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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Is this what Youkilis has been up to?

I assumed it was all Mets-related traffic that was making all the sites crash.

I like wordpress. I've heard some pretty damning things against it, but it has served my needs well.

It's been a boring day without beerleaguer to check in on...

I guess that's the issue with having the blog software provider also be your host.

Or TypePad is run by RedSox fans! :)

Any thoughts of moving to WordPress? I have a much less trafficked blog and have thought about moving . . . Surely WordPress has occasional outages too, no?

With Typepad continuing to be difficult, I'm half expecting that something will happen like:

1) An all out screaming, nail-biting, stomach-churning extra inning game; or

2) An incredible and unprecidented scoring bonanza for the Phils, something beyond that 26 - 7 game in which Von Hayes had two HRs in the first inning; or

3) A tight to the wire pitching duel or momentous magnitude; or

4) A bizarre game in which Chollie keeps making non-sensical moves that we all really want to lambast him for, but then they turn out to work perfectly and confound the Sox.

5) Or a rainout - and we miss out on the discussions of how good Feliz' defense is, how awful the Abreu trade was, and why Seattle will be willing to trade Bedard to us for minor league slop.

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