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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Without thinking about it too much, I'm mostly in agreement with this order. Utley is closer to the 4 spot than the 2, though.

Hamels should be solid again tonight - the only question is his stamina.

Bergmann, however, was excellent - at least w/r/t his results - at Shea his last time out.

With Hamels on the mound, though, in a fly ball friendly park, and the Phils offensive track record in games following poor performances, I think the skid ends too.

It was tough giving a spot that high to J-Roll since he missed all that time. His contributions go largely without saying. I nearly included Dobbs on the list, but he hasn't been given the playing time.

Where's Feliz? Doesn't defense matter?
(Sorry; just being a jerk.)

Good list. I might switch Lidge and Utley...but no; keep it.

Yeah, but since Jimmy's return he's been batting .349/.404/.581 with 4 steals (0 CS.) He definitely deserves a spot.

Kendrick has recovered very well too.

{NEPhan - for your list: when he comes off the 60-day (if he does) Sergio Mitre might be looking for work. He ain't great, but he's young, ground ball pitcher.}

J in your last thread you mention Real Deal who STANK - I guess we can tell you are from Philly - only philly would say Stank in lieu of Stunk
Surprised nobody else mentioned this

"Real Deal demoted to Double-A: Organization-wide, you won’t fine anyone performing worse than right-hander J.D. Durbin, who stank"

Wow, Sergio Mitre. Is this the list of people NOT to trade for?

What! You don't have Feliz in your Top Ten? Morty's gonna be p---ed.

I think the next Phillies starter should be Happ. And let him start at least 10 games. It's time to find out if he's really a prospect or yet another Phillies Phailure.

I agree-start with Happ.

Hamels had been so-so in his last few starts before the shutout. I'll go with

1. Lidge
2. Hamels
3. Rollins
4. The rest of the bullpen excepting Condrey & Madson
5. Utley
6. Burrell
7. Werth
8. Coste
9. Dobbs
10. Davey Lopes

I might put Gordon in that top 10 list...minus opening day, he's been brilliant.

100 writers were asked to select their top ten.

1. Hamels (98)
2. Lidge (95)
3. Utley (94)
4. Burrell (90)
5. Werth (71)
6. Gordon (68)
7. Dobbs (57)
8. Rollins (51)
9. Coste (44)
10. Durbin (39)

Also receiving votes: Romero (37), Kendrick (35), Moyer (32), Howard (27), Seanez (24), Bruntlett (22), Jenkins (20), Victorino (18), Myers (14), Ruiz (12), Snelling (11), Bohn (10), Harman (10), Eaton (9), Madson (7), Condrey (7), Taguchi (1)

I would have to rank Romero at at least 6 or 7. He is a big reason why the bullpen has been unexpectedly strong. I'd replace Moyer and Kendrick with Romero and either Coste or Dobbs in the top 10.

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