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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Leftover from the previous thread:

I'm not at all in favor of trading Myers during the season. You might get prospects for him, but you aren't going to get a better return to insert immediately into the rotation. That might sit well if the Phillies were playing like San Diego, but obviously they're going to contend all year and weakening the roster while the season goes on isn't defensible. Myers is still one of the strongest pieces of the rotation, and I don't think his ERA will be hovering around 5 much longer. (And for what it's worth, I anticipate a strong start from Myers tonight.)

In the off-season, however, considering the contractual situations (his and others), recognizing that some other team will over pay for him in another year but that the Phillies absolutely should not - *that's* the time to whisk his frumpy ass out of town. You almost never make a trade for fair or equal value on both ends during the regular season. The winter is the time to talk about it.

Coste gets the start at catcher (which is good since he hits the lefties so much better than Ruiz, and he can maybe keep Myers calm with his sage veteran wisdom). And Big Texas sits again for the Braves with a spasming back.

Scratch that, now ESPN is saying Texeira is in, batting cleanup. Oh well.

Andy: "He does not seem to care much about working on his craft, but he has an incredible competitive desire to win."

Actually, Andy, that is a contradictary statement.

If Myers had "an incredible competitive desire to win" he would work on his craft the way Glavine, Hamels, Maddux, etc. work on the "craft".

Someone with a burning desire to win doesn't do what Myers does. He survives on his talent, period.

I'm becoming disillusioned with Myers because it's becoming more apparent every day that he's really more concerned with getting attention than getting better as a pitcher.


I think you hit the nail on the head, I think Brett Myers likes "the idea of having an incredible competitive desire" - but he does not want to put in all that it takes to truly embrace such a philosophy ....

He simply wants to rely on his talents, work as "hard as neccessary" as he sees it AND get the results.

Very immature player, has been since he broke in, and really hasn't matured very much at all since he was a rook.

"Glavine makes 65th start against Phillies"

Nothing in my sporting lifetime has been more frustrating than watching Glavine in the 90s get 6 inches to a foot off the plate for a strike against us, and therefore NEVER having to come inside on any batters.

So... there's no way Myers keeps giving up home runs at this rate, right? Right!!?!?!?!?

i just turned the game on and said to my girlfriend, "i bet it's 1-0 already after 1 pitch with myers going tonight." lo and behold...i turn the game on and the first pitch i see thrown is taken deep. it wasn't the first pitch he threw but......

awful placement by Myers on that homer by Escobar...
Honestly now, come on Brett!!

ok, ridiculous.

And I'm extra pissed because I try to bench players on my fantasy team when they face the Phils so I don't get Escobar's homer.

Oh... make that two home runs already.

Here we go again.

2 HRs in the 1st inning.

Brett Myers is turning into the 2008 version of a semi-talented ass-clown.


Maybe he wants to show Lieber he's not the only guy who can give up four home runs in an inning.

Myers apparently has an intense burning desire to serve up homers.

So what's the game plan, Brett, pretend you still have a fastball and try to throw it past people? Yeah, that's working out well.


A DP! Brett got a DP! Wopeeeeeee

So, he only gets to allow one more run in his next five innings to reach that quality start.

I suppose it's time for our 14th come-from-behind victory.

So I hope this is one of those "selective memory" starts for the Phils where our starter settles down and throws 5 scoreless in a row after a rough first inning.

(which, btw, I feel like has happened a bunch too)

"intense burning desire to serve up homers".


Standard 1st inning from Myers. He'll settle in for the 2nd and 3rd, and the next test will be the 4th if he holds to form.

OK, I'm officially in the "trade the bum" camp.


Thank you, 'T-Mac', for yet another wholly worthless interview! Can't wait for the next one! Who needs play-by-play?

Okay... silver lining time. They were all solo shots!

From the previous thread, did I read that Myers is set to make $12m next season? Wow. Even for the Myers of 2006 == wow. And just as I post, third bomb by the braves. It's like batting practice.

Whoever said on the previous thread, that Myers wouldn't gve up 47 HRs this season had better not place a bet on it.

at this rate, myers will get invited to the all star game to pitch the hr derby.

Statistically, I'm just hoping that Myers can keep the always-important HR/SO ratio no higher than a modest 1.0

The thing is, Myers isn't even getting the ball up. His fastball is just flat and hittable, even down in the zone. You keep expecting him to get stronger at some point, but it's not happening.

What is the all time record for homers allowed in a season and when did Brett Myers pass it?

RSB, agreed. The absolute worst thing they have done with Phils' broadcasts in recent memory are the TMac interviews.

What were they thinking?

Brett Myers is a douchebag. I've always liked him, but I'm quickly becoming an unfan of his.

I love Myers' curve, always have. It's a thing of beauty, how tight it spins. As a closer, he was dominant except for a few outings. He threw mostly curves and threw his fastball high and hard mostly to set up the hard hook. The problem is you can't throw 80 pct deuces as a starter. I have never been enamored with his fastball, and to be honest I don't think he has a lot of confidence in it which is why he developed the cutter. I don't know what the answer is only that at 12 million per, he has to be at least the closer, not a setup guy.

