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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Love the graphics, Eaton looks like Gnomes stunt double

j: Congrats on the well-deserved praise in the Times article.

I kind of liked last night's lineup better. Werth's high OBP is a plus in the leadoff spot and, even though his power is way down this year, I've always liked the idea of Rollins in the middle of the linuep.

Is it just me or does the Phillies' vaunted bench not look so good anymore? I mean, we've got the benefit of an extra lineup spot in this series, and the best we can do is a guy who is 0 for his last 24 and 2 for his last 38? I never thought I'd say these words, but Feliz ought to be starting. He has hit well lately and I'd much rather have him in the lineup than Jenkins. Of course, choosing between Feliz & Jenkins is like choosing between death by strangulation or death by lethal injection.

The BL reverse jinx only applies when there's a lot of criticism on one player, or when everyone talks about how much the team sucks. Simply mentioning the score of a game does not qualify for the jinx, one would have to go in-depth and truly believe what they say to initiate the reverse jinx.

I've long been critical of these inner-league series solely for the reason BAP mentioned... sure we get the "benefit" of not having our pitcher hit (though I'd honestly rather have Cole batting than some of our bench guys)... but we're essentially facing a line-up built around the DH, whereas the best we can do is plug in someone who is, essentially, a bench guy. The AL team automatically has the advantage out of the gate.

I'll take lethal injection every time

The '81 Donruss look.

Nice. For some reason I'm getting the Phils' broadcast on MLB.TV. Is the game not on TV in Oakland?

Wow, where did you get that picture? The Oakland Coliseum (or whatever it's called) hasn't been that full in many years.

Radio only in Oakland

I miss Chris Coste already, and it hasn't even been 24 hours...

Call it Phillies pessimism, but I sense a shutout from Harden today.

And Begin.......

eaton is pathetic

This has 10-0 written all over it.


This is a loss.

Looks like Adam is pitching BP to the A's.

Eaton is just chucking the ball up he gets any Major Leaguer out is beyond me.

Well, Eaton's "hot streak" was fun while it lasted.

This game isn't even worth watching.

I f-ing hate Eaton.

Eaton is terrible. In case anyone didn't know.

I hate day games where we're out of it by the 3rd inning. Always ruins the workday bc I keep checking on the score and am frustrated again and again.

The always dangerous Jack Hannahan.

Looks like Adam Eaton is doing everything he can to ensure that he's the first starter to get replaced this year.

Eaton's three previous starts:

0-2, 17.2 IP, 12 R, 6 BB, 5 SO, 6.11 ERA, .377/.435/.584 against.

Now maybe he'll settle down against this crappy lineup and wait until the 6th to give up more runs.

I liked last night's lineup better than today's. I will admit that's in large part because it seemed to work...

Make this guy throw's the only way we have a chance. Quit hacking at the first pitch.

At least mgmt has ANOTHER reminder that we need another starting pitcher...

Howard now 1-10 in Oakland...

If he stays with slow curve he might dog it out.

I think the only way we have a chance is if Harden gets hurt again. Which is definitely plausible at this point.

What was that, a 9 pitch inning? Nice guys. Just board the plane now.

So much for my extremely modest request that Eaton keep us tied through the 1st inning. I knew it was too much to ask.

Howard should start looking for walks to try to get himself back to normal.

I have shocking news (Warning not for the feint of heart):

Adam Eaton is pitching and the Phillies are down 0-2 through 1 inning. The only thing I can say is that this qualifies as unbelievable.

Whatever happened to taking pitches and making the opposing pitcher work for his outs? Ugh.

I know. Only 2-0?

I just the replay of Sweeney sliding in safe at home on MLB Gameday, didn't it look like the ump was going to call him out and then quickly changed his mind? WTF

I think he was out, based on the one replay.

What is it with these pitchers and their terrible first innings? I mean, does Rich Dubee do anything? Doesn't he have any kind of helpful advice or techniques for getting one's sh*t together before the beginning of the game?

They play much better when they work the count a la Abreuish. Get a baserunner on and make the Harden work.

15 Ks for Harden, I'm calling it.

Bad news for Carlos Ruiz, his bat speed is slower than Harden's changeup.

matt - he was waiting for sweeney to touch the plate, which he failed to do the first time through (because of a nice foot by Ruiz.) Ruiz wasn't quick enough once Sweeney went by, and he touched his fingers to the point of the plate before Ruiz could tag him.

Is there anyway to just get rid of Jenkins already? He should not be starting more than once every two weeks...and even then he should be pulled after the sixth inning.

This lineup really strikes fear into the hearts of opposing pitchers. Did they really put up two 20 spots this year? They look like stinkin' minor leaguers.

man its gotten to the point where I actually root AGAINST Ruiz when he comes to the plate... feel like if it gets bad enough EVENTUALLY a change will be made with him.

of course, I feel like we should be beyond that point already...

Indeed, Ruiz late on the changeup. What's worse, he was guessing fastball.

I find it hard to believe our best DH option is Jenkins hitting eighth. I mean, really?

Are they going to be no-hit here, or what?

Dobbs, he's useless in the field.

At least Eaton is settling down. But he's already given up more than the Phils are gonna score. Harden's gonna throw 74 pitches in a complete game shutout.

wow dobbs, didnt know he had it in him... very nice play.

lekh- yes, send him out to the field of windmills in palm desert, CA. where he'd fit in nicely

I really think it takes Eaton an inning to develop his slow curve and cutter. He always seems to settle down after a usual rough first. Maybe more warmup pitches, tire his arm just a little to get that curve working more effectively. I'll write a letter to the front office.

