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Sunday, May 18, 2008


did KK always warm up to Metallica "Wherever I May Roam", or just since the whole youre traded to japan ruse?

I have to say after seeing Greg Dobbs hit well yesterday, I would of liked to see him again today, but I think Manuel pretty much has Feliz penciled in for every start with Kendrick.

Utley looked like Howard on that swing

One thing accomplished by hitting Werth second is that his patience will allow Rollins an opportunity to steal more bases. That said, it appeared Werth's entire AB was distracted by Rollins starting, stopping, finally running.

Howard looked like old Howard on that swing!


That was a thing of beauty.

Was yesterday's game the first game back for Davey Lopes at first? Because they stole like 4 bases yesterday and already one today. Would be nice to keep seeing that more. Wasn't much of it to start the year.

Ok, Howard is back in my good standing again.

On a totally unrelated note, Wes Helms hit the game-winning homer for the Marlins in last night's game.

Ahh, the classic Howard opposite field bomb. That's a great sign.

The quality of Geoff Jenkins' ABs is simply appalling.

woo... time for a rain delay!

Jenkins must not like the rain. That was an atrocious AB.

BAP: no kidding. He sure doesn't make any kind of case for more playing time while he's in there.

Barajas and Helms each won games for Phillies opponents. Just like the old days...

great, king of queens...

That was weird. I walked out of the room for a minute, came back, and the Toronto sports channel is showing Darts.

RSB - what d'ya mean? No matter how aweful he plays he still looks like Brett Favre? How can you ask for more than that? (Any day now Cameron Diaz is gonna start sitting in the front row with her hair "moussed.")

If it rains out before the game is official, do the stats still count from the game or no?

sanz - nope. Howard would lose his HR; Jimmy his steal; and Feliz his assist - though by season's end he will have accumulated about a 1000 of those anyway.

JD - that is (slightly) less unlikely than Kendrick throwing darts.

With a delay this long, KK is done. Be interesting to see who takes the mound when they resume.

Whatever happened to those blooper / highlight reels they would show on Prism during the rain delays?

We might see Durbin if they get this one in.

I'd guess Durbin with Condrey waiting in the wings. Let's hope Durbin pitches well.

Maybe they'll bring Eaton back in.

I've only got the Extra Innings package so there's no information right now. Have Harry and the gang been on at all to give any updates?

They're still showing Darts on the Toronto channel. No news yet

I'm out of market too but I'd bet they're willing to wait awhile. I'm sure it will be a logistical pain for the Jays to make a one day trip to Philly somewhere down the line.

Unofrtunately the Flyers aren't providing quality rain delay relief.

Friar: The local station is showing a "Frasier" re-run. No word on when the game might resume, but the sky is brightening.

Someone screwed up starting a game with rain just over the horizon. What an awful way to burn our #2 pitcher.

Thanks for the responses. I hope they can get this started back up (and I'm sure they want to for the logistical reasons Steve mentioned), and if we're really honest here, we have to be willing to trade no Kendrick for no Marcum from them.

The Flyers could use a rain delay right

@curt - looking at the radar map on, what were they thinking? A 90 minute delay to start the game should have been in order.

Funny JD, because I made a comment as the Flyers game was going on that at least there wouldn't be a rain delay.

Reminds me of that first year at The Spectrum when a big chunk of the roof blew off. Not sure if it was raining that day, though

game is back at 4:05 with durbin starting

joe. Precisely. With the technology now available, you never see a game started and stopped a few minutes later. Heads should roll.

Nuts! That means the Darts champonship will be over.

I'm guessing Toronto will bring in some obscure rookie left hander with a career ERA of 1329847129384712.32 and a whip of 10 and he will pitch 8 inning 2 hit ball. Or the phillies will just crush toronto and Durbin will pitch a complete game (kind of)

curt, the Phils not taking advantage of technology? Nah...

It's too bad about the rain, with the early run support and the good 1st inning by Kendrick I had a good feeling about him against this weak Toronto lineup today.

Royals beat the Fish.

Feliz and Ruiz at 7 and 8 feels like the return of a black hole.

Game is finally back on DirecTV at 4:20 in case anyone gave up. Channel 731.

The same problem as yesterday. DirectV seems to have a problem with the Toronto feed, but all is well now.

Flyers crapping the bed.

I wonder what kind of pitch count Durbin is on today. After Eaton's black-hole last night, no one (except for Lidge) (and Eaton) is particularly well rested.

Big time

Werth looked like a real #2 hitter there -moving the runner.

Course it woulda been good if Uts had gotten the run home...

