anyway, I'm disappointed that my Nady drumbeating hasn't caught on. Granted, this isn't a guy with a stellar career, but he's having a great year, hits both sides well, and we wouldn't have to give up much. Adjusted for park factor, he's almost having as good a season as Holliday, and is actually hitting better than Holliday by a wide margin on the road (although in fairness, Holliday plays a lot of his road games in Petco and Dodger Stadium, while Nady plays many of his in Great American Ball Park, Miller, etc.). Of course, there are those who will argue that Nady will shortly regress to career norms, but there are such things as career years and I'd submit that Nady's having one.

Mrs Betz, I wanted to take the opportunity to inform you that you cheap ways do have impacts.

One of the draftees you didn't sign (lowballed?), Brandon Workman, who went to the Univ of Texas, is nearly dominating the best college summer baseball league on Cape Cod.

In ealier this month he pitched 11 no hit innings over two games (lifted for pitch counts), before giving up a hit in the sixth inning of the second start.

Hey, Clair, maybe you Billy and Monty should think about throwing some of your spa and latte money at players like Workman who could actually help the team down the road.

For a reality check -- and JW doesn't disclose it in his piece above -- Jaramillo has been playing every day for Lehigh Valley, but he's batting only .211 over his last 10-game span, and a mere .249 for the year in AAA. In addition, Jaramillo has had some real defensive stinkers in there -- including one game in which he had three throwing errors. I'll leave it to others to project how that marginal performance projects from AAA to the big leagues, but those who think Jaramillo would be a big improvement over the existing Phillies' catching corps are quite mistaken, IMO.

And Parker -- your characteristically-idiotic zeal to marginalize Coste and his three-year major league career completely ignores Coste's performance -- until earlier this month -- at which point Coste likely was injured in that severe home plate collision, as JW I think correctly observes.

Sorry, clout - I didn't catch where you commented on how well Dobbs has done on the games he started. Must have missed that, somehow.

Tray: The question with Nady is, what do we have to give up to get him? And I also think it's likely he's having a career year.

do you think I should go to the games Dobbs starts and perform an exorcism? Or does the wizards black magic trump my odination from the universal life

flipper: It's just 5 posts above yours.

Reverend: By flipper's logic the correct soluion is to start Dobbs in LF. He's a .339 hitter there in his career. Obviously, how he hits is directly related to the position he's playing.

davthom: You have an awesome program on your BlackBerry. How many blogs do you have on your Coste negative-comment alert?

That sucks because I really wanted to try an exorcism, I even got a book on them. Well the cliff notes anyway. Back to damning the Mets to hell.

davthom - Agreed about Coste. Discrediting his performance the past 3 years is really unfair and if he was just utilized as a more typical backup catcher, he would be one of the best ones in the league.

So tell me, clout, being the master of logic that you are (so well proven by your brilliant analysis that logically, Burrell will finish this year at his career average despite being well above career averages at the halfway point), maybe you can explain to me why Dobbs' batting as a pinch-hitting is a better predictor of how he'd do as a starter than his performance so far as a starter?

Clout -- This is the only baseball blog I read -- and I do read it frequently without posting -- but I do have a system for tracking "Coste-negative" blather out there.

Another observation about Coste -- If the guy is truly hurt, as JW believes,given his history, Coste might well be the last one to admit just how much he is debilitated by the bad shoulder. And if that is indeed the case, Coste is doing himself no favors by attempting to hide the severity of the home plate shoulder injury -- although plenty of players certainly have done that before.

If Coste is indeed hurt to that extent -- with Marson now on the US Olympic Team -- I submit that the catcher to bring up is not Jaramillo -- but rather the second catcher at Lehigh Valley -- the defensively-superior, left-hand-batting John Suomi -- a guy who can also play the corner outfield positions, third base and first base, and who is batting .286 in his last 10 AAA games with the Iron Pigs.

flipper: It isn't. Just as his average as a leftfielder isn't a predictor. Position is irrelevant, whether its PH, DH, LH or whatever.

