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Friday, June 20, 2008


I want to repeat my question from the last thread: "Has anyone heard any possibilities of skipping Myers in the rotation this time around? Or at least flipping Hamels and Myers so Hamels gets an extra start before the all star break?"

Why not move up Hamels?

They should move Hamels up if only to give Myers ever competition to pitch against.

Personally, Bastardo would not succeed as a starter in the majors right now and I doubt he's really in line to take over. Happ would be the first choice to come up, Mazzone would do a one time emergency start and then maybe Carrasco (though he isn't ready either). We forget that Bastardo has 2 pitches...a average fastball and an above average change (not Hamels level but above average still). He's trying to learn a 3rd pitch but the results have been so-so at this point.

Awesome column by wonders if someone inside the organization greenlighted it.

When the Lidge trade was made, many questioned Lidge's ability to get the job done as closer, but not many questioned Brett's ability to get the job done as a starter. Brett is the flop, Lidge is the man.

Brett has a fighter's mentality, so I keep thinking he'll bust his way out of this horrible can only hope soon (soon meaning now!).

Isn't this the 2nd time that a writer(same writer?) has mentioned Bastardo as the next option, and not Happ. Coincidence or do the writers hear that from the front office?

Nice post, Jason. I like this quote: "Maybe it's time that Myers felt some of the urgency Eaton did.” Earlier in the season, the coaches' comments about throwing long balls seemed to suggest that he wasn't really into working out. I never thought I would get to this point of feeling better about Eaton than Myers.

Thanks for the tidbit about Moyer (last thread), Carson. I did not think the comparisons between Moyer and Kendrick before Kendrick's last start were fair. No stats here, so flambe me if you must, but it seems like Moyer steadily gives the same thing- about 5 innings with 2-3 runs. Kendrick, on the other hand, had been exceeding expectations but has a much higher risk of total meltdown than Moyer.

I hope Pop Pop stays. He must take good care of himself to have made it this far, so why not keep going?

What happened to that knee-bucking curveball of his? He obviously must follow a game plan or Dubee doesn't give him an effective one. His 1st inning ERA is around 11. UGH!

NE, no one in the organization has to "green-light" an article in the paper.

The papers publish what they want to publish. They don't need permission from the Phillies.

Its way past time for Myers to get it together. Everyone is still waiting, on the old Myers, instead of this new, "junk-baller" trying to fool everyone with off-speed slop.

Some minor league notes...

1. Jaramillo threw out 2 more runners last night. His throwing this year has been tremendous, easily throwing out over 50% of runners trying to steal. He may never hit much at the big league level or hit with much power, but he can throw. And, that will get him a big league job down the road with someone for years.

2. 2007 draftee Tyson Brummett had a terrific outing at Reading last night, taking a shutout into the 9th inning. He has had a very solid, yet quiet year this year, moving up the ladder.

3. Golson hasn't played in over a week. Don't know if he has been DL'd or not, but hopefully this injury doesn't hurt the rest of his season, which was a very promising one.

4. Swindle struck out the side in the 9th last night at LV, closing out a victory. Struck out the side in 14 pitches as well.

5. Benson got lit up in his first start, but he did strike out 3 in his 2 innings. It was his first start of any kind in a professional game that counts, in over a year, so lets give him some time to get back into the swing of things. I just hope by 2009, he is healthy and a candidate for the Phils rotation, and gets it together the rest of this season.

It's about time someone other than opposing hitters lit up Myers. Too bad it wasn't the organization. Management has to stop babying him. It was obvious they were stroking him this spring when they gave him the opening day start. That honor clearly belonged to Cole Hamels. Apparently, the "tough guy" aint so tough.

Off the cuff thought: We NEED to resign Lidge long-term (3 or 4 years). He's young and he could anchor our Pen through whatever type of run we end up making here in the next few years.

Pete: NE, no one in the organization has to "green-light" an article in the paper.

The papers publish what they want to publish. They don't need permission from the Phillies.

Yeah no crap. My meaning was this: I wouldn't be surprised if someone higher up in the organization might have passed it on that they wouldn't mind seeing Myers lambasted in the press...that kind of crap happens all the time in MLB. On another note, reporters DO have to be somewhat careful about what they write as they can quickly find their "undisclosed sources" disappear if they piss off the wrong people.

Golson has been DL'd.

It's time Swindle got a look in the majors. DL Myers until right after the All-Star break for some made up reason, plop Durbin in the rotation, and call Swindle up. See what happens. If it's not a good result then demote Swindle when Myers returns.

