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Sunday, June 22, 2008


And allow me to repeat my response to RSB:

I have an alternate explanation to luck and sloppy play: The great play and luck against Colorado was because the Rockies are an 11-game under .500 team. The weak play against the Angels is because the Angels are 15 games above .500.

There's a bit of a power outage going on with the team now - .332 SLG in the last week. Utley, one of the few players who would still be rather valuable in a HR slump, is going through an even rougher patch. Once some of those flyballs start going out of the park the offense will pick up again, but not likely until then.

I have thought about clicking on the Kris Benson news link, but my instincts tell me that I'm not going to like what I see.

Also, the CD picks got taken down. I don't know when this happened but maybe its the source of the current Philly troubles.

It's easy to get a little too high and a little too low as fans of this game, let alone this team. The fact of the matter is, they aren't the World Series caliber team we thought they were two weeks ago and they aren't as bad as we think they are right now. As RSB said, they're a good team, not great. That said, they need a win in a big bad way today.

Um, can we get this guy - AP: Sabathia homers, strikes out 10 in Indians’ win

Chollie mixes up the lineup - Dobbs hitting 2nd, Vic at 6th.

Anyone know why the game isn't on Extra Innings?

No idea why it's not on Extra Innings. Earlier in the season one of the games appeared not to be on but showed up about ten minutes late. Hope something similar happens today.

Cholly is obviously following the 2 leadoff hitters theory by putting his weakest hitter in the 8-hole.

clout: yeah, there's that, but also it's more than that. In those games in the last homestand, it seemed every break was going their way - balls dropping in or being dropped by fielders, kicking up dust on the chalk lines. Now it's the other teams which are finding all the holes and hitting every mistake, while the Phillies are hitting into some tough luck.

I'm not saying it's all about luck, not at all. The Phillies were playing great early in the month, and lousy now. But there's been some noticeably good and poor fortune to go along with these respective stretches.

It's not scheduled to be on Extra innings.

I like what Manuel did with the lineup today.

double steal!

Just remember: strikeouts are just the same as any other outs.

Strikeouts: such costly outs.

Well, crap. I wish I could watch the game. Any insight into how those K's went down? I saw that Howard saw 11 pitches. Burrell 4.

3-4-5 just awful yet again.

Howard gave a great at bat, but fouled off a couple ball fours. The strikeout pitch he just was a bit late on.

Then Burrell struck out pretty easily.

This is just sad.

Did Utley make decent contact or was it weak?

Reached out on a low changeup and hit it off the end of the bat for a standard fly to left. Didn't look like he was on the pitch at all.

Utley had the bat knocked out of his hands and cried all the way back to the dugout. He'll be announcing his retirement at the end of the fifth inning.

Howards AB great? Ummm, he struck out. Howzabout getting full wood on one of those half-dozen or so foul balls and putting it into play

If Howard goes to second with the throw, which he had plenty of time to do, then the game is still 0-0.

Hamels must be taking pitching lessons from Myers. *sigh*

That's how it's done.

I just read an article on about how Guerrerro was on the downside of his career, and struggling mightily. No better way to revitalize your career than to face the Phillies pitching staff.

Or not.. this sucks.

This team can't sink any lower. One hopes.

If they blow this game, my blind optimism I've carried from April until now will be gone. I'm sick of this POS team playing like All-Stars for a month, then going into the tank in June. What is it about June -- the weather is perfect, the sun is always shining, etc. etc.

What sucks the most is that the division is ripe for the taking, yet we're looking at a team that's going to manage to keep at least two other teams in it until September -- and that's the best case scenario. Pathetic. Manuel's due to throw an ice-cream social to lift everyone's spirits.

Yeah, I'm hard-pressed to see any difference between the hitter Guerrero was as an Expo and the hitter he is now. His durability may have declined, but it's not like he's lost his pop.

Why is Victorino hitting behind Burrell? That totally negates his speed (even though he is leading off the 2nd).

Jenkins is still an idiot.

