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Friday, May 30, 2008


Looking forward to a good series. Hope the Phils do well. Just an off-topic note: As of tomorrow (May31st) it will be 25 years since a major Philadelphia sports team has one a championship. Make s you proud to be a Philly fan doesn't it? I love the Phils but I doubt this team will change the trend. Hope I'm wrong.....

"Won" (sheesh....)

Besides being a lefty, Hendrickson is the a "stiff." Never been impressed with anything he brought to the plate and good hitters should own this guy. No excuse the Phils don't hit at least one HR against this guy tonight and score 4-5 runs against him.

Can they keep it up against fully-loaded Florida? They have a good chance as long as Myers can revert to the pitcher of old.

Sure. We'd also have a good chance of winning this game if he went 4-4 at the plate with 10 RBI's. I doubt it happens though.

Former 76er 2nd round pick Hendrickson. The great Sixer "Brain Trust" also selected future baseball player Ryan Minor in that draft. Maybe those guys should be Phillies scouts.

Any thoughts, Beerleaguers, on what/who is the key to the Marlins low/no-budget success? It's pretty interesting when you think about it that they have had 2 Series winners, and just seem to reload so successfully after repetitive salary dumps.

Somebody is doing something right, it would seem.

HOP: They scout well, they get quality in trades and they have no pressure. I'm not surprised they're doing this well actually. Even at their worset, they're never KC, Pittsburgh ...

Jason, you're dead on. They scout well.

This leads to drafting well AND, as you so aptly put it, getting "quality in trades".

I suspect their minor league development staff is also pretty good - coaches, managers, etc.

This series, while not the end of the season, worries me. It could go either way.


I think their GM (trade value) and scouting director ought to be top of the post-PG shortlist, of course that's assuming that there is a list and its not already a done deal with RA.

Tonight's Lineup


Well Taguchi's getting another start and Coste is in the lineup...should be intersting.

This series worries me too. Phillies are hot; Marlins are cold. It all seems like a setup for something bad to happen. The fact that we open the series with Myers is especially worrisome.

Now what?

I've just about reached my breaking point with this stiff

An interesting dilemma - what do you do when your "number one" pitcher doesn't deserve his MLB uniform?

never thought id say, "hey eaton is pitching tonight...oh well at least its not myers" the sarcastic applause...

Stay hot, Brett Myers.

Sad how two of his four strikes are hits...

Time for a 15 day vacation.

Is anyone here still more concerned about Eaton than Myers?

No help from Burrell there.

The entire team just takes a day off when Brett is on the mound.

Dont worry. He'll be fine in the 2nd and 3rd, and then implode in the 4th again.

Thats the Brett Myers experience

definitely time to pull the plug on this loser

I am sick and tired of Brett Myers

If it's any consolation, this is exactly how the Colorado series began - with 3 runs in the top of the first. And that didn't turn out so badly.

It's becoming more and more evident that Myers isn't turning it around. They need to start considering alternatives. This move back to the rotation hasn't worked. And I don't know that sticking him in the pen would work the way he's missing ...

Good thing we signed Lohse for a reasonable price! And no, I'm not afraid to beat a dead horse when our "ace" is such an embarassment.

Anyone in need of a closer? The Indians have Borowski and a surplus of young-ish arms, I hear. I can't imagine anyone would take a flier on this guy as a starter.

At least Brett, by his own words, "won't give up," even his arm is falling off, as it appears to be.

Alright now, lets get some runs

The most overblown observation on Myers lately is that his velocity is improving. It absolutely has not.

they should just make up an arm injury for brett and give him 15 days off. give happ a chance at a couple starts. brett is not gonna be effective when he's rearin back with all he's got and bringing it at 88, regardless of whether he can locate or not

As someone said in an earlier thread, I'm sure if we traded away Utley, Howard, Hamels, Burrell, Rollins, Victorino, etc. I'm sure we would have a very strong team 3 years down the road. We would just have to go through 3-4 years of having a team not worth watching.

There's no quit in Brett Myers! He's going to fight through this!!!


The idea of Seanez warming up has inspired Brett Myers to not suck for an inning or two.


Wind blowing out, Coste to bat = back in it.

What a meatball to Coste. That is the Hendrickson I know and remember from his days in Tampa getting pounded by the Sox.

I'm serious folks, get behind this...Chris Coste, 2008 Write-in All-Star.

Chollie's gut seems locked and loaded.

NCPhilly - That ball would have gone out without the wind blowing out. You could tell the instant it was off his bat.

At least Myers did something right but drawing that walk!

This is the antithesis of a pitcher's duel.

Hendrickson's still has that garbage changeup from his days in Tampa.

As I said earlier, Hendrickson = Stiff!

Show 'em who's boss!


The question now is: can Myers protect this lead?

I'd have more faith in Condrey.

This is one game where they need all the runs they can get

I'm sort of glad I haven't been hand scoring these games of late. All this batting around gets messy.

This team is a party right now. And Utley's totals are just sick.

Great inning. This team is so much fun to watch!!

Ok keyboard managers - how much of that lead do you allow Myers to give back before you pull him?

Right on cue after I spent the whole day writing insulting posts about him . . . Golson homered in his first AB tonight

In Myers' defense, that first inning should have been a 1-run inning. I realize that's a weak defense case, but I'm grasping at straws.

flipper - Another 2 runs. You need the innings more than anything and if Myers can get the Phils through the 6th with giving up another 1-2 runs that is ideal.