Whoever the Toronto announcers are, one of them keeps pronouncing Rollins' name like it's the plural of "Rolen." And it's starting to get on my nerves.

I had to leave after the first inning to go do errands. It was nice of them to pause the game for the 2+ hours that I was away.

Utley as shed 60 points of his BA about as quickly as possible.

BAP- The announcers mentioned that they were waiting for you to return before they started the game.
Friar - I was thinking the same thing. It is really annoying

Durbin is pitching like he knows there's an opening in the rotation.

JD -
To get even, I've started calling the BlueJays 3B "Rollin."

There is little excuse for letting Shawn Camp survive his multi-inning encounter with the Phils in CBP. is lifetime numbers are abominable; they should be pounding him.

I'm going to call the announcer and tell him to "Get oot" if he doesn't stop it

Nice...Jenkins and Happy back to back!

I take back the black hole worry.

Chooch. Nice job.

Well, so much for that Black hole at the bottom of the order eh?

Take it when you can get it!

curt: What black hole? Utley and Burrell don't hit back-to-back.

Don't know if I'd intentionally load the bases for Werth - even if Jimmy IS the MVP.

I think the CW has some serious ADD at the moment. They can't decide what they want to show.

Game! Commercial! Game! Commercial! Different Commercial interrupts last one! Game! Fade to black and Game again!

I think Rod Barajas has finally figured out how to hit in CBP. It only took a year of failing miserably.


Didn't want to do that. The Phils had finally begun to hit Camp. Now some other AA pitcher will make them look like meat for a couple innings.

I honestly don't know how much you can lay that one on Chad. He's painting pitches that this ump is calling balls, so what choice does he have but to come in on these hitters?

Hope we don't end up regretting all the RISP we left out there.

curt - especially since the Jays have left on, um, one.

Nice PtB!

here's a chance for jenkins to start earning his money

After all the liners we've seen caught against the Phils this year, the bloops are nice. Of course, if Vic was in right that one porbably's caught, right?

We hit lefties now.


I'm only expecting Feliz to ground into a triple play on the first pitch, so anything else would be a pleasant surprise.

Time for our Rally Killah...

I mean: Time for our Hero to step up.

sifl - I will bet you a pile o' donuts that Pete Happy does NOT ground into a TP.

On TV that looked like a pretty good pitch to hit.

Andy, right, there was already an out. Durrrr. I owe you at least one donut.

If Chooch wants to stay in the game he needs to get on base here.

Sarge agrees

clout - if only we had had a hitter up there...

Ah, the black hole lives.

So I get home and turn on the game...

Bad news: We're only tied.
Good news: We have the bases loaded and one out... and it's a 2-0 count.

Oh... worst news of all... Pedro Feliz at the plate. He's real clutch.

Where is that dude "flipper" who was here last week telling us how Feliz is such a clutch hitter?

Anyway, I hope we pull this one out somehow. Will be nice to have Coste back in the lineup next game.

Informal poll - if you were managing the Phils and were going to bring a relief pitcher here - how many of you would bring in Coste to bat ninth and put the pitcher where Ruiz just hit?

Why do I get the sense the Phillies want to lose this game?

Where's our defensive replacement?

Andy: I've done the same thing with Scott Rollin, too. And I'm enjoying myself doing it. In Durbin's defense on that AB by Overbay, he did get squeezed on strike 3 the pitch before. He still served up a meatball though on the next pitch.

The worst part of the Feliz/Ruiz black hole is that now that Pat Burrell has went through his customary one month rampage that he has ,he will go into his usual .220 with a lot of walks fro the rest of the season. It worked last season with good production from the 6-7 positions, but this year it means stranded men on base.

I don't think managers generally replace a catcher until they absolutely have to. Bring in Coste as the pinch hitter here and you're in big trouble if he gets injured. Who do you put behind the plate then?

CJ - okay. But who's gonna pitch the tenth...

oops. I spoke too soon. I didn't realize that Chollie's gut told him we were gonna lose this one.

Is it just my imagination, or has our bullpen been pitching a lot closer to expectations lately?

This game is just painful. You can't have the bases loaded twice in back to back innings and not score anyone. That's just horrible.

If they lose this series, they should just be ashamed of themselves.

Jays -
Baserunners 7, Runs 5

Phils -
Baserunners 11, Runs 3

Good job, guys.

Ugh...Thank you, Rudy

Andy: I don't get what you're saying? Not replacing your catcher is basic managing. To repace Ruiz there would be using your gut.

Change that to 8 and 6.

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