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Monday, June 16, 2008


Since I've been out all day, I just need to quickly answer CJ and Jack. Since the Phils usually rely on their great offense, I'd be more interested with comparing that percentage (games with less than four runs) to the Phils last year. How'd they do last year? I guess I'll have to check.

The game's on ESPN here in Houston. I'll get to see the team. This past weekend in New Orleans, Fox showed the Red Sox vs. Cincy. Then on Sunday, TBS showed the Red Sox vs. Cincy. Geez, three straight days of the Red Sox. I think the fix is in. The nationed is being programmed to become either Yankees or Red Sox fans. All the other teams don't count. Let's go Cole!


1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, CF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. P Burrell, LF
6. G Jenkins, RF
7. P Feliz, 3B
8. C Ruiz, C
9. C Hamels, P

1. J Ellsbury, CF
2. D Pedroia, 2B
3. J Drew, RF
4. M Ramirez, LF
5. M Lowell, 3B
6. K Youkilis, 1B
7. J Varitek, C
8. J Lugo, SS
9. B Colon, P

Harden may be our best shot at getting another pitcher of Cole's quality without having to give up a bundle in prospects or overpay on a long term contract(his option is 7 mil next year). I'd offer Carrasco for him straight up, although I'd doubt Beane would say yes.

Anyway, that's my meaningless and probably dumb thought of the day. If we're gonna gamble on something, it might as well be Harden being healthy-ish for the next year and a half, as opposed to Myers turning it around or Sabathia holding up for a 5 year contract. And he only really needs to be healthy for the playoffs.

I admit right now I'm pissed at yesterday's game. The best cure for my mood would be to beat up on the Sox. Hopefully, the Phils will focus a little better playing an over-hyped team. It's time for Cole to step up like an ace should. If not, we may be looking at an 8 game losing streak and the loss of our division lead by next weekend considering we are playing the best two teams in the AL.


Drops have started falling at CBP...

Does it make sense to pick up Maddux after the deadline? I know that even in his prime he was not a great post-season pitcher, but I like the rotation of Hamels, Maddux, Kendrick +/- Moyer with Myers in the 8th.

Then again, the Padres are still in it.

Just thinking outloud.



Andy: Last season, the Phils scored 3 or fewer runs in 25.6% of their games. Through the first 71 games, the Phils failed to score 3 runs or more 20 times (as opposed to 25 so far this year).

I don't see, however, why last year matters? Offense as a whole is down this year across the league. Also, our record after 71 games last year was 37-34, compared to 40-31.

Our team is second in baseball in runs scored.

Maddux only has a 4.75 ERA on the road. Not sure how he'd fare in our park. In 2 career starts in CBP (one this season, one last season), he has a 4.05 ERA. Both quality starts.

Jason, I'm with you on the Red Sox. No special rivalry. Just another team to play and hopefully beat, though it will be tough.

They won the WS last year and twice in the last four, hence the hype, but I harbor no special ill will or love for them.

They're another team that needs to be beaten, just like the rest.

Hopefully it happens.

Wouldn't have minded to see Dobbs against Colon. Go Phils!

Looks like somebody cut the grass a bit too short at the Bank today.

Wouldn't have minded to see Dobbs against Colon. Go Phils!

sorry for the double post

TC - apparently it's from the Jimmy Buffet concert.

CJ, so 35.7% vs. 25.6% is not substantial enough difference to worry about. Okay. Guess I won't worry then.

Cole is about 4 or 5 MPH slow on Fastball.

Mr. Ramirez, please take a seat!

So far, Cole's velocity seems down a bit but his location looks killer.

I'm convinced, Bartolo Colon or one of his distant relatives was the inspiration for the Olmec Statues.

Did Chase bang up his face? Looks like he has a cut on the right side of his face.

Nationally televised broadcast= broadcasters call Philly fans jerks before the first inning is over.

Upper deck Jimmy!

That's the MVP we've been looking for.

No doubt about that one. (Noting that the Sox commentators are mum on the "bandbox" word after that bomb.)



For anyone interested in Colon's family history, here is the link. I think he has maintained the health conscious diet as well.

Utley, what are you doing?

That was probably a "cbp special", but way to go Ryan!

welcome to philly, nation.

83 MPH on the fastball? Interesting, but effective so far. Maybe he is buying into Moyer's advice too much.

What a catch!!! Hamels.

cole does have a history of injuries - any chance he's hurt?

almost a great catch by jenkins.

i think hes just holding the fastball back a little so he can start changing speeds once they see his change a few times

listening to steve phillips rave about the phils - think he hates the mets much?

Remi on NESN just said they adjusted the radar gun. He's back in low 90's now.

Ok, now 92 MPH. Maybe Cole is just messing with the Red Sox. Or is it a new pitch?

Steve Phillips is professing his love for interleague play. It's amazing how no matter what he says I will automatically disagree with him. The only thing that could sound worse that Rueben Amaro, Phillies GM, would be Steve Phillips, Phillies anything.

At least it is not Joe Morgan, right?

lekh - How about Steve Phillips, Phillies Honorary Water Cooler after a Brett Myers Start?

