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Friday, June 27, 2008


That was one of Myers better 1st innings. We're not buried yet.

How can anyone name their child Milton Bradley? Or Coco Crisp, for that matter (although I have to think Coco is a nickname)?

The D-Backs and Blue Jays are not helping us right now; looks like it's all in the hands of the hapless Phils.

Wasn't that Myers 24th HR allowed? Nothing like being on pace for allowing 50+ homers!

The NL homer allowed record is held by Jose Lima (48 in 2000). The AL and MLB record for homers allowed in a season is held by Bert Blyleven (50 in 1986).

I can't believe Pedro swung at the 1st pitch. How unusual.

Some of Feliz's ABs are worse than a lot of 5 year-olds could do up there, and that's not understating it. It's like he just threw his bat at the pitch, conceding an out. What a clown.

Kason Gabbard: adding to the long list of potentially DFA'd pitchers that the Phillies have made look like a Cy Young candidate for one game.

Phils making another wild pitcher look like Cy Young. Charlie out to have them all taking 2 strikes.

This guy brings it like Jamie's twin brother.

I think the Phillies need to see if Kris Benson works out before going to Carrasco. Even though they have been dismal they are still in first place. It is no time to take a gamble when a trade or a Benson with experience is available.

The Ranger announcers have said "slump' or "slumping" about 150 times already. I guess a few people in Texas haven't heard about the slump.

After hearing Cost refer to himself in the third person I know think of him as something of a MR. T type personality.

Gabbard (Internal thoughts): Slider, outside corner, money.
Coste (Talking out loud in the box, to no one in particular): Today's word of the day is "pain." I pity the fool who throws that pitch.
Saltalamachia (Internal thoughts): What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Question of the night: will Phillies mgmt let Brett challenge the single-season HR record for a pitcher, or shut him down when he gets close around August or so?

[Cue cheesy $25,000 Pyramid theme music.]

Dick Clark: Ready. Go.

A Pedro Feliz first-pitch out. A bad-looking Ryan Howard strikeout. The Phillies stranding multiple runners on base.

Woman: Things you’ve come to expect.

Dick Clark: Right.

You know, what more can you say anymore about Brett Myers? Go away, please...

Malcolm: LOL!

I knew that 1 run 1st was a mirage.

What is this? The Wheels and McCarthy variety hour?

Tim, you forogt a two-strike breaking pitch well off the plate to Ryan Howard.

The Phils need to get rid of these McCarthy updates. They are about as worthless as when Melissa Stark used to do them on MNF, but at least she was something to look at...

Am I the only one who finds McCarthy more annoying that Wheeler?

Oh, I remember those Jon... we used to have a pool as to which color sweater she would wear each night

Alert the media: Bruntlett took 5 pitches in a row.

So help me god, if in his next AB, Feliz swings at the first pitch after Gabbard has thrown more balls than strikes and walked at least three guys after two innings... I am flying down to Texas and confiscating his bats.

Anyone else who swings 1st pitch against this guy should be immediately benched.

curt -- I'd remove him from that very at bat if he didn't already put the ball into play.

Imagine that...taking pitches off of this bum actually leads to good things.

Howard is just terrible.

Wow. IBB to get to Howard and he wiffs again. Yikes.

Howard just can't lay off the low and away breaking ball. Unreal.

It's not just a slump after 3 very ugly months.

Lookit Pete Happy with the big bat.



Feliz! Way to pick up that bum who flailed yet again at a two strike breaking ball well off the plate. Nice job Pedro!

Feliz Navidad!!!

Me gusta mucho, Seinor Gabbard!!

Ladies and Gentleman



Feliz is like a crazy girlfriend. No explanation required.

You coulda landed a plane in that hanger!

Finally the Phillies make something out of a bases loaded situation.

If Manuel really wanted to show me something, he'd platoon Howard.

5 runs on 1 hit...??

With one swing, Pedro has matched our run total for the week.

Feliz can keep the bats for another game.

One hit five runs

Pedro Feliz Grand Slam.

That just doesn't sound right.

You'll have to pardon me if I didn't quite see that grand slam by Feliz coming.

Vegas, I like those odds. Coincidentally, so does David Stern. I'm not sure what that means.

Feliz triples the other day, and now finishes off a Grand Slam. He's the hottest 3rd baseman since Russell Branyan!

Myers will do his best to keep this a ballgame.