The bullpen is rested. This is a very big game for so early in the season. But it's true that he was hurt by his defense in the first, and he has looked solid since then.

I like MGs call.

Matthews - "Myers has had decent stuff."

Does he actually watch the game?

It would sort of depend on how the runs score, and how hard he is being hit. Neither of the hits this inning was hit terribly hard and, now that he has a nice lead to work with, he does seem to be pitching much better. I don't know how long it will last, though.

This Myers outing reminds me very much of the Moyer outing last week - both guys started out not being able to locate and getting hit hard but really settled down after they had a big lead to work with.

Myers is only the latest example of the reverse Beerleaguer karma. No sooner do 5 or 6 of us officially give up on him, then he comes out and pitches 3 excellent innings.

Meant this week but still the exact same result. Both pitcher's settled down because they could throw first-pitch fastballs to get ahead of the hitters and then mix/match with offspeed stuff and fastballs.

Wouldn't mind seeing Myers working on throwing his curve a bit over the next 2 innings.

It's hittin season...heh, heh...

Gameday says there is an injury delay right now. Please don't tell me it is Rollins or Vic...

p. Red - It's Hanley. He's not coming out though.

...heh, heh...

Why is this guy a pitcher? He shoulda been a shortstop. At least Outman and Swindle know what their fates are.

Things are going the Phillies way when you see an HR like that cheapy.

Ryan Howard! Horrible, confusing call by Harry but I'll take it. And the home run payoff inning no less!

...heh, heh...

Props to RSB for calling the down 3-0 thing. No sweat.

This inning is painful to listen to on TV with Matthews and McCarthy. Zero chemistry.

Man, I decided to pay up today for the premium TV package. Happy I did to see this one. Given that I live in Boston, great way to see the game, especially when working late.

Well, it just might be safe to leave Myers in a couple of more innings, I guess.

Nice sick curveball to start the fifth.

Five Ks in a row for Myers.

I believe that is 59 runs in 5 games since the "hitting season" quote. Only need 31 more runs over the next 5 games to make it 100 runs in 10 games.

God this team can hit.


Allin dey need is a good hittin' dawg and a bat rack ina back a dat truuck.

Could two announcers be more different than LA and TMac? TMac is "smooth" and has a decent voice, but LA is the guy with whom I'd rather watch a game at a bar. Who doesn't enjoy his comical emotional outbursts?

Forget the first inning. Forget the velocity. Myers is dealin tonight.

Myers going all breaking ball and it's working. MG has it right - we've seen this kind of start 100 times this season from everyone. Meltdown inning early, then settling in. What's up with the chronic slow starts of our pitchers? Do they warm up in the pen with Billmeyer and a bottle of JD?

This is exactly what Myers needs to get his confidence back. Cholly needs to be careful not to ruin it by leaving him in too long.


I am of the opinion that the way Charlie speaks has no bearing on his IQ or his skill as a manager. The man knows hitting and works with this team, I am not one to complain about the job he has done.

With this lead, Leave Myers in there to chew up innings as long as we can. He hasn't worked in a while anyway.

...and can't you just imagine Tommy Hutton in the first inning, puffing his chest about how the Marlins were making a 'statement'?

Gotta love this.

C'mon New Gooch.

Kevin - I was just jokin around. I love that the Phils are in the middle of "hittin' season" and living up (almost) to their full capability. Imagine what kind of monster line-up this would be if Burrell weren't ice cold right now.

The Chollie thing is just kiddin around. If it's offensive to you say the word and I'll make some other stupid jokes.

It's a lot easier for Myers to deal with an 8-run lead. Hitters are more desperate and will chase more pitches.
That being said, this is exactly the kind of game he needs to try to get "right," if indeed he can.

Jason, I think it's worse, and more appropriate, that they warm up with JD. Durbin that is.

Why has Myers been using his curveball more this year given that it still looks filthy at times?

The Phillies are really blessed in a number of areas. Utley goes without saying. It's still hard to believe he's ours forever. Coste is pretty unbelievable. Backup catcher hitting .341 with 5 homers.

It is the case with a lot of very good pitchers that the only time to get them is early, when they have not quite gotten into their rhythm. I don't know why that shouldn't be true of many mediocre pitchers as well. I believe the splits show that team batting average overall is higher in the first inning than in the next few.

IOW - It's not just us.

MG: You mean "Why HASN'T?"

Ideally Myers can get them through the 7th and you give an inning to Seanez (who could use the work) and Condrey tonight to wrap up the game.

I see Ramirez is out. Hope he's not hurt too bad.

JW - Indeed. Major typo.

Careful Brett. Ross has been hot.

I think Myers hasn't been using his curve as much because he's had such control problems and issues establishing his fastball. If you can't locate the FB, the CB is useless (if it's the only pitch you can throw for a strike).

"Imagine what kind of monster line-up this would be if Burrell weren't ice cold right now."

Don't forget Werth has been on the DL for most of this offensive explosion. Granted Jenkins has been playing better of late, but Werth was on fire until he got injured.

p. Red - Right.

Myers' curve is the best pitch in the org. next to Hamels' change, when he can get it over. Since his fastball is 90 and under, maybe the trick is to flash the breaking stuff more. Establish the curve.

Don't look now but Myers just put up another quality start and got twice as many K's as BB's. Guess we'll see what happens in the 7th inning.

I don't feel bad for bailing on Myers in the first inning. After all, the Phils were warming up Seanez in the first.

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