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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I hear we might purchase the contract of young fireballer Simon Chamberlain. He is of royal pedigree.

Hittin Season!

Between "fishin" and "huntin" seasons was "hittin" season in the old Virginnie of Uncle Chuck!

Tray, from the last thread, I believe the Jays' decision to drop Thomas was in large part financial. If Thomas recorded ~300 PA for the Jays this year, it would have activated the vesting option in his $10M contract for next season. With the way he was playing, and his age, etc., I don't think they wanted to pay him that money.

Dull: heh heh.

Jimenez can bring serious heat and the Phils have struggled against him in the past. Curious to see if the bats stay hot or if the inevitable let down commences.

So if they didn't want to pay him $10M next season, why didn't they cut him before the season even started? Maybe he won't be worth that much next year, but I can't see how they could reach that conclusion on the basis of 60 at-bats. If they were worried that his slow start was a real harbinger of things to come, wouldn't it make more sense to keep him around for 200 plate appearances and find out for sure?

It'll be interesting to see how the Phils do against Jimenez tonight. As Willard said, they've had struggles against him but I'm optimistic.

On another note, did anyone see the Lidge feature on Baseball Tonight last night about his support of the troops? I really like Lidge and I think this is the kind of good karma that will follow the team throughout the year.

lol did anyone see Utley almost get nailed by a ball thrown by Garret Atkins while he was being interviewed on DNL?

Myers and Lidge with troop support. That is good karma.

Burrell was only starter not getting a hit yesterday. Its his turn today to do some damage.

I hope the rain stays away long enough to see the Phils light up Colorado. With the thunderstorms rolling in Chase Utley may look like the natural tonight . . . . There is plently of room in boom town for more longballs to help out Kendrick.

Is Cholly serious with this Utley, Howard, Dobbs, Jenkins (L, L, L, L)

makes sense given righties hit 32 points higher against him...

nice start kk

Which inning to the Phils bat around tonight?

that was beautiful...

now bring em in.

did k.k. hit 94 on the gun on the 0-2 pitch to atkins that he fouled off? wasn't sure if i mis-read the t.v. screen, don't see that too often from him

did k.k hit 94 on the gun last inning to 0-2 pitch to atkins that he fouled off? wasn't sure if i misread the t.v. screen, don't see that too often from k.k

sorry for the double post

that was quite a take by Howard.

Dobbs is sick!

this is gonna get ugly

Nice going dobbs!!!, shane the eagles could use you!

You can't get much hotter than Dobbs is right now. Even when he makes bad contact, it drops in for a two-run single.

Ryno was safe F&*K!!!

make up for the walk? Howard was safe.

Must be the same ump who called Matt Holliday safe.

Senor Happy !!

jimenez up to about 30 pitches!! , VOTE FOR PEDRO!!!!

Gee, whatever happened to that raging Pedro Feliz debate.

Ryno was safe!

RSB, happily for the moment it's over

Nice start keep it rolling boys!!!

"Hittin' season" indeed.

Why was Burrell scratched?

That inning was a failure...they didn't bat around

RSB...They said Burrell has a stiff neck

As long as Feliz is hitting like this, his critics (including I) won't have much to say on the subject. But I'm confident that you haven't heard the last of us.

On Feliz, you wonder how much Cholly's "be more aggressive" suggestion has helped. We all look at the stats and say he obviously needs to be more patient. But Cholly realizes that a hacker is just what it is, and being one is the only way he's even going to have even moderate success. So he suggests he be more aggressive, i.e. if he's gonna hack, make sure he hacks at that thing with authority.
Maybe I'm reading too much into it. It's possibly Charlie never said that, and this Feliz hot streak is just a coincidence. But maybe not.

Some people just want him to fail, so it's nice that he's keeping the critics quiet

Thank God I'm getting Harry and the crew on the Extra Innings broadcast today. I was going through withdrawal. Howard was definitely safe but it's good to see Kendrick (hopefully) getting in a rhythm.

I certainly don't miss Wheels and his jinxing/negativity, saying "Torrealba hit a homerun off of Kendrick the last time he faced him." Come on, dude.

Brian G - I didn't think that's what CM meant by aggressiveness. I haven't looked into it, but I've actually noticed Feliz taking more pitches this month.

I think he meant a more aggressive swing. Feliz seems to bail out sometimes and hits those weak grounders.


great at bat chase!!!!!

