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Friday, June 13, 2008


"Pat Burrell, who's hitting .318 on this road trip, has reached base safely in 60 of his 66 games this season, including 30 straight."

That Pat Burrell is washed up. Why not 66 of 66?

OT: I'm saddened by the loss of Tim Russert, who was the best at what he did.

J. I saw someone write that Russert and William Buckley are having one hell of a good conversation in heaven right now.

The Russert thing stunned me...He was one of the last true reporters. Now we're stuck with bums like O'Reilly and Nancy Grace and their crap.

The bad news is that Al Holland had an abominable second half in 1984 and finished the year with 10 losses.

God, am I becoming Bill Conlin?

NEPP: Amen. Couldn't agree more.

Gotta disagree here: Russert was a power-apologist.

Amy Goodman summed it up pretty well: If you give in to the MSM, don't be surprised if you end up in hell.

Hey Blunt...could you not walk over a good guy's grave.

Wellemyer has excellent numbers but he strikes me as a guy who is pitching over his head & is due for some regression to the mean. I'd like to see it start tonight -- and quickly.



The bats are back.

Back to Back...Very nice start to the game. Good Job Ryno!

Alright, is there anyone left out there who doesn't believe in the reverse Beerleaguer jinx? think all the kingman talk might have had an effect?

I really think some of the players are ardent BLers.

reverse jinx works again!

MAKE THAT 3!!!!!!!

BAP got his wish re Wellemeyer.


My fantasy team thanks you Pat!!!

phils power just walked into busch stadium and flexed

That's the way the heart of the order should hit!

Anyone watching on ESPN Gamecast? They added some cool features to it including hit charts and what not.

now if they could only get their leadoff man on...

Jenkins is a bum.


What a rare treat, though. The Phils finish the top of the first getting, and not giving up, three. Well, yet.

Isn't Jenkins doing exactly what we expected when they signed him? Being a good half of a platoon in RF? His numbers are pretty good this season considering. He's on pace for 16 HRs, 50 RBI and he's batting .276.

Pete Happy!

Yes, I'm that happy he got a hit.

From the Gamecast it looks like Wellemeyer is falling apart...hows it look on TV?

The reverse Jinx is official.

it cannot be denied.

Wellemeyer is pitching bp if both Feliz and Ruiz are hitting him.

Wellemeyer is throwing some hittable stuff, no doubt.

BL jinx in full effect tonight...good job Chooch!

Come on, Kendrick. You bunt like Jason Werth.

Why is Jimmy Williams coaching third?

Kendrick's a bum!

I tell you that Utley fella is never gonna be a good

Dang...I was riding my bike home from work during the first inning. Sorry I missed all the fireworks!

"Let's Face it" that was a 3 pitch report from TMac.

Anyone have a good handle on his P/SR ratio compared to other baseball sideline reporters?

The reverse jinx is like gravity. You can't see it. You can't touch it. But it an undeniable force of nature.

That looked more like the Ryan Howard I've come to know.

BAP: The reverse jinx is like gravity. You can't see it. You can't touch it. But it an undeniable force of nature.

LOL...very true.

He'll probably make me eat my words, but I'm not impressed with Wellemeyer despite the numbers he's put up this season. This is the first I've seen him. On paper, their rotation is nothing special at all, but I guess D. Duncan knows how to get the best from them.

Meanwhile, Rich Dubee's greatest portfolio piece - Kendrick - keeps dealing.

Duncan's a hell of a pitching coach...its amazing what he can do with a mediocre talent guy.

Bah. Jinxed him.

This feels like one of those Flyers games from 5 years ago where they get 3 quick goals in the 1st period and then trap the rest of the way and try to hang on for the W.

gotta love how kk gives up that dinger then strikes out and pops up the next two like it didnt even faze him...

damn! then comes to the plate and pops a double.

Don't lead off the fourth inning swinging first pitch. Wellemeyer has been missing all night. Chooch is just too impatient.

Everything about Wellemeyer reminds me of Curt Schilling.

Heh, Wellesmeyer's MLB Gameday photo looks like a poor-man's Michael Rapaport.

Great AB by Vic...way to wear him down!