Is Jenkins some sort of idiot? Is this his rookie season?

jenkins stinks

I'd rather see Werth 6-7 days a week. He's athletic enough that he ought to improve v. righties given the chance. Not to mention the upgrade in RF & on the bases.

If this inning goes any longer, Victorino is likely to end up with a pulled hamstring with as many times as he's taken off for 2nd...

Note to Jenkins: watch your pitcher at the plate. You saw one pitch and Hamels saw like eight. The key to this game and every game these days is wearing down the other pitcher by making him throw tons of pitches. You're a hack.

78 OPS+ coming into today for Jenkins. You could make a strong case to add LH outfield help to the list at the trade deadline. Won't happen, but still.

Taguchi and his 47 OPS+ makes a case for RH outfield help, too :)

Nice play by Ruiz & nice tag by Howard.

nice pick off. finally, something to cheer for ruiz.

At least they seem to be playing with a little fire today.

Is Ruiz Tony Pena reincarnated? He's even setting up like Pena used at times, with the right leg extended to the side. He also loves those snap throws catch runners astray.

maybe the up-and-in to Vlad shows some balls we haven't been seeing. it would great to look back on that as what snapped them back into gear.

How about someone like Jody Gerut from the Padres? I'm sure he could be had. LH, some speed, 107 OPS+.

Bout time!


Obviously, we've been playing good teams, in the Cardinals, Sox, and Angels. But 2-7 (or, if they somehow come back to win this game, 3-6) is just unacceptable. The Cardinals have taken the first 2 games in their series against the RedSox. The Mets and Braves just won 2 of 3 in their series against the Angels. This is baseball, where the better team only wins 55% to 60% of the time.

At some point, when they start facing mediocre pitchers, the Phillies' hitters will undoubtedly get hot and they'll start winning some games again. But, even if they reel off a 10-game winning streak, I won't easily forget this recent stretch. They reached the tough part of their schedule & had a chance to really put a stranglehold on NL East race. Instead, they came up as small as a team could possibly come up.

Holy crap, what just happened?

Burrell's in a slump. He looks like old Burrell against these pitchers. He's not even getting walks.

Padilla's strong season (3.57 ERA) continues today with four innings and counting of one-hit ball. He's someone who could be had for relatively cheap.

Even though Vic has let off twice, and even if you expect Burrell to make a bunch of 3rd outs, it's dumb to put Vic in front of Jenkins & Feliz & Ruiz - 3 guys who hack away at the first pitch and don't drive in runs. If Cholly wanted to bump him down for some reason, he should be hitting 8th.

we missed that whole double play cause chatty kathy t-mac was showin old pictures of sarge.

Dobbs, our gold-glover option at third, with a fine snag.

Curt: Feliz isn't in the lineup. Jenkins drew a walk last plate appearance.

This ump is terrible.

This time through the Phils lineup better put up some crooked #'s. C'mon!

awful...absolutely awful

Cole's made one bad pitch today and the Angels scored two runs off of it. Weaver's made at least 10 and we haven't done sh*t.

Same ump blew a save call at first last night.

I'm going to make a radical controversial statement that will get me jumped on from all sides, but here goes: The Phillies have been playing their best ball against mediocre and bad teams and they look overmatched against the elite. I know this contradicts all the various theories that have been posted on here the past few days, but there you have it.

Clout: I think that has been the general sentiment resounding through most of the posts the last few days. Hence the echoed need for better pitchers and another bat somewhere in the lineup (Catcher if you ask me).

clout that statement is neither radical nor controversial. think pretty much everyone would agree w/ that

I think Geoff Jenkins is a trade-able piece. You can make your own judgment as to the potential dual meaning of the word "piece."

Parker: I guess I missed that. I have been reading a lot about various slumps, bad luck, poor play, mental breakdowns, not playing with emotion etc. etc. that amazingly coincided with playing 2 of the best teams in baseball.

I'm going out on another limb and predicting the next winning streak coincides with the visit to the mediocre Rangers next weekend followed by the mediocre Braves and mediocre Mets. That hot streak will then be followed by another cool streak against the Cardinals and D'backs. People will be baffled at how I can predict the future.

