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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Jason: Nice. Game post went up with one minute spare.

Perhaps nationally, but not in Boston since FOX is broadcasting Sox / Reds here today. :(

Cards' lineup isn't bad but missing Pujols out of the cleanup spot is huge. Phils are catching a break playing a pretty beatup Cards' team. This would have been a tougher series about 2-3 weeks.

Fox in Pittsburgh is also showing boston/cinci...I just got to hear about what an intimidating lead-off hitter Jacoby Ellsbury is after the catcher made an error that let the run score.

RE: lucky without Pujols

Yeah but the gods owe us some luck...we had 4 game series against both Houston and Arizona when they were both red-hot.

Kind of wonder which version of Eaton will show up today because he has actually been pretty solid the past month. Remember him getting raked last year in St. Louis around this time.

Nice inning by Lohse... let's see what... oh wait... Lohse is on the Cardinals...

Who's going for us... eaton... ugh.

That should read "regionally"

whose injured?

Sam - Yeah but the Phils also played the Astros back in April when they were really scuffling too. All in all, the schedule has been pretty kind to the Phils so far.

I am going to be really curious though to see how they play against two of better teams in the league (Boston, LA Angels) followed a West Coast trip that I think will be tougher than people think against Oakland and Texas.

Phils always seem to give up those "first of the season" or "first in 500 ab" home runs.

Eaton 2 run dinger...maybe this trip will be harder than we thought?

Eaton can never get out of first inning without any runs given - they will probably get the 20 runs today

Looks like bad Eaton showed up which means that the Cards will inevitably put a few on the board in the 1B. Ugh.

HRs happen but giving up a HR to punch less Adam Kennedy?

I'm pretty sure that it takes Eaton a full inning or so to realize that he's not playing golf and low score actually loses in baseball.

In Arizona we get Dodgers-Tigers. What's up with Izturis hitting ninth?

Yeah but Eaton looked pretty sharp besides giving up that mistake to Kennedy. If he can give them 6 today with 4 runs, that would be fine.

I just have a feeling that Lohse is going to pitch a pretty solid game against the Phils.

Haha...eaton puts up a big fat bogey on the first hole of the back nine, but he did strike out the last 2.

that homerun wasnt that of a bad pitch, kennedy took a great swing at a ball not even close to a strike.

the other hit was off jimmy's glove, normally a routine play.

I know that Feliz has a few hits last night but I wouldn't have minded seeing Dobbs get the start at 3B today against Lohse.

redbread - True.

Is Coste still on maternity leave? If nothing else, this is a day after a night.

Ruiz has had one good game all year- last night- and Charlie Manuel decides to start him again, a day game after a night game... really intelligent.

I agree with adam, I think Manuel is following is general philosphy of "if he had a good game he gets to play tomorrow" but i think scoring 20 runs takes a little more out of a player than we think. The same thought process is often mentioned during the home run derby, about how players just get tired after all those swings. I'm thinking the phils might have benefited today from a couple of fresh bodies in the starting line up, regardless of how well they played last night

trust the gut

How bout a bunt Jimmy?

Adam and dkit - Agreed. Would have been a good day to give Dobbs a start at 3B and Coste at C.

haha second day in a row a pitcher hits a double...lets see if they score 9 runs again

Prima Pils time. Wish I had some Yards Pale Ale for next week's match-up against the the Sox.

i wouldnt mind seeing jimmy lay one down

same difference

Ugly but JRoll got Eaton over to 3B.

Got to cash that run in there. Tough to waste a leadoff 2B from your pitcher.

Victorino cannot drive in people from 3rd...I wonder how much that's hurting his batting average?

well done guys! get a leadoff double from the nine hole and you cant get a run in.

granted its only the 4th but still when every we score big in one game, the next we never score more than 3

Meanwhile the Reds are playing one of the sloppiest games I've seen in a while.

That could have been much worse, but we have to start scoring.

Where is it written that the Phils should be down 3-0 early.

im diggin howards pop's choice of hats

Nice Mr. H, rockin' the 80s Phils cap.


the machine.

Thank you Mr. Bat

Pat Burrell is heating up again. If Howard Burrell & Uts get hot at the same time...

The wizard of Iz?

Good inning, I thought Eaton (or "A to the EZ" as Hamels introduced him) would give at least one back. Let's tie this one up.

first pitch swinging...

