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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I remain to be exasperated every time I see Howard in the cleanup spot and Coste under Feliz in the lineup. I also don't expect these things to change anytime soon.

Tonight's quiz: Did Moyer make his ML debut before the Korean War or before the Vietnam War?

After all the bashing he took on Beerleaguer today, I expect Howard to hit 2 homeruns tonight.

Vic came to hit.

Curt - None of the above.

That's a start

There you go, BAP. Opposite field double.

It's like the reverse Sports Illustrated cover jinx. A guy gets ripped on Beerleaguer; he always gets a big hit that same night.

Victorino was out at 2nd... a bad call in our favor... when does that happen?

All you people that bash the great Ryan Howard make me sick...

That Ryan Howard can hit, plain and simple.

I see our starting CF is playing RF tonight.

A random thought: There is no way the phillies can make the playoffs or get past the first round without upgrading their rotation. Even if Brett Myers returns to his career norms, which at this point is unlikely at best, we'd need to replace Eaton or even Kendrick to make up for Myers regression. We can't make do with 4 #5 starters. JA Happ could be a pleasent surprise, but I don't know that he'd fare too much better than Eaton or Kendrick. This all assumes no injuries, which is also highly unlikely. Yesterday I mentioned the thought of acquiring Derek Lowe if the Dodgers fell out of the race. That isn't likely given their place in the standings right now. They have a good shot at the wild card. But Lowe isn't pichting great and could be expendable given his impending free agency. Not likely, but hopefully this could be an option later in the season.

Dmitri Young barely fits on a widescreen TV

NEPhilliesPhan, constructive criticism, merely analyzing what might be wrong with Howard's swing, or expressing frustration with his production so far this season does not necessarily constitute "bashing".

Howard is not living up to expectations, not the fans - not even his own.

If other posters comment on that or express frustration...well, it's their keyboard.

That might have been the 1 play every 2 games that Feliz supposedly makes, which Dobbs wouldn't.

I thought NEPhils fan was being facetious...

I love Pedro, Ryan and Vic, studs all.

Ah, the high fastball to Feliz.

AWH: I'm pretty sure NEPP was being sarcastic.

Lekh: I disagree. If Myers returns to his career norms and our bullpen stays moderately healthy, I think we're the best team in this division. With an offense like ours and stud like Hamels, you can afford to fill in the blanks with three #5's. If Myers was pitching to his career norms at this point we'd probably already be three games up on the both the Mets and Braves.


Kendrick's 4 starts preceding Sunday's 1 inning outing:

7IP, 3ER
6IP, 3ER
6IP, 3ER
6IP, 3ER

Nothing spectacular, but nothing to spend time worrying about either. I'm way more concerned about Myers.

I know it's a little while after Howard's hit, but again, how nice is it to see one freakin clutch hit with a runner in scoring position in this series??
It's about time!

Big K by Moyer.

Nice clutch pitching by Moyer

Brian G: I guess I just don't see Myers returning to his career norms. I think a 12-10 and a 4.40 era is the best we're gonna get from Myers and at this point I think I'd take it. I just think that if we can go out and make a reasonable deal for a veteran starter like Lowe it makes us a much more serious contender, both in the division and the league. I like our pitchers in the minors but none looks ready to contribute this season.

That's two straight non-K ABs.

It's a start!

two hard hit outs there. Werth is certainly joining the RISP party tonight. Can't really complain about any of those outs though.

lekh: I agree with both of your sentiments. Just saying that if Myers returned to his 2006 self, I think we'd easily be the division frontrunners.
But I don't think he will, bc I think he's hurt.

Brian G: I couldn't agree more. Whoever said that Myers conjours memories of Freddy Garcia was right on.

these nats announcers just said werth has the strongest arm in the outfield... am i alone in thinking these guys are idiots and vic clearly has the strongest outfield arm and even manchine's is probably stronger than werth?

Not alone, drake. Vic has one of the better arms in the league, I think.

We've seen plenty of hoped for "turning points for Ryan, so I'm not counting any chickens. But the RBI double was great and I can sure live with an AB where he misses a hair and gets under the ball as opposed to some of the horrendous K's he'd been taking.

Moyer about to worm his way out of another jam?

Ray Knight proves why he is no longer employed by ESPN, and whomever the other DC commentator is should lose his job for knowing zero about the quality of the Phillies's outfield throwing arms. Victorino has one of the top arms in the league, Burrell has led the league in outfield assists before, and Werth's is probably the weakest of the three.

The lack of prep work by this crew is astounding. Ray Knight, for those who recall, was famous for talking out of his ass on ESPN. This reminds me of when Joe Morgan, last year, stated Burrell was a threat to steal.

Even though Coste is 0-2 tonight, his two hard-hit balls prove that he should be playing more than once or twice a week. He is miles ahead of Ruiz in terms of hitting the baseball.

Nats announcers said Moyer's pitched in 95 major league parks. Wow.

I like how Sarge just compared Manny Ramirez's slightly quirky behavior to that of a psychopathic wifebeater.

Yea, that was a bit of a stretch, wasnt it?

So each team has had 3 home stadiums since Moyer broke into the majors? I know he's old but....

Jamie does it again!

Elijah Dukes makes Howard look like Ted Williams.

It's actually either 45 or 46. He held the record until yesterday when Gordon tied it. He takes sole lead after today.

