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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I have to ask did Buzz Bissinger come to endorse Beerleaguer?

RSB: He saw my post on his Costas appearance and emailed a response. He thought the piece was fair. In a follow up email, he offered a plug for the site.

That is cool. Beerleaguer is tops.

JW - I was wondering how the Bissinger quote appeared. Nice work.

JW: congrats on the quote as well. Each year, ol' Uncle Chuck has seemed to come around on vital personnel issues - sitting Burrell 2 years ago, sitting Helms and Barajas last year. It may take a while, but strange to say, I've come to trust that he'll do the right thing in the end.

Morty, as inscrutable as Cholly is sometimes, he did take the team to the playoffs, so I have to agree with you.

He still drives me nuts, sometimes, but winning the division cured a lot of ills from my perspective. Plus, he's just so cuddly.

Jason: kind of a cool postscript to that discussion. It's nice to know these here blogs don't exist in a vacuum but sometimes reach the subjects discussed therein - and given their due credit, to boot. Sounds like Bissinger's at least keeping an open mind about things.

NCPhilly, if you are out there, very funny reply to my post about the ads yesterday. Next time I see that particular ad in question, I'll think of you!

And Cholly looks like WC Fields, and you can't beat that.

And Larry Bowa/Ed Wade never played the best players. See Bell at 3rd while Polonco road the bench / got traded.

Feliz starting again tonight, against a right-handed pitcher again.

My god, it's just ridiculous at this point...

Hopefully Hamels hits better than Myers, since its the exact lineup that got shut out last night.

Bissinger's tirade echoes Bill Conlin's exchange with Bill from Crashburn Alley. These guys feel genuinely threatened by the blogs, which to a large degree feed off the work of the mainstream writers. Conlin probably gets more readers from links to his work than the Inkstain can hope to sell in hard copy. Inscrutable.

Kreskin sez- Hamels is going to stop the slide tonight. 8 strong with Lidge polishing off the Nats. 2-0 as the bats slumber again. Runs score on a triple by Rollins and sac fly, then a Howard solo shot in the 8th.

No, really, we're gonna win 10-3. Bats are due.

Manuel is nothing if he isn't patient. I think that's a plus in this game. I'm going to judge him in August and September, not May. I am puzzled by how he's demoted Vic and promoted Werth. Playing Ruiz and Feliz is consistent - he'll go to the hot hand but not before he gives tehm every opportunity to succeed. I think Feliz is about to see some platoon time - Memorial Day is his deadline to show some improvement.

Wait, wait, wait..

Charlie is going with the same exact lineup that couldn't produce a run last night? No Dobbs for Feliz or Coste for Ruiz or Werth for Vic/Jenkins? Nothing?

I don't understand our manager.

At least Uncle Chuck has a .300 hitter in the 9 hole which he did not have last night. If LaRussa were managing the Phils with that line up Hamels would be batting in the 7 hole! Tony would also have the same catcher in the lineup who caught the starting pitcher's four hit shutout in his previous start.

Manuel is nothing if he isn't patient. I think that's a plus in this game. I'm going to judge him in August and September, not May.

Hugh, I judge my team's manager in every month of the season, since they all matter. And right now he's not managing very well.

i don't understand why he insists on putting Werth in center. Is he unable to handle fly balls in right or is his arm worse than I perceive it? It seems that every game he plays in CF, there's a ball that he can't get to that I'm pretty sure Victorino could.

Cholly seems to prefer certain pitcher / defensive alignments.
He has started Feliz in all but one of Hamels' starts. If you recall, he often started Nunez when Hamels pitched as well. Ruiz has also been starting when Hamels pitches. Interesting enough Hamels threw his only complete game shutout of his career with Coste behind the plate.

It's the end result that counts, and the roller coaster ride notwithstanding, the Phils won the division under Cholly, so I guess he must know something. He can mysterious, though

Hugh, I judge my team's manager in every month of the season, since they all matter. And right now he's not managing very well.

Posted by: Tray | Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 06:50 PM

We'll have to agree to disagree. While all hte games are important, he needs every one of these guys (who are still on the roster) to produce in the stretch. Decisions made rashly and early don't help him do that. Can we agree that it's still early - not even 50 games in?

