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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Vicente Padilla is 6-2, 3.33 ERA.
Gavin Floyd is 4-3, 2.93 ERA.
Bobby Abreu is .292, 118 OPS+.

Who'd we get for them again? I forget.

See the Mets called up an outfielder from AA and he gets 3 doubles. Must be nice to have that kind of outfield talent ready at 2A. Nick Evans was hitting .296 with Bingo before the call.

Dull, maybe he is a real talent, and I'm not one to defend the Phils' minor league rosters, but let's wait and see on this one before we go overboard about a few AB in Coors Field. Or do you already forget TJ Bohn's RBI double in Coors Field when Vic was outb earlier this year?

Is Myers hoping he gets sent back to the bullpen?

Not sure what everyone's so upset about with Bohn. His OPS at the major league level this year is 1.000! He should be playing everyday until he cools off.

Prediction on tonight's game: Myers is ineffective, but Phillie win a battle of the bullpens. TJ Bohn delivers the game-wining hit after coming in as a defensive sub for Burrell

There's why Vic's got to err on the GB side of things. Use your speed, friend.

What is up with Brett Myesr talking about missing pitching every day as the closer. He needs to get his head on straight and accept the fact that he is our number 2 starter. No wonder he can't pitch, his heart is not in it!

Way to go, Ryno. Zany slide by Vic.

Jenkins now 5 for 29 (.172) with RISP.

How fervently must we pray when Berkman faces Myers?

Or maybe he'll just walk him all night.

clout - some people think Padilla might be available in a trade before the all-star break; would you send Carrasco to Texas for him?

is this the final start for myers or what?

And so begins another frustrating game...

redbeard - nope. But it's his final season in Philadelphia. You can book that.


There's no way Myers is healthy. He looks awful.

His fastball's gone. He's afraid to throw it over the plate, and rightly so.

Carrasco's a little too rich for Padilla. But I might like him back. Couldn't Golson be enough?

With T.J Bohn as our extra option in the OF, Golson might be too rich, too.

Myers is still able to miss bats, but every ball hit off of him is in absolute rocket. I've been an advocate of patience with him, but if this game turns into another disaster, I think it's time to try having him and Durbin swap roles. I'm not too thrilled about it, but the Phillies can't keep trotting out a starter who gives them almost no chance to win.

Feliz? Popping out to second? Unheard of!!

b-a-p: I'd rather have Myers and Padilla switch roles.

They should put Myers on the DL tomorrow and call up Happ to take his spot. Myers should spend the next 15 days talking to a sports psychologist to figure out what the hell is wrong with him mentally. Unfortunately, I think it may be that he's just dumb and there's no cure for that.

I would not switch Myers with Durbin. I think Durbin has found his role and the Phillies should not mess with it. I don't have an answer but moving Durbin to the rotation isn't it.

jason: I suspect he's hurt also, and I suspect the same thing of Madson. I actually HOPE they're hurt, because at least that explanation would provide some hope of future improvement.

Are you kidding me? You would consider trading a high-ceiling prospect for a chronically inconsistent, veteran pitcher? No.

True, Andy, but it shouldn't be too hard to trade for a fifth outfielder.

Jeltz - They should give him accupuncture.

To the brain.

With railroad spikes.

Before the next inning.

Yeah. That works for me.

And RSB, I don't know if you were referring to Carrasco or Golson, but if it's Golson you mean, he's got a high-ceiling but he has an extra-low floor too.

Tray - when Burrell leaves, we'll be looking for a first out-fielder. Golson's not that, either. But he's a lot closer than Bohn - and may be closer than anyone on the team or in the high minors.

Tray: doesn't matter. Padilla's ceiling is well-established, and it isn't nearly high enough to justify trading any of the precious few possibilities in the farm system. Besides, Padilla makes Myers look like a pillar of stability.

RSB: When I think of the letters POS and think of Myers, I rarely am thinking "pillar of stability."

hey guys look! its homer simpson in the stands interviewing someone during an at bat.

gosh i love when he does that.

Ryno !

beautiful swing ryno

Andy: quick as a fox.

Howard making up for yesterday...

Chase Utley hit by pitch.
Pete Happy popping out to second.
Ryan Howard blasting in runs.
Brett Myers stinking up the joint.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Oh. Yeah. Right.

trade the fat boy now....he's trade value is going up!