Coste just looks like he's ice-cold. He's a very streaky hitter, prone to bad slumps. He'll even tell you that in his book. Let's stop with all the excuse-making.

I saw a post (last week, perhaps?) advocating a trade for Jimmy Gobble. He'd be a great buy-low candidate right now: he gave up 10 runs, all earned, in one inning of work in Kansas City's 19-4 thrashing by Detroit. His ERA now sits at a tidy 11.31.

In response to davthom's suggestion of Suomi instead of Jaramillo in the event of a call-up of a minor league catcher, Suomi is batting .264 in 72 at-bats at AAA in a utility role. He'd be brought up to be the STARTING catcher. What in the way he has been used at Lehigh Valley suggests that he could handle the full-time duties of a catcher in the major leagues, let alone AAA?

Davthom: Sumomi has *72* ABs at AAA. You want to call him up based on how he's hitting in his last ten games?

To clarify: 72 ABs at AAA this season.

JW - Wishful thinking but the Phils will most likely wait until September.

Having to deal with a fragile Myers, new employee Blanton, perfectionist Moyer, and high-maintenance Hamels in the heat of the most anticipated World Series run the city has seen in many years suggests this will never happen.

Although I would not mind seeing it happen I would say the chances of Ruiz leading off would be better than JJ coming up before September 1st.

davethom: I'm not marginalizing Coste?? No, I'm just saying that he is what he is.....a 35 year old catcher. He has, at times been great, nothing more could be asked perromances. Recently, however, he looks very human. Call it injury, call it pitchers figuring him out, call it whatever your heart desires, but you cannot deny that he is struggling. I hope that he comes out of this, but in the meantime, Ruiz is also not getting his job done at all. Along with Coste's downturn, they are helping to make the 8 spot in the Phillies order, effectively another pitcher.

I like Coste, and there is nothing I would like more than to say: "Parker was made to watch Chris Coste, who was made to play for the Phillies, acutally play for the Phillies." Coste is great when he is on, but right now he is not. He is not the problem, Ruiz is. But until they do something with Ruiz, and until Coste begins to hit again (When he is not hurt or whatever), something needs to be done to prevent the intergalactic black hole in the bottom two spots of the lineup from sucking the rest of the team into it.

Go Coste.............,Ruiz just go, anywhere, no, not here, there, please. Thank you.

Clout, all I know is mlbtraderumors says they want two non-"truly elite" prospects. So maybe Golson and Harman? I'd do it for that. Nady would have the 3rd highest OPS+ on the team. And he isn't doing it with a really inflated BABIP - he's cut down on his K's and is hitting a ton of line drives.

Tray: Nady does that every season and then disappears for the second half. He seems to have amnesia about his newly discovered plate presence and strike zone recognition. He would be ok if the Phillies didn't have his LH equivalent in RF already. Whiffmasters with power are not what this team needs. Nothing against Nady, I'm just sick of good pitchers K'ing the heck out of the Phillies "good hitters."

You know, Parker, it'd be nice if you substantiated your arguments once in a while. Over Nady's career, here's what he's done in the first half and the second:

First half: .281/.336/.476, 19.41% K rate
Second half: .276/.333/.411, 20.46% K rate

Now, there is a real difference in these numbers, but the difference is pretty much all power. As for whiffmasters and Nady being the equivalent of Jenkins, Nady's only striking out in 1 of 6 at-bats this season. Jenkins has 3 more K's than Nady in 71 fewer at-bats. Big honking difference there. Moreover, since July's almost over, maybe it would be best to throw out his career second-half numbers and just look at August and September. Here's Nady's career August line:


His average and OBP are better than those he's put up in any other month. Now, in fairness, he is an historically bad September hitter, with an OPS 68 points below his overall career line (though again, most of the difference is power):


But this has hardly been a typical year for Nady.

at the end of the day we have 2 back-up catchers who should only start at most 50 games a year at the position. Although, I have hope for Ruiz that he will figure it out... just not confident that it will happen.

