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Sunday, May 25, 2008


No excuses today. A game they absolutely should win.

b-a-p - Just for you:
Hamels, worthless.
Trade him for Padilla.

No excuses is right. It's win day. Although I really wanted 3 out of 4, splitting against a team as hot as the Astros on the road and winning the road trip is not so bad.

So much for Rollins vs Holliday this week. Phils get a break with Holiday on the DL.

wow, nice at bats guys


long delay here. hope the ump's ok.

what happened? out of towner here following on cbs sportsline

Can someone fill me in on what's going on? The gamecast has been frozen for a while.

jerry crawford (the home plate ump) got hit in the head on Carlos Lee's back swing

Home plate ump (Jerry Crawford) got hit in the head with the backswing on the last foul ball. Looks like he'll be ok but he left the game and the 1B ump needed to go get the gear on

Ump took a backswing to the head, he is out of the game.

Umpire got hit by the follow though of Lee's swing on the back of his head where his mask offers no protection

Lee's backswing totally nailed the umpire and he's out now. So the delay was them making sure he's ok, taking him back... and replacing umpires. Looks like things are about to get back underway.

ouch, hamels and crawford

Guess Carlos Lee saw enough pitches there.

This series sucks.

Guess the delay had an effect on Hamels

Well, we start out in the hole for the 38th time.

Astros have been very patient w/ Hamels-as oposed to Howard who swings at a 2-0 fastball around his neck. The first 3 runs are on Jenkings. That was a routine fly out he fell asleep on.

I like that Sampson threw over to first to keep Burrell close.

Kells, I guess Jenkins heard you

Way to go Ge-off

Jenkins has been hitting much better since Werth was named a starter.

He needs to start bashing more homers, but he's up to a respectable average.

About the first time they (barely) got Wiggie all week.

It is easy to brag about how many comeback wins you have when your pitchers put you in the hole every night!

Hamels should PH ahead of at least 2 guys in our dugout.

Hamels might just be a better pinch hitting option than anyone on the bench except Dobbs.

J-Roll !

It's not easy to come to bat with runners on second and third with no out and not drive them in, but Vic is a master at it (in this series).

Okay. I'm not watching any more. It's day game Hamels. I'm not doing that to myself on such a nice day. Have fun guys.

Why did Utley hesitate on that throw?

Phils are being dramatically outplayed.

It's a miracle Jenkins ever hits anything. Swinging for the fences has resulted in exactly 3 HRs.

GGolly, Hamels just doesn't have it today!

Well Cole is pitching wonderfully today.

Cole doesn't have it today, but bad defense cost him 4 runs.

That's enough. This is reminiscent of the 1st week of the year.


Well, at least they didn't go 10-14 this April.

Lucky call there. These guys are teeing off today.

Outplayed, out hustled & outsmarted. Phils look like they partied all night.

wiggington has raised his average 67 points during this 4-game series with the phillies.

Let's hope they had some fun last night, because they sure arent having any fun now.

I doubt there was much partying after the way they lost the game yesterday. Sometimes tough losses have a carry-over effect...and it sure doesn't help when your pitcher keeps giving up runs immediately after you score.

PtB !!

nice poke, carlos.

OK, now they're waking up

Most people on here probably would have rather had Feliz see more pitches than hit that double right?

Its a funny old game!!

Pop out for 2 mins and missed 4 hits / 2 runs and still no outs

I like Ruiz's approach with RISP this year as compared to last. He seems to shoot that ball through the right side by design sometimes.

Hopefully they'll start playing some defense.

Got to give Cholly credit that he knew the Astros would be bringing in a lefty regardless of who the Phillies batted. Bringing out Bruntlett instead of Dobbs was smart.

Gotta love this inning. At least they arent giving up


Heads up baserunning by Bruntlett


VIC (with RISP to!)

Nice to see Victorino finally come through in this series. This would be a really nice win if the bullpen can hold it.

I wonder how many people turned off the game and missed that inning?

Everyone hits until Utley & Howard do their thing. Chase is due for a 4 for 4 game with about 6 rbi.

I don't think many people would have guessed that there would be a game where J-Roll, Utley, and Howard combined for all 3 outs in the inning and we still scored 5 runs.

That is what the Phils do. Seems like there is always someone who takes up the slack when the big bats aren't working.

If Vic hadn't been where he was, Loretto would have an inside the park HR standing up.

Came back in from building a bench out in the garage (it's awesome outside everybody!) and they Phils claw their way back into the game.

