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Friday, June 20, 2008


God damn Rex Hudler is annoying. He's so upbeat positive and happy. Ugh! Seems way to engergized and peppy to be a stoner:

Gillick dropping some hints on DNL, perhaps indicating that they might use big leaugers as the trade tips. I really think that we might try to make a Myers, Vic, and Cardenas type deal for Sabathia with perhaps an Outman or Happ as a throw in.

That should read trade "chips" not "tips"

myers and vic for a couple month rental? yer smokin crack, lekh.

joe: yeah maybe. But I'm only advocating such a move if they knew they could sign him.

Its beginning to feel a lot like 1993 these days. Phils playing well and now, Cito Gaston is the manager of the Blue Jays. As far as I'm concerned, Joe Carter needs to stay away, far away, in whatever capacity.

Anybody else skeptical about the potential "career ending" surgery for the Schillster? I'm guessing there is still more drama that he can milk out of this.

Baxter: When I said Burnett would be the cheapest option, I didn't mean from a dollars standpoint. Lets face it, if the FO is overly concerned about that, then they are not too concerned about winning (Which is probably true). When I said cheap, I was merely talking about what it would take to pry him away from his current team. I think he would be the least expensive in terms of talent that would you would need to give up to get him.

BTW: The way Riccardi is blatantly calling out players who "Don't care about playing baseball" (See Adam Dunn), I would wonder why he would have acquired Burnett in the first place. If he is such a headache and you don't like those guys then why acquire him? All I know is that Burnett was not headache enough to prevent the Fish from winning a WS Title. That is what this is really about, right? Winning Championships? I couldn't care less about the guy being a head-case if he is healthy and chucking small spherical objects at 98-100 MPH.

Oh Yeah, I know another thing (This makes 2), Adam Eaton is ridiculous.

And here I thought we were going to get out of the first without giving up a run.

Eaton, like Myers, is particularly good at putting us in a hole quickly.

Guerrero has way better dreds than Manny Ramirez.

I hate this feeling when the Phils are in a funk where you're just waiting for something bad to happen.

Ribbies: I get that feeling every time Eaton pitches. Oh god, I just remembered that Phils have to face Ervin Santana. Talk about nasty, this guy is working on being definitional.

Ribbies: I always get that feeling with Eaton on the mound. I wonder if he can maintain his pace of averaging a win per month. He's running out of time.

I typically don't bother with these stats, but, Guerrero lifetime vs Phils: .366/.461/.720

For the record, I'm a proponent of a trade for Sabathia. I realize it would only be a rental, but if we add him without giving up a major leaguer other than Victorino, we'd have a solid rotation for the rest of the season and a very good rotation for the playoffs. Myers would likely drop to the bullpen, an added bonus.

Real nice AB by Vic. This guy is bringing it.

Run, phillies, run

tom mccarthy talks thru everything, shut him up please.

You just keep talking over the play-by-play, "T-Mac". God, I'd love to see someone in the stands pie him in the face.

RSB: Being the dreadlocks connoisseur, how would you rate Santana's dreds?

Dang it Utley.

RSB, I wouldn't mind someone in the booth doing it.

Ouch, that was ugly.

victorino should just steal home

Not bad. I guess you can't have 'em too long as a pitcher, it'd be distracting to the hitters to see them flopping all over the place.


Well, looks like the Phutile Phils are still with us.

Heck, in that case I'd have all the pitchers going out there with Many type dreds, died baseball blonde.

Nice to see Harry wasn't fooled on that fly ball. Sounded like everyone else was.

Didn't Lincecum in the NYT article say Utley's whole was soft stuff high and in? I guess Santana was listening.

dyed, oops.

On the plus side Santana had to throw 32 pitches. Although I'm sure Jenkins and Feliz will help him make up for that.

The contrast between Eaton and Santana is drastic. This is pretty much the exact reason I would like to have a guy like Burnett on the team.

BTW: Santana has historically been a head-case.

Are those supposed to be fastballs Eaton is throwing? They look like they're arriving to the plate on an instant replay.

Seems like the worst thing that can happen is for Eaton to get two quick outs.

This game has been really stupid so far.

And I'm not crazy about this home plate ump.

The FO needs to do something now. With a slight and ever-shrinking lead in the NL East, we've got to make a move. Throwing Eaton and Myers out for 40% of the starts is a recipe for disaster.

The thing about the Phillies' pitching is that it no longer appears viable once the team stops hitting. We're constantly told the hitting isn't a worry, but it's not always there.

Eaton cannot be walking Maicer Izturis.

Hamels/Lidge, bats in fridge.
Kendrick/Eaton, always beaten.
Myers/Moyer, maybe horror.

No evidence so far that these guys came to play. That run was a joke.

And Jenkins and Feliz good for 4 pitches... no one saw that coming.

Eaton should go get a Rick Ankiel makeover.

It's a good thing the Angels can't hit. Vic has already run 2 miles chasing stuff down.

This is the deadest I remember the team looking. Even the fans lack a pulse. The only people who seem to have shown up tonight are the "backup" catcher and "backup" center fielder.

Curt: Would there be HGH involved in this Eaton change? Maybe Eaton should just grow some dredlocks.

