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Tuesday, June 17, 2008



A win tonight would be a huge carryover from last night's pummeling of the Sox, clinching a series win is critical. Given how they destroyed the Cards then dropped two very winnable games, you'd hate to see the Phils get tight for the rubber game.

I'd be careful about using the word "critical" around here...

You might want to be careful about using words like "critical" around here. "Must-win" is also a bad idea...

Whoops, didn't look like the first post went through, sorry.

Mr. Mack- I loved the comment about spitting on a fish.

I will slink away now to the den af double-posters who only make it worse by posting yet again...

Go Jamie!!!

Sorry if this has been posted today -- I've been on vacation. But here's a figure sure to give you pause compiled by Joe Sheehan of

Our 'pen's career HR/FB ratios this year compared to their careers:

Pitcher 2008 2007 2006 2005
Brad Lidge 0.0 14.7 18.0 11.7
J.C. Romero 9.5 6.3 7.6 15.4
Tom Gordon 7.5 15.4 18.2 10.8
Ryan Madson 10.0 9.8 13.4 16.9
Rudy Seanez 0.0 11.7 12.5 11.0
Chad Durbin 2.6 13.9 17.5 N/A
Clay Condrey 7.5 7.5 17.1 N/A

Let me phrase that better: I think for the Phillies to win this series, tonight is their best bet. If they lose tonight there'd be much more pressure on KK tomorrow, especially with the Halos coming in the next day.

I was hoping to see Coste in the line up tonight with Moyer on the mound. I doubt he is still out w/ his newborn. Maybe Cholly likes Ruiz's arm agaist this fast Red Sox team.

Anybody else ready for the NBA to be over with? I have so little interest in the NBA, that I forgot that I was not interested. The problem is, ESPN continues to attempt to remind me about how much I don't care. BOO NBA!!!

BTW: David Stern is a babbling buffoon. At least when Bud Selig lies, he looks like enough of a pathetic character so that people can feel sorry for him. Plus Selig always looks like the guy beaten up by the bully (Donald Fehr), even if that is not the case.

Here is to the NBA finally being final tonight so that ESPN can get around to concerning itself with real sports (see MLB). If ESPN continues to go to bed with the NBA, I have to wonder when they will wake up with the WWE. At least waking up with McMahan would give ESPN a sure indication of the kind of sleaze they got involved with the night before. With Stern it always has the chance of being worse than they possible imagined.

Basketball is dead to me. Who can watch the last 5 minutes (real time = 20 minutes after all the foul shots, timeouts and commercial breaks). It's worse than football, no flow.

Under/over on the number of Ellsbury steals off Moyer/Ruiz tonight?

It might be interesting if they raised the basket.

As it is, meh.

Got a bad feeling about this Moyer outing. Of course that looks somewhat like hindsight after the walk, but it doesn't look like he is getting the corner.

BTW: If Joe Morgan were announcing, he undoubtedly would be commenting about how good Moyers pick-off move is.

Just wondering, is there a story behind the intense animosity Phils' fans seem to have toward J.D. Drew? I was at the game last night and he was definitely getting more negative attention from the crowd than any other red sox player.

Pat looks like he has fresh legs after getting the triple last night.

J.D. Drew, I would Boo, but you already know that I'm thinking it.

PhilsGal: The problem is that J.D. Drew moonlights as a call girl named Nancy Drew. Apparently the former governor of NY is a big fan.

Really getting the Sox B-team tonight. Not a bad lineup even without Ortiz, Youklis, and Ellsbury.

I'm sure its been mentioned a dozen times in the last couple days, but we caught a lucky break with their injury situation.

Great play, Uts.

Great play J-Roll.

PhilsGal - JD refused to sign with the Phils after they drafted him in the first round back in 1997.

PhilsGal - If you really don't know the story, we'd all be more than glad to share it in detail. In involves not just Drew but the Prince of Darkness as well.

textbook bunt for a base hit right there by vic.

Come on guys, the refusal to play for the Phils after the draft is just drab compared to Drew's high life, high priced exploits as a makeup wearing, skirt toting, midnight miscreant.

