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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Play to win, not to not lose.

Wait, someone repping East Fallowfield?
Word! I thought I was the only one.

Well, barring a miracle, the Marlins are not winning tonight. They are down 13-0.

Mets are winning, though.

JW: A masterpiece of a pic!

Six shots and we're still alive. That's bad luck for us and its bad luck for you PG if you don't make a deal.

Strange lineup.


Howard at DH. Bruntlett at first. I might have switched Werth and Vic and moved Feliz down.

Re: JW's last post about the future GM.

Please no. Please.

oops. Left out Burrell batting between Rollins and Howard.

Why not Dobbs? And why isn't Burrell playing? Other than that, I do like Vic in the 6th position. It adds speed to the back half of the lineup.

OK, that I actually like. Why not shake it up for a couple games.

It's about time Burrell moves up. I hope he makes it permanent against lefties when he returns Utley to the three hole. Eat up a bullpen once in a while.

Morty: Good point about Vic near the bottom. Three straight clydesdales leave a lot of crap out on the basepaths

Morty - no Dobbs because they're facing a LHP.

Dobbs probably isn't starting because it's a lefty. He should have started last night against Blanton.

I heard somewhere (cant remember where) that Dobbs has some kind of minor injury. Not worthy of the DL but they must be trying to protect him.

Like the shake-up, but isn't Burrell a bigger defensive liability than Howard? Why not have Burrell DH, Bruntlett in LF and make Howard trot out to 1B per usual?

JW: if my Sunday softball league gets wind of that image, they're gonna get ahold of your people to see about borrowing it. A beaut!

What, didn't you hear? Burrell is a bad DH, according to Manuel. Says he "needs the exercise". Looks to me like Howard needs it more.

re: burrell v. howard defensively. I think you'd get a 50/50 split on this board.

I like it. Is Cholly sick and Jimy had to make out the lineup tonight?

It only took 75 games, but Howard is finally out of the cleanup spot against a lefty and Burrell is batting 4th. Halleluya. Hope it stays that way all year long. It just makes it way too easy to pitch to the Phils late in games, with those lefties in the 3 and 4 spots (and Howard lost against all lefties).

I kinda wish Coste was hitting higher up. I would flop him and Feliz.

How many more games does Ruiz get, before he gets sent down? He is doing nothing to merit a major league job, at this point. Maybe he can find his stroke at AAA, and Jaramillo can come up and maybe, show another club what he can do.

And, Taguchi's time has to be about up. I'd call up Watson, who has been hitting near .300 all year and let him take his spot. Watson is faster, a better hitter and a better fielder. Give him a 2 week shot too, and see how he does.

Kendrick has come up big in situations like this in the past (with the team desperate for a win), so I would expect a solid night from him. Give him a few runs early, and let the young A's hitters start swinging early and making quick outs.

I see a nice, crisp 5-2 win tonight, with Seanez and Lidge closing it down late.

I like the shaked-up line up. I never bet on my Phillies because I'm superstitious. But tonight is the night. Phills and over.

I like this lineup a lot

I pulled out all the stops last night except sacrifice a live chicken. I feel good about tonight.

JW, Rollie Fingers or Joe Rudi???

Ding ding ding! Rollie, from the cover of Sporting News.

Why not the chicken? At least if you sacrificed the chicken you would have a snack for the game...

Wheels toup is on crooked.

My chicken is already cooked and eaten.
Phills 9-4

That's one deal we should be able to swing, Wheels for anyone in the world... No matter what we would get the better end of the deal!

Would have liked to have seen Dobbs at first but this is ok... I have a good feeling about tonight regardless of the fact that Kendrick is pitching.

Wheels is as annoying as burlap underwear.

What ticks me off about him is how the opposing teams players are always amazing/great/good/best ever. Never they're only half decent. Not to mention he knows bull about baseball.

Love Werth lead-off.