I say sign Moyer now, he's worth another 5 mil next season most likely. He's proving he can stay healthy and take the ball every 5th day and give about 6 innings while keeping the team in the game for the most part.

Something I just noticed when I looked at the stats - Myers has seemingly turned into a 2008 version of the pitcher the Phils will face tonight, in that his home-road splits are terrible. On the road he is 0-6 with a 7.54 ERA and 1.92 WHIP. At home he is 3-2 with a 3.66 ERA and 1.18. He has thrown quality starts in 5 of his 7 home starts and has onyl once given up more than 3 ER at home. In about the same number of innings, he has allowed 4 less home runs at home and has struck out almost twice as many at home. There is also no reason for the splits from a competition standpoint - the teams he has faced at home vs. road are at about the same level. I have no explanation for the disparity, but based on the stats, I would say he will have a solid start on Saturday, but that won't really let us know whether he is getting it together or not.

Golson was placed on the DL a couple days ago with a sore wrist.

By the pitcher the Phils will face tonight, I was of course referring to Ervin Santana

****Something I just noticed when I looked at the stats - Myers has seemingly turned into a 2008 version of the pitcher the Phils will face tonight,****

Read my blog...I did a entry going into detail about it last week and his splits have been growing that way for the past 3 years now.

This was supposed to be Myers' walk year, but the Phils went out of their way to extend him handsomely on a deal that goes to $12M next season. It's a point that gets lost in all this. If he'd hit free agency as originally scheduled, he'd be lucky to earn $12M for the next two seasons or more.

I was amazed by the stat the paper gave about Myers SLG in the first inning. The average hitter is slugging just below what Barry did in his 73 homer season. And consider that, in the first inning, there's a lot of powerless leadoff and 2-hole hitters.

Tonight will be intersting. Brett will either come out pissed off (guarantee he reads the article) and blow them away as he's at home...or he'll give up 3 HRS in the first 2 innings as he does his little stomping act around the mound and 5 year old girl temper tantrums between innings when it doesn't go his way.

Anyone who thinks that Benson is going to step into this rotation, at any point, and add any real value is delusional. There is absolutely ZERO evidence that he will ever return to the old Kris Beson (who was really only slightly better than average anyway - he was never dominant).

Salisbury's article was fantastic and might actually serve as some sort of inspiration for a guy who can't seem to find it anywhere else. If big money, the "#1" starter spot and a very competitive team can't motivate, what the hell can? He needs to get over the sulking over the bullpen crap. The ironic part is that he's pitching his way right back there. I'm a firm believer that he was given this big $ contract to be a top notch starter, not a mop up or set up guy.

As far as precedence, Joba Chamberlain seems to be learning how to make the move to the rotation and is steadily improving over a much shorter time frame. Lidge was able to shake any "confidence issues" with a change of scenery. Hate to say it, but maybe a change of scenery is exactly what it will take for Brett to get it together.

Mrs. Myers might want to lay low for a few days.

Look at the season Ryan Dempster has had since rejoining the rotation. He's been great ...

My guess is that the Phillies will be unable to land any of the big-name pitchers whose names have been bandied about, and they'll end up trading Myers for another struggling starter in a change-of-scenery type of trade. I could easily envision a Brett Myers for Bronson Arroyo swap.

****Mrs. Myers might want to lay low for a few days.****

ROTFLMAO!!! I know that was wrong but it still made me bust out laughing.

Dempster has been impressive though his BABIP numbers suggests a return to earth at some point this season. Myers just needs to become a pitcher instead of the hurler he's been. Its a mental thing with him...he's gotta want it.

As badly as Myers has been, I hate the idea of trading him for Arroyo.

I'm very hesitant of that, too.

Frankly, after this season, the pitching situation for the Phils gets tricky. So does the outfield if Burrell jets. It might not be the best thing to trade problem for problem when the offseason will contain many, many question marks.

Part of me wonders whether or not a trade (not involving Myers) for that 'pen lefty they're looking for might help send a message to Myers. As long as he thinks there's an opportunity for him to head back to the 'pen, where he can sandbag for his $12MM, I don't think he's going to put forth the effort to improve.

Any thoughts on how much of this is BM getting away with using only 1 or 2 pitches in the closer role last year, translating into him thinking he can get away with the same thing this year? For the life of me, I can't understand why his pitch selection is so radically different than what is has been prior to his move to the 'pen.