Indeed I really didn't know the story, but no further detail necessary. I think I get the idea. Thanks.

Of course, the Phils got a compensatory pick (#1 overall) that they used to draft Pat Burrell the year after Drew held out. And if you look at their career numbers and how much they cost, who would you rather have?

PtB: .260/.371/.489 236 HR 788 RBI $39,560,000
Drew: .286/.392/.505 185 HR 612 RBI $52,091,688

Utley is in some kind of funk.

PhilsGal - Scott Boras {who bites the heads off baby mice just for laughs} was his agent. He was a College Senior {using lots of mind-altering, illegal drugs, no doubt}. Rather than sign with the Phils he sat out a year {went to France and molested poodles, probably} and played independent ball {stinking like a cod left out in Georgia for all of July, of course}. The parts in the brackets should be taken with utmost seriousness {as they are the most factual, possibly}.

Andy: LOL. Ok, I was completely negligent in my research of the Drew story. I admit, I only read the first few brackets. If I had read the rest of the story I would have been more fully informed (and disgusted).

That was a 28 minute inning with no runs scored. It's going to be a long one.

Well, didn't score any runs, but I like Utley taking 11 or something pitches even if he can't hit very well right now, and Howard struck out but at least he drew the count full and didn't swing at total garbage.

phargo - in re: basketball and raising the hoops, complete agreement.

Hopefully the Phils can work the count and get Lester out early. Utley's timing looks off against him, and Howard didn't look much better. Either that or they need to walk and let Burrell bash them home.

Andy - Haha. Thanks for the info. That paints quite a picture!

This one might be Red Sox / Yankees long.

phargo - while you're at it, why not add a one-point zone inside the paint?

Well, not turning that DP hurts alot more right now.

Aw fudge, Coco.

Moyer just gave up a HR to his favorite breakfast cereal. Oh the milk laden horror!!

Moyer getting squeezed, but Lester is certainly not unhittable. I like Utley working the at-bat to expose as many of his pitches as possible. Let's hope the righties came to play.

It is a good sign that Howard took the count full, as lefties usually destroy him on 3 pitches.

dwr: FALSE! Pat Burrell was the first pick of the 1998 draft because the Phillies finished last the previous year.

The compensatory pick the Phils got for not signing Drew was used to pick Eric Valent.

And if you look at their career numbers and how much they cost, who would you rather have?

PtB: .260/.371/.489 236 HR 788 RBI $39,560,000
Valent: .234/.307/.389 13 HR 37 RBI

44 pitches through 1 2/3 of an inning. I'm going to stash that in the "not good" file.

Moyer vs. Boston is a very bad match up, but I don't think Myers would have been much better.

I find myself hoping Madson has good stuff tonight.

Might be Condrey time tonight...

I love the guy, but Moyer just doesn't have it tonight. Yes he's getting squeezed, but he's also just missing his spots. Hopefully he can get through five without getting beat up too badly...

I think Moyer has gotten about 2 borderline calls tonight. This is going to be a long night.

We're not in Miami anymore Toto.

What does J.D. stand for anyway? Johan Aloyicious Delecroix Drew?

feliz missed him, good throw ruiz

Good job Feliz, applying a tag without looking.

Well, the rest of this inning is on Feliz.

Actually, Lugo came up off the bag while Feliz had the tag on. Missed call.

K.D. Drew

This makes me wish Cholly had yanked Durbin after his couple-of-pitch 8th inning and let Condrey pitch the 9th. Then the Phils could use some combination of Madson, Durbin, and the back end of the bullpen to eat up Moyer's innings tonight. As it is, we're in danger of seeing Condrey this evening...

Come on guys/gals what is wrong with Condrey? Aside from the fact that Aaron Miles is more effective as a relief pitcher?

got something cookin here... dont screw it up carlos

And now the amazing flailing Ruiz.

Ruiz should just stand there in a DP situation. I'd rather take my chances with the pitcher.

D'oh. Old man desperately needs a 1-2-3.

I don't understand why Coste isn't playing unless he's taking personal time.

i know you guys like Chooch, but...he just sucks. He should only be playing 2x a week.