I've learned to appreciate Wheels from my second year of MLB.TV. He just needs to learn to talk less.

I agree. He over states everything. What a dork.

So Wakefield isn't the only knuckleballer in the league anymore?

Just caught up with last thread. I have 2 comments:

1. Don't assume Amaro will be the next GM. Chuck Lamar may have been the worst GM in the history of baseball during his tenure in TB. Yes, even worse than Dave Littlefield in Pittsburgh.

2. Excellent scouting report by denny b. on Reading, worth repeating here:
Saw Brummett pitch for the first time last night.

He reminds me a lot of Jon Leiber. Works VERY fast and throws a lot of strikes. Will throw any pitch at any time. Has a good curveball, which seems to be his best pitch. Has a good moving fastball, which tops out at around 90 MPH. Is not overpowering, but he seems to know what he is doing out there. Also has a good change, that he uses to lefties.

He will likely always give up his share of hits (like Lieber and Kendrick do/did) because he throws a ton of strikes and he pitches to contact, but I think in time, he can be a nice #4 starter in the majors, who will win his share of games.

Donald also was impressive, hitting a opposite field HR. He has a quick bat and some power. I think he can be a nice utility-type player down-the-road, and might be about ready for the bigs by 2009. I think he can be Eric Bruntlett with more power.

Marson is in his first slump of the year. He looks like a good hitter though. With his build, he could easily put on more weight and muscle, to give him some more power. Not a fan of his defense though. Doesn't seem to throw well and is not a sound receiver. Has a ways to go there, but at only 21 years old, he has time to improve. Probably still at least a year away from being a big-league catcher. Jaramillo would definitly be the choice, should Ruiz finally wear out his welcome. JJ is ready defensively to catch in the big leagues.

I think he gets paid by the syllable.

Any ideas on why Burrell's HR split is so wide for home/away?

small ball. what a concept.

All right! and the new order pays off already!

And now I have to run. Have fun tonight, fans.

Bruntlett's major league experience at 1B, before tonight, is 1 inning back in 2005.

Nice baserunning on the double steal, though Utley's stance could leave him a split second behind on a pickoff attempt. Lucky baserunning at the plate, but the way this offense has been playing they need to force things when the opportunity presents.

Wow. Winter coats and it's almost July.

Just tuned in. Love the Chollie tossin' darts approach to line-up management. (How else would Howard be budged from the #4 spot?)

As per: placing a garden gnome at 1B,'s better than putting Taguchi there?

Did you see Howard throw his helmet and bat after (surprise, surprise) another K...YOUR DHING TONIGHT RYAN! Read the lineup card.

In re: Howard, he also swung at ball four on the fifth pitch. I truly wonder if he needs glasses.

hh - If you're not willing to garrot the chicken for the team, then how about deep fat frying a pair of Manolos?

Why do I have this feeling of no matter what we do, we're boned tonight?

Howard is so used to striking out and pulling that routine he just forgot he didn't have to play 1B. It's understandable given he's struck out 500 times already.

Robert - because you're a normal Phillies fan?

(Just guessin')

I wonder what color duct tape they use to hold Eric Chavez together.

Andy: If I could afford Manolo's, I sure as h*** wouldn't deep fry them. Do you know how much those suckers cost?

I am willing to drink some scotch if it pleases Jobu. I know he likes rum, but I like scotch better.

I must say the bishop's stuff does seem to be improving. I mean he looks like he has developed some. Garden gnome is a classic.

hh - With you on the scotch.

I actually only know that the Manolos are affordable like Feliz is patient.

I expect we'll score a bunch of runs tonight, because I like almost nothing about this lineup.

West coast game + slow working pitchers = 1:30 am finish. Ugh.

I'm personally growing a beard as my contribution to end the Phils streak. However, I'm kind of worried about an extended winning steak. I don't want to end up looking like Grizzly Adams.

Wait, the rotation is Kendrick and Eaton back to back, I have nothing to worry about.

