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Thursday, June 19, 2008


What about putting Savery in relief? Just a thought.

Michael Taylor was promoted to Clearwater with Drew Naylor.

Lou Marson continues to rip it up in Reading.

Carson: Thanks - that's good news. They're having great seasons. Keep it moving.

From the last thread~

Only suggessted sending Kendrick down because he has options left not because I was advocating sending him down. This is why I don't post here a lot anymore. Most of you don't listen to what is being said. I said "if you have to to make room". I DID NOT say send Kendrick dowm. I am well-aware that he's a good pitcher and will get better. So don't jump on my case. I am suggesting however, that there is a roster crunch if a trade for a pitcher is made.

IF the Phils make a trade who goes? Vic? No he's the starting CF'der. If another starter is brought in there are two moves to be made. DFA'ing Condrey is easy. Myers can stake his spot in the 'pen. If they don't move Myers there, what's the other move? DFA'ing Taguchi? Maybe. But then who fills the spot on the bench? No one in the pharm system.


I don't think Ruiz has much trade value from an offensive standpoint. He is very good defensively but if he's traded, Marson, I don't think is ready. And that is what's wrong with the pharm system. There's no player ready down there. So we can't say "we'll trade player X, because player Y is ready".

Every pitcher who's ever played for Rice has had shoulder surgery, but I thought Savery already had his labrum operation back in 2006. Am I wrong about that? In fact, as I recall, the only reason Savery slid down to 19 was because of that surgery.

Jarmaillo has been hitting better as of late in AAA and is above average defensively.

For one...he might be injured and two he's just learning how to pitch. Anyone who thought he'd be able to jump 3 levels this year was crazy to begin with. Give him a couple years to learn how to pitch before sticking the proverbial fork in him.

Savery had surgery his sophomore year at Rice and left college after his junior year. He's never concentrated on pitching 100% of the time and it shows. He might also be fighting some minor arm issues which is effecting his Stuff. I'd give him a break and remember he's still a very young and raw talent.

I'd put Savery at 1b, before relief.

BB: what does a .260 avg at AAA translate into at the MLB level. That's what Jaramillo is doing right now. There is virtually no difference between Ruiz or Jaramillo other than the switch hitting perhaps. He wouldn't be an improvement.

NEPP-Agree with all that. Chill in regards to Savery, although, he needs to keep working hard.

I didn't say he'd be an improvement, i'm just saying don't (DPatrone) forget about him. If Ruiz has any value and can be traded, and Jaramillo is about the same guy, i'm all for dealing Ruiz.

(Look at Jaramillo's month by month stats. He improved in each and is a slow starter.)

I agree that Jason has really turned it around after a very slow start.

I'll be shocked and amazed if Jaramillo hits enough to be anything more than a major league backup.

Anyone know what Savery is batting?

They use a DH in the FSL league so I'm pretty sure he hasn't had any hits this season.


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