Right now I feel like brueg. Tuned out and, to spite me (and others, clearly) they began hammering.

I was right about Cole "Nosferatu" Hamels, though. Chollie should work the schedule through weeks ahead of time to keep him away from the sunlight. (Or play him at 1B in day games.)

Cole Hamels.. vampire?

Swell. Cholly pulls Burrell again. Just makes no sense!

The Astros broaccasters are criticizing Cholly for pulling Burrell. Got to love it.

Now I get it. Burrell never would have scored from 3rd on that hit.

If they couldn't get PtB home from 3rd with no outs, they don't desrve to score. Cholly's nuts.

The Worst Offensive Third Baseman in the League is having a pretty fair series.

RSB, funny you should say that. I was going to say I was sorry to all the Feliz haters today. Must be painful to watch him hit!

Dobb's is an animal.

Dobbs is a star!!

Feliz OBP now over .300!! Nearly as high as Howards and Bruntlets!

We should hire a tiny little leprechaun with a wee little hammer to sit in...

Woo-hoo! Go Hobbs!

(anyway, where was I)

Little leprechaun with a wee hammer to sit in the dugout. Every time Burrell gets on base after the sixth inning, the leprechaun pounds on Chollie's head until he forgets to substitute So "What?" Taguchi.

Even Uts is getting hits today. Maybe Hamels decompensating woke everyone up.

Oops...meant Vic. But Uts could get a hit...

There. That's what I meant.

It's Condrey time!

Finally, that bum Utley gets a hit

Okay...I guess it's safe to use Madson next inning.

Dave Borkowski might make me forget how much I love Aaron Heilman.

It's pad your stats time.

Someone has to tell Cholly to cut it out! Obviously it doesnt matter today, but pulling Burrell this early is just plain goofy.

Wasn't this game 6-4 Astros a half-hour ago? Wow. The Phillies have such a hot/cold offense.

Love these Hamels games.

curt - I know what you mean. Nothing like a good ole pitchers' duel.

It is never safe to use Madson or Condrey.

Another coyote ugly day for Howard -- against some forgettable pitchers.

Likelihood that Willie Randolph has a job tomorrow? I say 50/50.

While very few things make me as happy as a Phils win, watching the Mets self=implode is quite enjoyable up here in New York.

I like Bohn's approach. Since everyone knows that you stink, you might as well not waste anyone's time with a long at bat.

Can Houston score 9? Stay tuned..

Clubbed into submission.

And you thought the backend of our pen looked bad.

Glad to see them back up Cole.

5 shutout innings by Seanez, Romero, Madson and Condrey!?!?

Afish, that is a bit surprising, isn't it?

I liked the way Madson pitched the two innings that he was in there. Is there any chance of them swapping roles for Madson and Myers if Myers continues to serve up meatballs after July 1??? Madson in the rotation doesnt scare me as much as Myers right now and Madson does have some decent stuff right???


Off topic from a good offensive win:

So has a front page link to a story about Jon Lester's father. He has cancer.

At the risk of sounding unsympathetic, is this a story? Especially a front page story? I know the context is Lester had cancer, and he just threw a no-hitter, but really, does this merit that kind of placement? I don't think so.

The idea of Madson returning to the rotation is scarier than eating potato salad that Alfonseca sneezed on. At this point, anything we get from Madson is bonus.

Kid, I have to disagree. I'd much rather have Madson pitch every day then eat Alf's potato salad.

Something small, but I loved the move of Romero throwing the 6th.

You needed a shutdown inning at that point (assuming they we trying to stay about from Durbin if possible) and Cholly went to his "7th inning" guy because the situation called for it (top of the order).

We'll have a rested Gordon and Lidge (3 days each) for the Rockies and Romero has thrown just one inning in three days.

Phillies miss Cook and Francis however the Rockies don't get to Hammels (and Myers FWIW)

Great, yippie a win. 15 runs scored. Wow, turns out we do have an offense. Thing is those 15 runs will just jack up the run total on the year and make the offense look better than it actually is. Take away the handful of offensive explosions this team has had this season and you're looking at a very mediocre lackluster offense unfortunately enough. Tomorrow I'm going to take the time to figure out what the runs scored per game would be if you eliminated games of 7+ runs scored. My guess, pretty bad.

Hamels really crapped the bed today. Oh wait, day game, he sucks in those. He needs to suck it up...damn vampire.

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