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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Not thrilled with Dobbs instead of Feliz in a Kendrick pitched game.

Kinda looks like rain out here in the northwest.

Good for Carlos. It's not like they stole 6 bases on the defensive wiz last night. Oh wait........

Jason, in the previous thread you posted a comment by clout stating that today's matchup favors the Phils.

clout, after looking at Masterson's record and stats so far this season, I'm curious as to why you think so.

The sky in West Philly looks pretty grim. Hopefully it holds out.

Masterson is off to a good start, but his college and minor league stats are thorougly underwhelming. His hot start looks like a fluke. With Ortiz & Manny out of the RedSox' lineup, this is a very winnable game. If we lose today, it'll be our 4th in 5 games, and 6th in the last 9. I'd say that qualifies as a slump.

That said, I think we'll win. I'm guessing this will be a typical Phillies' game. They'll look hapless for about 4 or 5 innings, before finally breaking out against this guy and winning 6-4.

Whells & Harry's matching blue hawaian shirts are horrendous. thet look they are going to a luau.

Dang, I hadn't realized Utley was riding a 0 for 16 streak. ugh

Well Ellsbury singles to lead off the comes the SB...

On a completly different topic: Since the Al gets to vote in a DH to the All Star game shouldn't the NL get to vote in a Pinch Hitter?

2 singles to lead off the game...not going well so far.

Is the game on National TV? Or is it just my computer that wont show the game on MLBTV?

Not exactly going well so far...

That sucks.

I hate JD Drew... Kendrick gonna make it out of the 1st inning...4-0 with back to back HRs now.

Lovely start.

Can we start over? The Phillies are officially in a funk. Good thing Manny and Papi and Youkolis arnen't playing.

We're going to need 20 runs again today.

"Jason, in the previous thread you posted a comment by clout stating that today's matchup favors the Phils.

clout, after looking at Masterson's record and stats so far this season, I'm curious as to why you think so. "

Me too...if anything with these two young pitchers its a tossup. I can see this being 9-8 kind of game.

Yeah...because it might be 4-0 with no outs if they were...

I'm gonna go ahead and say this now: that we're going to lose this series at home, against their 6-5-3 pitchers, with them missing Ortiz and Youkilis for the entire series, does not bode well for October (if we do indeed get there).

The KK smoke and mirrors act obviously doesn't impress good hitters.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict the Justin Masterson CG Shutout right now.

As I said yesterday, this smoke and mirrors approach of Moyer & Kendrick doesn't work against good teams. If the RedSox are the measuring stick of where we want to be, the measuring stick says that we're a long ways off.

Yikes... Well, I hope this new kid sucks.

curt: That was a very astute point about the smoke and mirrors. LOL.

Hopefully the Angels are easier to play against...

Give KK credit for calming down and getting 3 straight outs...

Why is Ruiz starting AGAIN?

While I love Chase's comment to the Inky ("Off day is Thursday"), I really wish he weren't in the lineup today.

Also, I looked at the box score a second ago and immediately cursed Brett Myers -- who isn't pitching. Oops. Habit.

Clearly someone on the Sox read the scouting report that Vic doesn't like the ball inside...

KK may have subpar stuff, but he's mentally tough, and that counts for something.

Ruiz needs to go at least 2-4 with an RBI to justify starting today after last night.

KK gives up two homers and suddenly he - and Jamie Moyer - can't pitch against good teams? Moyer gave up two runs yesterday ...

Amazing how three outs changed curt's opinion of Kendrick. From smoke and mirrors to mentally tough, in seconds.

Damnit Utley! Time for a little BL reverse jinx: Utley sucks and should be benched for least for the day.

The catching position isn't about offense. When people start complaining about the number 8 hitter, it means there's bigger problems. Would Ruiz have mattered last night if 3,4,5 didn't strike out 9 times?

Is it just me, or are teh Phillies not greenlighting the running game nearly as much this year...there have been several times lately where Rollins/Vic should be given the greenlight and no steals occur. Vic on base with 0 or 1 outs should equal a SB attempt.

Well, it won't be a shutout again.

Howard gets an RBI single...all is well in the world again!!!

~insert minor sarcasm~

Jason: it's not just because of today that we think that. Moyer and Kendrick have middling stuff and pretty good command, but when they face a patient and powerful lineup, their little mistakes care capitalized on. The same can't be said for a mediocre lineup like the sans-Pujols Cardinals (against whom Kendrick had a solid start).

BobbyD - How many outs did Ruiz account for last night? Why should he start today after 8 innings last night? What did he do defensively that you must start him half a day later? The only way I start him is if he's riding a hot streak.

Jason - I'm sure you can explain the contradiction in observing that a guy has subpar stuff but is mentally tough.

Addendum: and obviously, it's teams of the quality of the Red Sox that we're going to have to beat in October. A four-man rotation that includes both Moyer and Kendrick simply won't get it done in the playoffs -- you can keep one of them, but the other should be bumped in the playoffs for whatever quality starter the Phils can nab at the deadline.

Put in Coste

Kendrick is really going to need to settle down, which he has shown an ability to do. We're gonna need to only give up 1 or 2 more runs over the course of the game, so it would be nice for Kendrick to get into a solid rythym.

In other words, Boston is a good team.

It's not just defense it's calling a game. Coste said it himself that he's a part-time player. And I'll say it again, we wouldn't be talkign about how many outs Ruiz made if 3,4,5 didn't strike out 9 times.

jason: I wrote my comment YESTERDAY, before Kendrick allowed 4 runs in the first inning. Both these guys pitch to contact, without extreme ground ball ratios. If they're really on their game, they can beat anyone. More often, they're going to struggle against a team with patient, experienced hitters.

Nice bounceback inning against the bottom of the order for KK.