AWH: I'll tell you exactly what they were thinking: hey, look, all the other teams do it on their broadcasts, we should too. Hey look, everyone else is going to retro uniforms, we should too. Hey look, everyone else is going with baseball-only taxpayer-funded bandbox stadiums, we should too. Hey look, everyone is paying their draft picks above slot, we...oop, hold on, hold on.

If the Phils win this game I'll be shocked. Glavine is a sly ol' devil, and Myers is young immature waste of a great right arm. Seriously, how the hell does he give up so many homeruns?

Not only has Ryan Howard regressed as a hitter, he's managed to regress as a fielder. Very discouraging.

PAGING MR. HAPP... Mr. Happ, we have an opening...

Chipper Jones - .400?

at this rate we'll be lucky if we can package myers and eaton in exchange for a #3 bat boy, let alone a decent starter.

That gaffe by Howard was huge. Squeeze the damn glove man. Now down 5-0 instead of 3-0. World of difference there especially given how meekly the Phils are swinging the bats so far tonight.

Despite my pessimism, I don't normally go bruceg and shut the game off. But I'm about an inning away from shutting this one off. These are literally the worst 2 1/2 innings of the 2008 season.

Actually, the news gets worse. Happ is getting plastered in his start tonight.

How many times has Howard missed an easy throw to first this year? I don't remember him doing that any of his other seasons.

I said that Myers would have a strong outing tonight. Wrong again. Maybe it's past the point where the Phils can even look at him as an effective starter. How long do you wait? When Howard slumps, he's one guy out of nine on the field. You can live with it. When a starting pitcher slumps, he's affecting the team in a much more drastic way, every fifth day. And there's no place to put him in the bullpen. Starting to think Seth Everett might have a point.

Brett Myers is rapidly becoming a AAA-AAAA pitcher.

Too bad he can't be sent to Allentown to work it out. The humiliation might help; maybe it would humble him a little and he's work a little harder.

Coming off the mound his face looks like a spoiled little boy who's feeling sorry for himslef and upset because he didn't get to do what HE wanted (close).

Adam Eaton now has a better ERA, and (I can't believe I'm typing this) I have more confidence right now in Eaton than I do Myers.

Who's going to pop up next to be interviwed by t-mac during the game..? The Great Kazoo!, enough with the in game f-'n interviews! Harry must be steaming!!! i'm sorry but i don't give a crap about kerri strugg during the phils game

Myers has quickly un-worked his way into the 5th starter spot.

I can't believe these fastballs right down the middle aren't fooling anyone!

myers is just serving up batting practice...why did he bat last inning, why is he still in there? he's got nothing.

TMac with a shot against Glavine -- "He's had a lot of luck during his career." Ouch.

Speaking of Glavine, how many times is this lineup going to have to see him before we figure him out? In his early 40s, his game isn't that complicated. Coste is the only one who can swing a nice bat against him.

When we traded Gavin Floyd I don't think anyone could have guessed that in 2008 he'd have an era of less than half of Myers'

It's almost as if Myers is thinking, "why put in any effort, worst comes to worst they'll move me to the bullpen, where I want to be anyway..."

The issue with Myers is the HRs. It would be really interesting for someone to do a breakdown on the HRs that Myers has given up this year (situation/count/velocity/pitch) and compare that to previous years.

Seems like almost everyone of his HRs this year has been on a cutter or fastball where he has been behind the count.

So what are the chances of some "sudden' arm problem and myers goes on the dl after the game?

One thing I do get tired though is how Glavine get another 2-3 inches on both sides of the plate on some calls. Little ridiculous at times.

Howard struck out but at least he is starting to get some decent swings in there and is working the count (full count when he struck out).

Tonight's game is, by far, the Phillies' most comprehensively awful performance of the 2008 season.

Myers' fastball has been a complete dud tonight. High 80s/Low 90s with nothing on it.

Clubhouse blow up for myers?...........

Braves came out aggressive tonight though against Myers swinging often and early in the count. Lots of swings early in seemed on first and second pitches. I wonder if the Braves' advances scouts saw something.

****Whoever said on the previous thread, that Myers wouldn't gve up 47 HRs this season had better not place a bet on it.****

Yeah...I withdraw my previous statement. He might give up 147 HRs this year.

yeah just wait on myers's fastball , lay off the breaking ball!

stevo: "The problem is you can't throw 80 pct deuces as a starter"

Please don't tell Bert Blyleven who won nearly 300 games doing just that. Myers problem tonight is what his problem usually is: Location. If he can locate his fastball and curve within the zone consistently, he can win big throwing 80% curveballs. If he can't put them in the proper spots, then it doesn't matter what % of anything he throws. He's gonna suck.

Nice job Mad Dog. Another guy who's fastball is somewhat lacking too. Topping out at 90 MPH unless he totally uncorks something wild high.

When he is effective, he is able to throw his fastball for a strike at 92-93. Not tonight.