Well at least Eaton was able to figure out that the A's hitters suck.

jimmy continues to be a big disappointment

matt, nice proposals. He's come a long way since last years recommendations (when he had the same early inning affliction) that he be sent to the 'pen.

How many K's is that for Harden?

Maybe they'll let the Phillies take all 27 of their at bats at once and get this over with.

Either we should throw our entire farm system at Beane to get Harden, or our lineup just can't hit good pitching for sh*t.

Has anyone else noticed that JRoll really doesn't run out groundballs. The difference in hustle between him and Utley in astounding.

lekh, not sure what's going on with JRoll. He used to run like his pants were on fire (remember that inside the parker against the Fish last year?). I think this year's injury has gotten in his head somehow. Not sure how else to explain it. He's always been a "hustle guy."

RSB: Is the "or what" a euphemism for "perfect game"? If so I'll go with "or what."

Doubleh: Doing my part for the Carlster. RIP.

BTW: Did I just hear Chris Coste refer to himself in the 3rd person in a commercial?

Yeah, do you think maybe it's time for JRoll to get the "benching" treatment again? Man, will the games vs the NL on the schedule start to look like an oasis after this weekend or what? I can see Cholly crawling through the wind swept desert mumbling hoarsely, "Mets, Braves, Nats..."

I tried to post this before:

It's almost impossible to overstate the difference in quality between Rich Harden and Adam Eaton. Rich Harden, when healthy, may just be the best pitcher in baseball. Adam Eaton was the worst regular starter in the NL last year.

Harden is unreal.

Dobb's was channeling Wesley Helms on that last play at 3rd.

"Did I just hear Chris Coste refer to himself in the 3rd person in a commercial?"

Oh dear. Say it ain't so.

oops Dobbs.

Willard: Absolutely. He was the hustle guy before Utley was here. I think it must have something to do with his injury but Rollins not hustling takes a lot of the spark and energy out of this lineup.

Could be Preacher. You're right about the "pants on fire" comment. Maybe that ankle still isn't 100%. Would it be all that shocking to hear that a Phillie injury was mis-diagnosed again?

Mr. Mack: That can't be right. I mean after all Gordon has a "balky" shoulder. We all know what that means, and they have known that for 2 years.

Nothing would be more "un-shocking" than to hear that the Phils med staff misdiagnosed (or that JRoll hid an injury).

Methinks that there might be something to the thought about Utley taking over as the "hustle guy." Perhaps its less the injury in JRoll's head as much as its his having to turn over some "leadership."

Dobbs, you f'ing moron. 2-0 pitch, you swing at ball 3. Our lineup wants to be party of history.

Season = Over ...this offense is the same as its been for the last four years. Consistently inconsistent....they score 20 runs twice this season yet then they struggle to put anything to follow it up with.


Rollins and Howard are just tempering the thunder to help Chase's MVP bid.

Vic hits!!

i was away for 2 weeks and this team turns to $hit...what the F happened?

"Season = Over"

You are a fool.

"Season = Over"

Well that gets my vote for pessimistic post of the week. That damn division lead is sure to evaporate!

Great. This loss will wreak of double pain. Hardin throws a complete game 1 hitter, and his stock goes up even higher, so any shot at picking him up as a SP option at the deadline is out the window. That, plus Billy Beane sees just how feeble our guys hit against LH or RH pitching (depending who's playing) and says no thanks to any offer that Monty/Giles/Gillick/Amaro can conjure up. Ouch!

Ed Wade is having a live press conference on Houston radio as I write this. Ed is giving a long winded explanation of the Chacon incident. I missed the beginning, but it sounds like he has been released without pay due to his lack of respect with management.

Dude: If you are looking to cash in on some Phillies goodwill, I suggest that the next time you go out of town, schedule your return on a day when Adam Eaton is not facing Richard Harden.

Its amazing to see how quickly the never say die spirit that led to so many come from behind wins early in the season has morphed into a total lack of effort during this slump. Especially against tough pitchers. Quick at bats, no hustle on the base-paths--it seems like most of these guys are completely resigned to being dominated by good pitching right now.

They got a little taste of hitting last night and now they are too anxoius.

Is it just me or does "trying to go the other way" in the 5th inning to move the runner to third seem like a bad idea and one that is overrated by announcers?

Haven't been watching today's game because that's what worked last night (I like to follow on the board for info and it makes the losing go down so much easier), but by the comments here, you'd think we were down by 10.

Guess I had better go get that chicken and quick!

To all of the BL'ers who put the hex on this team with the early June, World Series, rally cry...M-O-R-O-N-S!!! Doesn't anyone here know, that is like talking about a no-hitter in the dugout? They have sucked since that was mentioned a few hundred times after the sweep of the Braves. Can we at least try to continue to exorcise the jinx with a reverse?

Ed Wade is denying cursing Chacon, although it sounds like he admits to telling Chacon "to look in the bleeping mirror."

that more like the dobbs at thrid im used to.

Watching Adam Eaton pitch is like playing Russian Roulette with one empty chamber.

Chacon has been put on waivers with the intent of giving him his unconditional release without pay if all MLB teams pass on the waiver. They doubt any team would be willing to take Chacon and pick up the rest of his prorated pay.

@Parker -- awesome.

Oh dear.

Brian G - How about just not striking out? That sounds better than 'going the other way'. This feels like last August, early Sept again, or is it me?

Parker - Cholly's "feel" is a little "balky" right now too. He looks to have all of the feel of a man with no limbs trying to roll dice at the craps table. And with about the same amount of luck too.

watching Eaton in the 5th inning of every game is brutal

I believe Wade when he says he didn't curse him. But I think he made mention of telling him to "press #1" if you want me to stop talking while your eating.

Chacon on waivers. Interesting......

Eaton's walking the tightrope and got lucky.

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