The boys are on fire again.

Score in double digits for the 3rd straight night?

I'm not used to this.

I know it's 6-0 in the 2nd, but I'm still pissed about the Ryan Howard out call.

What's the MLB record for most runs scored in a 3 game period?

how many runs with 2 outs! everyone hits wahoo!!

This is insane!

Carson must be slitting his wrists right now. Poor guy. The Phillies keep scoring in bunches just to spite him.

Rickie Weeks?!? Where the hell did that come from Harry?

Clearly, the Rockies sold their souls to Satan in exchange for that stretch drive and playoff roll last year. There's no other way to explain this.

Bad strike call, but can't complain about 7 runs

We need to put up 25 tonight!!!!
Im pretty confident this will be the 3 game series sweep we have been waiting all season for.

(We did sweep the rockies in a 2 game set back in April)

Pouring down rain here in Central PA. Figure it can't be too long before it reaches Philly.

Skies are getting pretty dark over CBP

lets hope the sky doesnt open up and they get this game in.

Any one know the MLB record for runs scored in a 3 game period?

T-Mac just said it, 56. Hard to believe.

So the Phils only need 15 more runs to break it? Piece of cake.

Starting to rain just north of the city. Let's get this game official.

Anyone else hoping for a GIDP here just to get the 4th over with?

The weather sure is erratic on the east coast. Just yesterday, jason was writing an entry about the beautiful weather.

I don't miss the East Coast weather, that's for sure

First time I've rooted against the Phils in my life -- that half inning. Gotta get this game in now.

Well, you can see Center City from the stadium, which is usually a good sign. Storms must be scattered.

What's so erratic about a sunny day being followed by rain? It's not like the temperature dropped 40 degrees or something.

Yesterday was also the 4th straight day of sun, though it was especially warm and cloudless that day.

So is the run earned since Smith got a hit?

Tray: To someone on the west coast, beautiful weather followed by a rain storm qualifies as erratic.

Now they seem like they want this game over with.

nice inning, KK

Is TM alone in the box? Is that the usual way they do the 6th?

Sarge was there. Now Wheels has arrived

Well, Wheels just joined him for the bottom half.

If Sarge was there in the top of the 6th, he didn't say a single word.

Great game by Kendrick today. Granted the Rockies are really struggling right now but it is good to see KK put his early season struggles behind him.

Anyone who though KK was going to have a soph. year like this, raise your hand.

lots of extremely bad calls on balls n strikes tonight.
very suspect with that new rule in play.

The ever evasive strike zone

atta boy bohn!

Let's go, Flash!

Chollie is a genius; he undoubtedly had Bohn called up to make that throw.

Looks like Chollie brought in the wrong Flash Gordon.

That's the Flash we know and love.

Settle down, Flash

Wouldn't mind seeing Lidge get this 3rd out.

J-Roll !

Earlier, someone asked why Cholly was a bad manager, and I answered that he always leaves the pitcher in too long. This game might pass as Exhibit A. First, he brought Kendrick out to pitch the 8th, when his pitch count was at 100 & Cholly should have been more than satisfied to have gotten 7 good innings out of a pitcher who rarely goes more than 6. Then he left Gordon in to face Torreaba, when it was abundantly obvious that he didn't have it tonight. Almos every time, Cholly errs on the side of leaving the pitcher in too long. That inning could have been even uglier than it was.

Jimmy Rollins saving runa with his defense!!!

Just like Pedro Feliz!

Just changed the channel as the rain delay went on to see Wes Helms strike out on three pitches in an awful AB.

I like Howard's play tonight. The headfirst slide into home - he was safe - and the opposite field single ("Shift this!"), show a relaxed inspired and ready to rock Ryan that can make a big difference.

It's not just "hittin' season," it's "playin' season."

I hope it stops "rainin" so they can git on with "playin"

The whole team is playin with confidence right now, so let's see what kind of run they can put together.

Should be a very interesting series against the Marlins. I look forward to seeing them up close.

ANy update on whether/ when the rain delay is over or game is called?

Was reading during the rain delay. Joe Sheehan thinks Barry Bonds is a really good fit for them in left. As their desperation grows, such a move wouldn't surprise me at all.

I'm willing to bet both teams would pretty much be okay if they ended it right now.

Sophist - for the Rox, you mean?

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