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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Chad Durbin needs to be warmed up and ready to go if Eaton flops again today.

Did anyone else see the Baseball Tonight highlights of the game yesterday? They only had the scoreboard camera. the Zapruder footage.

Phillies have some minor leaguers really putting on a show this year. Drew Naylor has 62 k's in 53 IP with only 13 bbs. Michael Taylor is hitting the cover off the ball. Bastardo needs no further mention. Donald is cleaning up. Golson isn't setting the world on fire but he's not struggling. But guys like Naylor, Taylor, and Bastardo really seem to be breaking out this year, which this system really needs.

This game is so important to the Phillies. Not only will this game decide whether the Phils have a winning or losing road trip, it is also so important that they keep pace in the NL East. They are only a game ahead of the Mets and a game and a half above the Braves while the Marlins continue to win. They need the some breathing room and a win could give that to them before they face the Braves.

How long before Ryan Howard dyes his hair blonde a la Pat the Bat?

Good points, Bill, and good points, lekh. On Monday, I'll summarize all the good things happening in the low minors.

Interesting start for Eaton. Would like the Phils to win this one of course, but I have no burning desire to watch Eaton prolong his tenure in the rotation with a six inning, four run game where he skates by again, especially the way Happ is throwing in AAA.

Or would Happ replace Myers? The odds are against it, but a move like that smells like Phillies. Don't underestimate the possibility. Another bad start from Myers and things will start getting uncomfortable there.

Ugh. "sights" not "sites," in the headlines of all places. I'm making myself do 50 push-ups for that.

lekh: How familiar are you with Phillies prospects? You understand that stats put up by a soft-tossing, good-command pitcher who is old for his league mean something very different than similar stats put up by a 20-year-old kid with good stuff, right?

It's a shame this isn't a home game. I would buy tickets just so I could go and chant, "Happ, Happ, Happ" when Eaton takes the mound.

There was footage from other cameras besides the scoreboard camera:

Clout, relax, can someone point out some minor leaguers in the system are doing well, without you chiming with criticism?

Oops, previous was for Sophist

BedBeard: Oooo the board censor has spoken! LOL. I'll post what I like. You may feel free to do the same.

Clout: Who is this soft-tossing good command pitcher who is old for his league? I guess you could say Naylor (88-90mph) at 21 is too old for low A but aren't you supposed to dominate at levels you're too old for? Isn't that what he's doing? Isn't he supposed to have the best curve in the system? He's leading the minors in strikeouts and walking very few. If he has good command on top of that I'll take it. Yeah, he probably will never see any significant time in the big leagues but who really knows (yourself aside of course), thats why they play the games. Maybe he'll bomb out at Clearwater or Reading, maybe he won't? Either way its encouraging to see a player with some level of projection doing well at whatever level he is currently at.

Also, Clout, must you insist with the condescending tone ("How well do you know phillies prospects" and "you do understand that..."), this ain't a class at Harvard Law, it's a blog where baseball fans go to express their opinions to anyone willing to listen. You have the internet and you are good at using it to look up minor league stats...we get it.

Lehk barely mentioned anything about Bastardo. He was talking about the minors as a whole. I'm guessing hes the "soft tossing" pitcher Clout was referring to. A lot of prospects are breaking out this year and not all of them are "soft tossing pitchers with good command."

Lekh: Both he and Bastardo are soft tossers and yes, indeed, you are supposed to dominate leagues you're too old for, which is why it's not much or a test or a marker. I am far more interested to see what happens in age-appropriate leagues, like Bastardo at Reading and Naylor at Clearwater and Reading.

lekh, this is exactly right: "You have the internet and you are good at using it to look up minor league stats..."

which makes me wonder why you didn't.

edge: Exactly right. The point was valid, the examples were not.

Clout: I assume you meant that Naylor was the soft-tosser with good command because Bastardo has always had issues with command and in his last start was reported as hitting upwards of 94mph (whether or not that is accurate is another story). He's certainly capable of staying in the low 90s according to most reports on him from this season. 89-93 for a small lefty is certainly not soft-tossing. That's about the same velocity range as Cole Hamels, who can throw harder but generally sits around 89-90 with his fastball (and please don't read that statement as a comparison between Bastardo and Hamels, its not)

lekh: I would be quite shocked if Bastardo now throws in the mid-90s as prior to this year he's been throwing 87-90. His best poitch is a changeup, which he uses his fastball to set up. He also throws a slider, although I've also seen it referred to as a slurve.