And then we replace Myers with Madson, who I have equally shaky confidence in, and he promptly gives up two runs. This is sucktacular.

The Phillies bullpen has been a strength of the team, but I'd love to know what their stats are on allowing inherited runners to score. I bet it's near worst in the league.

Has anyone seen Brett Myers fastball?...I must of missed it because all he's thrown is a bunch of 88 MPH changeups.

I'm out. Phils can have they can repeatedly rally but down 8-0 after 5 innings is asking just a bit much.

Changeup? Myers has thrown his cutter tonight but not a bunch of changeups.

So, I guess the Phils will get the "honor" of giving Glavine his first win of the year. If they had any patience against this guy, we could drive him out of the game and get to their shaky BP.

Does Kruk watch this team? For a supposed season ticket holder he has said some dumb things tonight that even a casual fan of this team would know aren't true.

The Phillies are going nowhere this year. Their starting pitching has never been any good, but this is the single worst rotation they have assembled in at least the last decade. And their bats aren't much better. They needed to replace Rowand's offense, and instead they signed 2 stiffs in Jenkins & Feliz. This looks like a .500 season, at best.

****Changeup? Myers has thrown his cutter tonight but not a bunch of changeups. ****

Hehe, I was bashing his velocity on his fastball....not charting his pitches. He NEEDS to stop throwing his cutter, its simply not effective.

The hardest I saw was 90 MPH on a fastball but it was way high. Did I miss any?

B_A_P: The thing is, the rest of the NL East is in pretty much the same boat. I wouldn't say the SP for the Mets or Braves are stellar, either (though they are better than the Phils) and neither BP is as good as the Phils'. I personally think the Marlins are a fluke that can't last.

double: Well, I admit this game has left me in a foul mood. But the Phillies just can't get any streaks going -- and it's because their pitching stinks. I don't see that changing. I'll gladly take the Mets, Braves, or even the Marlins' starting rotation over ours. And, as for our bullpen, I'm still a skeptic.

BAP: A bit early to throw in the towel, don't you think? As long as everyone stays healthy, the Phillies should be in the hunt until late Sepetember. And, unlike last season, you don't have to watch the likes of D.J. Durbin and Zack Segovia starting major league games or Matt Smith relieving them.

BAP: Hear you and agree on many points, but I don't think the Phils are out of any race, not by a longshot, but only because our division is so "meh," for lack of a better word.
Now, playoffs are another matter. We simply don't have the pitching to sustain a run, so even *if* we make the postseason, we won't get far (again).

Larry Jones trivia:

Named his third son Shea, after the stadium.

Once had an 18 month affair with a hooters waitress while married.


Classy, but not quite Brett Myers classy...

Gotta like what Happ did tonight. After giving up four runs on two homers in the first, he fought back and pitched 4 shut out inning before turning the game over to R.J. Swindle with a 5-4 lead in the top of the 6th.

lekh: I just threw up in my mouth a little. Chipper Jones is just nasty. He's the anti-Chase Utley. (and yes, I am a girl)

It's just one of those games where everything is going the Braves' way. I don't think the sky is falling here. The concerns with the rotation are legitimate, but the Phillies have the edge of a solid bullpen, which teams like the Braves don't have. They'll be there at the end.

There we go Jimmy!

RSB: I agree. I read some article last year that bullpens in the long run are what get you to the playoffs (and it's why we got there last season). The Braves are hot right now; they won't be all season. And doesn't Chipper make an annual trip to the DL? How 'bout he makes that now?

We have ourselves a new ballgame.

There we go Chase!!! Thanks Ryan Madson!

I was just thinking to myself, "Now, didn't Chase homer off of Glavine a few times last year?"

And speaking of that Braves' bullpen, the Phillies will be seeing it soon enough...

clout: I'm not throwing in the towel, but it's difficult for me to see the Phillies going anywhere with this starting rotation. I've been a Myers supporter up to this point, and always felt he would turn things around. But it's becoming increasingly difficult to justify this belief. Same goes for Howard.

New ballgame.

BAP: it's not like the rotation was any better last year.

Wow 3B Rally Killer just killed another out by Feliz to end the inning Yay!

Wow, can Feliz kill a rally or what?

Who made the comment last week about Condrey being the human equivalent of the white towel? That's all I can think of when I see him come in to pitch.

Was sharply hit at least. Thought it had a chance for Xtra bases off the bat.

Hey, leave Senor Out alone.

He hit the ball ha

OK, I'll say it. Nice job by Condrey!

Yeah...I thought it would fall in as well. I was like "Wow...he actually got an important basehit"...I should have known better.

The backup catcher has raised his average to .313 tonight.

Does anyone keep cumulative LOB stats for hitters? They're in the box scores. Seems like Feliz always has 2-3 LOB every game he plays. Be curious to know his season total and how it compares to rest of team.

It took me a while to come up with my nickname for Feliz...I had to decide between 'Rally Killer' and 'Wes Helms Deportes'. I figured the former was less insulting but still got the point across.

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