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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


On a side issue, Lake Fred yesterday said I got the 1993 Phillies record after 65 games wrong. Apparently I didn't and he apologized. But in the meanwhile I googled what he posted as their record and was directed to a Scott Lauber article with the wrong stat.

So I emailed him and he did say he got it wrong:

Good catch. The Phillies did, in fact, start 45-20 in 1993. It was correct in my story in Monday's paper, but it was incorrect in Tuesday's story.

Thanks for the note, and please keep reading!


Scott Lauber
Phillies reporter
The News Journal

He's no Conlin!

I'm pretty sure I called this development a month or so ago. hopefully I did not do it in a mean and personal way.

I do feel bad for the way criticism of the Phillies' obsession with pursuing the prototypical highly skilled athletes (who can't actually play baseball) turns into criticism of the guys who are drafted. I'm sure Golson would like nothing more than to be a productive major leaguer. if he can't do it, it's more the Phillies' fault for scouting poorly than his fault for not being somebody else.

Like the fact that Sam Walls is now on the Reading roster. He averaged a strike out an inning with a 2 to 1 ground ball to fly ball out ratio. He was 2-0, with 10 saves, and a 0.81 ERA for the last place Clearwater Threshers. Can't do much better than that.

Dear Greg.

So sorry. Didn't mean to hurt your family. You got skills. Please learn to recognize the difference between off-speed pitches and fastballs during the rest of this year. The cheapskate front office which holds your contract needs you ready to fill in for the RH left-fielder they're planning not to sign. Seriously, no hard feelings.

Another No Account Blogger

Some of what Golson said isn't exactly unfair. However, it's the reality of the situation these days with the internets/blogs. Everything is "out there". Look at the game chatter here-0 for 4's don't go unpunished, and a 2 HR performance one day, is forgotten about the next, if it's followed it up with 2k's.

Me thinks that Golson needs to get a tougher skin. This has been an ongoing problem throughout his career. At this point, maybe they should trade him for an arm or something.

I've been a little baffled by the widespread dismissal of his progress.

I think all of the trade talk might take on a more specific nature after the next four or five series' are completed. Finishing the series in FLA, then to ST LOUIS and back home against BOS & the LAA, then flying out West to OAK. Whew! That should give us an idea of what they are truly lacking. All of those clubs are considered playoff caliber right now, including the A's. Those teams combined are 43 games over .500. Even Texas is playing .500 ball right now, so they catch a break after Oakland. This might be considered the toughest stretch of the season with no pansy teams in the Inter-League games epecially. If starting pitching is their achilles heal right now, we'll be certain in 2 1/2 weeks.

Can't they just shelf Myers for no reason, like they did last year? I really doubt the Phillies could do worse with a carousel of auditioning prospects. Happ, Bastardo, Carrasco, single file plz

I gave him the Minor League Player of the Month award for April in my blog after his hot start. He wasn't as great last month and he's slumping so far this month.
Personally I think he needs to learn that we obsess because we actually give a damn about the Phillies. Philly is very critical of its stars as anyone can attest. But it loves the ones that show how hard they work like Utley. Thick skin is a good thing to have as a professional athlete.

Someone ought to clue Golson in on his periferial numbers, maily his BB/K/AB ratios. They don't translate to a major league player. Last night he swung at a slider than bounced in the left-handed batters box. Doyyyyyyyy. And this is in AA folks. Not to worry though, we got his replacement already - Anthony Hewitt.

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