Bases loaded... the Achilles heel of the Fightins.

Chase Utley... the Achilles Heel of the Phillies' Achilles Heel.



That's all I have to say about that.

Wellemeyer was Eatonesque.

That's UT-TASTIC!!!

Utley just does what it takes. They had a pitcher on the ropes, he throws him over.

Is Wellemeyer done for the night at 90 pitches?

I don't watch many Cardinals games, but whenever I do see them, they never impress me. Even when Carpenter was a Cy Young candidate, the Phils could hit him.

We never cease to give Kendrick a tremendous amount of run support.

Good job Kingman!


Gavin Floyd beat them in his one shining moment from that experiement in 2006. I remember they crushed Suppan in a Sunday game as well.

The maturation of Pat Burrell's sense of the strike zone has been an amazing thing to watch. This is a guy that used to swing at everything...look at him now: .423 OBP!

Some serious, serious seed eating going on in that Phillies dugout.

You know everything is going right when Feliz draws a walk on an 8 pitch AB.


I guess Beerleaguer reverse jinx is available in Spanish.

Feliz walks.

Chooch another big hit.


I took the Phils giving 1.5 and the over (9.5) tonight. That's looking pretty good so far.

Stupid Chooch and his warning track power. Either drop it short of the wall and let it bounce off the wall, or put it over. All you're doing is hurting the team with these ground-rule, two-runs score doubles. Jeeze.

Damn! Good hit Chooch!

Even KK is hitting tonight!

Wow... wow.

In honor of tonight's game, I'm starting Yakity Sax on a loop in iTunes.

kendrick with the ribbie!

This is the second-best team in the NL, tied with the Phils?

Is Carson angry yet?

So...who had Kendrick going 2-2 in the same inning?

This is the kind of game that the Phils needed after three tough ones against the Marlins. The offense is heating up, the bullpen gets some relief, and Cholly's gut can operate on cruise control.

Okay, stat geeks...who was the last pitcher with 2 hits in one inning?

Offensive inconsistency!

I'm too lazy to look up stats on a Friday night, but if Sophist comes back later and has any fire in him, I'd love to see where Kendrick ranks on the 'receiving run support' list since he came up. I have to imagine he's top 10, at the very worst.

Walkin' Man!...JRoll has 3 BBs so far tonight.

Would this be the time to remind everyone of a certain game in St. Louis last September in which the Phillies led 11-0?

This must be making Carson crazy.

...and its only the 4th inning.

this is awesome.

I just realized that the odds are quite good that Clay Condrey will get his second save of the year tonight. I better pick him up in my fantasy league.

You know, it's okay to boo, Cardinals fans.

I hope Kendrick's kept his arm warm...this has been one long half-inning.

@ RSB:

Like telling your wife there's a no hitter when it's only the 5th inning, there's no need for you to bring that up now. Mmkay?

Villone has thrown 12 pitches more than Kendrick, in 2/3 of an inning.


Cardinals Pitchers: 4 IP, 136 pitches
Kyle Kendrick: 3 IP, 34 pitches

You're right. Cardinals fans absolutley never boo. How do you have no reaction whatsoever? Phils fans boo too much but at least it shows a pulse.

This is the perfect Friday night game - a 12 run lead by 10 pm. I'd never do anything to jinx the Phils, but that is quite a large lead, and I feel comfortable leaving the game in Kyle Kendrick and Clay Condrey's hands.

Good work by KK to come out and pitch a strong inning after the long half inning by the Offense.

Really like it when the Phillies blow up a bullpen in the first game of a series.

The most impressive thing tonight has been the three shut down innings by Kendrick after the Phils score. When "Ace" Myers pitches, well, it is usually a different story.

The down side for us East Coast fans is this game won't be over until well after midnight.

Doesn't this performance by Kendrick make him the first PH choice in extra innings after Cholly uses up his bench?

Have I mentioned how impressed I am by Burrell's strike zone recognition? Another BB for the Phillies.

They had a great graphic on TV:
Kendrick since his recall last summer:
33 starts, 189.3 IP, 15-6, 4.23 ERA.

And this is a guy several prominent posters here wanted to bury.

Feliz comes through again in a clutch situation!!!

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