Curt: It's not the lineup, but merely the players.

Parker: This ain't hockey. You're just lazy. j/k

Off topic, but priceless:

Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon was suspended indefinitely by the team Wednesday for insubordination after reportedly grabbing general manager Ed Wade by the neck and throwing him to the ground.

How many of us can say we didn't have the exact same urge for years?

Alby - Thank you so much.

Great interview Tmac. But you didin't find out her favorite color.

This lineup proves one thing:

Cholly is a believer in the baseball gods (and knows he has displeased them with continued defensive substitutions of So Taguchi). Obviously, only a baseball genius (see Larussa) could get away with such a maneuver, and Cholly is no genius (at least not within any officially recognized category).

What's the record for put-outs by a CF in a game?

The best thing I can say about the lineup is that there is no obvious dead hole, or, if you prefer, no part of the dead hole is worse than any other.

UTS!!! Man that feels good. (Just need a Ryno and PTB to follow and things will be back to normal).

Now that was a Chase Utley swing.

I guess Uts likes batting second.

Where was the tag?

Had to try it. Hell of a throw.

Andy: Are you saying that performing poorly for several weeks is a better way to communicate your displeasure with your employment situation than by attempting to strangle your boss?

Dang it, I'm not sure Suzuki got the tag down, and Uts took a serious shoulder jolt. He may have a "balky" shoulder after that play.

no tag!

He did make the tag before the collision.

there's the tag

Parker -

We need to get Matt Holiday and Kurt Suzuki together.

Utley should've slid, but that could only have been known in hindsight really.

Oh. I get it. You were relating the Utley hitting second with the Chacon thing. Not my intention. But you do have to wonder if it wouldn't be better for us all if Howard took the Chacon Approach.

Seems to be a theme with this team: not wanting to slide into home and trying to barrell over the catcher instead.

Shawn Chacon sounds like he needs to work on his negotiation skills. Or fire his hands as his agent.

ooh, another Tmac interview gotta go.

Screw this, I'm going to bed...

hh - If they injure enough catchers, there might be a market for Chooch. (They're clever that way.)


(Actually they're not.)

If Chollie really wants to shake things up, he'll send PtB on the first pitch.

Andy: If you didn't already know the result, what would you say the odds of a roaming gnome taking out a Molina (any Molina, I think you have 4 to choose from) would be?

Possibly Howard's worst at bat ever.

Howard is making up for those Ks he missed yesterday.

Wow, Howard needs to have some flashbacks of how he used to hit lefties.

Wow, how slow is "The Bat" to barely be home when Feliz makes it to 3rd?

feliz with a tripple omg!

I must have fallen asleep -- I think I had a dream that Feliz hit a triple and Burrell scored from first.

Who says Pete Happy is slow?

You can't stop Pete Happy you can only try to contain him.

Wow,Parker. Hmmmm....
First the Gnomester would have to get on base. Then, somehow, the Phils would have to move him into scoring position. Then someone on the Phils would have to hit the ball in such a way as to make scoring a runner from scoring position possible. It would be dramatically difficult {break for cheering: Go Pete Happy!!!!} ...except there are so many Molinas that the odds come down substantially.

Gosh - what are the odds that Burrell, Happy and Ryno all might get triples in the same season?

Humorous watching Burrell charging home through wet concrete.

break the rust off the merry-go-round

Oh yeah, he had to hold up. Still, I'm nominating that as the slowest moving play in the history of baseball. (Burrell and Feliz running the bases, and Cust fielding the ball).

donc - that's funny.

Okay. Who's up for a double steal?

and Parker, that (slowest moving etc) is also very funny.

AFish: no dream. It did take 10 minutes though. By the way this guys move to first is a balk. He's stepping toward the plate.

Nice job by Costie! About time he drove a run in with a guy on third. His drought was emblimatic of the entire lineup's struggles.

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