Jaramillo will end up probably as a backup catcher somewhere. Which means his best performance is going to be about 50 games too. However rotating 3 catches would be insane... Even Tony Larussa wouldn't do that... or would he??

Marson would have been the best option, but I would think the Olympic experience is something that will benefit him more than a cup of coffee now. Either way, on September 1 he should be in a Phillies pinstripes and bring his oldschool reading phillies jersey for away games.

hahaha we got your $ and don't care if we win anything...pardon me but do you have any grey poupon?

Good Morning.

I haven't said much as I am not so great at "Pin the Blame on the Goat(s)". But I am still here.

I'm not a big fan of "must-win", but these next few certainly do seem to be important- for my peace of mind (or destruction thereof) if nothing else. I am not feeling any postseason optimism at all anymore, but I still say- Go Phils!

Also, I miss Andy and Lake Fred.

Yeah, forget the AAA All-Star, lets bring up his 72 AB back-up?! Come on now. Jaramillo deserves the first look. Send Ruiz down, see if he turns things around.

i'm not trying to be funny here, but i had a dream last night that i was either a trainer or a player on the phils. during a game cole had his right arm severed off by a broken bat and vic got drilled in the kidney and died on the field.

i think i have issues?

If the Phillies did bring up Jaramillo and opposing teams started stealing like crazy, people would be calling for his head quickly. I don't think the possible (but by no means certain) offensive upgrade justifies the defensive downgrade.

I'm not sure he's THAT much of a defensive downgrade. And what would the justification for starting Coste be: defensive downgrade, now seemingly limited bat?

A look at the upcoming Phils vs. Mets series. The series shakes down like this: Joe Blanton (5-12, 4.96 era, 1.42 whip) vs. Johan Santana (8-7, 3.10, 1.22) tonight at 7:10. Then tomorrow night on ESPN, which means a loss because it's nationally televised, Brett Myers (3-9, 5.84, 1.56), which also means a loss because he sucks, takes on John Maine (8-7, 4.22, 1.35). The third game is set for noon time Thursday with Jamie Moyer (9-6, 3.90, 1.36) facing Oliver Perez (6-6, 4.36, 1.43). Of note: the 3 Mets starters have shut down the Phils offense in previous outings this season, Ollie- ZERO era and .169 batting average against over 18.1 innings with 15 k's, Johan- 3.00 era with .179 avg. against and 16 k's in 15 ip, and Maine- 3.09 era and a .158 avg. against in 11.2 ip. The Mets and Phils are currently tied for 1st place in the NL East, and obviously that will not be the case come series end. I have a bad feeling based on the pitching match-ups, Mets renewed offense threat, and the Phils offensive woes that this might be the end of the "1st Place Philadelphia Phillies".

I would love to see a sweep, but I also believe the Phils have a hard time front-running, so them chasing isn't a bad thing.

Don't embarrass us, phellas.

Could it be that we are witnessing a changing of the guard? Is Davthom planting the seed so that he can take up the cause of battling for Suomi once his Coste bromance subsides???

I particuarly appreciated JW's point about Jaramillo having a chance to throw to some guys he has experience with. Not to mention that it is likely (were he to prove himself) to see Happ down the line, and (why not) Benson?

"and (why not) Benson?"

So many injuries, so many reasons.

If Benson sees any time in the majors, it is a sure sign that the Phils are in bad shape. That would mean that he is out-pitching someone currently in the rotation or one is injured. The Phils cannot afford either of those situations to present themselves, especially considering how Benson has pitched for most of the season.

I'm really excited to see Blanton. I hope I'm still saying that after tonight. I think he will be "hungry" for a win (sorry, it was necessary in a very unnecessary way).

Tray: Maybe this is the year of the Xavier Nady renaissance. I'm still putting my money on more of the same in the second half. From what I've heard over the years, he wears down late in the season, especially when he is playing full time. If I'm wrong and the Phils go that route, I'll never be so happy to have been foolish. I still like Winn though.