This is why people hate Pat Gillick- he supplies Charlie Manuel, who isn't the brightest crayon in the box, with overpriced multi-yeared Adam Eaton and Pedro wonder we get mad at Charlie.

Last night and tonight were perfect times to get Dobbs in the lineup. Shoot.

Is there any chance the phillies make a play for Derrick Lowe if the Dodgers fall out of it. He's a free-agent and potentially the most likely target for the phillies among the 2009 free agent starting pitchers, if they were to pursue one at all. I would doubt the dodgers have much need for Vic given there quality outfielders in addition to Juan Pierre who is a slightly better hitter (with less power) and much worse fielder but is untradeable and more durable than Vic anyway. Ruiz wouldn't cut it either unless the dodgers committed to Martin at 3B which isn't likely given Blake Dewitts emergence, and we really can't afford to trade him yet anyway. Marson and Coste will likely never make a great catching tandem given that Marson will start to become a quality major-leaguer (if he does) as Coste declines (which could be quite rapid given his age - though he's had a greater career than anyone could have possibly expected, even after his incredible first taste of the majors in 2006). The dodgers however could have interest in players like Cardenas or Donald for 2B or SS given Jeff Kent's inevitable decline and Furcal's pending free agency. Whether either or both of these players would be sufficient for Lowe is another question. I would hope they would only pusue him if they planned on resigning him. He would be a tremendous addition to the staff and is maybe slightly possibly under the right scenario available if we think it might be possibly adventagious and the dodgers are maybe possibly slightly out of the race. I hope that last statemeant sufficiently serves as me distancing myself from my own though process...

Wow, 20 minutes into the game and no in-game posts yet.

UD Hens: Oh, stop it!

God I hate Feliz. Hit a line drive once in your life.

On Howard's defensive play, all I can say is.. I love the guy, but we have him under our control for exactly as long as we should want to.

I love how the "starting CF" Werth has been on the bench two straight games since being named the starter.

Logic, thy name is Manuel.

It's like a repeat of last night.

Luckily, it's Hamels instead of Myers, so hopefully the score will stay close for awhile

Elijah Dukes is now hitting .040.

I could do that.

I guess Cholly was impressed by this group last night. But then again, he may have no better options. Coste obviously stunk up the place over the weekend, and Dobbs plainly isn't getting it done. Darn good thing they haven't been hitting behind Jenkins.

Yeah, he needs people to produce in the stretch so I suppose he needed some time to see what people are capable of, and he doesn't want to alienate players so benching anyone for weeks on end would probably be counterproductive, but we know that Dobbs hits righties way better than Feliz and that you don't really need Feliz's defense as much when Hamels is pitching, same for Myers, so why not start Dobbs? He really needs until Memorial Day to figure out that one of these guys hits RHP way better than the other?

I love keeping Coste on the bench. Who hit a homer against Bergman in the only game the Phils won against the Nats this year?

So... that's 12 straight scoreless innings against the Nats pitching staff? Wow.

Here we go again, Jenkins on for the 4th time in 2 nights.

Same result for the 4th time. Nice Cholly.

I did not realize how few pitches Feliz took before this year started. I didn't like the 2nd year but now I REALLY hate it.

Oh man, it's a good thing we have Feliz playing 3rd or who knows what could happen on defense.

Oh wait, nevermind.

curt: That was actually the 5th time Jenkins has reached in the last 2 days. He also drew a walk last night. Needless to say, Feliz followed with outs all 5 times -- 4 of them occurring on the very first pitch.

These Nats announcer have a real man crush on Zim.

But then again, there isn't much to talk about when your team is out of it by May 1.

True story: Jenkins singles. I go in the kitchen to microwave a burrito. I return. Ruiz is at bat and there's two outs.

Seriously, I can't believe Feliz is earning this much playing time with Dobbs hitting the way he is, and Feliz hitting the way he is. Cannot understand it at all. Even Sarge and T-Mac got on Feliz there for his situational hitting. Two pitches is what Feliz has seen tonight. No wonder a scrub like Bergmann is cruising.

