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Friday, June 27, 2008


Woohoo Reverse jinx strikes again!

Coste (Out loud, in the box, to no one in particular): Today's word of the day is "pain." I pity the fool who throws that pitch.
Saltalamachia (Internal thoughts): What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Must have more runs...this feels like one of those games.

Regardless of how badly Myers was pitching, it's not like Cholly to pull his starter in the third inning. I wonder if he was trying to send some sort of message to the FO.

That single by Werth is the first hit by a Phil in the field of play.

BAP: If he was, he picked the right guy to hammer the message home (Condrey).

Chollie to FO: Please give me a F#*&$(*ing chance to win games!!!


bap - The problem with your theory is that the FO does not pay attention to anything that happens on the field. If you want to send a message, it has to involve season ticket sales.

It's a message to Myers, too, I would say.

You know its a great defensive battle when neither starter makes it out of the 4th.

The good news is that at least they're hitting the ball tonight. It's been awhile since they put up even this many runs. Like 11 days.

Well, Gabbard didn't fare much better than Myers...

Face it, Myers just doesn't have the mental capacity for starting. He should be a BP pitcher. Trade him while he still has some value.

Carrasco pitched 3 innings and allowed 7 ER at Reading tonight. The notion that he's a better option than Happ is just silly. Frankly, I am becoming more and more convinced that the best use for Carrasco is as trade bait. His minor league performance has never remotely lived up to the hype.

Gabbard left it all out there in the 1st inning. Too bad for him there were 8 left.

Nice job J-Roll. MVP stuff right there.

***It's a message to Myers, too, I would say.***

Like he cares...or even understands it.

RSB - I think it remains to be seen if they're hitting tonight. Only two hits that aren't homers.

Andy: I think using Condrey every other day would be pretty effective in that sense as well.

Nice Pete Happy imitation by Jimmy.

Brett Myers was just traded to Japan///oh not a Japanese baseball team, he was deported.

Holy garbage, Rollins hasn't played this poorly in a long time.

BAP: Carrasco pitched 3 innings and allowed 7 ER at Reading tonight

That simply proves the existence of the BL jinx...I never should have brought him up, I take full responsibility for his start tonight.

Jimmy, Jimmy, where to start. First pitch from the guy? Unable to beat that out from the left side?

Parker - That would, indeed, be sending a message.

What a nightmare, multiple innings of Clay Condrey.

BREAKING NEWS: Myers traded to JAPAN.

Rollins is really doing well in the 3 hole...that has been a good move by Chollie.

Gah. Thanks for backing me up, Carlos.

If I were Chollie, Rollins would bat ninth tomorrow.

I'd say Rollins was more Ruiz-like than Feliz-like, considering Feliz' recent play.

Why does Jimmy insist on swinging at the first pitch?

UPDATE: Myers not traded to a Japanese team, he was deported.

What a bullsh*t at bad by Jimmy to end the top of the 4th inning. There's nothing like a rally-killing GIDP on the first pitch thrown from a crappy relief pitcher.

This team is so infuriating.

That was pathetic by Jimmy.

Poll time...
It's bottom of the 9th, game 7 of the world series. The Phils are up by 1. Lidge is hurt. Cole Hamels (the starter) is gassed. As a matter of fact, a bad case of food poisoning takes out every pitcher except Tom Gordon and Brett Myers (who is no longer a starter).
Who pitches the 9th?
Suicide is not a valid answer.

jimmy and vic should trade spots in charlie's new lineup

hh - swinging at the first pitch was the Feliz part. I do have to admit, Petey was better tonight.

How much money would you all pay to see Manuel activate himself, throw his gum down, jump up off the bench, waddle to the plate, and mash a line drive past the third baseman? Just a thought I had. I wouldn't put it past him.

hunter - Home or away?

Perhaps there is more to the Carrasco outing. Maybe he knew something about a possible promotion, and was feeling some pressure? Possible?

Good question, Andy-
away (hence bottom of the 9th).

Must be Clayday.

Condrey already has as many outs as our Brett did.

hunter - D'oh.

Gordon, of course. The only thing Myers should do at away games is charge the mound when Utley gets HBP.

RSB: That mental image made this game worth it, no matter the outcome. Lol. He probably could do it, especially if Howard Eskin were pitching.

I really wonder what goes through Chollie's mind sometimes. Jimmy has shown a lack of interest in doing anything productive, so he moves him from 1st to...3rd. Victorino has been, by and large, our biggest run-producing threat in the past few weeks, so he moves him from 2nd to 6th? Where the hell is the logic in this? Can someone explain this to me? As a law student, I know there are two sides to every argument, but for the life of me I can't come up with a side for these decisions.

did hamels pitch the 8th? if so, i send hamels out again in the 9th. a gassed hamels is still better than the other two idiots.

Well done, Andy. I would make the case that it was a trick question, because Myers would be in a Guatemalan jail by October.

That was a horrible call on strike 2. I mean garbage, horrible.

Iceman: I thought Rollins and Vic should have been switched myself.

and mb-
Hamels, like the rest of the pitchers with the exception of Myers and Flash, has the shits. Bad.

Ranger's announcer: "Rob Deer."