I can see it now:

Harry K: And it looks like there is going to be a bit of a pow-wow on the mound.
Wheels: Yes it looks like the Rastafarian (Eaton) is going to seek the advice of Rich Dubee.

NL rules temporarily save Eaton.

Santana's swinging a better bat than most of our order.

What the hell is wrong with this club? Bad pitching, bad hitting, bad defensive. All those positive vibes from a week or so ago are gone with this recent return to crap.

Chase Utley where are you? He's ridiculously awful right now.

Utley's drought has now reached 22 at bats. That's both awful and alarming.

Great players go into slumps. It is the guys that are in perpetual career slumps that worry me (see Carlos Ruiz).

Color me unalarmed.

Never a good sign when the other team's cleanup hitter is batting for the 3rd the 4th inning.

Maybe I should qualify my "alarmed" comment. First off, if you read my stuff regularly you know Chase Utley is my favorite current Phillie and damn near my favorite of all-time (will dethrone Schmidt soon), so when I say I'm alarmed I mean that he looks awful right now and does not seem to be coming out of it. I think this will last a bit longer, but never would I suggest from a prolonged period of time, he's too damn good of a hitter for that to be the case.

*sigh* Glad the bullpen had yesterday to relax... back to another 5+ inning of work tonight.

Eaton's on the way to another of his patented "quality starts" -- give up 3 early & somehow hang around for 6.

Carson, on that last ball Utley hit - that looked like a vintage Utley swing. The one thing that is somewhat of a concern is that he's made himself much easier to defense. That might affect his average, but not his hitting ability.

Vic's going to need a game off after this one. He's up to 3 miles already.

Once again, the Phillies look flat-out overmatched by a quality pitcher.

The middle of the order has been particularly useless against those quality pitchers.

If Kyle Kendrick didn't put the Phillies FO on notice that they needed to get some hard throwers, Ervin Santana is pretty much slapping them in the face with a decaying trout.

I'm not crazy about having Jenkins and Feliz on our team again next year.

forget a day off, this team is playing like it needs practice.

The only remaining drama: can Eaton limp his way through 6 innings and not give up another run?

I'm predicting HR.

Looks like Chuck might need to break out his whip again. Third game in a row they look dead.

11 baserunners stranded through 5. That is a stat that WILL catch up with you. Adam Eaton, you are on notice: you stink.

At least it took 3 pitches to get Feliz.

I nominate that AB by Feliz for the most pathetic effort by a major league hitter in the past ten years.

Saunders should be fun.

Hey, Santana is good.

Yep, this is a Waldorf & Statler kind of game.

Here we go, the QS drive is still alive.

Adam Eaton is an embarrassment to fringe major leaguers everywhere.

two questions.
1. Why did Adam Eaton start this inning?
2. Why the hell didn't Utley turn an easy double play ball on Andersen's grounder for a base hit? Where the hell was he on that one?


The Angels batting practice pitchers have better stuff than Eaton.

Can we just say this with absolute finality? Adam Eaton sucks.

this should be a blowout

When does Cole Hamels pitch again? Are we sure that the Phillies don't have any prospects that could pitch better than Eaton/Kendrick? That may be true, but it is a crazy statement. When you continue to do the same thing with the same results, doesn't that make you crazy?

It would have been a great night for Eaton to throw 150 pitches.

12 hits through 5+ innings. It's a good thing the A's can't hit.

The Angels couldn't hit against the Mets or the Braves, but apparently the Phils and CBP are the remedy.

BOOOOOOOOO... I'm tired of seeing this team come up small time and time again. How redeeming, Brett Myers is on the hill tomorrow... Barf...

If you're not looking too closely, Scioscia looks a lot like Manuel. Or at least he's well on his way to looking like him.

I KNEW all that World Series talk was going to bite us in the a**. As soon as there are any expectations on this team, they choke.

Anybody think that run's going to matter?

Imagine the joyful presence Scioscia must be if he's *down* 6-0. He's making Bobby Cox look like Richard Simmons in this game.

Well, at least we won't run the risk of winning the first game by a large margin like we have the last few there's that upside.

Monty builds a stadium with the left field wall too shallow. After moving the wall back 5ft. the next season he leave a slot at the bottom of the wall that the ball gets lodged in. What an incompentent!

Dull: that's slots saved us several runs already this season. I've seen Burrell already do what Vic just did a month ago or so, except he actually tried to get the ball out first.

Maybe Charlie can give our offense some pointers...

Madson, and the BP, came out of that inning clean. What a joke certain stats are.

Get the can out, its garbage time.

Clay Condrey, what's the quandary? AAAA back of staff, defensive gaffs. Yes, its garbage time. I AM CLAY CONDREY, and this is my time.

Maybe we can score a run or two now that the game is all but out of reach...

Walked Vic to get to Utley.


To quote Dana Carvey as George H. W. Bush: "It wouldn't be prudent. Not gonna do it."

While I'm doling out style points, someone needs to tell Chris Coste to grow bald gracefully.

RSB: LOL, what is he doing? Is there evidence of Hair Club for Men going on?

That may have been the ugliest swing I have seen all season. OMG?!

Howard is one of the worst hitters I've ever seen of anticipating pitches. Really, Ryan, you think you're going to get a 3-2 fastball?

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