God bless Pedro 'Captain Fabulous' Feliz

RSB: It's funny you should write that about Howard, because the exact same thought lept into my mind at the exact same time. I mean, the guy is just as automatic an out as there can be against left-handers. Why keep beating your head into the wall? On the other hand, it's not like we have any great right-handed platoon candidates.

man its almost as if Myers and Gabbard are competing to see who can pitch worse...

BAP: Bruntlett would be an offensive and defensive upgrade against LHP. He's not a great candidate, but he would still be a better option than Howard at this point.

DL here we come.

Another Meyers Homer here? LOL.

Come on. He's clearly hurt Cholly.

Myers just doesn't even look like he cares out there. I'm sick of his pouty BS -- if you don't like that you're not in the bullpen anymore, go find another profession. Unfortunately for Brett, most businesses don't hire people with IQs sub-90.

Swung at ball 4.

I absolutely hate Brett we go again.

Cholly's several batters too late. Shocker.

Meyers is a pu$$y. Plain and simple.

Love the body language, Brett.

Why does it feel like it should be the 5th inning by now?

Love the body language, Brett.

Why does it feel like it should be the 5th inning by now?

Good God. Condrey in the third inning.

I just see Brett Myers prancing around on the mound to the tune of the Scarecrow song from Wizard of Oz: "If I only had a brain."

He deserves to have all three of these runners score. Gillick better be packaging Myers with any other prospects we'd bundle for an actual ML pitcher. He's a true waste of life.

I don't see how charlie can give myers the ball 5 games from now. He can't start.

Myer's road number unfortunately predicted this. WTF is wrong with him? Is it that he longs to be a closer or what?

I look at it as a positive thing. This pretty much forces their hand. They have to do something now.

Good God. Condrey in the third inning.

Just tuned in. I see Myers has acheived his purpose in life - consistency.

I wonder if Chollie should begin stretching out Condrey to start in place of Brett "The Brain" Myers.

Can't blame Cholly for hoping his starting pitcher can get through more than 2 innings.

At least now we can all stop pretending that there's a chance Myers is just gonna turn the corner and be his old self again. Please? Can we do that?
I'm excited to see if Happ can make the transition to the next level.

Why does everyone think that other teams would trade legit players for Phillies garbage?

RSB: Good point. FO hand if now forced.

Happ and Jaramillo and Snelling. Way past time to replace some dead wood.

Myers doesn't even deserve a bullpen spot. Not even long man. At least Condrey can do his job.

Jars of Clay!!!

As I'm not watching the game...let me guess little Bretty is really really upset that he didn't do well and he's pouting/throwing stuff...and stomping around like a 5 year old who just got yelled at?!? Am I even close.

I don't care if its Happ or Carrasco, but something needs to happen now. I recall how some people were trying to say that his last outting was a good sign...NOPE, I freaking called this even during that start. Brett Myers SUCKS!!!

Ok, maybe he can't... This team sucks...

Dang it.. i was thinking that ended the inning.

Is Condrey's job to clear the bases?

If the FO doesn't do something about Myers NOW, it's a blatant middle finger to the fans, not to mention the rest of the players who have to put up with this sh*t.

Obviously Condrey and Myers have the same theory on pitching.

I'm starting to get into "this ain't fair" territory.


If the Phils lose now is it because Myers is a disaster as a starter or Condrey is a disaster as a reliever?

Consistency - should be taped to Myers' locker.

Clay Myers? Brett Condrey?

Cholly (loosens his belt, adjusts gut): Strap in boys, its gonna be a rough one.

What's the BP record with inherited runners? Seems to me that they let a ton of them score...

This team is real tough to watch right now.

So Brett's final line: 2 IP, 5 ER, 5 H, 4 BB, 2 K.

Can they pull him from the rotation now?

Guys, what do you expect from Condrey? He's a mop-up guy. He's gonna give up bombs. Myers is our f'ing opening day starter. They don't deserve equal scrutiny.

I'm pretty sure that shot Myers took is going to land him on the DL. Happ will get at least several starts to show his stuff.

hh - someone looked at it a couple of weeks ago, and, as hard as this is to believe, most teams are a lot worse.

Great, now three innings of TMac. I'd rather be scooping up dogsh*t.

Nevermind. Coste.

Chris Coste is da bomb.

~checks script for game~

Here's where Kason Gabbard pulls a Steve Carlton impression for 4 innings and shuts teh Phillies down till the 8th.

Coste! This team could score 9 runs tonight and still lose. Hopefully not, but if I was betting...

This is going to be like one of those games from last year, where the Phils need 15 runs to have a chance.

chris coste is a quality part of this team.

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