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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Yeah... I don't think there's any question that Chase Utley is the early season MVP.

His competition right now would likley be Chipper Jones, Rafael Furcal, Lance Berkman and our very own Pat Burrell.

A bit late, but I wanted to agree with JW from the last post about Condrey. There is absolutely no point to his presence on this team. Let a young guy come up and get some major-league experience, and better yet one of the lefties.

Also, while the topic of journalism was being discussed, I wanted to call attention to the game articles posited by David Murphy and Todd Zolecki this morning. Now, perhaps my disdain for Zolecki's abilities are misplaced - perhaps it's the fault of the Inquirer for not giving him enough space. But there is no comparison in regards to the quality and depth of each writer's beat reports. Zolecki doesn't write well, doesn't report thoroughly, and is over-reliant on quotes. Murphy's articles are highly professional and tend not to leave anything out. I honestly don't know how Zolecki keeps his job.

I've always thought that the NL has more parity. The AL has more better teams than the NL, but the NL teams play more competitive with each other over 162 games.

To continue from the last thread on the Burrell subject and any future here...

Here is my feeling about the PtB story: It will be a cold day in hell when the Phillies FO pays anyone what the market is bearing, especially for a player that isn't what they consider a Public Relations cash cow. It is sickening to me when an ownership places more stock in a player's PR value as to what he brings to the game itself. I do gotta give them an A for either balls or stupidity though when it comes to saying such outloud.

Gee, I guess if this ownership had Lefty during his long and silent period, they would figure he was not a good enough off season PR guy either, and then explain to us how he wasn't a true team player. It's a wonder more players don't speak up against this crap they feed us on a daily basis. I must admit, I happen to hate Amarro, Giles and Montgomery, all with equal enthusiasm.

BedBeard: Rhodes had an ERA+ of 88 and a WHIP of 1.68 for the Phillies. Not to mention his OPS allowed of .922 with men on base. Yeah, that was a great trade.

I stand by what i said. "Maybe Rhodes from a few years previous" is/was Michaels' value. Otherwise, he's a Beerleaguer All Star that is a known problem and has been DFA'd.

Mr. Mack - imagine, as well, what they woulda done with Schmidt.

From the first article on the top right:
"Appearing embarrassed and uncomfortable, Kansas City Royals lefthander John Bale apologized yesterday for punching a door and breaking his pitching hand."

We need to be ready to send this to Eaton when he reverts to career norms.

Incidently, regarding Eaton. Parker: he's totally worthless. Not even worth a DFA; they should leave him in an alley somewhere in Phoenix

Individual stats may show a swing toward NL competence. However, the NL will continue to lag in head-to-head meetings for the simple reason that the two leagues are still playing two different games. As it is, whenever an NL team plays in an AL park (either due to inner league play or the World Series) you have a situation where the AL team can field their normal line-up, while the NL team has to figure out a DH. Which is generally offensively better than letting the pitcher it... but you're asking an NL team to, essentially, pull a David Ortiz out their ass. And no one on any NL teams bench can equal most normal AL DHs. Even if you switch someone like Howard or Burrell to the DH position, you're still bringing someone off the bench who is, well, a bench player. The AL team automatically has an advantage... and that isn't going to change until both teams start playing the same game.

Chipper Jones may have better numbers. Obviously the team's not doing as well as ours, but they're 0-9 in one-run games. I expect their record to improve.

The things that the Phillies say in order to not have to pay a player what he is worth boggles my mind. It is downright insulting to me as an upright walking mammal to have to listen to their mumbo-jumbo, double-talk. Am I the only one who can no longer tolerate this? How can anyone who posts on BL'er read this stuff without puking? I absolutley am astonished at the garbage that all of them spew forth to us fans.

Andy - Actually this team desperately needs Eaton (almost as much as Gordon) and he has been pitching to his career norms so far. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop but he has been serviceable so far. If he keeps that up, I am sure the Phils will be satisfied and won't mind the occasional stinker like in Pittsburgh.

What the Phils can't afford is to have the Adam Eaton return form last year who had way too many nights where he couldn't even make it out of the 5th inning. So far that hasn't been the case and all I think you really can expect from Eaton. Serviceable guy who averages just about 6 innings a start wiht a .500 record.

MG - On the one hand, I was, indeed, implying that if he reverts to last years' norms, someone should suggest that the hotel room door needs to be punched out.

OTOH: the rest of that post was devoted to the vaguely satisfying urge to make, as Parker has labeled them, "ambiguous statments," as a token offering to the baseball gods. They will take great delight in punishing me by making several breaks and umpires' calls go Mr. Eaton's way, perhaps. But I wouldn't say that I'm, exactly trying a "reverse j**x." No. Indeed, that Utley character? Worthless.