"Ryan Howard blasting in runs"..
Depends on what day of the week it is.

We'll see if Myers can hold this lead for 15 mins.

What work a deal to trade both Howard and Myers? Myers I would consider, no way on Howard. We need to sign him now!

I don't agree. Padilla's had one bad year his whole career, and he's never been as bad as Myers has been this season. Sure, he's inconsistent; sometimes he's really good and sometimes he's just average, and that can be frustrating, but at least he's almost always average. That said, I'd probably rather take Maddux from the Padres or Cook from the Rockies, but I wouldn't mind having a hard thrower in the rotation again.

trade him to japan

I love this strategy: the lower part of the order makes outs quick, to keep Moehler in the game longer so Howard can bat against him more often...clever. (I mean, ya gotta love those seven pitch innings!)

Padilla is a major headcase that will never be welcome back to Philadelphia.

Curt-He held the lead for more than 15 minutes!

Houston announcers just realized that Myers fastball has little velocity and less movement.

These guys should be sitting on that curve by now.

Andy: Excellent observation. On the surface, that last inning looked like a pathetic 7-pitch inning for the Phillies. But, as you astutely point out, it was clearly part of a carefully orchestrated strategy, to keep Moehler in the game for longer. That Cholly is always on the cutting edge when it comes to baseball strategy.

jd - Yeah, but it's been anything but easy. Still, he's hanging in there.

Why don't the 'Stros get it over with and just make Ausmus the bench coach already? He doesn't hit a whole lot better than most pitchers at this point of his career.

nice hustle vic!

Watching Myers has become like watching Eaton. You breathe a sigh of relief every time they finish an inning without major damage.

Another Ryno dinger?

Myers' drop in velocity is a little bit overblown. There HAS been a not-insignificant drop in velocity, but some of that is because he moved from the bullpen to the starting rotation. Before he moved to the bullpen last year, Myers rarely hit more than 92 or 93 on the radar gun. Now he's hitting the high 80s. That is still fast enough for a pitcher who has never relied primarily on his fast ball.

Nice play by Howard.

One thing Myers is doing well tonight is keeping his head and pitching even though guys are hitting him hard.

I'm really starting to hate that ugly Jenkins uppercut.

Another 7-pitch inning -- purely for tactical reasons, of course. The wheels in Cholly's head are really churning tonight.

This really isn't a bad performance (so far) by Myers.

Tray - not to belabor an argument few else are interested in, but Padilla has most certainly had more than one bad year, and hasn't put together back-to-back good seasons since 2002-03. He's won 15 games exactly once. Again: this is not the type of pitcher you give up a high-ceiling prospect for.

Nice play by Burrell.

Can we trade Howard to the AL yet? His defense is so bad it's just painful to watch. How do you not catch that ball? And it comes back to turn into a run. Sigh.

I give Myers credit for gutting it out, but it begins to look like his future is in someones bullpen.

JD: I wish I could be as eternally optimistic as you. But Myers' stat-line for tonight comes out to a 6.00 ERA, a 2.00 WHIP, and a .348 opposing batting average. Plus, he stands to be the losing pitcher -- which would be his 6th start in a row that the Phillies have lost, with Myers getting the loss in 5 of them.

If that's not a bad performance, I'm not sure how you define "bad."

curt: Like the Toledo Mud Hens'?

RSB, I guess I'll agree that his 2005 was a bad season (giving him two bad years), although if you plugged '05 Padilla into this rotation, he'd be our third best starter. The point is, he's pitching well this season and he'd be a huge upgrade over Myers. But maybe Golson is a little much to give up.

That inning is enough to rip your hair out, watching Howard boot one - nearly two - plays, and Loretta's at bat against Myers. Myers leaves one up, Loretta smokes it. Basically sums up Myers' problem this season.

Myer is now being outpitched by everyone he opposes, including journeymen like Moehler.

So much for that idea...

BAP...I actually posted that before this last inning, so I agree. However, for Myers, a 3 run 6 inning start isn't "bad".

So isn't even so so. He's the definition of washed up.

RSB also thought the Padilla trade was a good one.

So is Myers destined for the pen, and if so, what does that do for his already messed up head?

I'd rather see Bohn-er pinch hit than So.

Gillick seems to sign a lot of veterans just on the verge of becoming completely washed up.

