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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Awesome pic JW.

Nice to see the Muts getting smoked by Seattle again. 10-0 in the 8th haha!

Wow. Mets are getting smoked 10-0 at home.

I hate when that happens.

Wow. Bronson Arroyo's line tonight. 1 IP, 11 hits, 10 runs allowed, all earned. His 2008 ERA now stands at 6.52. Ok, I promise I won't let any more imposters use my screen name to suggest that we trade for Bronson Arroyo. It's amazing some of the idiocy that gets posted under my screen name when I'm not paying attention.

I guess no one can accuse Dusty Baker (the Reds' manager) of having too quick a hook with his starting pitchers.

Add Arroyo to the list of pitchers I don't want the Phils to trade for...Harang is the only Red I want (well, Volquez would be nice, but ain't NO way the Reds let him go), but doubtful we'd see him in Red Pinstripes.

Nice to see the Braves and Mets losing...old Ollie Perez is back! Now if only the Rays could beat up on the other fish a little.

Werth & Jenkins both in the lineup tonight -- Jenkins as DH. Maybe someone can help me out here. Why wouldn't you put Werth in LF & make Burrell the DH? Having Burrell in the OF, and Jenkins as DH, makes not the slightest bit of sense. Perhaps Cholly didn't want to make Burrell the DH, because then he wouldn't be able to pull him for a defensive sub in the 6th inning of a one-run game.

i got to see arroyo out in cincy last year.

now, i've played a little baseball, nothing spectacular mind you, but i could spot bronson tipping pitches from the stands. lord knows what professional scouts could do.

he's done, fork time.

From the previous thread:

Parker, that is a great way to describe the Phillies #1 RH SP:

"Dr. Brett/Mr. Myers"...........................excellent!

Actually, the Mets have a similar situation with one of their pitchers, the inestimable OPerez. Just as the Phillies are never sure who will show up, the good Doctor or the ordinary Mr. Myers, the Mets never know which Ollie is coming to the ballpark.

Tonight, apparently, bad Ollie showed up.

BAP: I agree, Burrell should be the DH. Jenkins' fielding is still pretty good; I'd rather have him in the field and Werth in left.

Does he worry that Burrell can't stay sharp if he's not on the field? I would think that would hold more true for Jenkins.

bap, maybe Chollie is so used to doing the double switch now, that he put PB in LF in order to do something really creative, like move Burrell to DH when he brings in Taguchi to pinch run for someone else.

(I know that doesn't make sense, but neither does Chollie's lineup.)

I think the "Gut" has been outsmarted a bit this last week and half or's time for it to get back on track.

How does everyone feel about tonight's game? The A's are tough; this could be more of the same.

BAP: To continue from last thread, the balancing act the Phillies have to perform is that the price of Sabathia, a rental, will be high, but the price for a quality SP under contract will be higher and the payoff lower since none of the available names are as good as CC.

I think one of 3 things will happen:

1. They go for broke and deal young talent+ Myers for CC. This gives them the best chance to win the World Series now.

2. They make a major trade for a pitcher under contract that includes dealing away young talent, Myers and a position player, most likely Werth or Vic.

3. They acquire a mediocrity (this is known as the Feliz-Jenkins maneuver) and declare him a star who will be the difference maker in the playoffs.

Because I believe next year's team won't be as good as this year's, I'm for the go-for-broke strategy. My best bet for what they'll actually do is #3.

By the way, the Feliz-Jenkins maneuver is the opposite of the Heimlich maneuver. It induces choking.

It's too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing Burrell start at DH, and seeing Cholly execute the worlds' first late-inning defensive substitution for the DH.

Baffling. Jenkins is head and shoulders a better defensive outfielder than Burrell. Jenkins must have a minor injury.

Also, why would you sit Dobbs instead of either Werth or Feliz against a RHP, especially with the DH? Maybe Dobbs has a minor injury.

The only other explanation for this lineup would be that Manuel is a moron.

clout - that seems a plausible reason for Burrell's appearance in the field tonight.

You have to love the 2008 NL East. Looks like the Phils will probably take the field with a .5 game more on the rest of the division, as the Rays score two in the 8th to take a 1-run lead on the Fish who are down to their last 4 outs.

clout, Arbuckle pretty much indicated in Salisbury's column today that they won't do #1.

They might do #2, but that's fraught with risk because it leaves a really thin OF. Besides, if they deal Werth then they wouldn't have the RH bat in house to replace Burrell next season, and I think they're counting on that.

I agree that the odds of #3 happening are much higher than the others.

Ladies and gents, there is also a #4:

Trade Burrell to a team that is looking for a bat as a rental for a pitcher who is a rental. Burrell would have to waive his FNTC, but he might do it if the city is right(it's only for 2 months) and he gets assurances on or an acceptable extension.

Personally, I can't think of a team that matches up, but maybe someone else can.

It's also lower in likelyhood than #1, because I think that, at this point, even the 'oxymoron' realize that no Burrell would really hurt the lineup. Besides, if they lose him to FA it's 2 high draft picks.

clout: You might be right that the cost for Sabathia could actually be less than the cost of a somewhat lesser pitcher who is under contract. If that's true, that would potentially impact my thinking about what we should do.