Well, Schilling is done for the season and possibly his career...He's undergoing shoulder surgery shortly.

He's a HoF in my book. Good career Curt.

Just thought I'd pass this along from the CBSsportsline trade rumors blog:

"The Indians, looking for an experienced backup for Kelly Shoppach, acquired Sal Fasano from the Braves yesterday. Victor Martinez may be out until August with arthroscopic elbow surgery. Fasano is your typical veteran backup, though he has a cult following based on his mustache."

We're way ahead of them with Phillies stuff, but they're right on the ball when it comes to Fasano's facial hair.

Sal was only hitting .186 at Richmond.

On the thread relating to Oswalt: I was reading an article relating to the Astros organization and how dysfunctional they are right now. Oswalt apparently had his delivery messed around with by the coaches and has not been able to adjust to it. He is unhappy about it, but the coaches insist upon it so he is trying to make the best of it.

Maybe new real estate is what he needs. The guy is the the second winningest pitcher since 2001 behind Santana. Why would you start screwing around with his delivery?

I could be incorrect about this, but I think Kim divorced Brett. Not that it really matters.

Series match-ups favor the Angels except for Hamels vs. Weaver (although I could see Weaver dominating the Phils). Adam Eaton (2-4, 4.57) vs. Erwin Santana (8-3, 3.40) tonight, Brett Myers (3-8, 5.58) vs. Joe Saunders (10-3, 3.06) Saturday night.

Interesting point about Oswalt. I almost think it's time to find a match-up to ship out Myers. Maybe he, too, needs new scenery. Heck, worked in the last Astros-Phillies swap.

Yeah...I'm sure Ed Wade wouldn't mind being bent over the table by the Phillies again on a trade...

Notable: Outfielder Greg Golson, who was placed on the disabled list Wednesday with a sprained left wrist, could miss up to three weeks and could return around the All-Star break in mid-July, according to R-Phils play-by-play announcer Steve Degler. .

Myers threw 93-94 in 2006 as a starter, he threw 97 last year as a closer, and now he's throwing 88-89. It's pretty obvious that he's hurt or just has a dead arm, is probably trying to overthrow to compensate, and is losing control as a result. The idea that ripping into Brett Myers to somehow get him to focus more is the solution doesn't make any sense to me. Figuring out where 5mph of his fastball went seems like a more logical place to start.

"I'm sure Ed Wade wouldn't mind being bent over the table..."

He's made a whole career out of it... why stop now?

Just to be clear, the Myers for Arroyo was just a hypothetical trade scenario that I came up with off the top of my head. I have heard no rumor, and I'm not endorsing such a trade. But it struck me as the type of trade that goes down from time to time: two high-salaried, under-achieving starters whose teams might want to dump them, and whose past success might make them attractive to the opposite team.

By the way, someone on the last thread said that Arroyo was never more than a marginal No. 3. That could not be more wrong. In 2004, he had ERA+ of 121, which would make him a solid No. 2. In 2006, his ERA+ was 142, which would make him the best pitcher on the Philles, Hamels included. Even last year, he was still at 110, which is 2 pts better than Jamie Moyer's is this year -- and Beerleaguers (including I) can't quit talking about what a great year Moyer is having.

I don't profess to know what's going on with Arroyo this year and, without more information, I would not blindly trade Myers for him. He does, however, have considerable upside -- more so than Myers, for that matter.

Wouldn't we be stuck with 2 more years of Arroyo (assuming "stuck" if he stays pitching just ok and doesn't revert back to 05-06 numbers) and the Reds would only have 1 of Myers? Maybe they can give us Freel.

If we ask nicely, maybe they'll toss in Jay Bruce and Edinson Volquez too...

No Johnny Cueto?

"He's made a whole career out of it... why stop now?"


I'm a fan of Bronson Arroyo and want the Phillies to get him, but he doesn't have "more upside than Brett Myers". He's about 4 years older and doesn't throw as hard. That being said, I'd trade Myers for Arroyo right now.

Arroyo is a homer allowing machine. We already have that in Myers. No thanks.

As for Oswalt, maybe Myers and a high level prospect would get it done. It's at least worth looking into.

Maybe they should put Chad Durbin in the starting rotation and Brett Myers back in the pen. It's a shame they didn't hang on to Kyle Lhose that they had last yr. They could have kept him and gotten rid of either Brett Myers or Adam Eaton.

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