Jimmy has done next to nothing since the benching.

Well that was one ugly inning.

wow do adam and pat have to do everything today

i think wee need to some revers jinxing on jimmy lol

I hate anyone named "Skip." Right there with "Chipper."

Will say this about Eaton - he is the best fielding pitcher on this team.

Lohse's pitch count was getting ugly until our 1-3 went down on about 6 pitches.

hast eaton had a 1-2-3 inning yet?

Wouldn't be a bad time to starting warming up somebody in the pen.

Another quality start for Eaton

now let's have some quality at bats

ya it was a very fine start for Eaton, but can never score runs after big scoring games

Considering who's up it could be a 5 pitch inning.

ok we better score in the 8th lol

Eaton did his job today. Biggest difference this year and last year is that Eaton doesn't seem to get nearly as rattled if he has some trouble in the 1st inning. Settled in and gave the Phils a quality outing not to mention the 2 hits.

Ruiz fans on 3 straight pitches and has the balls to complain to the ump about the third strike? Shut up and just walk back to the dugout.

10 pitches

anyone else think mark grace and this other guy, not sure who he is, our absolutely awful

well at least lohse should be done, top of the lineup in the 8th got to score next inning

Ribbies: In fact, today is the 5th straight Quality Start for Eaton, who leads the team in that category.

Well, maybe Coste will get a start tomorrow.

Chris D: Worst announcers I've heard in a long time.

Eaton is actually been able to get his offspeed stuff over this year with much more consistency. Biggest difference I have seen. You have to wonder if the injuries really did effect his mechanics last year.

MG: I agree 100%.

After Lohse bunts here, it is time to pull Eaton.

long day, meant to type "are absolutely awful"...its just painful to listen to how awkward they are when not talking about the game that is being played

Nice play by Eaton and poor execution by Lohse.

Phils tearing it up in the field, nice.

WTF? Lohse trying to steal? Guess the Cards are feeling charitable.

nice defense on the bunt and why is lohse stealing there?

if only we can carry this defense over next inning and maybe our mvp leadoff hitter can get on base...thank god for that bad hit and run

ok time to pull Eaton lets not be down more than one

Finally. Once again Cholly is one batter too late with the bullpen. Single biggest thing that drives me crazy about Cholly.

ok got to score this inning

I would count this game as an example of "offensive inconsistency."

Jimmy's never gonna break out of his slump when pitches out of the zone are called strikes.

ok brett got to pitch good sunday

No eventual harm -- thanks to a fielders' choice and a throwout by Ruiz -- but not pinch hitting for Eaton in the top of the 7th was just stupid -- even with two outs. The Cardinals' radio guys said that Eaton seemed gassed at the outset of the bottom of the 7th -- with bad location in three out his first four pitches to Molina -- before Molina's douible -- and Manuel hooking Eaton for Romero immediately thereafter.

Game is far from over.

that was weak

why can we never score after big games its so damn annoying

My prediction on Lohse throwing a good game unfortunately game true. Disappointing because his stuff wasn't that overpowering or dazzling.

Game is an inning from over.

Sam, I seem to remember the last time there was a twenty run game the Phils scored 15 the night before and then 7 the day after.

But yeah, it's frustrating when everybody hits one day and the next day only Eaton hits. Not consistent at all. Carson was, actually, right.

Ryan Franklin. That would be appropriate.


May 25 at Hou, Phils win 15-6.
May 26 vs Col, Phils win 20-5.

Unless 15 runs doesn't count as a big game.

davthom - I didn't mind them not PH for Eaton in the 7th. There were 2 outs already and Eaton has been swinging a good bat today. Plus, JRoll has been in a slump lately.

The issue I had was leaving Eaton in there after Lohse's bunt attempt. Cholly is just pretty poor at knowing when to pull his starter and manage his bullpen. His single biggest weakness as a tactician.

i really wnat to go back home playing the sox after wining a series

Andy, sorry, you beat me to it.

So how pathetically will the middle of the line-up roll over against Franklin?

ya i was thinking in my head about the 15 run game, but other than that most likly after a big game they wont score alot of runs, also after not scoring much in a game the next game they play pretty well, so we shall see sunday

I'm guessing a K and two ground-outs/pop-ups.

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