Say it aint so Ruiz.

The guy needs to bunt with a man on first. Every time.

Ruiz was batting .300 something W/RISP. Just shows how overrated that stat is.

Coste is still on maternity leave. Or Cholly has forgotten his name.

This ump is really squeezing Moyer. Almost like the ump is determined not to call anything close.

I believe JD stands for Jiant Dickhead

Ugh, finally Moyer gets one.

Finally. A little reverse curse right there.

Moyer's not a good idea vs. a veteran team or vs. an AL team. Add them together, & throw in an uncooperative ump, and it's a miracle its only 2-0.

We need to keep working Lester's pitch count. That means you Jimmy.

Tonight we're seeing why the Phillies badly need another top-tier starting pitcher. Moyer and Kendrick might be pretty effective against teams like the Marlins, who have a bunch of young, over-anxious hackers. But against a team of experienced, patient hitters, these guys aren't really built for success.

So much for running up Lester's pitch count, Chase...

Howard is on pace to pass Chase Utley in batting average in about 10 days.

At this rate, dunno if Moyer goes past 4 or 4.5 tonight.

@ bay_area_phan:

Amen. Pitching wins in October, a cliche which cannot be overstated. It's why you have to think tonight's opponent are the favorites to be back there again this year: a slew of quality pitchers that can retire quality hitters.

I'll be on the "Get the best starting pitcher you can" bandwagon from now until the deadline. Apologies in advance if I get repetitive.

This ump's strike zone is way inconsistent.

NESN graphic: Moyer's thrown 38% of his pitches to Lugo and Pedroia.

Ideally, Moyer would be moved to the pen once you move to a four man rotation.. but with the way Myers has thrown thus far, who knows what may happen if they make the playoffs.

Considering that his control is off, the ump is squeezing him, and he's facing the RedSox, Moyer is actually pitching admirably. But it would be foolish for Cholly to expect any more than 1 more inning from him. If he can give us 5 innings, 2 runs allowed tonight, the Phillies should be more than happy.

You'd trust Eaton to start a playoff game over Moyer?

Jeltz - depends on how he's throwing in Sept. I've got a few months to stock up on Rolaids just in case.

Moyer's been getting a small strikezone all night so far that I've seen...he has been a tad while though.

On Utley: He really needs a day off...he's looked lost out there the last few games now.

Ruiz is killing me with the GIDPs.

did csn suddenlly lose the game for anyone else too?

Phillies could take a few more pitches, too, like they did in the earlier innings.

Don't look now but Michael Bourn is batting .390 in June and his avg is up to .244. I'm still 100% happy with the trade though...Bourn is a 4/5 OF at best.

yea, im looking at a blank tv screen the last 10 mins or so. pretty pissed.

Have no idea Tony...I'm watching on NESN...did you guys know that Jared Werth is the Phillies RF tonight? Jerry Remy has slipped up 3 or 4 times on that now.

thanks, its been like this a while for me too, then was the phillies cruise ad fopr a while now black again

@ NEPhilliesFan:

I was wondering if anyone else caught that. Really, Remy couldn't look at the roster in front of him? Maybe his duties as President of Red Sox Nation have him too busy to do his research.

out for awhile for me too. bummer.

probably...Remy kills me sometimes.

Comcast Sports Network feed went down
Anybody else having that problem??

Even though it feels like the 7th inning, there's still a lot of game left.

Time to send Gramps back to the Home, though. Field trip's over.

Wow. 104 pitches and he's not even out of the fifth. Looks like Madson will log some time tonight.

bathtub - same here, for the past while

@NEPP / PhillyFriar - Yeah, but how many times does Remy say, "Oka-jemeerrr"

Hah. Varitek. Missed the sub-seventier.

Who dya think'll ph for Pappy in the bottom half?

Coste is the best RH hitter but he's the backup backstop.

Moyer got squeezed but his command just wasn't there. Phils were lucky that the Sox didn't take advantage.

Still, this offense has to get going. For all the hype they get this year with the 2-20 run outburst, I still think last year's club was more consistent and productive.

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