Like striking out the side for example.

Let's see the offensive juggernaut known as Greg Dobbs come through, we need some runs.

Actually, I'll correct an earlier statement. Boston isn't a good team, they're the best team.

Great AB by Jenkins...making him work for it.

Sure, if 3-4-5 got it done last night, people might not be on Ruiz. But the fact is that our offense is inconsistent. With that in mind, why start a slumping catcher when the other cylinders aren't firing? Especially a day game after a night game? Confusing.

The RedSox ARE the best team in baseball when they have all their guys in the lineup. With today's lineup, they sure aren't the best team in baseball.

Yeah, the day game after the night game thing makes me wonder why Ruiz is starting. That's a pretty standard off day for a catcher. Maybe Coste is sore or asked Charlie for the day off.

Yeah. Drew and Lowell are total scrubs.

That's the best AB that Ruiz has had in this series.

big hit by ruiz.

Is Greg Maddux really a possibility for the Phillies? As I understood it, he was adamant about not wishing to play anywhere except Atlanta or the West Coast. But does his desire to have one more shot at the post-season trump that? I can't imagine it'd take all that much to get him, but then again the Padres have been coming on of late - still 10 games under .500 but only 6.5 games out. He would definitely be a presence, a guy you would feel good about starting in the post-season.

By the way, I'm perfectly willing to forgive Robin Roberts for calling Kalas "Larry" after he called his pennant-winning win a "tight-ass game".

Fundamentals are killing this team lately...Pitchers need to know how to bunt damnit!

Someone want to explain what happened there? Did Kendrick bunt into a double play? Jesus.

jason: Drew and Lowell are good players, but if they are the two best players in your lineup, you are not fielding the best team in baseball or anything close to it. They are missing 3 star players and their starting pitcher is a rookie.

How many successful bunts has Kendrick ever laid down?

NEPP - Phils' pitchers didn't do so bad in the first two games. Agree though, gotta at least get the bunt on the ground there.

Ugh. That was awful.

bunting into a DP is brutal.

That was extremely ugly - Kendrick can't get the bunt down, and then Dobbs is doubled off. Manuel said this was a game they 'needed to win' so I can't imagine he's in the best of moods at the moment.

Jack- Manuel decided to have Kendrick bunt with two strikes after putting two into foul territory... he popped up and the 1B came and caught it and threw it to second where Dobbs was obviously way off

@ bay_area_phan:

Couldn't have said it better myself. If anyone thinks of this series as a measuring stick -- if you're into that sort of thing -- then they need to find a way to win this game against a banged-up Red Sox club.

Kendrick needs to channel his inner Moyer and tight-walk his way through this jam...

Not to mention that Drew and Lowell are the very guys who are pounding Kendrick. If the two best players in the RedSox' lineup pound Kendrick, how does that disprove my statement that Kendrick's smoke and mirrors approach doesnt' work against good hitters?

b_a_p & Philly Friar,

Well put. Nothing's a true "must win", but this is one that would really serve to help establish an overall positive tone going forward and distinguish this club from past teams. If they scrap back and win, it will be a memory they can draw on later in the season when times are dark (as they inevitably will be from time to time).

BTW, are others having a few issues with Beerleaguer site/Typepad maintenance? Refresh button isn't working consistently.

Come on KK...get out of this one...

Well Jason, still waiting for an explanation of why a guy can't have subpar stuff and be mentally tough...

What about the opposite. Is it a contradiction to observe that Myers has decent stuff but is mentally weak?


Kendrick has pretty marginal stuff but when he goes at the hitters with quality strikes the way he did in the second, he can be effective. In the first inning he was throwing non-quality strikes and in the third he's nibbling off the plate.

This patchwork lineup is really making Kendrick work for it.

Well...this game is looking to be a wash...

The worst part is all those fans have to sit there and take it from the Boston people.

Maybe Eaton will prove to be the real deal. Stranger things have happened, I guess.

Yes...all those diehard Boston fans in the stadium...none of them are bandwagon jumpers or anything.

And the Boston fans are absolutely unbearable right now. I'd rather be around Mets fans. They think winning championships is a birthright. I hope the Rays beat the cr*p out of them.

I'm calling a comeback in this one.

This Masterson kid's stuff does not impress me at all. Phils need to take more pitches and make him work.

Paging Phillies offense. Phillies offense please report to the game.

RSB, quite possible. Unfortunately, the odds say the next 2 hours are better spend back to work.

The offense picked the worst possible time to slump as a whole. This is some horrible plate discipline I've seen as a whole these past two games. If this week is supposed to be an indication that this ballclub can not only win the division, but also a championship, than I think they are failing the test so far to date.

Even the Mets and Braves fare better against decent/good starting pitching than the Phils, and the Marlins certainly can hit good pitching. They hit Felix Hernandez pretty well last night and that kid is good.

Well ... bottom line is not a good start by KK, against any team.

A carbon copy of the St. Louis series. A bunch of offense in the first game and then back to bed.

Condrey pitching in the 4th inning is never a good sign for your chances.

amen doubleh,

If I ever, ever read another word anywhere, about how to be a Boston fan is to know suffering...I think RSB used the words a few days ago, "Vomit all over my keyboard".

White flag, eh?

So basically the offense showed up against an injured Bartolo Colon and is getting killed by Lester and Masterson respectively.

Might as well pull Utley if Cholly wants to wave the flag.

Maybe this is game we give up 20.

Its been a tough few years for Boston (3 SB victories, 2 WS victories, and 1 NBA championship)...give me a freaking break.

Ugh, this game has made me stupid.

Before the game, philsGal wrote: "The sky in West Philly looks pretty grim. Hopefully it holds out."

Actually, a long, unrelenting rain storm sounds like a terrific idea right now.

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