Do you PH for Hamels this inning?

Charlie says yes.

I wish Hamels could bat in Ruiz's place. Hamel's is considerably better than Ruiz at the plate.

Feliz is the right call against Oliver. Let's see if Scioscia counters with a righty.

Well he sure wasn't getting on base by swinging. I think he should just not swing the rest of the season. His OBP will probably improve.

Coste can be the hero!!!!

So, who hits for Dobb's? Bruntlett?

Well, OK, Uts can be the hero!

I think Dobbs could have done that, but maybe with a few more pitches.

Nobody can be the hero.

I like Bruntlett as more of the hero type. He is scrappy, and lets face it, when you look like a gnome, you pretty much have to be.

Put this in the out of control file: 3 HR for Mark Texieria today, so far.

Clout: Sorry to disappoint you, but nothing radical or controversial about that sentiment. You're just echoing BAP from earlier in this thread.
"At some point, when they start facing mediocre pitchers, the Phillies' hitters will undoubtedly get hot and they'll start winning some games again. But, even if they reel off a 10-game winning streak, I won't easily forget this recent stretch. They reached the tough part of their schedule & had a chance to really put a stranglehold on NL East race. Instead, they came up as small as a team could possibly come up."

Lidge for the 9th? Am I talking to myself? American Idol re-runs?

Anyone else not excited about the Werth vs a righty, Ruiz, Feliz lineup we have coming up in the ninth?

While we are playing prognosticators: Werth BB, Ruiz DP, Feliz K

I basically agree with clout, although I'd specify his read a bit and say it's particularly a matter of our facing really good and unfamiliar pitching the past two series. All our players are lifetime NL guys, with the exception of Dobbs's brief time in Seattle, and all the pitchers we've faced during these losses are lifetime AL guys. Our own pitching hasn't been great the past five games, but the offense has been the biggest problem - we've only scored 9 runs over that span.

I want to punch Jayson Werth every damn time he rules himself safe at first base. Let the umpires do their job slapnut!

This is pretty much automatic for ROdriguez.

K Rod vs. the bottom of the lineup. Odds of a comeback?

I'm confused, why the hell did Christ Coste bat against Shields when Dobbs was due up? I was listening in the car, someone explain please.

so better be taking til he sees a strike.

Taguchi has proven to be a waste of roster space, I'd much rather have Chris Snelling pinch-hitting. Not that Snelling is that great, it's that Tag is that f'n bad.


Carson: Oliver was pitching when Coste pinch hit. The Angels then put Shield in.

Carson: Darren Oliver was in the game to they brought in Coste, followed by the pitching chagne.

What's odd about that last at bat is that K Rod threw him 3 straight breaking pitches at the end, all out of the strike zone. Taguchi finally bit on the last one. If I were K Rod I would've challenged him with the sinking fastball. Had So been more patient he might've walked.

And Rodriguez was practically hyperventilating on the mound. To let him off the hook like that is awful. Give him the take sign Charlie.

Absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. I know they're not trying to lose. But when you have the two best teams in the AL coming into your park, with 40,000+ on-hand every night, you need to perform better. Plain and simple. That was just so weak. So weak. So much for being a starting pitcher away from greatness. CC Sabathia MIGHT have made this a 2-4 homestand. How can the whole damn lineup be in a slump at the same time. Wake the hell up!

5-9 hitters: 1-15 (single by Feliz).

So Taguchi is just terrible. When hes not dropping balls in left field hes striking out and going 0-16 in pinch hits. I agree with GM Carson, complete and utter waste.

Wow, another great offensive showing today, guys!

I understand that they've been playing first place teams or wildcard leading teams for the past two weeks now, but this is just unacceptable. You can't be expected to go anywhere if you beat up on the shitty teams and then sleepwalk against the good ones. This team really needs a kick in the ass right now.

Thanks for explaining the Dobbs/Coste situation, makes sense now.

There should be some roster moves this week. We'll be in bad shape in a month if there is not.

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