And, hunter, Gordon would be on the 900 day DL.

i think hamels with the shits is still the best option. throw a diaper on him. its game 7!

Plus think of the glory! If Copperstown wanted Schilling's bloody sock, then, well, you get the, um, picture.

er... Cooperstown

lol Andy... thanks for the visual

doubleh: you mean switched to where they ended up, or just switched between 1-2?

Its way past time to pull Myers from the rotation. Guys with 3-9 records and ERA's approaching 6, don't belong in a major league starting rotation, let alone a 1st place rotation.

Happ should start in Myers spot next week at home, and let him get some starts at the major league level. He's ready to show what kind of major league pitcher he can be. And, he can't do any worse than what Myers is giving them.

Hamels, Moyer and Kendrick are doing their jobs, and at least, are somewhat consistant. Eaton is even a servicable starter, who can keep a team in the game with 6 innings most times out. Myers has been the weak link all year, and its way past time to pull the plug.

If the Phils are a legit organization and a winning organization, this will be the last game Myers starts for a while.

Happ's ready and pitching well. He's 24 years old. He's one of your homegrown guys. He has earned a promotion; just like Brett has earned some kind of demotion (likely to the DL).

F*cking Bradley.

Iceman: I think Vic should have hit where Jimmy's hitting and Jimmy should have hit 6th or 7th...

Bradley only hit that because this stadium is a joke. Of course.

Clay baffled them for an inning. Party's over.

A Chris Coste/Bobby Valentine argument:

Coste: Chris Coste was born to play in Philadelphia.
Valentine: You mean Bobby Valentine's former dugout.
Coste: Chris Coste thinks you are mistaken.
Valentine: Bobby Valentine doesn't make mistakes.
Coste: Chris Coste thinks you just did.
Valentine: Bobby Valentine thinks you better think again.
Coste: Chris Coste pity the fool who thinks Chris Coste should think again.
Valentine: Bobby Valentine thinks Bobby Valentine just thought you should think again.
Coste: Chris Coste thinks its time for pain.
Brawl Ensues

At the half way point tonight in the season if the stay behind they will be 4-13 when Myers starts. How many more times can they afford to run him out there every 5th game and still hope to get to post season.

Salty is taking it yard.

Yards: 13 yards, right to J-Roll.

I'm not saying that was an easy play, but 2007 J-Roll doesn't hesitate there. He just looks disinterested, and has since his injury.

Salty needed that gift. 4 for 43. Hard to believe he isn't wearing red with that stat.

The disparity between "infield single" and Sports Center highlight is infinitessimal.

Rollins looked uncomfortable planting on his left ankle during that throw to second. I have a hard time believing it's 100%.

Anyone else thinking that another Grand Slam is coming? Methinks it is coming.

We think Myers is dumb, but really, listen - the more of his starts end up being games that the Phils lose, the fewer chances Lidge has to close - so the Phils won't be able to re-sign him, and then Myers gets to close next year. See, he's really smart.


No, he's not. Everything I said? Total goat hockey.

Where is Tim Donaghe when you need him?

Madson always in control.

Despite the six runs, it would not surprise me if the Phils did not get even three more hits tonight.

3 more hits are fine, so long as one of them is a Pedro granny.

Andy: Hits. Are you counting the gnomer getting hit?

BTW: You know you have no control when you hit the gnome. Major room for error and a small target.

Curt: If Pedro were to another salami in this game, it would be a sign of the apocalypse, I think.

How long after the garden gnome was HBP did it take the ump to clear the batter's box of little pieces of painted plaster?

I volunteer to "accidentall" hit Brett Myers with my car. Not kill him, I ain't no murderer...just enough to cause damage so his punk ass is DL'd.

In all seriousness, Myers needs to be done in the rotation. No more starts for this douchebag. Yes, I used douchebag, and I mean, ain't apologizing, ain't taking it back.

Yikes, that didn't look good.

Frank Francisco=Their version of Rosario.

Carson - We'll take up a collection for the body work you need afterward.

Thank you for being a team player.

Parker - Their version seems to have more command than our version. (Plus he's not injured.)

The Gnome is roamin'

This guy is throwing pitches up there he didn't even know he had to get Chase.

What's happened to the Chase we knew w/RISP?

How the hell is this team in first place?

Begins to look like we peaked about 4 months too early.

Thoughts on this trade?

Werth, Carrasco and Victorino for Fuentes, Cook, and Taveras.

Bruntlett was a nice pickup. If only he could catch.

Jim: I don't do that trade. Golson/Werth maybe, but not Vic & Werth.

Why's everyone so eager to move Vic? There's a whole bunch of guys on this team that I'd package ahead of Vic.

Howard is pathetic. PATHETIC.

And so begins the 4th month of Howards "slump." Gunning for 250 Ks.

How long does the meat of the order need to come up small for it to no longer be considered a "slump"?

NO chance that gets your Fuentes/Cook/Taveras.
Carrasco/Werth/Bastardo and Golson maybe.

4 hits through 7 against the dominant Ranger staff.

I know he brings 40+HR 120+RBI potential and that is hard to find, but if I can get a young pitcher who should be a solid #2-3 starter and a young OFer whith 25-30HR potential and the ability to get on base, I'd trade Howard in a heartbeat.

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