Brian G: Nice to see the light finally switching on.

Come on... you guys are being a little rough on Pedro Feliz tonight. He'll come around.

this lineup is comatose feliz-ruiz-pitcher black hole. Howard-Burrell current black hole. without homers, the team can't score. Seems to me not playing dobbs or coste both hitting over 300 is a big mistake. Hamels is throwing lots of pitches. 6 innings tops.

I'm watching this one online by way of and I just keep looking at the miserable averages in their lineup and I can't believe we're not killing these fools. Bergman's ERA is just adding insult to injury.

We haven't scored a run in 13 innings, I'd say the black hole is all encompassing.

The thing about Feliz's defense that I've noticed is that he is indeed very sure-handed & has a very accurate throwing arm. He makes the routine plays very reliably, which is certainly to his credit. However, the next time he takes away an extra base hit with a spectacular play, it will be the first time he has done so as a Phillie. This is worth considering when debating the defensive drop-off from Feliz to Dobbs.

Cholly knows what he's doing.

What is the Nat scoreless inning record?

I was in san fran for all 3 phillies games. One guy was telling me San Fran offered more than the Phillies but felt disrespected. He was roundly booed there as well.

What are the chances Werth is minorly injured?

Seems to me one of the simpler explanations for the contradictory behavior this week.

Bergmann had a solid start against the Nats too.

Amazing, we're into the 5th and only a few posts. There is something deadening about the way the Phils are playing though, so it isn't as much of a surprise as you might expect.

Quick cuts:

-A Ryan Howard throwing error to second and another K with a t-ballworthy swing with a runner on.

-Feliz making outs before you can even settle in to watch his ABs. Even Sarge is bitching about his situational hitting and failure to take a few pitches.

-King Cole Hamels vs. some dude who was described on the radio before the game as a AAA callup. Cole is doing his thing well as usual; and the Phils, continuing their trend of making journeymen look like HOFers, are letting this dude match him step for step.

-The mish-mash with Vic, Werth, and Jenkins may lead to a bad place. Werth overexposed and showing his warts, Jenkins never really getting untracked, and Vic ending up as a disgruntled source of trouble rather than as a contributing positive influence. He's one of the few upbeat guys on the team normally.

Clout: Knew that would make you happy.

Of course, he's been playing well below his career norms both offensively(esp considering his move to CBP) and defensively.

I still think we needed to upgrade at third with a guy that could actually make the plays (unlike helms) and a guy who could hit it out of the infield (unlike Nunez). But a front office should investigate things like P/PA before investing an unnecessary two years in him.
And right now there is no reason Dobbs shouldn't be in there against all righties.

Slocs: I made that exact point earlier today. When your big guys are slumping, you put in your offense-minded subs for the good field-no hit part of the order. Dobbs and Coste should both be starting.

14 straight scoreless innings vs. Nats pitchers the last two days.

Another manager would run Werth, Bruntlett, Dobbs and Coste out there tomorrow.

Hey... that Cole Hamels is pretty solid. I'm sure the offense figures they only need one run tonight and they're saving themselves.

Hamels is looking strong. One bright spot so far.


What channel is the game on?!?

Feliz's defense that half inning was awesome. Saved at least one run that Dobbs would have allowed.

I think this is the inning we blow this one open.

Hamels is just plain nasty tonight. Someone needs to smash a ball out of the park off 7+ ERA Bergmann so we can win the game.

Surely one of these three $10 million guys can jack one, once.

I hate McCarthy but I got to admit the rest of the broadcasting crew ain't too bad. Actually I heard something tonite from the local broadcasters that you rarely hear anymore. The ripping of a local player. Frankze and Anderson really laid into Howard for his horrible defense and lack of ability to throw baserunners out when picked off. Anderson actually went to the lengths to say that Moyer and Hamels shouldn't even throw to first when a guy is picked off because it won't matter, Howard will not be able to throw and get the guy at second anyway. Its absolutely pathetic that we have a 1st baseman that can't hit and can't do the most basic things defensively like throw the ball and catch a throw from an infielder. But I'm sure that I will be told to shut up about this issue. Oh and as I type this Fat Boy strikes out again.