Clout you say I had a good point but bad examples, well my point was that the phillies had several less hearalded players doing well in the low minors, namely Bastardo, Naylor, and Taylor. Are these players not having breakout seasons, relative to their respective abilities? Maybe its early but Naylor and Bastardo are turning heads.

Also, you accuse me of not researching my claims yet you refer to Bastardo as a soft tosser with good command. He walked 42 batters in 92 innings last year. You call that good command?

Interesting start for Eaton. Would like the Phils to win this one of course, but I have no burning desire to watch Eaton prolong his tenure in the rotation with a six inning, four run game where he skates by again, especially the way Happ is throwing in AAA.

That would be fine by me. Given our bullpen and who we're facing, we'd probably win 5 or 6 to 4. Again, I'm not sure why everyone's clamoring for Eaton's head when he hasn't really been so awful. Our winning percentage in his starts isn't any worse than our winning percentage overall - actually, it' better - so why is he the one dragging us down?

Also, Clout, isn't your boy JA Happ a soft tosser with good command who is too old for his league (in a sense). Obviously, that Happ has reached AAA makes him a much more bonafide prospect that a similar pitcher in the low minors, but the point is that guys like Happ or Naylor or Bastardo are pleasent surprises that the organization can't afford to bank on but are a nice bonus on top of the more projectible prosepects in the system.

lekh: "Are these players not having breakout seasons, relative to their respective abilities?"

No, they aren't because all are old for their leagues. But if Bastardo can put up his Clearwater #s at Reading, then I would agree.

Tray: Eaton is easy to single out because of his poor year last year, but it would be nice to get Happ in here to see if he's for real.

I can't speak to Mike Drago's reputation or credibility but this is what he wrote about Bastardo's last start in which he hit 94 on the gun. Like I said, it may not be accurate but certainly Bastardo was impressing someone with his fastball:

I've also read that he's pretty much a 87-90 or 89-92 guy, but maybe he's packed on a few pounds or something...either way he's getting results.

lekh: Happ is a good command, soft-tosser but not too old for Triple A, where he mostly faces veterans his age or older.

lekh: If Drago's right and he can do that consistently, that's both amazing and very good news indeed.

Obviously this can't last, but the Marlins won their 7th straight today.


Thing with Sanchez is they need to be very patient, only swing at strikes.

CEM: Um, don't know what that's about, but OK.

Blech- The Fish hit 2 HRs in the 8th against the Nats and take a come from behind win. The Phils have to win to avoid dropping to 3 out. The only solace I can see is that the Marlins have only been beating up on sub .500 teams (only one series won against a over .500 team), have yet to play the Phillies, D-Backs and Cubs and have only played the Mets twice.

Glad to see that Eaton has shown up with his "A" stuff.

what's with the IBB to get to the pitcher? eaton sucks against pitchers!

clout - CEM:
It's the normal misunderstanding from new posters.

CEM: the comment is made by the person BELOW the line.

In re: "prospect" pitchers
1) I would not label Tony Bastard a "soft-tosser" since he hits 90ish with his fastball. His real rap is his size and injury history.

2) Naylor, like a lot of Aussies seems to be behind the curve age-wise, but he's coming along. His peripherals are good - as they were at the end of last season. We'll just have to see if he's a big-leaguer or another Maloney.

3) Happ. He's the "Benson" that Benson is not gonna be - the only real hope we have of having a rotation by the end of the year. I agree: we should be chanting "Happ, Happ, Happ..." everytime Eaton toes the rubber.

Also...just noticed: Joe - posters, below the line.

Sophist made the original scoreboard angle post; Joe responded.

I don't have an opinion.

Except- Eaton, worthless. Really.

This may just be my mind playing tricks on me (Ghetto Boys style), but doesn't it seem like the Phils play lackadasical on get-away games?

I posted that, before Utley's ridiculous error. The Phils defense this season has been the biggest surprise, ugly-ass surprise at that.

Carson - word.

I wish Eaton's pitching had been a big surprise.