Either way, I'm extremely pessimistic about any move being made for an OF. We'll see. Pat Gillick has yet to surprise during his tenure, but I guess today is as good as any to turn over a new leaf.

After we get swept by the Mets, I guess we'll be having a lot of these types of conversations about shaping the roster for next season.

Lidge was a surprise, I'd say.

Come on. JRolls is the best shortstop ever. Right?

The Phillies will not be swept. They will win 2 of 3....Book it

I admire your faith and courage, sir.

For those against "going all in" this season, do you think the Phils will actually be any better next year? Have an offseason that dramatically improves this team? Mets, Marlins and Braves decide to keep their rosters "as is" and not improve? The more I think about it, the more I think I would do the Holliday/Fuentes deal, or something along those lines.

I wouldn't--Funetes is a 1/2 season rental and Holiday is a Boras client.

Jose Mesa was a surprise, as was Randall Simon.

Nady is having a great year. If he comes in and is a .275 hitter, then he doesn't help us out a whole lot. It might be too much to ask that they go after a guy who will be a consistent presence in the lineup, but I just don't see why there would be excitement behind picking up a guy like Nady. If they get him and it works out, great. But, I don't think it's something that should be actively encouraged as a pickup just because the chances of it not working out are pretty good.

If you're just talking realistic trades because the Holliday trade is off, I'd rather see them get a guy like David DeJesus than Nady. Dejesus certainly wouldn't be a lock to have an impact, but I have more faith in him hitting around .300 than I do with Nady.

Fuentes gives you a first and a comp pick when he walks. Assuming Burrell leaves, you have his replacement (1 year, at least) plus Burrell's two draft picks. that's 4 additional picks in the next draft to help rebuild your system after dealing the other guys. As a phan, I don't care if Holliday is a boras guy. In fact, if they would actually deal for him, it's a sign that the ownership/mgmt has gotten over the Boras/Drew thing.

IF the Phils re-sign Burrell, I think they could be better next year:

Marson upgrade over Ruiz
Donald upgrade over Bruntlett
Carrasco/Happ upgrade over Myers
Myers upgrade over Gordon
Golson upgrade over Taguchi

As with all unproven commodities, "there's no evidence that they will provide an upgrade", but its reasonable to assume talented young players can outperform old players with no talent. Those young, cheap players would continue to improve over the years, unlike the veterans we'd acquire for them.

Marson would be my only hangup in that deal.

I just see the Mets having a big offseason and that's what scares me.

Russell Branyan and Pete LaForest were surprises.

I don't understand all this love for Golson. The guy hasn't shown me anything. I'd be glad to ship him out for something that can help us this year.

"I don't understand all this love for Golson. The guy hasn't shown me anything. I'd be glad to ship him out for something that can help us this year."

I don't understand someone find love for Golson here? The closest thing to love for Golson lately is baxter saying that Golson would be an upgrade over Taguchi next year. That is hardly love. A ham sandwhich would be an upgrade over Taguchi next year.

I am pretty sure that 99.9% of readers of BeerLeaguer would include Golson in a trade without batting an eyelash.

Brace yourselves for a shocker everyone... Buster Olney reports this morning sources think Pat Gillick may make a run at Arthur Rhodes, who he once signed for the Mariners.

As far as getting another lefty, it wouldn't be as good as Fuentes or Mahay, but Rhodes has held lefties to a .194 avg and has given up only two doubles, and no home runs. There would be worse things.

I think I've found a suitable organization for Pat Gillick to run after the Phillies -

The only way the organization can sell Arthur Rhodes to me is if they have a big trade they announce at the same time.

Out of curiosity, how many days have the Phils been in 1st? It seems like it has been almost 2 months.

The Uggla walk-off grandslam off Gordon killed their mojo outside of the 20-run game against the Cards.

...and that 20-run game was Friday (June) the 13th.

Jack: I'm pretty cynical but that one is too far-fetched even for me.

Re: Rhodes,

Olney was the one who broke the Blanton story, this Rhodes talk makes me nervous.

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