Werth, Dobbs, and Coste should indeed start tomorrow. This lineup is atrocious and needs to be shaken up big time.

Also, Bob, total stupid thing for me to point out but its a sports-cliche pet-peeve of mine: the phrase is "getting on track." "Getting untracked" makes no sense, even though I see and hear this phrase popping up from sports commentators more and more.

If Howard's coming out of it I'd hate to see him slumping

Ribbies: By "blow this open" did you mean "not get the ball out of the infield?"

curt: Actually the Nats are pitching a lefty tomorrow (Chico) so that's the only game where it makes sense to start Feliz. Hopefully he has enough brains to start "everyday" centerfielder Jayson Werth tomorrow too.

I thought wrong.

Another powerful offensive inning.

i can't take to watch this team. They are so frustrating. This looks like the team that couldnt hit in the playoffs last year. They aren't working pitchers anymore and they aren't hitting any extra basehits other than HR's anymore. Even the game they won on Friday, 8 of the runs came on Werth's HR's. This is not looking good!

It doesn't matter who's pitching tomorrow, it's one of those times everyone on the bench these last 2 days should play.

JD: Your man Feliz is up next inning so no worries.

timr: Actually, getting "untracked" is appropriate. You can see here at

I might start Dobbs in left tomorrow. Burrell's hitting .203 this month.

Say what you want about the offense, but it is true that Bergmann, regardless of what his ERA says, pitched a 7 inning shut-out of the Mets his last time out, striking out 9.

Cole Hamels makes this game okay for me. Hopefully the Phils can put 1 on the board.

Tray: Not against a lefty.

Clout-I wish he was producing like the rest of the team is today, then we'd be in great shape!

My lineup tomorrow (and I couldn't care less about lefty-righty matchups):

Rollins SS
Dobbs 3b
Utley 2b
Burrell LF
Werth RF
Vic CF
Marson C (with Ruiz starting at AA)
Bruntlett 1b

It's time to send a message that 2 months of non-performance has consequences.

Nats have who, Tom Seaver pitching tonight? And I guess they have the unhittable Fernando Valenuelza retro 1981 going tomorrow.

It's almost as though many of us are bemused as tonight's effort as opposed to outrage. Obviously none of us are happy, but the discourse has a much different tone than the "fire-'em-all" mentality that hit Metsblog today as they went down with a whimper vs. Glavine.

We all know the team isn't as bad as they've shown the last few days. The question, however, is how much better they are... and how long it will take them to get back into a real offensive rhythm?

that's a good point, no one is working walks.

Bergmann has looked good. I called him a scrub, but he's handled them.

Jenkins first pitch pop up.

Nice disciplined offense this season, right Cholly? Lots of fine productivity.

Untracked has spread worse than I thought. But is BS. That isn't a word.

bay - not bad, but Jenkins for Burrell - he's the only guy not sleepwalking theough these games.

Amazing Feliz took three pitches and then actually makes good contact. Hopefully, Cholly can give him the take sign for the rest of the season. WORK THE FRIGGIN PITCHERS IDIOTS!

did you see feliz on first, he looked frustrated he got a hit. Does Ruiz pop up or gidp

Walks? I don't think half the players on this team have even seen 4 pitches yet over the course of the whole game, more or less in a single at bat.

Also, black hole pulling through out of nowhere.

Hey look Feliz and Ruiz both took a few pitches then hit the ball up the middle. Then a sac bunt to move runners. Thats actually the way you teach little leagers to play baseball. Now you knock them in with the top of the lineup. BUT.....we all know whats going to happen!

If I'm the Nats I'd walk Rollins here.

CJ: No sooner did you write that then I unveiled my "fire em' all" post.

Ha! 7-8-9 are obviously checking in here between innings.

For the love of god Vic, do this!


Vic hits in the air...the one place that little midget should never hit the god damn ball.

bap: I thought that was pretty funny, actually!

Dude: The reason Feliz took all those pitches was because no one was on base. When he actually has a chance to do something productive, he invariably swings at the first pitch.

hamels should never have bunted

Gah, how many runners LOB is that over the past 2 games now? 17? Thats just nuts.

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