Chooch's arm is the best in the current battery, however.

Ryan Howard?

Jayson Werth's swing is back to looking very long and looping...that's not a good thing.

It's time for Eaton to do his Drysdale impersonation.

sanchez did his adam eaton impression


Usually when Eaton ties the game on a walk, the Phils just had the lead.

eaton walks r. johnson

sanchez walk eaton

did j/roll swing at ball four?

The Phillies have been very smart with this guy: Take, take, take.

Damnit Jimmy. 3 walks in the inning, Sanchez lost all his confidence, and you get yourself out..

clout - except for that last pitch.

Cholly should make Jimmy do 20 push-ups after that hack job. The guy couldn't buy a strike! That was a Bearn Stearns-like bail out.

Very unvictorino-esque.. What the hell was that Shane???

eaton should sponsor a walk-a-thon for charity

My goodness Eaton, what the hell is your problem? Nevermind, I know the answer- YOU SUCK!

Can the Phils get Fence-Face Rowand out this season? Ugh!

As much as we joke about Eaton being, well, horrible, the organization needs to make a decision on him really quickly. He is a failure. Either demote him or cut him altogether. Continuing to pretend that he might 'snap out of it' is an insult to the entire fanbase.

at least eaton seems to have figured out pitchers. now if he can just get position players out we'll have a real major-league pitcher

Is this what 'A' ball looks like? Very painful.

drake - would that make Eaton a POOGY?

I have a question about coaching. Sanchez is way wild. Incredibly, unforgivably wild. Shane comes out and hits the first pitch. Did no one tell him to relax a bit and be patient?

that was a BULLET - way to go big guy!

big boy go boom

good call andy

Andy: I been telling 'em that for years!

Howard appears to be snapping out of it (hopefully). He's been hitting the ball hard the past two games.

this is the stuff the breaks slumps

he's gota be feeling good right now

Get Eaton out of there now. He can't count on a 4th DP.

lol he finally called the inside

Thanks ump

That's a make up call. He totally missed the first-pitch strike with the curve ball.

Howard's working on diversifying his game - SB last year and now triples. He's considering changing his name to "Ryan Golson."

Adam Eaton with a shut-down inning? Do my eyes deceive me?

That right center gap is a cavern. Wonder if Burrell could get a triple on that ball?

Weitzel: Looks like Eaton is having exactly the type of start you didn't want him to have. Bad, but good enough to justify keeping him in the rotation for the time being.

Iceman - Your eyes deceive you only if you attach any importance to it. (Though it is nice.)

Howard, truly, was picking 'em up and puttin' 'em down on the triple.

lekh - the night is young.

Eaton back for another. Cholly plays Russian roulette.

curt - with five in the chamber.

Bang. Bang.

What a great idea - hit the first batter so SF can put in Emmanuel "Speed Racer" Buriss with Aaron "I Own the Phillies Right Now" Rowand due to bat.

You were saying, Lekh?

Very sad to say have to say this, but it's now been confirmed...

Aaron Rowand: Phillie killer.

Good thing Chollie didn't pinch hit there. We might need our players for the 14th inning.

Cholly says, "Just like a drew it up!"

We should walk Vizquel again. To be consistent.

So I'm guessing Durbin's command is a little, um, shaky today.

What a well crafted inning by the Phillies pitching staff!! Few other clubs could boast such professional displays.

First time I've seen a guy hit into 3 DP's in a row.

14 SF baserunners, 2 runs.

curt - must be something about playing 3B for the Giants.

Andy -- I was about to say, he's doing his best Pete Happy impression. Feliz gave him a standing O after the last one.

After today's game, if you look at the peripherals, Adam Eaton is the 3rd best Phillies SP, ahead of Kendrick and Moyer.

vic should steal second

anyone agree

SVC - Vic shoulda stole home.

Okay, Chad.

Got Command?

He should have taken 3rd before Utley flied out

Good call to bring in JC. Chad was less than solid. He was all over the place. (It worked though. Durham had no idea where the pitch was coming; when he got behind 0-2 it was all over.)


Andy, I think you just jinxed Jesus Christ

god damnit

Romero. Worthless.

The person happiest with the Rowand walk? Castillo. Almost guarantees he won't come up to back with a runner on and less than 2-out.

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