Ultimately, if we can get a 2-month rental who would significantly bolster our staff, I am all for it -- so long as we don't do something crazy like give up Marson or Carrasco. I agree with you, unfortunately, that the most likely scenario is that we'll bring in some non-descript back-end starter like Randy Wolf or Paul Byrd, and the FO will try to convince the fans that's it's some type of incredible upgrade.

Also, the way the batters are stacked makes this the easiest lineup in the world for a good bullpen: S-S-L-L-R-R-L-R-R

The old create-your-1970s baseball card trend continues, I'm happy to see. And danged if Moyer doesn't have Steve Carlton form in that photo. Hopefully he'll have the same effect on the young A's as he does against the young Marlins.

Phillies lose 2 of 3.

The Topps "baseball-card-esque" art -- circa 1968-style -- is nothing but class, J. Weitzel.

I guess the Phillies' offense has been so prodigious lately that, even with an extra lineup spot and a right-handed pitcher on the mound, there's no room for the guy with the highest batting average on the team.

I hate these damn West Coast starting times. This game should be ending right about now.

bap - Actually, I'm kind of amazed Werth isn't in CF with Vic as the DH.

In the AL, if you put the DH in an defensive position, you forfeit the DH spot... right?

I would have preferred Dobbs as DH and Jenkins in RF, but I don't mind seeing Werth try his bat against a struggling RH.

Of course, Feliz could have sat today, but I assume that's not an option when Dobbs could have DH'd.

As my Dad always said (although he was a devout Phils fan who survived 1964) "They sent the wrong team to Oakland." (although no one would have wanted to buy the Phils and move them with their history)

May the lesser team win!!! ;-)

Here's the lineup I'd use to guarantee we break the losing streak:
Rollins SS
Vic CF
Uts 2B
Burrell DH
Howard 1B
Coste C
Dobbs 3B
Werth RF
Jenkins LF

hh - I'm not sure the "Oakland Phillies" would've sounded right....

There is no rational reason why Dobbs is not in the lineup, with a DH. Not, with the way this team is not hitting. Dobbs was made for this week; and for him not to get more at bats is ridiculous, if he is not hurt.

Maybe Cholly wants Dobbs to get the most pinch-hits in MLB history or something.

And, continuing to trot Ruiz out there is just a waste of time. Might as well bat Moyer 9th. Jaramillo threw out 2 more runners tonight at AAA. Send Carlos down and bring the guy who can throw (and is throwing out well over 50% of runners this year) up and have him and Coste be the catchers. Coste has earned the everyday job and Jaramillo is superior to Ruiz on defense. You could even match up Jaramillo with someone like Hamels (who gives up a lot of SB) and see how that works.

Of course, the last time I said Ruiz should be sent down, he had a 4 hit night (probably the only time he had more than 1 hit all year), so he probably has a big night tonight.

Andy: Indeed, but just imagine what it would have been like here in Philly with a team that had won so many championships?

Tonight's game may hinge on the size of the strike zone. With Moyer living on the corners against a patient team, if the ump does not give him an inch beyond the black, it could be a long night. Needless to say, the Phils, for the most part, will swing at everything.

Wait, I get it. Cholly is saving Dobbs in case he has to PH for the pitcher tonight or make a double siwtch.

Thank you, Rays!

Nice - Evan Longoria comes through for the Rays!

Great Picture JW. Would that style of photo be pre-Moyer rookie season or post? Did they have cameras back then?

That being said, I still enjoy watching Moyer pitch probably as much as (tie with Hamels) any other pitcher for the Phils. I think he is one of the more enjoyable watches in MLB. (BTW: He is terrible. Reverse jinx avoided).

hh - Good eye. Thank you Rays indeed!

I'd like to think Charlie is starting Feliz because of how right-handed hitters are hitting Blanton. I'd like to think that.

I really envy teams with a young talented 3B. Longoria is going to be a good one. I still wonder how much "Eva" flack he gets on the road?

Blanton has an excellent move for a RH. (or is Vic being excessively risky?

OK, I take back all the mean things I said about Cholly. I just checked Blanton's splits. He's a HUGE opposite. Righties are tagging him for an .877 OPS. He's holding lefties to .669.

Proving once again why he's manager and I'm not. I still don't like the way he bunches lefties and righties, though.

What is it with empty stadiums and airhorns?

RSB: LOL, and drums.

Does Joe Blanton resemble the "Stay Puff Marshmallow Man" to anyone else, or is it just me?

What's on the brim of Blanton's hat?

clout, I don't like the bunching either.

"If I were the manager" I would routinely flop Howard and Burrell in the 4/5 spots against LH and RHP, especially to take away the advantage teams have against the Phils in late innings, when they can bring in a LOOGY against both Uts and Howie.

Parker: It's not just you. What's with all the fatty-bumbalatty pitchers in the AL? Maybe THAT'S why they can't run the bases, Steinbrenner!

Of course, I say this as if Brett Myers were slender...

Is it too early in the game for me to be disgusted?