Regarding Condrey: Why are we suddenly on his case? Is this bc he gave up two runs in a blowout last night? Who cares? The only thing wrong with that is it makes his ERA look ugly. That was his MO last year and he was 5-0 for us and 2 for 2 in save chances.
He's obviously not a good pitcher or even an average one. But he has experience going into desperation situations like extra innings games as the last pitcher and showing a moderate ability to get guys out. I feel a lot better with him pitching in the 12th inning than a guy like Castro who has shown no indication that he can be poised at the major league level. He's not blocking anyone that's major league ready so for the time being let those guys develop by pitching regularly, and leave Condrey in a role where he's been very serviceable.

Brian G: Your problem is that you make too much sense for many on this board.

BedBeard: Well, I suppose. And if your aunt had balls, she'd be your uncle. They didn't trade for the 2005 version, they traded for the 2006 version and that version provided almost no value. It was a bad trade.

Brian G: I agree with you 100% that a few bad outings can ruin a relievers ERA even if he is pristine 95% of the time. I do find it amusing that some defending Condrey now ridiculed that argument when I used it before the 2007 season to explain how Borowski could've helped the bullpen.

Clout: You used it BEFORE the 2007 season in defense of Borowski? I find that fascinating concerning the runs he allowed in 2006 were pretty evenly spread out and he had a respectable ERA overall. Is this kind of like how you predicted last June that Burrell would have an OPS over 1.000 the second half of last season in order to even out his end of season numbers so that they'd be near career norms?
Because I think you simply argued that you thought Borowski would be helpful, and that Burrell still had something left in the tank... fine arguments, but not the brilliant prescience you give yourself credit for after the fact in order to exert your authority and diminish other posters.

Carefull, Brian. clout is going to argue that the discrepancy is due to a slip of the tongue, errr...finger.

I found it odd that he didn't identify by name those "some" who are defending Condrey.

He usually does.

Lake Fred:

Referencing your out of town comment from the last thread...

This is my 2nd season with the extra innings subscription. Admittedly, I'd like to have the Philly broadcast for more games, but I love having it. Some of the road announcing crews are good, and there isn't anything more fun than listening to Keith Hernandez wallowing in sorrow while the Phils beat up on the Mets.

That being said, be prepared to hear the phrase "band box" minimum once an inning when the Phils are at home with the opponents broadcast.

Between the subscription,, a few friends that are still local, and our dear beerleaguer, it's not too hard to keep up w/o ESPN.

by the way, Phils at Nats May 19-21. I'll be going to all 3. Anyone making the trip?

Scott Lauber reports on his blog that JRoll was 2-4 with a HR today.

Looks like the weekend return could happen.

Brian G: You're probably right, it was during the 2007 season as the debate over Borowski's usefulness to the team continued. He only led the league in saves and was among the mlb leaders in save %, so it is hard to imagine posters were actually arguing that Borowski couldn't have helped last season. It's nice you agree with me.

Chipper is an amazing player, and strangely, unappreciated these days. His numbers last season were through the roof.

Actually, I'd say Hanley Ramirez in Floriday gets more hype and attention than Chipper.

Brian G: You are wrong on the Burrell thing. I never said he'd have a 1.000 OPS the second half and never claimed I said it. I also said more than simply "Burrell's not done." I said that he would finish near his career norms.

Also, I think you misinterpret me. I have no desire to diminish anyone. I do like to point out contradictions by some posters that I find amusing. Don't be so sensitive, Brian.


The baseball gods have obviously not discovered the subversive attempt to pull wool over their eyes. Either that, or they are reacting to what would have previously been accurate representations about certain players. Consequently, due to the accuracy of the descriptions and inherent Catch 22 situation they have been forced to deal with, they have no choice but to change the course of performances in order to foil surface intentions, thereby actually fulfilling the covertly stated, true intentions of the ambiguous possibility of the non-reverse jinx.

Or they have bestowed some secret powers upon the girth of one Charlie "Baseball Buddha" Manual.

Either way: Adam Eaton is completely worthess. Randy Johnson has succeeded where Ponce de Leon failed, and has discovered the fountain of youth.

Fearless prediction: Johnson 15 K's (D-Backs lineup remain gods gift to baseball).

Re: Condrey

There was some shoddy defense behind him last night to go along with the hits he gave up.

Maybe the team just got a little fatigued with their long trip west w/o an off day.

Let's hope Chase will sit out the home run derby. You know they are going to ask.
The whole home run derby thing is getting lame and is certainly not worth ruining your swing for...

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