Ruiz getting blown away by an 89 MPH fastball in the zone? Cole gets around on that pitch, what the heck?

Willie Randolph having his job resting on a start by Mike Pelfry is sorta like playing Russian Roulette with two empty chambers.

looks like Rollins is back

lekh - my instinct was: baseball guy who likes inter-league play = company man

Phillips is so incredibly annoying. But, i/o is right, at least it isn't Joe Morgan.

Parker - Maybe there is a reason that Hamels' avreage is about .08 higher than Chooch.

Rollins has the need...

Andy: only if there's no room for promotion...and for the record i'd prefer he occupy the role of Brett Myer's punching bag after bad starts. All he needs is a blonde wig.

Indeed Andy, indeed.

Colon has very little command tonight. The pitches which are strikes have often been right over the middle. It would be good to crush him quickly.

lekh - The only difference is that after a Brett Myers starts everybody kicks the water cooler.

Well played...just so I understand, you are suggesting that after a Brett Myers start the team will direct its frustration at Steve Phillips in the form of kicks. I believe that in this case cleats should be absolutely mandated.

Utley seems a bit out of sorts. I wonder why he's having trouble picking up the ball and everyone else seems to be crushing it?

Phillips is going to have to change his shorts after that pole-polishing of Ellsbury.

If Joe Morgan were announcing:

Joe: "And Shaun Victorino is up to bat. They call him the Flying Samoan."
Joe: "Carlos Feliz is a great 3B, and they have a great young catcher who can really hit the fastball Pedro Ruiz."
Joe: "J.D. Drew is really adored by Phillies fans. He really gets the pampered treatment when he comes into town."
Joe: "Cole Handles really has a great slider and screwball."
Joe: "Brett Myers is a great closer for this team, and with Antonio Alfonseca coming out to pitch the eight, this is a great bullpen. But they really miss Pat Combs, who is on the DL and rehabbing in Canada with a wholeistic healer."

Anyone buying the Ryno Resurrection? I just ordered two for the price of one.


holy howard! two opposite field dingers

Decent game so far by Ryno...

Colon looks really off from his first couple starts...good.

What the heck did they do to the field?

Bavasi gone...Erik Bedard just went on the market I guess...not that we can afford him (prospect wise at least)

That's strange that Lugo hits Hamels so well.

NEPhils, evidently we have Jimmy Buffet to blame for the field.

Colon looks real good against Cole's changeup...

These Colon ABs are high-comedy.

I didn't see the posts earlier today so forgive me if I'm repeating this but the Mariners fired their GM today. Doesn't this make it a lot more likely that Bedard gets traded? Not saying its even likely to happen, just that it is more likely now that the GM that gave up the farm to get him is no longer with the team.

I was actually hoping tonights game would be on NESN but ESPN had to have it as a national broadcast...Phillips aint too bad though as I think he hates the Mets more than I do.

C'mon, Cole; show'em how pitchers in the Senior Circuit hit!

I was actually hoping tonights game would be on NESN but ESPN had to have it as a national broadcast...Phillips aint too bad though as I think he hates the Mets more than I do.

Eh...stupid double posts...

Damn Pedroia just crushed one.

They love JD Drew in Philly.

come on cole, keep it together.

I guess maybe it's time to worry about that loss of velocity?

Bart Colon is large

What loss in velocity...he's been hitting 91/92 most of the night now. That's right around where he usually is.

Great play by Feliz!

Good eye, Ribbies.

nice play pedro!

Wow, what a play by Feliz!

C'mon Utley, lets get it started.

NEPP - I'm guessing gameday is screwed up, but it has him at 86 - 87 tops.

I suppose the only thing we need to worry about is Boston's nasty line-up and great bullpen.

He was low early in the game but since the 2nd he's been hitting 91/92 on his fastball and 82/83 on his change consistently.

In re: Seattle
It will be interesting to see who the new GM is and what kind of spin they put on their plans for the future. They may indeed be looking to divest of Bedard, but I wouldn't necessarily make that assumption.

I think they'll test the market on Bedard but they won't move him just to move him. If they get a good package though I think he'd be traded.

I hate submariners.


Pat the Bat with the triple.

Pat the Speedster

Come on Jenkins!

Wow. How far does Pat Burrell have to hit the ball to get a triple. Did the guy in Delaware hit the cut-off man?

Ooops, that should be "the guy in Doylestown..."

J. lopez is not the guy we want to face with lefties. He's a L3OGY.

Off the top of the wall in center and it caromed into right field...and it was still fairly close. He was pushing joggin involved.

We need a quick inning by cole here. That was a good move by Tito to go to the bullpen. I'm worried the momentum is shifting.

that jenkins, such a lefty killer

Boston has a very deep pen...much like us.

Living in NE, I watch about 80% of Sox games because baseball is baseball.

wind is blowing in and there's dark dark clouds over center city and the NW suburbs...

Great inning by Cole.

Also, anyone worried that Utley tried to get on with a bunt after two bad at bats (and a bad game yesterday)? Time for a day off maybe?

It couldn't hurt to give Bruntlett a start tomorrow...Chase hasn't had an off day in a while.

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