The way Moyer is pitching tonight, the Phils better start scoring a lot more. How many jams can he get out of in one night?

Incidently, if this bashing thing works out again, we'll need to decide who gets bashed before the next game. Is it time to get after Werthless again? Jenkins maybe? Decisions, decisions.

Maybe this blog should be called "Bashleaguers"

I'm guessing Shane doesn't want to be the next Bashee.

i think i like what happens when werth gets announced as the starting CF and shane gets to play

Hey, did you guys know Ray Knight is a former player?

I never would have guessed that from his commentary.

A Ryno blast!

yeh, it seems that vic responds pretty well to being benched.

hey... ryno in the hizzouse

Really starting to lay into some of these hangers from Chico.

Many thanks to the Nats for sitting the usually good Shawn Hill for "tough" lefty Matt Chico. Maybe clout is right about Howard turning it around. Hell, clout's always right.

Two guys came to play. That's a start.

Even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.

the fruits of a successful bashing! nice one, ryan!

What a blast!

I call for a Ryan Howard-bashing every day from here on out!!

I have the Extra Innings package and enjoy a lot of the away broadcasts, but the Nats announcers are pathetic--I have a hard time listening to them at all actually...Howard's coming around.

Nats announcers said our outfielders do not have good arms. They said probably Werths the best, and Victorino is average. I always thought even with Burrell we were way better than average.

Happily, I dont have to listen to the Nats announcers tonight

ray knight is making joe morgan look like harry k

Yes, I was being facetious in regards to Howard...(internet just came back up). We should bash Howard every day if he plays this well...

knight just said zimmerman's better than mike schmidt

Coste just keeps on hitting. I still don't think he gets enough credit for what he does for this team. Phils can put this onw away here.

colome just made moyer's bunt for him!

Drake, he meant defensively. Zimmerman is amazing over there.

I think Ray Knight is using...Zimmerman better than Schmidt? They are going to start having the announcers pee in a cup before broadcasts after comments like that.

even defensively, schmidt was one of the best. he also said best since brooks robinson, and i don't think zimmerman is better than one of our favorite sons, scott rolen, was in his prime defensively

No, Zimmerman is no Schmidt

Nats dude just cited Bill Hall as the Brewers "good young talent." Is this 2006? I might have gone with Braun, Hart, Fielder, etc. but that's me.

everybody hits!

I'm here in DC, and Ray Knight (Nats color commentator) just said Ryan Zimmerman is the best 3rd baseman he's seen since Brooks Robinson, and went on to say Schmidt was good but he played on Astro Turf which is easier to field ground balls. I'm not making this up. The Nats announcers may be the worst of all of them. They also said earlier this year Manny Acta would at least hit .500 mark for manager this year, which means the Nats will win about 86 games.

This city is filled with mediocre women and uninformed sports fans. I gotta get out of here.

epic meltdown by the nats here, it's like a traffic accident you can't help but be mesmerized by...

Now HERE is the Phillies we all know and love.

Love to see this.

That bats hath awoken.

Jeez, when these guys get on a roll, they are an awesome machine. Nice to see this. Hope this gives the team a little boost, they knew the last several games have been weak.

The Phils needed a game like this.

Vic and Jenkins have responded well since Werth was named the starting centerfielder (who never actually starts in centerfield).

He's back?


ok, who called the 2 homers?

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, we should yell at Howard more often.

Wow, what a response. I guess Howard and the guys pinned today's earlier thread on the locker room wall?

H-Bombs! Emphasis on the S.

After all the bashing he took on Beerleaguer today, I expect Howard to hit 2 homeruns tonight.

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 07:12 PM

Why did you stop with two, you fool? You coulda said five!


wow u called that (see third comment)

Okay, let's get one more inning out of Moyer, then Condrey can pitch the last three innings for the save.

more like condrey pitches the 7th and 8th and lidge gets the save in the 9th

Pedro gets two hits in one inning?? What is this world coming to?!

17 innings of bottled up offense just unloads on the poor Nats pitching.

lesson learned? Don't walk the pitcher, bad things ALWAYS follow

Drake, unless you're predicting a Nats comeback, Lidge wouldn't get that save. Only way to get a save in a game like this is to pitch the last three innings (same pitcher.)

It would be nice if the Snakes could beat the Fish

Things Ray Knight has said:

1) Phils outfield arms are weak, especially Victorino

2) Zimmerman is better defensively than Schmidt and Rolen

3) He didn't have a problem laying off Carlton's slider because it was easy to pick up

Sophist - I believe that was drake's implication.

>17 innings of bottled up offense just unloads
>on the poor Nats pitching.

You had to know that someone was going to pay for holding the phils lineup to one run in two games.

Oh, that Ray Knight...*wipes tear of laughter from eye* ...such a kidder!

that must be how ray knight amassed that tremendous .271 career average.

translation = condrey sucks. i am fully aware of the crazy save rules, one of my favorites was in last years texas-baltimore 30-3 game, wes litteton got a save.

Not sure if Moyer should pitch this inning. That's a big break between pitches for the vet.

And then he gets a nice DP on a hard hit ball by Flores.

What I want to see is some of this hitting continue over the next few games. Can Ryno keep hot? Shane? Feliz? (well, hot for him is relative, but still - he even got a hit with a runner on.) And is Uts out of the doldrums?

No one could read Carlton's slider! Knight is lit!

i'd be on drugs too if i had to watch 162 nats games every year...

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