The REAL Phillies would tear apart a 34-yr old journeyman AAAA relief pitcher like Byrdak. Unfortunately, tonight we have the sleep-walking Phillies.

Followed by the obligatory disclaimer that Clout is full of sh*t.

So Taguchi is abominable. He can't hit, and he proved with his fielding gaffes earlier this season that he can't even field either.
I know that's the least of the team's issues on a night like tonight, but I'm so sick of complaining about Myers' performance of late that I thought I'd choose another whipping boy.

Howard's defense has deteriorated so much I think Cholly should have him doing drills. He's probably worse than Thome at this point and Thome's so bad the Sox sit him rather than use him in the field in interleague games.

Andy, the May 23rd Phillies would have knocked him silly. The May 24th Phillies can't touch him

Tray: Just how good do you think Golson is? Do you think he'll be Mike Cameron some day?

JD: This was one of Myers best starts, why would now be the time to go to the pen?

He's not going to the pen anytime this season barring an injury to Lidge (or possibly Gordon). If he want to the pen right now he'd be 6th on the depth chart in my opinion at least (behind Ridge, Flash, JC, Durbin, and Seanez). All of those guys have been more reliable than Myers this year. So essentially he'd be filling the role of Madson/Condrey. He makes too much money to be a mop-up guy.

Maybe the Yankees would make that move, but the Phils won't.

clout - Tray was gonna pull the trigger on the Golson for Padilla trade. Tonight he's on your side.

RSB: Please don't make me have to go back and dig up your posts. I've already got one on the Abreu trade handy which I'll be happy to reprint here if you again deny saying the Abreu trade was good for the team.

Andy: Re-read it. Tray said Golson was "a little much to give up."

the Abreu trade was good for the team.

Posted by: clout | Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 09:15 PM

(just kidding around)

clout, obviously there's a distinction between being glad a player has been traded and qualifying it as a good trade. Can you get through a single day without trying to knowingly distort someone's views?

Clout, I'd say the odds are definitely against it. I'd deal Golson for pitching; Padilla, however, probably isn't the first pitcher I'd like to trade for. As RSB says, you never quite know which Padilla will show up and I'd at least like to see how he does in June and July before getting too gung ho about bringing him back.

clout - yeah. After an argument. Do you think it's worth trading Golson for the current Vincent Padilla? Don't you think someone will be interested enough in his "tools" to give up more than an aging, alcoholic head-case, who happens, right now, to be pitching well, but who may decompensate any day now? I hope we'll do better when we finally unload Golson.

Though, based on history, we will not. Indeed, someday, you'll probably post Golson's early season numbers with some other team at the top of a thread.

They're not at the point where Myers goes to the bullpen, but a small shakeup wouldn't hurt. There are some arms on the farm I wouldn't mind seeing make the jump, while guys like Madson are starting to overstay their welcome. Would Madson get you a better outfielder than Bohn should Werth need a month on the DL? Possibly.

JW - agreed. There are some problems on this team, and Gillick needs to start addressing them. There aren't many options, but there are a few.

Hard to believe Utley's still hitting over .300.

I absolutely cannot believe that Byrdak escaped unscathed by anything more than a Rollins double and a long fly ball by Coste. That's the best they can do? Now the NL East knows how to handle the Phils: bad mid-thirties pitchers from their AAA team.

Great. So who pinch-hits for Jenkins now??

Andy - they've know that for a long time now.

JW: Trading Madson for a semi-competent 5th OF wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Send Bohn back to AAA, and when Werth comes back send So on his way. Madson might be a guy who needs a change of scenery and he's young enough another team might be willing to roll the dice with him.

I'd give Swindle the first look in his spot with Outman probably next in line.

I wonder...if Wesley Wright walks Jenkins, will they bring in a new RHP to face Feliz?
Oooops...I mean, if he walks Bruntlett.

All this strategy is making my head spin. It's like Fischer/Spassky 2!

Also, I said "maybe" he's a little too much. And he certainly may be; Padilla's coming off a very bad year. If he keeps pitching like he'd make a good #2 starter up to the deadline, then no, I'd say Golson isn't too much.

Agree with than analysis, RSB. The season is more than 1/4 over. I'm all in favor of giving the laws of averages time to take hold, but you can't just sit back & do nothing all year while certain players kill your team over and over again. Madson, Myers, Eaton & Taguchi should definitely be on the endangered list.

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