This just in: Moyer scratched from start in favor of Ned Ryerson

They can't get it done lately with men on base, and they buy a lead.

Their catcher leads off? Wow.

doubleh: Myers looks bulimic compared to Sabatthia/Blanton/Rincon/Colon.

Coincidentally, I am borderline bulimic on days that Myers pitches.

We spoke too soon. Troy Percival has lost his ability to throw strikes. He's walked 3 straight batters.

Crap! Damn reverse jinx.

Of course, we know Dan Uggla's so awesome, he'll probably hit a 3-run HR right here.

Howard brought his gold glove today.

Look who just turned a flawless 3-6-3...!

I see you found a copy of Moyer's rookie card...

Parker: The Phillies make me anorexic by the AS break. I must have lost 10 pounds last year during the stretch run (bullpen always made it interesting).

Wow, Willie Montanez sure has put on some weight.

Speaking of gloves (and useless info): Did anyone know that Akinori Iwamura's glove is made of Alligator skin? He has made 0 errors on the season, so maybe the Phils should get Ryno one.

Thank you, Jacobs! (I said that about Uggla above to jinx him and it worked! YES!)

Good...Rays pulled it out.

Way to zone in with two strikes, Geoff.

Did no one else notice the dirt on Blanton's brim in the first? He was wiping his forehead and touching the spot before most pitches.

The Oakland broadcast has yet to show a face-forward close-up up of him since about 1 out in the first.

In a related story, the Rays just doubled their attendance by a sudden onslaught of PETA protesters.

You gotta give Feliz credit for taking 6 pitches to strike out...would that be considered a successful AB for him?

ok before everybody jumps all over Jenkins and Feliz; there new in school and just trying to fit in.

I get the very strong impression that Feliz could care less if he strikes out on three pitches, pops out on one pitch, or happens to run into a fat pitch and hit it out.

He's very good defensively though...

He is. But he's a pretty poor excuse for a solution at that position, and he's a terrible fit in this lineup. Once upon a time, they drafted Costanzo to be the solution. Oops.

RSB: Sorry, I should have clarified, I was being tongue-in-cheek.

Jamie Moyer= K Machine!!!

Carlos Ruiz is awful. Seriously.

And Phillies line-up=groundout machine

The Phillies, in an effort to be sporting during interleague player have declined to use the DH and are using their pitcher in the 9 hole...oops thats just Chooch.

Yeah, I know. Well, I 'liked' the signing primarily on that basis. I didn't like that they were relegated to such a weak option, but it seemed better than Dobbs/Helms/Nunez all over again.

What I didn't know is that he plays like he doesn't give a sh*t. That doesn't sit well with me.

Phillies haven;t made it out of the infield yet on a hit...or hit a single ball in the air.

At the risk of sounding incredibly girly, I hate the A's uniforms. And the high socks do absolutely nothing for Blanton's figure. ;-P

Seriously, what was Chollie thinking (if following the advice of stomach gurgles can be considered "thinking") when he actually sent Pat the Bat into the field.
(Are the Phils afraid that some AL team might get the idea that Pat would be a nice DH pick-up in the off-season?)

Blanton is 3-10 right? Not 10-3? He does look like the Sta Puffed M M. But I think he's amish.

Woo-hoo! A fly out!

That confused me too. Why in the world use Burrell in the field if you don't have to?

hh - It's not the socks, it's the Manolos. (op cit: phargo)

Kalas calls this guy "Eddie" Murphy (instead of Donnie). Funny.

So does it make me sound manly if I say I like the green and gold look?

NEPP - I guess if he used Pat as the DH, he'd have no reason at all to get Taguchi into the game.

Wouldn't want that.

It's going to be a loonnggg year watching these bottom 3 guys in our order fail often and fail ugly.

LOL NEPhilliesPhan... We were just talking about Blanton's stupid sox & why isn't Coste in there???

doubleh: just so long as he doesn't call Murphy's DP partner "Bing".

RSB: I meant it was "girly" to comment on uniforms as opposed to what's going on in the field. (and I'm a girl, so it's to be expected from time to time)

That's a good point Andy...I don't know what I'd do if Taguchi didn't get his required late inning PR.

Holy smoke and Moyer gonna fan 15 tonight?

The high pitch count by Moyer is probably gonna test Chollie's intestinal intuition, too. With no need to let the pitcher hit (just so he can pull him the next inning after one hitter), how will he know when it's time to go to the bullpen?

Definite quandary. Hope he's eaten something appropriate for dinner.

Perhaps his wiring will short-circuit? He can't double switch with Taguchi and thus will be lost come the 7th inning...

Eh, it's not really girly to comment on uniforms. Actually, there's a whole site called "Uni Watch' which I find endlessly interesting in all its intricate mundanity.

Good Heavens, this offense STINKS right now.

Phils' pen this season would normally give them an advantage in a game like season but the A's pen is deceiving effectively and tough at home. If they don't touch Blanton, you seriously have to wonder if they won't get shutout tonight.

hh - It's all good. We're in it for the total game experience. (Which definitely makes Blanton's (bizarre?) fashion sense fair game).

This team could put Rex Hudler to sleep right now.


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